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The sources of information are identified as 'A00xxx' in the source 'Citations' and/or 'Notes' of each individual in the PAF databases.

If you look up the source id [A00xxx] in the 'Source Inventory & Cross Reference Index' (column 1), it will indicate which 'Book' (column 4) it is contained in.

The 'Books' are all accessed in the (Sources) 'Records & Documents' section.

The bottom of the X-Ref index has the book abbreviations:

Book	   Books:  
------  ---------------------------------------
Bible   = Bible
Birth   = Birth
Cem     = Cemetery
Cen     = Census
Church  = Church
Couort  = Court
DAR     = DAR
Death   = Death
Gen/Bio = Genealogy & Biographical
Keep    = Keepsakes
Land    = Land
Let     = Letters (also if '->' in Description)
Marr    = Marriage
Mil     = Military
News    = Newspaper
Notes   = Notes & Documents
Pho     = Photographs (Family)
Will    = Wills
PDF     = Adobe - Portable Document Format 

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