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The Family of Johann Ludwig Karl Heise

Last updated May 11, 2002

Ludwig Heise and descendants June 1897

This picture was taken on the occasion of Ludwig's 95th birthday.  The article about his birthday reunion appeared in the June 17, 1897 edition of The Baltimore Sun

If not for newspaper articles, we would probably have never found our family, however those articles have been a two-edged sword providing both valuable detail and contradictory information. It has been confusing and frustrating to find out that Ludwig's son Adolph (my great great grandfather) has been called "Otto" and "Rudolph" in various records. Circumstances like these sure make solving the puzzle more interesting!

LUDWIG CARL HEISE was born June 16, 1802 in Liebenau, Hanover, Germany 1. He married BERTHA M. RABBE (also seen spelled as RABA and RABBI). She was born August 15, 1809 in Bremen, Germany 2.

Ludwig Heise June 1897According to the documents we've found so far (mostly old newspaper articles from 1897), Ludwig came to Baltimore, Maryland on board the SS Mississippi, docking on February 13, 1853. His eldest son, William, was apparently already in the United States and Ludwig followed him here.

Over the last year, through the magic of the internet, I have found my grandfather's long lost family and made contact with cousins I never knew I had. To Lynn in Baltimore, Gary in Baltimore, Marge in New York and Dick in Tucson, my heartfelt thanks for sharing your knowledge, information and pictures of Ludwig's family! Never having known my grandfather or anything about him, my cousin Garry (in Philadelphia) and I spent fruitless months and years searching for him in Philadelphia. It wasn't until last year that Cousin Lynn found me in a forum and the rest, as they say, will be history!

In May 2002, Gary received an email from Herr Riemann of the Evangelische Kirche Liebenau.  Herr Riemann searched through the church records and found several items relating to Ludwig and Bertha.  Gary translated the email from German and we are awaiting copies of the actual records.

Ludwig's birth name in the church records is Johann Ludowig Heise.  The records indicate that he was born on June 16, 1804, rather than 1802.  So we are wondering where the "Karl" came from and whether or not there are TWO Ludwigs?!  However, the church records indicate the marriage between Bertha and Ludwig, so this one must be our Ludwig.

The record lists Ludwig's father as JOHANN ANDREAS HEISE, a solider in the Sixth Hanoverian Infantry Regiment and that he was born about 1769 and apparently died on or about September 13, 1836 in Liebenau.  Ludwig's mother is listed as CHRISTINE MARIA DOROTHEE HEITMEYER, born April 24, 1777, died April 14, 1817 in Leibenau.  JOHANN  and CHRISTINE were married on August 9, 1803 in Liebenau.  This marriage date would make sense of Ludwig's revised 1804 birthdate.

The church records indicate that Bertha Rabba's parents were ALBERT RABBA, a water miller in Bremen and GESCHE LAENGEN.

Addtionally, the church records indicate Ludwig's brother for whom we have been searching.  His name was HEINRICH CHRISTIAN HEISE and he was a master tailor in Liebenau.  He was born April 18, 1809.  Heinrich married BERTHA GEHLE from Breman in September 1841.  Her parents are listed as JOHANN HEINRICH GEHLE and BERTHA HARJES.   From the newspaper evidence, we believe this is the brother whose children came to the birthday party from Minnesota and who is believed to have a lumber company in either Minnesota or Wisconsin, so we have another lead to search.

Here is the transcription of an article from the June 17, 1897 Baltimore Sun about Ludwig's Birthday. Due to the age of the article and the condition of the copy, some names were illegible. If anybody finds any corrections or has additional information about Ludwig's family, please contact me at  We were a little confused, about the number and names of Ludwig and Bertha's children, as you'll be able to see.  One article says nine, one says eight and one lists a grand daughter as being a daughter and leaves out one of their sons.  The church records list the nine children, and I have updated that information for each child below.

One Hundred and Nine Descendants of Mr. Ludwig Carl Heise
Help Him to Celebrate

Mr. Ludwig Carl Heise, 2121 East Pratt street, yesterday celebrated the ninety-fifth anniversary of his birth by holding a family reunion at Heise's Grove, a beautiful grove on Sollers' Point, at the mouth of Bear creek, overlooking the Patapaco river.

The old gentlemen is sprightly and active for his years and enjoyed with zest the entertainment provided by his offspring for the commemoration of his natal day.

One hundred and nine direct descendants, consisting of five children, forty-five grandchildren and sixty four great grandchildren were on hand.

His children are August Heise, Adolph Heise, Mrs. Mary Haesloop, Mrs. Lottie Klitch and Mrs. Masie Sterble. All of his nine children lived to raise families. The deceased children are William Heise, who left eight children; Albert Heise, who is survived by three children; Mrs. Alice Hinners and Louis Heise. Mrs. Hinners left three children and Louis Heise is survived by one child.  [Transcriber's note:  Alice Hinners is Ludwig's grand-daughter, by his son Albert.  Ludwig's son Charles was left off the list.]

The grandchildren are

Mrs. Adeline Smith, Detrich Haesloop, Henry Haesloop, Mrs. Tillie Richter, William Haesloop, Mrs. Annie Stein, Minnie U(illegible), Mrs. Bertha Krause, Charles Mehlenrich, William (illegible), Mrs. Katie Parrott, William Heise, Charles Heise, John Heise, Louis Heise, Frederick Heise, Gus Heise, Miss Alvina Heise, Mrs. Mary Schafer, Mrs. Louisa Bowie, of Washington; Richard Klitch, Henry Klitch, Albert Klitch, Mrs. Clara Heilgrove, Miss Emma Klitch, John Klitch, Howard Klitch, Rudolph Klitch, Mrs. Carrie Wilson, Mrs. Lillie Montgomery, Mrs. Gussie Talent, Mrs. Katie McCormick, Rutherford Heise, Harry Heise, Miss Irene Heise, Adolph H.T. Heise, Mrs. Louisa Miller, Alice Forrest, Arthur C. Heise, Carroll Heise and Miss Gussie Heise, daughter of Adolph H.T. Heise, Louis Mehlenrich.

In addition to his progeny present, Mr. Henry Heise, a nephew, was in the gathering. He is the son of Mr. Ludwig Heise's only brother. Messrs. Andrew and Gerhard Heise and Mrs. ?pirts, of Wittenburg, Minn. are nephews and niece of the venerable gentleman. All of his descendants are residents of Baltimore and its immediate vicinity with the exception of the family of Mrs. Louisa Bowie, who resides in Washington.

Mr. Heise was born at Liebenau, Hanover, Germany, June 16, 1802. He came to this country in 1853, landing in Baltimore, where he has since resided with his family. For 30 years Mr. Heise conducted the tailoring business and then he went into the lumber business with his son William, who was operating a box factory under the firm name of Heise & Klingmeyer. Later the firm became Heise and Bruns, lumber merchants, and also Heise, Bruns & Co., sash manufacturers, both of which firms exist today.

About thirty years ago the mother of the Heise family died and Mr. Heise continued single until he was seventy-two years old, when he took a second wife, who died six years ago. For many years he has been out of active business pursuits, but his figure has become a familiar one around Patterson Park for twenty years, because of his presence almost daily with a number of old gentlemen who make the pavilion their headquarters. There they talk over old times and swap yarns of boyhood days. By reason of his greater age Mr. Heise is called the president of the company. Mr. Heise's father was a soldier in the Hanoverian army during the wars with Napoleon, but the son's recollection of that period is not distinct.

Besides a sumptuous dinner at yesterday's celebration there were a number of games provided for the children of the party and dancing for the older folks to music furnished by Wiedner's Orchestra.

Tombstone for Bertha Heise Baltimore Cemetery
Based on the articles that we had found, we believed that Ludwig's first wife, Bertha, had died some time in December 1867. This period ties into the "about 30 years ago" time expressed in the birthday article and to a more specific date in a later article (see below). At the time we started making this web page, we were not even sure if she had come to the United States, but Gary in Baltimore recently found her burial records at a local church, and Marge got a letter from Baltimore cemetery indicating Bertha was buried there.  Gary went to visit and found her tombstone, so we're happy to know the whole family was here.
Here's what we've gathered so far on Ludwig and Bertha's children.  We have a great deal information on some of the children, and very little on others. We're hoping to make more "cousinly connections" through this web page.  Below is the list of Ludwig's and Bertha's children.  Please note that all sources for the childrens' information  are cited on their individual pages.  Just click on their names to find out their individual information, marriages, children, etc.  We'll be adding links as we add children's information.
MARIE CATHERINE ELEONORE HEISE aka MARY HEISE HAESLOP (also seen spelled as HASLUP).  Church records indicate she was born September 4, 1829, which is much earlier than our earlier date of  1846.  We believe Mary died after September 1897 - she survived Ludwig. So far, we've found three, and possibly four, children for Mary and her husband, JOHN HAESLOP.

META SOPHIE ELEONORE HEISE may also have been known as BERTHA MAIDA (Mattie or Maisie) HEISE STERBEL, was born August 27, 1831 and died after September 1897. Her marriage name has also been spelled as STEIBEL. We're looking for documentation on her husband and on at least two children attributed to them.  There is some confusion as to which is the daughter and which is the grand daughter, but in May 2002 we found another descendant who we hope will help us clear up the confusion.  The first name listed is what shows in the German church records.  The aka names are from US census and other records.

HEINRICH DIETRICH WILLIAM HEISE, aka WILLIAM LUDWIG HEISE was born September 14, 1833 in Liebenau, Hanover, Germany and died November 19, 1892 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. William was married to MARIA (MARY) LENZ. William and Mary had eight known children.  His name and birthdate are confirmed by the German church records, although he is frequently listed by the "American" version of his name in US records.

ALBRECHT AUGUST OTTO HEISE, aka ALBERT J. HEISE was born January 1, 1836 in Liebenau, Hanover, Germany and died December 6, 1890 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Although the birthday article says Albert left three children, we have found seven children attributed to Albert and his wife, ELISABETHA CORNELIUS.

CHARLOTTE CAROLINE DOROTHEA HEISE KLITCH, aka LOTTIE or LOTTA was born October 13, 1838 and died about February 2, 1925 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Lotta and her husband HENRY J. KLITCH had nine children.

HEINRICH LUDWIG HEISE, aka LOUIS HEISE born March 12, 1841 and died January 28, 1868 (prior to July, 2001, we only knew that he had died before his papa from the birthday article - still it narrowed the search down!) So far, we have found that Louis and his wife, MARGARETHA CHARLOTTE OTTO, had three children.

JOHANN CARL HEISE aka CHARLES HEISE, born May 3, 1844 in Germany and may have died in May 1871 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. CHARLES was married to MARGARET CATHERINE WEICKER, on October 17, 1864.  Five children are attributed to them.  Charles was left out of some of the newpaper articles, which just goes to show you, newspapers provide good clues, but they can also leave out vital information!

JOHANN AUGUST HEISE, aka AUGUST JOHANN HEISE was born August 15, 1847 in Leibenau, Hanover, Germany and died about May 31, 1910 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. AUGUST married MARGARETHA RUPPERT on February 23, 1868. August and Margaretha had five children.  His name in the German church records is reversed from records found in the US.

ADOLPH HEINRICH THEODOR HEISE, was born November 28, 1850 in Germany and died June 06, 1922 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. ADOLPH was married to MARY ELISABETHA (ELIZABETH) WEICKER. (Yes, she was Margaret Catherine's sister.) Adolph and Mary had eight children, two of whom died in infancy.  ADOLPH's middle initials were a mystery until we got the German birth records.

Ludwig died on September 28, 1897 3 at the home of his daughter-in-law Mary (William's widow). There were several obituaries published for Ludwig which gave interesting tidbits about his life and enough clues about his children to help us in census and other record searches. Ludwig is buried in Baltimore Cemetery, in the same plot as his son William. There is a large granite monument marking the burial site in Center Section One of the cemetery.

Following are the obituaries from three Baltimore newspapers:

From The Baltimore Sun, September 30, 1897 
(spelling and factual errors left intact from original article):

Mr. Ludwig Heise, aged ninety-five years, was probably the only man in Baltimore who could boast of having seen Napoleon Bonaparte, died yesterday at his home, 2121 East Pratt Street. Born in 1802 at Leibenan, Hanover, Germany, Mr. Heise, when a boy of thirteen saw the great commander, with his military escort, pass through a German town some time before the battle of Waterloo. He often related this circumstances to his friends.

In 1851 Mr. Heise came to Baltimore and engaged in business. Thirty years ago he retired and ever since has lived in the Eastern section of the city. His descendants, all told, number about 120. He leaves five children...two sons, Mr. August J. Heise and Mr. Otto H.J. Heise [transcriber's note:  "Otto" is really Adolph] and three daughters, Mrs. Mary Haslup, Mrs. Bertha Sterbel and Mrs. Lotta Klitch.

For many years and up to the beginning of his recent illness the deceased was the center of a group of old gentleman who congregated daily under the gigantic oak in Patterson Park and discussed topics of the day. This group numbered about twenty a year ago. Since last spring seven of these have passed away, including Mr. Heise, who was the oldest of them all.  The funeral will take place Friday from his late residence. The interment will be made at Baltimore Cemetery. Rev. John Hoen will officiate.

Newspaper drawing of Ludwig Heise September 1897

This sketch and the article below probably appeared in the
Baltimore News American and Commercial Advertizer
(which had a habit of using line drawings as illustrations), but it's not documented.


Ludwig Heise, a well known citizen of East Baltimore, died at 8 o'clock yesterday morning at the residence of his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Mary Heise, 2121 East Baltimore street, aged 95 years. Mr. Heise was active and in good health up to about two hours before he died. His death was caused by old age.

Mr. Heise was a native of Libenau, Germany, and came to this country 44 years ago. He married Miss Bertha M. Rabbe, who died some years since. The following children survive him: August J. Heise, Adolph H.T. Heise, Mrs. Mary Haslup, Mrs. Bertha Stiebel and Mrs. Lotta Klitch. Three children -- the late William Heise, Albert Heise and Louis Heise -- died before their aged parent.  [Transcriber's note:  Son Charles Heise was left out of this obituary.]

Mr. Heise leaves a numerous posterity, 44 grandchildren and 66 great-grandchildren surviving him. August J. Heise, one of his surviving sons, is the head of the firm of Heise, Bruns and Co. The nonagenarian was the president of a coterie of aged gentlemen who for years assembled in the pavilion at Patterson Park. He was the oldest of the gathering, and was also the most active. His memory remained unimpaired to the last, and he had an unexhaustible fund of reminiscence relative to East Baltimore. On June 16 last Mr. Heise celebrated his 95th birthday at Heise's Grove, Middle River, which was, in fact a grand reunion of his many descendants.

The funeral will take place at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon from his late residence. Rev. John Hoerr, of St. Mark's Lutheran Church, will officiate, and the interment will be made at Baltimore Cemetery.

And, in Der Deutsche Correspondent, a Baltimore paper printed for the German community, there appeared two articles:  Ludwig's extensive Obituary and a description of the funeral (many thanks to Gary in Baltimore for the translation from the original German!):

The aged Johann L. Heise was taken from life
Ancestor of 118 descendants

One of the oldest, if not the oldest of Baltimore's German-Americans, Mr. Johann Ludwig Heise, died suddenly yesterday morning at his residence, 2121 East Pratt Street. Mr. Heise was 95 years of age and until the time of his unexpected death was in the best of health. He had in the last days developed a minor cold. Yesterday morning at 6 o'clock he had been in and out of the house. Shortly before 8 o'clock in the morning he took sick. A physician was called and a few minutes later, about 8 o'clock, the old man was dead.

Mr. Heise was from Liebenau on the Weser in Hanover. He was born there on the 16th of June 1802 and later he learned the tailoring trade. Subsequently, as a journeyman he traveled in the German territory, he married Bertha Magdalene Raba from Bremen. He then became established in his hometown as a tailor for women. Later, as his daughter recalls, he was a lace maker. In this craft, the daughter reports, he had a special aptitude. Mr. Heise delivered the lace for the wedding dress of the young queen of Hanover, a Princess of Saxony.

In the fall of 1852, Mr. Heise emigrated to America following his oldest son Wilhelm who the previous month had left for the New World. Mr. Heise landed in Baltimore, where his son lived. After a voyage of seven weeks and three days aboard the sailing vessel "Mississippi," Mr. Heise arrived on the 13th of February 1853. Almost immediately thereafter the remaining family members also arrived. Mr. Heise endeavored initially to align himself in the women's clothing community but was not successful so he joined the firm of his son Wilhelm who had formed a business with a friend under the names of Heise & Klingmeier makers of crates located on McClellan's Alley. In this business he remained until advanced age brought him to retirement.

The old gentleman remembered many incidents from his youth. In particular he recalled Napoleon the First recruiting from Liebenau, about 30 men were sent to the battlefield in Russia, but only three, a salesman, a cooper and a blacksmith later returned. In the year 1867, on the second day of Christmas his wife died and six years later he married a second time; the second wife was a Mrs. Schulz. After four and a half years of marriage, she also died. Mr. Heise was the ancestor of 118 descendants: nine children, 45 grandchildren and 64 great grandchildren. 

Of the nine children only five survive, namely, Mrs. Marie Hasloop [Haslup], Mrs.  Meta Steibel, Mrs. Charlotte Klitsch, Mr. August Heise and Mr. Adolph Heise. The deceased children are: Misters Wilhelm, Albrecht, Louis and Karl Heise. [Transcriber's note:  Note the German usage of proper names, rather than the Anglicized version.]

The descendants of these nine children are: 

Debrich [translator's note: this is probably "Deitrich"] with four children, Heinrich Hasloop with one child, Lillie Rechter with three children, Wilhelm Hasloop, Anna Steen with one child, Marie Ohrenschall, Friedrike Leidig with two children, Adeline Schmidt with three children; these are all the descendants of Mrs. Marie Hasloop the oldest daughter of Ludwig Heise. 

Children and grandchildren of the second daughter, Meta Steibel are: Bertha Krause with three children, Karl Mohlhenrich, L. Mohlhenrich and Wilhelm Steibel. 

The children of the oldest son Wilhelm Heise are: Katharine Parrot with three children, Wilhelm Heise with four children, Charles Heise with three children, John Heise with three children, Louis Heise with three children, Friedrich Heise, Gustav Heise and Alvine Heise. 

The children of the second son, Albrecht Heise are: Marie Schaefer with four children, Alice Hinners with three children, Louis Heise with four children and Gustav Heise. 

The descendants of the third son, Louis Heise are: Mrs Louise Bowie with four children from Washington. 

The third daughter, Mrs. Charlotte Klitsch had eight children: Richard Klitsch with five children, Heinrich Klitsch, Albert Klitsch, Clara Hotgrebe with one child, Edmund Klitsch, John Klitsch with one child, Howard Klitsch and Rudolph Klitsch with two children. 

The fourth son, Karl Heise left the following: Mrs. Carrie Wilson with one child and Lillie Montgomery with three children. 

The descendants of the fifth son August Heise are: Auguste Talent, Katharine McCormick with one child, Rutherford Heise, Harry Heise and Irene Heise. 

The descendants of the youngest child of the elder Ludwig Heise, Adolph Heise are: Louis Miller with two children [it says Louis but should probably be Louisa], Alice Forest, Arthur T. Heise, Carroll Heise and Augusta Heise. 

To celebrate the 95th birthday the 118 descendants on the 16th of June of this year met at Heise's Shore on Bear Creek for a reunion where almost everyone was present. 

Other descendants live in Washington, D.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin and other states in the union. The funeral will take place tomorrow at 2 P.M. from the deceased's residence and proceeds to Baltimore Cemetery.

Vault for William Heise and family members Baltimore Cemetery
Here is the article that describes the funeral for Ludwig:
To the grave taken
Father and son entombed in a vault

The funeral of Mr. Joh. Ludwig Heise, who died suddenly at the advanced age of 95 years on Wednesday morning at the residence of his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Wilhelm Heise, no. 2121 East Pratt St., took place yesterday at 2 PM and proceeded from his residence to Baltimore Cemetery where his body was entombed in the Heise vault next to that of his son Wilhelm. Pastor J. Hoerr of St. Mark's German Lutheran on Broadway and Fairmount officiated. Pall bearers included six grandchildren of the deceased, namely Misters Wilhelm, Karl H., John D., Louis G., Friedrich F. and August Heise. Honorary (or celebratory) pall bearers were F. Wehrenberg, U. Sommerwerck, John Bruns, Karl Brandau, Wm. Heitmiller, R. Pruuser, Christian Giffel and H. Kass. Among those in attendance were most of his 118 descendants. Many floral arrangements adorned his casket. 

This picture is William Heise's monument.
William's father, Ludwig and William's wife, Mary, are also buried here.
The monument is located in Baltimore Cemetery.

As you can see, old newspapers contain a wealth of information, but you have to carefully research the clues that you find!  My new found cousins and I hope you like this page and find it informative.  We will be adding pages for the rest of Ludwig's children as soon as we find more information on them!

If you have questions, or would like to contribute information about this family,
please e-mail me at .

Thank you for visiting!

Karen H. Llera (one of Ludwig's great great great grandchildren!)

Sources and Endnotes:
1   The Baltimore Sun, June 17, 1897
2    St. Matthew's United Church of Christ, Norman & Mayfield Avenues, Baltimore, Maryland:  Burial entry for BERTHA
    MAGDALENA HEYSE from Bremen, aged 59 years 4 months and 12 days. Died 27 Dec 1868, buried 28 December
3    Death Certificate for Ludwig Heise obtained from the City of Baltimore, State of Maryland, Bureau of Vital Statistics.

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