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This series of documents contain the contents of a scrapbook created by James Rufus McVicker (JRM) (1876-1963) during his term of Army duty in the Philippines Islands.

James R. McVicker agreed to act as a war correspondent, initially for the Ottumwa Courier newspaper and later for other publications.

The books contain all, or most, of the newspaper clippings and notes, which JRM submitted, in addition to other newspaper articles relating to the Spanish American War and beyond.

In addition there are articles relating to his West Point experience as well as his political and vocational careers.

The actual pages are faded, yellowed and extremely fragile.
Scanning the contents would have been difficult to accomplish, while maintaining the integrity of the document.

I decided to photograph the pages, as best I could, using a digital camera on a tripod. Some of the pages may be difficult to read without zooming in to small sections. This dictated using a high-resolution image, resulting in a larger file size than I would have desired.    I hope to eventually transcribe them into text documents.

'Descriptions of Army Life in the Philippines'

14 Volumes in .pdf format {file size in MB}

Vol-1 (1-20) {29.2} Vol-2 (21-40) {28.1} Vol-3 (41-60) {28.7} Vol-4 (61-80) {28.9}
Vol-5 (81-100) {30.4} Vol-6 (101-120) {23.1} Vol-7 (121-140) {22.1} Vol-8 (141-160) {23.5}
Vol-9 (161-180) {21.0} Vol-10 (181-200) {22.4} Vol-11 (201-220) {21.9} Vol-12 (221-240) {23.2}
Vol-13 (241-260) {26.7} Vol-14 (261-269) {16.3}