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Scottish Records

This page contains some wonderful maps showing the farms and towns where the McMurtries lived in the 1700s and 1800s. With the aid of these maps, you would actually visit the farm of origin of your Scottish ancestors! Also, there is a brief overview of the major Scottish families (their origins, migrations, occupations, etc). These just give a flavor of these families and their dispersion to places elsewhere in Scotland and around the world. For those wanting to see the actual documentary sources, we've included a table with the parish register entries for every McMurtrie in Scotland that left a record between 1600s to 1854. For more details about the families in each parish, see the detailed discussions of the McMurtries in each of the principal parishes in Ayrshire where McMurtries lived for generations. Lastly, there is a DNA map that shows which of the three possible DNA patterns most of the early Ayrshire families can be grouped with.

Dalmellington Origin Myth

Scottish McM.

Scottish Parish Register Extracts for McMurtrie

Families by Parish

AYR: McMurtries of Ayr Parish

DAILLY: McMurtries of Dailly Parish

BARR: McMurtries of Barr Parish

MAYBOLE: Sorting Out the Various McM Families of Maybole Ayrshire

DALRYMPLE: McM Families of Dalrymple, Ayrshire

KIRKMICHAEL, STRAITON, DALMELLINGTON: McM Families of Kirkmichael Straiton and Dalmellington, Ayrshire

KIRKOSWALD: McMurtries of Kirkoswald Parish

KILMARNOCK: McMurtries of Kilmarnock

Maps of Residences by Parish

DAILLY: Map of Farms, Villages, Towns of Dailly

BARR: Map of McM Residences in Barr Parish

KIRKOSWALD: Map of McM Residences in Kirkoswald Parish

KIRKMICHAEL, STRAITON, DALMELLINGTON: Map of Farms, Villages, Towns of Kirkmichael, Dalmellington and Straiton

MAYBOLE/KIRKMICHAEL: Map of Farms/Villages/Towns of McM residence in Maybole, Kirkmichael, Dalrymple

DNA: Map Showing Ayrshire Parishes, Earliest Ancestors of Clan Families and DNA Priorities