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Untangling the James CRAWFORDs

of Preble County, Ohio and Kentucky

compiled by Marcia Philbrick

The research on my ancestor, Nelson G. CRAWFORD of Warren County, Indiana, indicated that his father was named James. Try as I might, I could not get Nelson to fit into the family of James and Martha CRAWFORD who resided in Warren County, IN. By going back to Preble County, Ohio, I discovered a second James CRAWFORD whose wife was Sally. In order to separate these two gentlemen, I also researched the family of Nathan SELLERS and the DUGGINS family.

Both James CRAWFORDs were married in Kentucky in approximately the same vicinity at approximately the same time. My James CRAWFORD married Sally DUGGINS on 2 Sept 1799 in Garrard County, Kentucky. Sally DUGGINS was a widow of Alexander DUGGINS when she married James CRAWFORD. She had two sons, Henry and William by her first marriage. By 1810, James and Sally had moved to Preble County, Ohio where they resided next to the family of James and Martha CRAWFORD. James CRAWFORD and Martha KNIGHT were married in 1793 in Lincoln (Madison) County, Kentucky.

In Kentucky, it appears that the James CRAWFORD who married Martha KNIGHT may be the son of Rebekah CRAWFORD, a widow residing in Madison County. In Garrard County, KY, there is another James CRAWFORD, husband of Rebecca ANDERSON. This James CRAWFORD, a revolutionary soldier, moved to Jefferson County, IN where he died. Revolutionary penson files and DAR applications for this James CRAWFORD appear to also contain records for a James CRAWFORD who resided in Fleming County, KY. Histories of Garrard County refer to a Reverand James CRAWFORD. Since no records have been located identifying any of the above James CRAWFORDs as a minister, it is possible that these references are to the Rev. James CRAWFORD of Lexington. Rev. James CRAWFORD of Lexington is a descendant of Alexander and Mary (McPHEETERS) CRAWFORD. Land records from Garrard and Madison Counties indicate that at least one of these men held land in Barren County, KY. A James CRAWFORD is shown as a property owner in the early records for Barren County. In later records, James and Martha CRAWFORD sell a piece of land in Barren County. To date, not enough evidence has been accumulated to assume that the James CRAWFORD who is shown on the early records is this same James CRAWFORD.

To date, no record has been found showing any type of relationship between any of these James CRAWFORDs. To add to the confusion, circumstantial evidence indicates that James, husband of Sally, and James, husband of Martha, are probably related. These two families resided on adjoining pieces of land in Preble County, Ohio. James and Martha CRAWFORD, along with their children, moved to Warren County, Indiana by 1830. Nelson G. CRAWFORD, the son of James and Sally also moved to Warren County, Indiana at the same time. Children of Nelson G. CRAWFORD and descendants of James and Martha later migrated to Dodge City, Ford County, Kansas.

Please see my family history files for the information I have on the following families:
Any help untangling these families would be greatly appreciated.

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