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Past and Present

    by Janet McNeilly  2002

28 October, 2013

Henry of Huntingdon

Henry was the son of King David I of Scotland and Maud, 2nd Countess of Huntingdon. His maternal grandparents were Waltheof, Earl of Northumbria and Huntingdon and his wife Judith of Lens.

Henry married Ada de Warenne, the daughter of William de Warenne, 2nd Earl of Surrey and Elizabeth of Vermandois, daughter of Hugh of Vermandois.

Henry and Ada had the following children-

bulletAda of Huntingdon - married Floris III of Holland.
bulletMalcolm IV of Scotland
bulletWilliam I of Scotland - married Ermengarde de Beaumont.
bulletDavid of Huntingdon - (one of my 25x great grandfathers)
bulletMargaret of Huntingdon (25x great grandmother)- married firstly Conan IV of Brittany, secondly, Humphrey de Bohun and thirdly William FitzPatrick de Hertburne
bulletMarjorie of Huntingdon - ( one of my 25x great grandmothers) married Gilchrist of Angus.
bulletMatilda - died in infancy c1152.

His eldest son became King of Scots as Malcolm IV in 1153. Henry's second son became king in 1165 on the death of his brother, reigning as William I. Both in their turn inherited the title of Earl of Huntingdon. His third son, David also became Earl of Huntingdon.

On Henry's death, the Earldom passed to his half-brother Simon II de Senlis.

Henry was buried at Kelso Abbey on the 12th June 1152.



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