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Descendants of John Alkire


Generation No. 1


1.  JOHN1 ALKIRE was born January 1820 in Fort Ashby, WV (Alaska, WV), and died March 31, 1891 in Fort Ashby, WV.  He married CATHRINE ANN DANIELS 1847.


      Children of JOHN ALKIRE and CATHRINE DANIELS are:

                   i.    HIRAM2 ALKIRE.

2.               ii.    ALICE VIRGINIA ALKIRE,  b. 1858; d. October 1918,  Fort Ashby, WV.

3.              iii.    SOLOMAN EDGAR ALKIRE,  b. March 15, 1866;  d. May 02, 1931, Hampshire County Alaska (now Fort Ashby, WV).


Generation No. 2


2.  ALICE VIRGINIA2 ALKIRE (JOHN1) was born 1858, and died October 1918 in Fort Ashby, WV.  She married MICHAEL MARCELLUS MALONE, son of GEORGE MALONE.



Her ancestors were from Scotland. Before 1626, the Alkires emigrated to Arnheim, Holland.  The family Coat-Of-Arms was given to them by William the Second.  Prince George of Orange.  The baronetry's name was Algire, later changed to Alkire.  The coat of arms was a silver shield, the crest a falcon with a red beak and feet cluster of grapes and a wine glass; a pike; crossed swords with the motto:  "Come Salus."  Only noblemen and men of rank used silver and gold shields.  In religious belief they were Lutherans. 


Their forfathers were from Scotland, called "Alkirk."  In the 17th Century, Almonious "Algire" came to America with Lord Baltimore.  He settled on the Albermarle Sound near the Virginia shore and took part with the Governor in his campaigns against the Indians. 


He was in the Battle of Chillecoths, Rose, Ohio.  He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and settled then in the South Fork section of Hampshire county, now Hardy County, VA. 



Information from Mineral County Courthouse obtained by S. Knotts:

Book 3, pg 158:  Michael M. Malone, b. WV, Farmer died Alaska March 27, 1930 of Lumbar pneumonia, 75 yrs, 2 mos, 25 days, widowed.  Parents:  George Malone and Susan Malone.


Also obtained from Land Record Book #1, Frankfort District 1893:  M.M. Malone 219 Acres (Ways or Wags) Land, 18 miles from courthouse.



Fact 1: 1855, May have been born on this date.


{seeMALONE for more details}



3.  SOLOMAN EDGAR2 ALKIRE (JOHN1) was born March 15, 1866, and died May 02, 1931 in Hampshire County Alaska (now Fort Ashby, WV).  He married ALICE DENNISON.


      Children of SOLOMAN ALKIRE and ALICE DENNISON are:

                   i.    GRACE3 ALKIRE.

                  ii.    JAMES ALKIRE.

                 iii.    HAZEL ALKIRE, m. UNKNOWN TROUTMAN.

                  iv.    ANNIE ALKIRE,  d. October 25, 1872;  m. HENRY BAKER.

                   v.    BERTHA V. ALKIRE, b. February 08, 1887, Frankfort, WV; m. UNKNOWN BARNS.


Fact 1: February 08, 1887, May have been born on this date.

                  vi.    PEARL ALKIRE, b. May 15, 1889; m. UNKNOWN BAKER.

                 vii.    STELLA ALKIRE, b. February 05, 1891, Frankfort, WV.

                viii.    PANSY ALKIRE, b. March 18, 1899, Frankfort, WV; m. UNKNOWN DOHRMAN.

                  ix.    MELVIN E. ALKIRE, b. November 08, 1899, Frankfort, WV.