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16 June 2013

Dirk III of Holland

Dirk III was Count of Holland from 993 to May 27, 1039, until 1005 under regency of his mother. He was the son of Arnulf of Holland and Lutgardis of Luxemburg.

Count Dirk was a member of the house of Holland, an important family within Germany at that time. His mother was regent in the county while Dirk was still a minor, from 993-1005. She was the sister-in-law of Emperor Henry II and with his help she managed to maintain the county for her son. After Dirk assumed the government of the county, she still used her family connections to acquire imperial assistance, in one instance an imperial army helped Dirk suppress a Frisian revolt.

Dirk III married Othelindis and they had (at least) two children:

bulletDirk, who succeeded his father as Dirk IV
bullet Floris, who succeeded his brother as Floris I- 29x great grandfather

After Dirk's death on 27 May 1039, his widow went back to Saxony, where she died on 31 March 1044. Dirk was buried at Egmond.

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