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Your assistance with any of the following data would be greatly appreciated. The who, what, where and when of: births (include full names as well as nicknames), christenings, baptisms, confirmations, marriages, naming ceremonies, special anniversaries, long term illnesses/diseases, land owned (ie farms), occupations, personal interests, names of in-laws (place of birth and death dates), deaths (include cemetery name and location) and family stories.
Other useful information like names of godparents - relationship to family, names of churches, clergy names, time of event, birth weights, hospital born in, maids of honour and best men - relationship to family, etc. are also useful.
All this information will assist future descendants with their searches of our family history.


Quebec, Canada

Family of Jane and Frances Elizabeth Stewart or Stuart. Mother was Frances Fairbairn. Jane married Robert McClure from Northern Ireland with his 1st family (Jane Downing) and Frances Elizabeth married Johnny Campbell in Winnipeg, Manitoba

United States

New York State

Franklin County: Robert McClure 1870-1959 = Emma Laporte 1873- 1963. Children were May 1808-1922, Imogene 1905-1907, Raymond Allen 1912-1987, and Robert Albert 1914-1963.
Herkimer County: Birth data for Thomas H. McClure b 1869 and his sister Margaret B. b Dec 6, 1862. Family moved to Michigan. County Unknown: William John McClure b 1847 = Lizzie Pickering. No children. Emigrated from Northern Ireland.

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