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British Colunbia Cemetery Finding Aid (BCCFA)

Provides online access to cemetery records across BC. Includes name of person, cemetery and location as well as reference number. Good place to start searching BC records.

British Columbia Vital Events Index

Provides online access to marriage registrations for the years 1872-1921 and death registrations for the years 1872-1976. Sometimes can cross-reference with BCCFA.

Canadian Geographical Names (GeoNames)

Provides a search for places in Canada. Use with CGNDB which vocational information and maps.

Canadian Geographical Names Data Base (CGNDB)

Provides vocational information and maps to download.

Canadian Virtual War Memorial site

Search for family members whose have served in various wars. Military data and the Memorial book page are available. Herbert H. Borthwick, Edgar A. B. Burwash and Edwin George Hercule Steele are in this database.

National Archives of Canada

Provides online access to WWI Canadian Expeditionary Force military personnel records. You can write to Ottawa for these records. Expect to pay for them and wait for the mail. Also has information about Dominion of Canada Land Grants.

Northeastern Ontario Canada Gravemarker Gallery

Provides online access to cemetery gravemarkers in Ontario. The site can be searched using a surname for the keyword. For example type in McClure* and you will connect to this surname. Our family connection is to Hillcrest Cemetery Lower level.

Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid

Provides online access to cemetery records across Ontario. Includes name of person, cemetery, county information and reference number. Good place to start searching Ontario records.

Pictures of Cemetery Grave Markers Ontario/Quebec

Pontiac County Cemeteries; Connects to cemeteries where ancestors are buried. Cemeteries include Luskville Roman Catholic Lavigne; Norway Bay United Center Section Steele; St. Lukes Anglican Steele.

Aylmer & Hull (now Gatineau) Cemeteries; Connects to cemeteries where ancestors are buried. Cemeteries include: Bellevue Center Fairbairn, Steele; St. James, Hull West Steele.

Gatineau County Cemeteries; Connects to cemeteries where ancestors are buried. Cemeteries include: St. Stephens McClure; Rupert Union Fairbairn, Dodds; Halls Fairbairn.

United States

Bureau of Land Management - General Land Office Records

Provides full land patent information on Andrew N. Sebelius.

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System

Provides searching by surname of Confederate and Union soldiers. Data is index card format.

Library of Michigan 1870 Census

Search for family members from the original Census data. Lucinda (Spencer) McClure - Clinton County, Greenbush Township, Michigan - Roll 669, page 537R and Archibald McClure - Saginaw County, Swan Creek Township, Michigan - Roll 701-702, page 466R.

McClures of America

Provides scanned pages of book by James Alexander McClure called The McClure Family c. 1914, research data and book reviews.

Public Libraries of Saginaw

Online access to obituaries from local papers. You email the library and they will photocopy 5 newspaper obituaries for a donation.

Social Security Death Index Interactive Search

Provides searching for data that includes first and last name; birth and death dates; last place of residence; social security number (SSN) and state SSN was issued.

Stratford Cemetery, Town of Salisbury, Herkimer County, NY - Surnames L - Z

Connects to graves of the following: MCCLURE, Nancy, [1816 1903]; MCCLURE, Robert, [1818 1907]; MCCLURE, Frederick L., [1856 1900]; MCCLURE, Anna E. (nee Kirchan), [1865 1936]; MCCLURE, Thomas D., [1855 1933]; MCCLURE, Donald W., [1897 1954]; MCCLURE, Robert, [1899 1986].

US GenWeb Archives Digital Library

Provides opportunity to name search nationally or by state. Some of the material includes data from muster rolls, census information, marriage lists, wills, as well as grooms and brides by county.


National Archives of Ireland

Provides a search of Business Records Survey, Dail Eireann archives 1919 - 1924, Department of the Taoiseach, Department of Agriculture and Food, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Finance, Government Information Source, Department of Justice Equality and Law Reform, Department of the Marine and Natural Resources, Office of Public Works, Ordnance Survey series, Ordnance Survey parish index, Relief Commission 1845-1847 data.

Parishes of Duneane provides a map. Table includes name of townland, county, division and map reference number.

Ulster Covenant connects to ancestors who sign this historic document.


Anderson - Hay

Connects to Jane Steele (1842-1919) who married Alexander William Hay (b. 1843). Jane is the daughter of George Steele and Mary Isabella McClure.

Pritchard and Related Families Website

Connects to the Fairbairn and Wanless families of Jane (Stewart/Stuart) McClure. Click on Descendants. Then click on "The descendants of William Pritchard. William (1863-1944) married Helen Jane "Ellen" Fairbairn (1862-1932). Jane's mother, Frances Fairbairn is Ellen's aunt and the daughter of William Fairbairn 1790-1867 and Jean Wanless 1790-1867.

Wanless Website

Connects to Wanless families in various countries. This site connects to Jean Wanless 1790-1867and William Fairbairn 1790-1867. Start by clicking on Databases. Then click on #3 - Descendants of George Wanless and Mercime Riddell of Yetholm, Roxburghshire, Scotland. Next click on Surnames - Fairbairn (Frances).

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