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Richard Hough
John Hough
William Hough




Descendants of Richard Hough


Generation No. 1

1. RICHARD1 HOUGH was born Abt. 1650 in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England, and died March 25, 1705 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He married MARGERY CLOWES March 17, 1683/84 in Middleton MM, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, daughter of JOHN CLOWES and MARGERY ?.

Notes for RICHARD HOUGH: Richard Hough - born abt. 1645 Macclesfield Cheshire, England; died May 25, 1705 Bucks Co. PA; married March 17, 1684 Margery Clowes. Will dated May 1, 1704; proved June 11, 1705. (More notes on the life of Richard Hough, the Emigrant.)


i. MARY2 HOUGH, b. August 01, 1685, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; d. November 11, 1720; m. WILLIAM ATKINSON, April 06, 1704.

ii. RICHARD HOUGH, b. Abt. 1686, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; m. (1) ESTHER (Hester) BAKER,daughter of Henry Baker and Margaret Hardman, April 02, 1712, Falls Mm, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; m. (2) DEBORAH GUMLEY, September 27, 1717, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Richard inherited the lower tract, and his family is discussed in a separated paper.

iii. SARAH HOUGH, b. June 07, 1690; m. June 23, 1708 (1) ISAAC ATKINSON; m. , (2) LEONARD SHALLCROSS, 1724, as his second wife.. A comprehensive outline of these two families is in Pa. Mag., V. 30, page 57.

2. iv. JOHN HOUGH, b. September 18, 1693, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; d. 1761, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Married March 4, 1719 Elizabeth Taylor. See his Biography. It was the children of this John who either removed to Loudoun County, Virginia, or owned land there. No deeds or court records found to indicate how his upper tract became the property of his wife's brothers.

v. JOSEPH HOUGH, b. October 17, 1695, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; d. May 10, 1773, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; m. ELIZABETH WEST, 1725, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.


Generation No. 2

2. JOHN2 HOUGH (RICHARD1) was born September 18, 1693 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and died 1761 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He married ELIZABETH TAYLOR March 04, 1718/19 in Falls Mm, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, daughter of PHILIP TAYLOR and JULIANNA LYDDON.

Notes for JOHN HOUGH: John Hough born September 18, 1693 Bucks County, Pennsylvania; died 1761; married June 1, 1719 Elizabeth Taylor.

John Hough, the father of those Houghs who removed to Loudoun County, Virginia, was born in Bucks Co., September 18, 1693. He inherited his father's upper tract adjacent to the Manor of the Highlands, and which was later included in the new township of upper Makefield. He, too, built a stone house here, which he called "Houghton."

He married Elizabeth Taylor probably in May of 1719 (he was reported married at Falls Meeting held June 1, 1719). Over the next 20 years they had eleven children.

John Hough, located in Loudoun County. John, Jr. in 1744, Joseph in 1768, Benjamin, though he remained in Pa., had a son Benjamin who removed to Loudoun about 1810; Isaac, too, remained in Pa., but he owned land in Loudoun, and his son John and daughters Elizabeth Gilbert and Eleanor Craven went to Loudoun; Samuel, through inference, is suspected to have gone to Loudoun County; William also is believed to have removed from Buckingham Township, Bucks County Pennsylvania to Loudoun County, Virginia in 1775 with his family.

John Hough died in 1761 intestate, and , oddly, there seems to have been no administration of his estate. None of his children are known to have lived there; yet some years later Bernard Taylor, nephew of Elizabeth Taylor who married John Hough, acquired this land, which passed to his son Benjamin, and later to his son Mahlon Kirkbride Taylor, who founded the town of Taylorsville on this "upper tract." It is possible there were deeds, unrecorded, from John to the Taylors, but there is also a possibility that he lost his land; even possibly prior to his death.

In 1723 a General Loan Office of Pa. was opened. Among the first applicants for a loan on their land were Richard Hough, Jr., and John. John on May 1, 1723 hocked his 340 acres for 100 pounds at 5% interest. Richard, Jr. did likewise on the same date, but on Richard's mortgage there is a notation "Satisfied April 5, 1728 by Mortgagor," while John's mortgage lacks any indication that it was ever paid. An examination of the books of the General Loan Office might provide the answer as to what happened to this land.


3. i. JOHN3 HOUGH, b. January 03, 1719/20, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; (Will dated February 21, 1797 and proved April 10, 1797)d. April 1797, Loudoun County, Virginia. Married 1742 Sarah Janney. See his bio. He was the first of the family to go to Virginia.

ii. JOSEPH HOUGH, b. July 20, 1722, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; d. May 1777; m. LYDIA HURST, October 15, 1746.

Notes for JOSEPH HOUGH: He and his family followed brother John, Jr. to Virginia in 1768.

iii. BENJAMIN HOUGH, b. June 14, 1724, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; d. February 10, 1803; married (1) June 9, 1748 Elizabeth West; (2) Sarah (Taylor) Janney, Widow of Isaac.

iv. ISAAC HOUGH, b. November 15, 1726, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; d. April 13, 1786; married September 24, 1748 Edith Hart. Will dated January 7, 1775 and proved April 17, 1786.

Notes for ISAAC HOUGH: He owned land in Loudoun County, Virginia and his son John went there, as did his daughters Eleanor Craven and family, and Elizabeth Gilbert and family.

v. WILLIAM HOUGH, b. January 01, 1727/28, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; m. SARAH BLAKER, November 1749, Bkhm MM..

Notes for WILLIAM HOUGH: He also removed to Loudoun County, Virginia.

vi. THOMAS HOUGH, b. January 02, 1729/30, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; d. May 18, 1810; married (1) March 17, 1757 Jane Adams; (2) January 8, 1784 Mary (Bacon) Wistar.

Notes for THOMAS HOUGH: Not to have believed to have gone to Loudoun County, but several of his second wife's in-laws (Wistars) sold land there, through their attorney-in-fact, John Hough, Jr., Thomas's brother.

vii. SEPTIMUS HOUGH, b. June 21, 1731, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; d. November 03, 1749, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; unmarried.

viii. ELIZABETH HOUGH, b. February 15, 1732/33, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; m. NATHAN TOMLINSON.

ix. BERNARD HOUGH, b. January 15, 1734/35; d. Possibly in France.

x. MARTHA HOUGH, b. June 22, 1737, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; m. DAVID BUNTING.

xi. SAMUEL HOUGH, b. April 15, 1739, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Notes for SAMUEL HOUGH:  The records are barren regarding this Samuel. However, certain evidence in Loudoun County, indicates a strong presumption that he, or at least his son or sons went to Loudoun County.


Generation No. 3

3. JOHN3 HOUGH (JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born January 03, 1719/20 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and died April 1797 in Loudoun County, Virginia. He married SARAH JANNEY September 03, 1742 in Makefield, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, daughter of JOSEPH JANNEY and REBECKAH BILES.

Notes for JOHN HOUGH: John Hough, Jr. - Born January 3, 1720 Bucks County, Pa.; died April 1797 Loudoun County, Virginia; married 1742 Sarah Janney. Will dated February 21, 1797; proved April 10, 1797.

John Hough, Jr., the eldest son of John Hough of "Houghton" "the upper tract" in Bucks Co., Pa., and Elizabeth Taylor, his wife, was born in Bucks County, January 3, 1720. He married in 1742 in Bucks County, Pa., Sarah Janney. They were probably married at Falls Meeting, though not mentioned in the records. As good Quakers, they were given a certificate to Kennett MM. in 1743, and almost immediately moved to Loudoun County, Va., where they were received at Hopewell Meeting July 1744 on a certificate from Newark dated July 14, 1744. Fairfax Meeting had not been started and Loudoun was within the verge of Hopewell in Frederick County, Va.

He obtained from the proprietaries some 17 land grants between 1752 and 1796, for a total of 6459 acres. (Two of these, maybe more, might have been granted to another John Hough.) (See Appendix: North Neck Land Grants.) He also purchased much land prior to the creation of Loudoun County in 1757 from Fairfax County, which was mentioned in deeds disposing of such purchased land. Much of this he farmed with hired help, such as Ambrose Coffee, Samuel, Robert Neal, James and Peter Pickler, for whom he was taxed (see Appendix: Tithables 1765-1799).

John, as we shall call John, Jr. for that (with few exceptions) is what he was called in Loudoun County, continued to buy land and grist mills, selling other unproductive land, generally paying cash, but accepting bonds at interest on his sales. (See Appendix: Deeds.)

He also entered into several partnerships; one with Joseph Janney of Leesburg, which included a store in Leesburg, and another with Abraham Barnes Thompson Mason, his son-in-law, in land and milling.

John Hough, in addition to being, as he called himself, a farmer, was also a Surveyor. Although tradition and published material claim he was a surveyor for Lord Fairfax, there are no records of such an appointment. Since he bought several "spreads" from George William Fairfax, it is likely that he surveyed these parcels. He was, however, employed by Nicholas Minor to lay out the town of Georgetown, later known as Leesburg, and together with Minor, Ludlow Lee and others, was one of the first Trustees of the town. He also designed and possibly built, the famous still-used Laurel Brigade Inn in Leesburg. He was once referred to in deeds as "gentleman."

Such wheeling and dealing brought John a sizable fortune, of which he wisely disposed by his Will to his children and his orphaned grandchildren. One might suppose the distribution of such wealth would bring happiness and harmony to his descendants, but this was not to be, as will be seen.

He built, and probably completed before 1750, his home which he called "Cordy Hall." This beautiful red brick mansion (which John called his "Mansion House") built with brick said to have been brought from England as ballast for ships, is still standing and occupied. It is about 2 miles northwest of Waterford, just across Catocton Creek. Near the road is a bronze marker set in a large boulder: "Cordy Hall. Built 1744 by John Hough (b. 1720, d. 1797) George Washington was his guest June 1 and 2, 1788 (see Washington's Diary). Erected by descendants of John Hough under the auspices of Thomas Nelson Chapter, D.A.R. April 1938."

John Hough was also involved in Washington's scheme to provide ship transportation above the Great Falls of the Potomac, by providing a canal with locks. John Hough was on of the managers of the company in 1770 and in 1774 was a trustee of the company, along with George Washington, his partner Joseph Janney and others. (Md. Hist. Mag: 14: 346)

Contrary to good Quaker discipline, which forbade bringing suit in a Court of Law, John Hough remained in good standing while bringing suits against his creditors for debt, suing in a single day as many as ten different creditors.

John Hough served as Sergeant in Capt. William Sanford's Co., 2nd Regiment, Continental Forces, Commanded by Alexander Spotswood, Esq. (M.D. DAR). This was not mentioned in Fairfax minutes, nor was John condemned for this military and non-Quaker activity.

So, what with farming and surveying his farms, surveying townsites, designing and building buildings and canals, acting as Town and Company Trustee, buying and selling land, suing his neighbors, John Hough must have been a busy man.

But not too busy to (with an assist from Sarah) have nine children. He obviously also had a large hand in their education, since at least three of his sons (William, Amos, and Mahlon) were well-trained surveyors, a profession which they practiced in addition to farming and land development.

There must have been a spark of love and generosity in John, for he gave several gifts of land, not equitably, but no doubt where most needed. His first was to son Samuel in 1788 (Samuel was then age 35 with at least 2 children), a part of his lot #13 in Leesburg for "love and affection;" the second gift to son Mahlon in 1788 "for love and affection and 20 pounds sterling," 150 acres of land (Mahlon was then 32, married and with several children); the third to his son William in 1790 also "for love and affection and 20 pounds," 415 acres adjacent to the land of his deceased son John Hough, Jr. (William was then age 46, married with ten children and the eleventh on the way); fourth to his nephew William (called the Third), son of brother Joseph "for good will and affection, and for his future support," and 10 pounds, 124 acres.

John probably also doled out small sums of cash to his children and grandchildren, but these were not gifts, for he kept books on every cash outlay, and ordered in his Will that any such advances shown in his books be deducted from their inheritance.

John Hough died in early April 1797. His Will, "wrote by my own hand," was dated February 21, 1797 and proved April 10, 1797. He provided for all his children (except Joseph died 1769 and Elizabeth died 1774, and John Jr. (3rd) died 1789) and some of his grandchildren: Elizabeth (Nicklin), Mary, Rachel, Sarah and Samuel, children of John, Jr. (3rd). Not mentioned specifically was Isaac, eldest son of John, Jr., by then quite prosperous in his own right. He also provided for Benjamin Hough Canby, but did not mention John Hough Canby, his brother. However, both Isaac Hough and John Hough Canby did inherit by virtue of the distribution of a residue from certain sources, though omitted by name. His estate was not settled until After April 1830, over 33 years after his death.

No record exists for the date of Sarah's death, but she did survive John, and was to have been provided for by Jonah, which explains why Jonah was the only legatee to receive full inheritance at once from the executors. Sarah probably died between 1797 and 1804, when Jonah removed to Goose Creek MM without his mother.

Sarah Janney, born about 1722 was the daughter of Joseph and Rebecca (Biles) Janney who were married June 18, 1703 Falls MM. Joseph Janney born March 26, 1675 was the son of Thomas Janney born 1632 Styall, England, to America on the "Endeavor" 1683 with Richard Hough, and who was a Provincian Counsellor; this Thomas being son of Thomas 4, Randle3, Thomas2, Randle1 Janney of Styall Parish, Wilmslowe, Cheshire, England. Sarah's mother was Rebecca Biles, daughter of William Biles, also of Cheshire and a Provincial Counsellor. There are many good articles on Janney and Biles in Pa. Mag., Quaker records, etc.

(See John Hough Land Transactions)

Children of JOHN HOUGH and SARAH JANNEY are:

i. JOSEPH4 HOUGH, b. March 19, 1742/43; d. April 07, 1769, Loudoun County, Virginia unmarried and without children.

4. ii. WILLIAM HOUGH, b. November 24, 1744, Loudoun County, Virginia; d. April 18, 1815, Waterford, Fairfax County, Virginia married December 17, 1766 to Eleanor Hite.

iii. ELIZABETH HOUGH, b. September 24, 1746, Loudoun County, Virginia died January 21, 1774; married February 28, 1770 to Samuel Canby.

iv. AMOS HOUGH, born February 27, 1749; died March 11, 1798 Pa.; married April 10, 1771 Elizabeth Wilson. To Pennsylvania with entire family.

v. JOHN HOUGH, b. November 23, 1751, Loudoun County, Virginia died about 1789; married April 29, 1772 Lydia Hollingsworth.

vi. SAMUEL HOUGH, b. November 20, 1753, Loudoun County, Virginia died August 1823; married April 13, 1783 Ann Stabler.

vii. MAHLON HOUGH, b. August 06, 1756, Loudoun County, Virginia died 1822 Alex.; married March 6, 1782 Mary Stabler.

viii. JONAH HOUGH, b. October 27, 1758, Loudoun County, Virginia died about 1820 Ohio; married November 13, 1803 Pleasant Hague.

ix. SARAH HOUGH, b. April 05, 1763, Loudoun County, Virginia died July 1, 1803; married December 22, 1787 A.B.T. Mason.


Generation No. 4

4. WILLIAM4 HOUGH (JOHN3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born November 24, 1744 in Loudoun County, Virginia, and died April 18, 1815 in Waterford, Fairfax County, Virginia. He married ELEANOR HITE December 17, 1766 in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Notes for WILLIAM HOUGH: William Hough, the second son of John, Jr. and Sarah (Janney) Hough, was born Loudoun County, Virginia, November 24, 1744. He probably helped his father with the farm until his marriage to Eleanor Hite December 17, 1766. Even then, he probably stayed at the old home, since his first land acquisitions was the purchase of an unexpired lease in 1771, which he unloaded in 1775.

He became a private in the Army during the Revolution which was not mentioned I Quaker Records since he had already been disowned for marrying out of unity with Eleanor. After his war service he returned and bought 190 acres on Kittocton Creek in 1791, a year after he had been given 415 acres by his father as a gift. From there he progressed well as a landowner, farmer, and miller. He and Eleanor also received a license to operate an "Ordinary" at their house, which Eleanor continued after William's death.

The original town of Waterford was laid out on October' 8, 1792, and consisted of 15 long narrow lots running southwest from the road (later Market, still later Main Street) and from about where Second Street later cut in, and Janney's Mill. William Hough owned most of the land to the NE of the road from Catocton Creek, past the Fairfax burying ground, and when the legislature authorized the town of Waterford in 1801, they also authorized the "new addition" cut out of the land of Mahlon Janney and William Hough. It was in this area, near the mill and the north side of Main Street that he built his own great red brick house on the hill: then at least two more - a very large red brick three story home for his son William Hite Hough and his large family, and a smaller white two story cottage for his daughter Sarah Stone.

We must assume that William was an extremely active and forceful man. He, with his brothers Samuel and Mahlon, were appointed Executors of his father's estate. The Court records indicate he acted solely (except for necessary deed signatures) in this matter, making sales, collecting and disbursing the estate's money. After his death in 1815, Samuel and Mahlon, though alive, were unable to handle the estate matters, which became the task of William's executors. They (and the Court) discovered that William had so intermixed the assets of his father's estate and those of his own that there were serious problems in the proper distribution to the heirs; so bad that John, Jr's estate was not settled until sometime After 1832 ---Thirty-five years after the death of John, Jr.!

As early as 1809, William, Samuel and Mahlon Hough were being taken to Court for failure to pay bequests (Mary Hough, Sarah Hough, Rachel and Levi James). Lawsuits continued to be filed against the Executors, and these continued past the death of all Executors, and into the 1830's. At least eleven lawsuits were filed between 1809 and 1818, due to the mishandling of the Estate of John Hough, Jr. Brothers, sisters, children, grandchildren and all the in-laws seemed to be at one another's throats before the Courts closed the Estate. What had been a lovely, close-knit loving family in 1797, became a shambles by 1832.

William Hough died April 18, 1815 and is buried at Fairfax Cemetery in Waterford.

(See the Will of William Hough)


5. i. JOHN5 HOUGH, b. September 08, 1767; d. March 1817; married August 24, 1788 to Jane Braden.

ii. JOSEPH HOUGH, b. October 10, 1770; died 1807; married August 22, 1795 to Ruth Hague.

iii. THOMAS HOUGH, b. July 23, 1772; died 1814; married to Margaret Skinner.

iv. SAMUEL HOUGH, b. July 06, 1774; married to Azubah Skinner on January 2, 1797.

6. v. ELIZABETH HOUGH, b. December 11, 1777; d. May 22, 1848, Loudoun County, Virginia.; married June 1, 1796 Fairfax Meeting House, Loudoun, Virginia to John Schooley, Jr.

vi. SARAH HOUGH, b. July 27, 1779; died ____; married May 30, 1798 to Daniel Stone.

vii. ANN H. HOUGH, b. December 25, 1781; dp 1813; married February 29, 1804 to Israel H. Thompson.

viii. WILLIAM HITE HOUGH, born December 22, 1783; died August 23, 1862; married (1) April 30, 1806 to Ann Steer; (2) January 16, 1817 to Mary Ann Chalmers; (3) July 23, 1845 Eliza Neil Brown

ix. ELEANOR HOUGH, b. January 25, 1786 married 1817 Richard Chilton.

x. BENJAMIN HOUGH, b. January 23, 1788 dp 1853; married (1) November 27, 1816 to Mary Williams; (2) p 1832 to Elizabeth Orrison; (3) December 2, 1841 to Rachel Umbaugh.

xi. AMASA HOUGH, b. June 23, 1790 died November 24, 1868; married November 8, 1820 to Anne E. Bond.


Generation No. 5

5. JOHN5 HOUGH (WILLIAM4, JOHN3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born September 08, 1767, and died March 1817. He married JANE BRADEN Bef. August 24, 1788 in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Notes for JOHN HOUGH: John Hough, the first child and son of William and Eleanor (Hite) Hough, was born in Loudoun County, September 9, 1766 or 1767. He married prior to August 24, 1788 when he was disowned by the Fairfax Meeting for marrying out to Jane Braden, possibly a sister to Fanny Braden who married Isaac Hough, and to Robert and Noble S. Braden, the Gentlemen Justices.

John and his children inherited their father's plantation on his death in 1815, where they probably lived. John died March 1817 two years after his father, leaving a will bequeathing to "all my children, male and female," but frustratingly not naming them. In less than two years the Court appointed a Commissioner to distribute this land among the children of John and Jane (not found) referred to in sales of land by his children.

Children of JOHN HOUGH and JANE BRADEN are:



Notes for JOHN WESLEY JACKSON: Posted by Sharon B. Lodge <> on Thu, 24 Sep 1998

Surname: Jackson, Hough, Braden, Wolford

Looking for information about John Wesley Jackson and Mary Hough. Need the father of John W. and if at all possible the death date of both. John was a circuit rider and supposedly died on his route of a "fever". Mary died about a year and a half later (abt.1834) leaving 6 orphans. They were all separated to live with different families and eventually ended up in Clark Co., Oh. (Springfield area) and my g-g-grandfather, Heaton and his brother, Charles William bought land in Hardin Co., Oh. where they raised their families. I have a lot of information on this family and will share if someone will help me. Charles William, Samuel Braden, Heaton, Mary Jane, John Mortimore and his twin Phebe were all born near Waterford, Loudon Co., Va. Mary was the daughter of John and Jane Braden Hough.

iii. CHARLES HOUGH, b. 1789.

Notes for CHARLES HOUGH: Born 1789; died 1819; married about 1815 to Mary (possibly) Gore. Had three children :

John bc 1817; died___; married December 24, 1830 to Mary Ann Grubb and had Ann S.
Ezra bc 1818
Armistead T.M. (for Thompson Mason?) bc 1821; married March 6, 1842 to Harriet Elizabeth Elliott.
Ezra and A.T.M. had as guardians in 1832, John Wine and Joseph Hogue.

iv. ANN NANCY HOUGH1, b. 1791; d. 1840, Loudoun County, Virginia1; m. ELIJAH PEACOCK.

v. ELIZABETH HOUGH, b. Abt. 1793.

vi. HARRIET HOUGH, b. Abt. 1795.

vii. REBECCA HOUGH, b. Abt. 1797.

viii. JOHN HOUGH, b. Abt. 1800.

ix. WILLIAM T. HOUGH, b. December 25, 1811.


6. ELIZABETH5 HOUGH (WILLIAM4, JOHN3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born December 11, 1777, and died May 22, 1848 in Loudoun County, Virginia. She married JOHN SCHOOLEY June 01, 1796 in Fairfax Meeting House, Loudoun County, Virginia.












Surname Tree

          Richard HOUGH - Margery CLOWES
                     John HOUGH - Elizabeth TAYLOR
                  John HOUGH - Sarah JANNEY
                    		William HOUGH - Elizabeth HITE
                         	John HOUGH - Jane BRADEN  
                     		Ann Nancy HOUGH - Elijah PEACOCK