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The McVan name is not a native Irish name, but rather a North Connaught variation of the Scottish MacBean or MacBheathan. Their home was on the north- eastern shores of Loch Ness. They had moved there from Lochaber and were members of the Clan Chattan. The family tartan and badge is Red Whortelberry or Boxwood and their motto is "Touch not the cat bot(without) a targe(shield)".
Quite what brought the first McBhean to Sligo is not entirely clear, but one family story, which has a convincing logic, is that the famiy were originally Catholic Highlanders who fought at Culloden with Bonnie Prince Charlie and subsequently had to flee Scotland.
One branch settled in Sligo, in the area around Tubbercurry. As "bh" is pronounced "v" in Irish, the name became McVane and then McVan. Because there is no native Irish name of McVan it is interesting to note how in some records it became McEvan or McAvan. The first McVan we know of is Brian McVan, who first appears in Banada Co., Sligo towards the end of 1790.
Variations of the name: McAvan, McBain, McEvan, MacVann, McVan, McVean.
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