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Todd Families of America

Descriptive Listing

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This listing seeks to give a general picture of the Todd Family in America so that Todd family historians seeking for their Todd roots will have a sense of the possibilities to be explored in that search. It is not intended to give a complete picture of each branch of the family.


The numers in parentheses refer to the Todd Family Numbers used to identify each family in the Richard McMurtry collection of “Todd Families in America”.  See also: “Todd Families in America: Family Numbers” for a listing of families and relevant researchers.


Several families below were connected in 2010 and 2011 via DNA to locations in Ireland and Scotland but not acknowledged below.  See Irish Todd DNA project and Scottish Todd DNA project for details.


This version corrects most of the numerous errors that crept into this work due to the genealogical “sin” of  guessing” and “assuming”.   It also provides updates of the research conducted subsequent to the revisions of 2010 and 2011 that have not been previously incorporated into it.   Most embarrassing to me were the assumptions I made in previous versions about the New Jersey Todds, having been misled by having two families with the same names and approximate ages living in Somerset and Hunterdon Co NJ.  DNA made it possible to sort out these two unrelated families.


Todds of Connecticut


Christopher Todd (TF 1) came to New Haven in 1639 from Yorkshire and left a large family.


David Tod (TF 2) came from Perth, Scotland to Suffield in 1761.  One of his sons John Tod (1780-1830) went to Bedford Co, PA and became a state senator. 

Todds of New Hampshire

Andrew Todd (TF 4) arrived in Londonderry in 1720.   Descendants include John Todd who was born there in 1755 and served in the Revolution. Other descendants went to Rowley, Massachusetts.   DNA matches the County Down, Ireland and the Somerset Co New Jersey Todds.


Todds of Massachusetts


John Todd (TF 3) , first cousin of Christopher (see 'Todds of Connecticut, above),came from Yorkshire to Charleston, Mass., in 1637 and then relocated to Rowley, Mass., by 1648.


Revolutionary War pensioners included Thomas Todd, born in 1760 in Rowley, Essex Co., MA, Joseph Todd born 1754 in Rowley, Samuel b 1742 at Rowley, Paul Todd born 1758 Ipswich, “son of Thomas Todd who was born at Rowley and grandson of John Todd who was the 6th generation from “Old England”.


Todds of New York


            Albany County: 1790

Adam Todd (1756 Scotland 1806 Albany Co) had son Adam b 1799 in Rensselaerville.   Paul had son Paul 1797 by CT born wife.  Robert Todd lived there also.


A Lemuel Todd was there in 1790, presumably from CT family.


            Chauttaqua County

Charles Wesley Todd (TF 59) 1835-1915 of Chattaqua Co, NY is a genetic match with Robert Todd b 1796 of Washington Co, VA and Pulaski Co, KY.  His father was William Todd b abt 1815 Ireland who came to Canada where Charles was born.


            Dutchess County

Robert Todd b 1740s (TF104), and contemporary John Todd were in Rombout Twp 1770s; Robert, associated with Somerset Co NJ, married in Rombout Twp in 1770.   


            Orange County

Joseph Todd (TF 102) b ca 1740s, served in the Revolutionary War first in White Plains, Westchester Co., NY and then again in Warwick, Orange Co., NY.  In 1802, moved to Palmyra, Ontario Co., NY, when Joseph received land for having served during the war.  DNA suggests connection to James Todd (TF 144) 1765-1823 of Prince George Co VA and Roane Co TN and to Henry Todd b 1797 r. Fayette Co VA/WVA.


            New York City

Adam Todd (TF 10) came from Scotland to New York City and married there in 1744 to Sarah Cox.  He had four children including Adam 1746-1798, a sea captain, and Sarah who married John Jacob Astor.


            Washington County

John Todd and Robert Todd (TF 103) were in Salem, Washington Co, by 1771; John seems to have left the area before 1790.  Robert was in Argyle by 1790 with 5 sons, including John b abt 1770.   This younger John appears to the father of John b 1793 who with his family was still in Argyle in 1850 and thereafter.   Robert’s other children seem to have let the area.  DNA for desc of John b 1793 is close match with Somerset Co NJ Todds.


A Jonah Todd in Queensberry is assumed to be a descendant of the Connecticut Todds (TF 1)


A later arrival was John Todd (TF 14) who came to Washington County, NY from Somerset County, New Jersey around 1784 and went to western Pennsylvania late in his life. His children went to western Pennsylvania and Wheeling, (West) Virginia in the early 1800s.


            Westchester County

Abraham Todd (TF 1) came from Fairfield CT to Salem, Westchester Co.



There are five Todds who served in the militia in the 1750s: Samuel, Joseph, Elnathan (from Connecticut), James b 1742 in Ireland, Joseph b 1742 in England.



Todds of Pennsylvania


Philadelphia County




There are several Todd families of Philadelphia County: (1) Joseph Todd d 1699, (2) William Todd who lived in or near the portion of Philadelphia County that became Montgomery County, (3) Robert Todd (1697-1775) of  the portion of Philadelphia that became Montgomery County and his half-brother Andrew Todd of Chester County, (4) Quaker John Todd who came from Chester County, (5) Alexander Todd, a merchant, (6) William Todd a coachmaker, and several Irish immigrant families that have not been researched, including the William Todd who came in 1809.




(1) Joseph Todd (TF17) of Eling, Southamptonshire, England died in Philadelphia in 1699.  His son Joseph settled in Bucks County, PA by 1701; his son Thomas died in Philadelphia in 1732; his son Caleb appears to be the Caleb who in 1742 and 1745 was in the portion of Bucks Co that became Northampton Co.    Caleb is therefore the most likely person to have been the father of the three Todds who appear in the 1760s tax lists for Northampton Co:  Thomas, Benjamin and Caleb.   These three migrated about 1770 to the Jersey Settlement in Rowan County, North Carolina.   Branches of the Rowan County NC family migrated to Wilkes Co GA by 1781 and to Madison County, KY in the 1790s.   


(2) William Todd (TF 19) had children baptized at the Abington Presbyterian Church 1720s and late 1730s (in the portion of Philadelphia County that became Montgomery County in 1782). He may also have been the father of three children baptized at the First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia in the early 1730s.  He appears in land disputes in the NJ Supreme Court records in Hunterdon County, NJ in 1745/1746.  By 1750, he had migrated to Augusta County, Virginia and then to Bedford County VA in 1760.  DNA shows him to be closely related to the family of Mary Todd Lincoln, namely, Robert Todd 1697-1775 who came later to Philadelphia Co and to Andrew Todd who came to Chester Co and d 1791.   Willam’s granddaughter married a granddaughter of Robert Todd in Virginia.


William’s children included:

  • Samuel Todd who married Jean Lowry, moved to Botetourt County, and in 1807 removed to Clay County, KY and then Jefferson County, KY where he died in 1813.
  • Low Todd moved from Augusta to Bedford County in 1760 and in 1780s moved to Tennessee where he died in 1793;
  • Sarah Todd who married John Houston and died in Blount Co., TN in 1795;
  • Mary Todd who married Samuel Hutton who went to KY ca 1780;
  • James Todd who may have been the James who married Susannah LNU and died in Rockbridge Co., VA in 1789.

William’s other children’s fate is not known.  But the land William Todd bought in Bedford Co, VA in 1760 was sold in two halves – one by William Todd in 1770 and one by John Todd in 1772.  These may have been:

  • William b 1738 and
  • a previously unidentified son John, born prior to 1751.  This John is most likely the John Todd 1746-1829 who shows up in Kentucky in the early 1780s in Lincoln County KY, then settles in Fayette County (later Jessamine) by 1784 and dies in Lincoln Co, TN in 1829


(3)  Robert Todd 1697-1775 and his half brother Andrew Todd d 1791 (TF 19)


Robert appears in Hunterdon County NJ 1753, 1755.  He moved to Pike Township, Chester County, PA where he lived between 1756 and 1760.  He later moved to the Trappe area of Philadelphia County after 1760 and spent the rest of his life there.   His half-brother Andrew settled in Chester County by 1760, having reportedly first settled in New York. 


Robert’s son David married at Abington Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia County in 1749 and David secured grants in Philadelphia County in the 1760s. Robert, Levi and John Todd, sons of David, and grandsons of Robert, were pioneers to Kentucky in the 1770s. The pioneer Robert Todd was the ancestor of Mary Todd Lincoln.


Robert’s son John was educated as a minister at Princeton and moved to Louisa County, VA in the 1750s, dying there in 1793.


Robert's sons Samuel and William Todd went to Bedford County PA where their cousin William Todd and John Todd (sons of Andrew Todd d 1791) was living and then quickly moved on to Westmoreland County in western Pennsylvania ca 1780 .  Samuel moved on to Bourbon County, KY where he died in 1788, but William died in Westmoreland in 1810.


Andrew Todd, the immigrant, after his wife's death about 1773, left Chester County and went to live with his son William in Bedford County.   Late in his life, he went to stay with his son Dr. Andrew Todd in Louisa County, VA and died there in 1791.   Andrew Sr.'s son William moved to Bedford County PA by 1776 and died there in 1795.  Andrew Sr.'s son Andrew married the daughter of his father's nephew, the Rev John Todd, and lived in Louisa County, Virginia until 1796 when he moved to Bourbon County KY where he died in 1816.  Andrew Sr.'s son Robert settled in Green County and Adair County, KY where he died in 1828.  Andrew Sr.’s son John obtained  frontier lands in Westmoreland County, PA in 1773, settled along with his brother William Todd in Bedford County between 1776 and 1784, then moved by 1786 to the portion of Jefferson County, Kentucky that became Shelby County where he died in 1813.    (Contrary to this view, some family historians believe the Shelby Co John Todd was a different family and that John Todd, son of Andrew went to Virginia and later settled in Mercer and Jessamine County, KY.  This author does not believe the evidence supports this alternative view.)


Mrs. Emilie Todd Helm who collected Todd family history in the late 1800s claimed that Robert and Andrew were grandsons of a John Todd of Co. Down who left a will.  Her publisher inspected Irish wills and concluded that Mrs. Helm was wrong about the Irish origins because names of children in the will didn’t match .  He  concluded that Robert and Andrew were sons of a John Todd d 1719 Co. Armagh whose children listed in the will were James, Robert, Andrew, William and Samuel which he said “met the conditions” of Emilie’s family.    This seems speculative at best.    The publisher acknowledged that this John Todd was an Anglican, not a Presbyterian as were the Emilie Todd Helm family.


(4)     In the 1760’s, John Todd (TF 18), a school master, from the Chester County Quaker family had children whose births were recorded at the Philadelphia Monthly Meeting. The births included John Todd in 1763, who became a lawyer was active in the abolition movement and married to Dolly Payne (who later married James Madison) whose sister married Judge Thomas Todd of the King and Queen County, VA Todd family. Both John Todds died during the Yellow Fever Epidemic in 1793.


(5)     Alexander Tod was a merchant, active in PA and NJ, who married Mary Sharp in 1771 in Philadelphia.  He had at least two sons, including William Hepburn Todd born around the time of the Revolution, who married in Philadelphia 1795 Mary Campbell and left a will in 1833  It is unknown if there is a link with the Alexander Todd, baptized in Abington Church in 1725.  His will refers to uncle William Tod and his wife Rachel in Gloucester Co. NJ and children:  Samuel Beyard Todd, Edward Karp/Sharp? Todd, Alexander Todd, Oliver Todd, Mary (Tod) Wilcox, Helen Tod.  I believe that Edward died in TN without issue.   A Scottish record indicates that Alexander Tod was heir to his sister Helen Todd Stewart, widow of John Stewart, merchant in Edinburgh, reg 3, March 1790.  A Helen Tod married a John Stuart in 1761 in Edinburgh; she may have been the Helen Tod born 1729, daughter of Oliver Todd and Janet Hepburn.  Note that William Hepburn Todd had a son Oliver such that his son may have been named for his grandfather Oliver Todd and his middle name from his grandmother Janet Hepburn.


(6)     William Todd, a coach-builder, is mentioned in Philadelphia and Cecil Co MD deeds


(7)     William Todd came from Ireland ca 1809.


(8)     John Todd, a baker, is mentioned in a deed and tax list.


Chester County


There was a James Todd and John Todd (TF 18) who settled in southern Chester County in the 1710s.


·        James got a grant in 1718 and was in London Grove Township until 1750.  A John Todd appears in London Grove in 1749 and 1750 and may be a son of the older James.   A Hugh Todd appears in the 1750 tax list for Londonderry Township.  John, James and Hugh do not appear later.  This James could possibly be the James who appears in York Co in 1753.

·        John married a Miss Cane about 1720 and died in New London in 1775. John’s daughter Deborah married William Hutton in 1750 and moved to York, PA. John’s son John became a school master in Philadelphia and father of John Todd b 1763, the lawyer who married Dolly Payne, later Dolly Madison.  John’s son William went to Carolina and is probably the William Todd who md in 1765 in Guildford Co NC and then went to GA.  John’s son Robert died in York County in 1767.  The fate of John’s son James is unknown, but he had a son William between 1763 and 1775.


Another James Todd (TF 24) died in 1772 in East Nottingham Twp appears there in 1765 tax list but there is no obvious connection to the earlier Todds.  His sons were Hugh d 1772, John and James.  John Todd d 1809 of West Nantmeal Township may be a son of this James.  John d 1809 had sons John, James and William of which John died in Washington Co, PA in 1809 and the other two remained in central Chester Co.   James and William divided their father’s land and James had a large family in West Nantmell/Wallace Township.  The fate of James, b ca 1750s, son of James d 1772, is another mystery though there is some evidence he was in Pikeland Twp in 1803.  William had sons, but their fate is unknown.  DNA shows a close match to a family from Co Antrim and a family from Co Amragh in northern Ireland..


Andrew Todd (TF 19) settled in Chester Co ca 1760, then went to Bedford Co PA between 1774 and 1778.  When he left, he sold his land to his nephew Robert Todd 1732-1816 who sold it to his son David b 1765 in 1797.  In 1800, there is an unidentified James Todd and wife  b prior to 1755 living next door to David.


Robert Todd 1697-1774 (TF 19) was in Pike Township between 1756 and 1760 before moving to Trappe in Philadelphia County.


Dr. William A Todd (TF17) b 1762 Bucks Co married Ann Downing b 1778 and settled in Downingtown, East Caln Twp by 1800.  He died abt 1809 and Ann 1811 without issue.


William Todd b pr 1765 married Mary (Cloyd) Meredith prior to 1781 and lived in West Whiteland 1779-1785, East Whiteland 1790 and 1800, and possibly East Euchlan Twp in 1810.  They seem not to have had children; his identity is unknown.  Presence in East Whiteland along with other mysterious James Todd suggests a possible connection to Mary  Todd Lincoln Todds.


William Todd 1791-1824 (TF 130) married Rebecca Twaddell and had a son Charles Twaddell Todd by 1809.  Resided E. Marlborough where his father-in-law owned property in 1810; in Kennett by 1820 where he administered the will of James Todd who the 1820 census suggests was his father.  Had inn in Centreville, New Castle County, Delaware ca 1820.  Possible connection to George Todd of Delaware Co (1790) because of proximity or Delaware Todds. DNA shows connection to Charles Todd b 1795 of Hunterdon Co and to Somerset Co, NJ Todds.


Lancaster County


Early records show a John and James Todd of the Chester Co Quaker family  (TF 18) entered land in 1742 in Derry Township on the Susquehanna River.  This land was not patented to James and it appears he is the James Todd who appears on the Chester County tax lists in the 1760s.  


Samuel and John Todd (TF 20) appear as neighbors on a Hanover Township land record in 1749, but appear to have migrated to Rowan Co NC in the 1750s.  James Todd surveyed a parcel in Hanover Township in 1752, appeared on a tax list there in 1759, and got a warrant for land there in 1765 which his son patented in 1785.  James 1717-1783 had sons James, John and David born in the 1750s.   This township became part of Dauphin County in 1785.


A family tradition states that the above James Todd was son of a  Hugh Todd d 1772, but this has been disproven in that Hugh Todd d 1772 was unmarried and a son of a Chester Co family in East Nottingham (James d 1772: TF 24).   This same tradition states that James had brothers Cornelius and Hugh who went to North Carolina and an uncle John who “went south.”   This tradition appears to be related to the Samuel and John Todd who are genetic matches to the James Todd of Hanover Twp and are of an age to have been brothers of James Todd 1712-1783 and who went to Rowan Co NC in the 1750s.


John Todd (TF 25) married ca 1784 Mary Eberman (1766-1845) and lived in Lancaster Boro, Lancaster Co.  Children:  John 1785, Ann 1787, John 1790, Maria 1793, Thomas 1795, David 1799, Sarah 1802, Elizabeth 1805.   John was in Manheim Twp in 1810; Thomas appears to have been in Mt Joy in 1820; David may be the David of East Lampeter Twp in 1850.


By 1800, William Todd, apparently an Irish immigrant settled in Hempfield Township.     He had at least 6 sons but it appears that we have data on only two.  One was William Todd who was prominent in the activities for Columbia Borough in the 1820s and then migrated to Creagerstown, Frederick County Maryland between 1832 and 1840.  He was still there in 1850.  The other son was James Todd.  He appears in the records of Columbia also, but we suspect he is the James Todd who settled in nearby Rapho Township and died there in 1852, leaving the bulk of his estate to his housekeeper and causing a ruckus amongst his children (Thomas, James, John, David, Polly and Ann).  The children successfully challenged the will and the estate was administered by James’ son David who had a court sale of his father’s land in 1853 to Abraham Helsey (sp?).  The settlement mentioned other children of James though none of them appear in the census records for Rapho Twp.


Bedford County


William Todd (TF 19), son of Andrew Todd d 1791  of the Mary Todd Lincoln group of Todds, moved to Bedford County and died there in 1795.  His descendants, including a grandson John Todd, remained in the area.  As stated above, his brother John Todd lived in Bedford around the time of the Revolution and then moved to Shelby Co KY by 1786 where he died in 1813. William’s cousins Samuel and William Todd lived in Bedford briefly before moving to Westmoreland County, PA ca 1780.


A John Todd (TF 2) from Connecticut settled in Bedford and served in the PA Senate, dying in 1830.


Cambria County


David Todd 1767-1841 and his wife Mary b 1767 came from New Jersey about 1800 and settled in the Ebensburg, Cambria County in south-central Pennyslvania.  His sons included: David Todd 1799-1849, William Todd 1797-1844 and Thomas Todd b 1791 NJ.    David Jr married Jane McConnel b 1797 Maryland.  William married in 1819 to Elanor __ 1799-1844.   William’s children were Joseph A 1831-1856, James 1827-1879, Andrew 1820-1851.  David who died in 1849 was born in New Jersey according to the mortality schedule.


Family tradition reported in the History of Cambria Co stated that David was from Co Coleraine and was impressed on a British man-of-war when only age 13 in 1779.  He settled in Burlington NJ and married there in 1787.


Cumberland County


In 1790, Naomi Todd, a widow with a young son and 2 daughters is in the census. By 1800, there is a George along with Naomi, both in Carlisle, Middletown Twp.  George leaves before 1810.  Issac Todd, presumably Naomi’s son, remained in the county.


Henry Todd d 1806 lived in western Cumberland Co (possibly in the area that became Franklin Co.) 1778-1782 and appears in Hamilton Twp in 1790 and dies there in 1806.  Also in the 1790 census is a Mary Todd, possible sister-in-law. 


Dr. William A. Todd of the Bucks County family of Todds owned land in Allen Township between 1803 and his death about 1811.  His brother Charles F. Todd sold land there abt 1813.



York County


John Todd d 1775 (TF 18) of Chester County entered land in 1747 in the portion of Lancaster County that became Huntington Township, York County.  He sold this to his eldest son Robert in 1760 (when Robert married).  Robert died in 1767; Robert’s son Robert Jr settled in Rostraver Township, Westmoreland Co by 1794.


There is a James Todd(TF 131) in Newberry Township by 1753 who was supervisor of roads.  This James died 1767 and left a widow Hannah and children, James b1750-1827, William b 1752 and Joseph 1757-1793.  James died in 1827 and his son James went to Wayne Co, Ohio by 1830.  Joseph died in 1793 and his son Owen moved to Joseph's property in Baltimore where he married in 1800 and died in 1804.  Joseph’s daughter married Thomas Bissett and was in Baltimore in 1824.    William and wife Elizabeth do not appear after the 1780s and may have gone to Maryland or to the western frontier.  James was reported to have first married to Ann Cain who may be the wife (or daughter) of John Cain who lived next door to the James Todd who lived in the London Grove  Twp, Chester Co, PA area 1714-1750.  This suggests that James of York and James of Chester are the same person.  However, the family tradition was that the first James Todd came from Baltimore.


Henry Todd (TF 122) b 1745 lived in 1774-1779 and in Fawn Twp in 1781-1786. He does not appear in the 1790 census and is assumed dead by that time.  He had a son and grandson that became Attorney Generals of PA.  Family tradition reports that his son James b 1786 was orphaned and raised by the McLeans in Fayette Co., PA.  (Note that the Henry Todd d 1806 Franklin Co is a different family.)  DNA suggest an independent English origin.


Andrew Todd (TF 113) appeared in the Hamilton BannTwp tax list in 1781 as a single man and as a householder of 2 in 1783, married in Frederick Co, MD in 1782, moved to Rockingham Co VA by 1787 and Montgomery Co VA by 1789, and died in Tazewell Co in 1801.  DNA shows he was closely related to TF 19 (Mary Todd Lincoln group of Todds).  He appears in York  Co tax lists with a Patrick Todd, assumed to be the Patrick Todd who settled in Harford Co, MD.


Allegheny County


James Todd (TF  127) md Catharine Forbes and was executor of the will of Catharine’s brother George Forbes in Pittsburgh in 1789.  Reportedly born about 1760, md Catherine in 1788, moved to Beaver Co PA by 1791.  James received from his brother-in-law a lot in Pittsburgh.  He appears in the 1790 census as having a male under 16 and numerous women living with him.  Children:  George 1788, Susan 1791, Janet 1793; James 1796; William 1798; Thomas 1801 & John 1806.


Armstrong County


The Philadelphia and Chester County Todd family (TF 19) and relatives such as  Andrew Porter, secured grants in Westmoreland County and in the portion of Westmoreland that became Armstrong County.    William Todd and David Todd (apparently his son) founded the town of Freeport.  David died prior to 1815 and had four children:  William and three daughters.


Fayette County


Thomas Todd (TF 28) of County Down came to Delaware ca 1785 and then to Fayette County by 1790.   (The 1850 census indicates he was born in MD, not Ireland.)  DNA shows him to share a common ancestor with the Somerset County New Jersey Todds.


A John and Edward Todd (TF 111/30) came to the area prior to 1783 (Edward appeared in a Virginia court record in 1777) and lived there at least until 1790.   They came to Bourbon County, KY in 1792 where Edward died in 1795 and John in 1809.  They appear to be sons of Nathan Todd of Anne Arundel Co, MD.


James Todd (TF 122) was born in 1786, orphaned as an infant, raised in Fayette County by Duncan McLean, became a county commissioner in 1815, elected to the state legislature in 1819, admitted to the Bar in 1823, became state attorney general in 1835, moved to Philadelphia until 1852 when he moved to Westmoreland County where he died in 1863.  According to a county history, James was born in York Co and his parents came to Fayette County and died there the year he was born.  An internet source says that James was son of Henry Todd (TF 122) of Chanceford, York County.


By 1800, Basil, Alexander, Samuel Todd, the children of Alexander Todd of Frederick Co, MD (TF 30) had arrived in the county.


Samuel and James Caldwell Todd, descendants of a Somerset Co NJ family, (TF 14) were in Fayette Co in the 1820s/30s, having migrated there from Washington County New York.


Franklin County


Henry Todd d1806 came from Chester County after 1771 and  lived in Guildford and Hamilton Twp 1778-1782 when this area was still part of Cumberland County.  But by 1790, he was back in Hamilton Township.


In 1790, Henry Todd had 1 son and 5 daughters.  This fits with the Henry Todd of Hamilton Township who died in 1806 and left a will which names wife Lettice and children, John, Dorcas, Martha, Mary, Lettice, Isabella.  John was still in the county in 1828. 


There is a Mary Todd in the 1790 census who also had a son under 16.


There is a tradition in the family of James Todd b 1788 of Indiana County, PA that he was born in Franklin County, but his father died soon after the family arrived in America.


Greene County


Martin Luther Todd and John Todd, descendants of a Somerset Co NJ family, (TF 14) were in Waynesburg 1808-1814.


Indiana County


Samuel Todd (TF 23) who obtained land in 1785 in what became Indiana County seems to be the Samuel Todd who died there in 1812/13.  James Todd born Belfast 1788 had a father who settled in Franklin County where he died ca 1789.  His mother reportedly married Patrick Sheridan and they migrated to Westmoreland Co.  About 1815, James moved to Indiana County.   Could this James be related to Henry Todd (TF122)?


Washington County


Edward b abt 1770 and John Todd  1752-1819 (TF 124) settled in Nottingham Township. Edward bought land in 1802 and sold it to John and Fanny Todd in 1805 and John sold it in 1813.  Edward Todd married Elizabeth Scott here and moved to Brooke County, VA and then Steubenville, Ohio.  John Todd died here in 1819.  There is a John and Rosannah Todd of Nottingham who sold land in 1789. Perhaps Rosannah was a first wife of John. 


There is a William Todd 1756-1852 of Nottingham Township (TF 124c) in the 1810 census who may be the William Todd who came to Harrison Co., Ohio about 1818.  He is assumed to be connected to Edward and John of Nottingham Twp. 


There is an Archibald Todd 1763-1852 who was in Chartiers Twp, Washington Co PA in 1810 who came to Belmont Co Ohio and was buried in Nottingham Twp, Harrison Co Ohio along with William Todd 1756-1852.


James Todd (TF 26) 1796-1863 was born in Washington Co, PA and seems to be the son of James Todd of Cross Creek Twp in the 1800 census who had 4 sons.  James (Jr?) came to Clark Co OH.  He was the son of a James Todd, reportedly an Irish immigrant.  This James was in the Whiskey Rebellion.  DNA matches the Mary Todd Lincoln family.


Samuel Todd and James Todd (TF 23) who settled in Indiana County may have been part of this family.


John Todd (TF 24) who died in Donegal Twp in 1809 was the son of John Todd who died in Chester Co in 1809 and grandson of James Todd d 1772 Chester Co.  This family matches the DNA of the Salters Grange, Co Armagh, Northern Ireland family.


There are family traditions that the John and his son William Todd (TF 21) who bought and sold land in Ohio Co, VA (now West VA) in 1806 and 1808 and then (William) bought land in Findley Twp on Buffalo Creek (on the western edge of Washington) in 1809 had previously lived in Washington Co.   I suspect this prior residence is incorrect (and family researchers of this branch agree) that the references to William and John in pre 1806 records in Nottingham and Somerset Twp in the eastern portion of the county are not references to TF 21.  Instead, the references are to the William and John of TF 124.  William of TF 21 sold his Findley Twp land in 1811 and moved back to Ohio Co, VA where he had bought land in 1810.    


Samuel Todd and John Todd, descendants of a Somerset Co NJ family, (TF 14) were  in the county briefy in the 1810s.


Westmoreland County


There were at least four groups of Todds who settled in Westmoreland County - (1) the Todds of Chester and Philadelphia County, namely, William, Samuel, John, Robert and Andrew, (2) two other Samuel Todds, (3) Edward and John Todd, and (4) Samuel Todd and Archibald S. Todd..


The Philadelphia/Chester County Todds were on the frontier speculating for land.  John Todd of Chester Co. was entering land in 1773, but sold it all by 1776.  His father Andrew retained ownership of the land he obtained, but never lived there.  John Todd of Philadelphia County appears to have had his land sold for taxes.  William Todd obtained land in the 1770s and settled in the southern portion of the county.  Robert sold his lands very quickly.  Samuel Todd seems to have lost whatever land he had and moved to Bourbon County, Kentucky where he died in 1788.


Another Samuel obtained land in Huntingdon Township in 1780 and sold in by 1789. 


Another Samuel (TF 23) obtained land in the portion of the county that became Indiana County.  He may have been part of the Irish Todd family of Washington County.


Edward and John Todd (TF 111) settled in the portion of the county that became Fayette Co; they were probably the brothers who came from Maryland and went to Kentucky.


Samuel Todd and Archibald S. Todd, descendants of a Somerset Co NJ family (TF 14) , were in the county briefly in the 1820s.


Also, Robert Todd (TF 18: son of Robert d 1767 York Co and grandson of Quaker John d 1775 Chester Co) settled in Rostraver Twp in 1790s.


Todds of New Jersey

Gloucester County


There was a Robert Todd mentioned in 1699 and a Thomas Todd mentioned in a will in Gloucester County in 1731.  A William Todd lived in Waterford Twp in the 1810s. He was a brother of the wealthy and prominent merchant Alexander Tod of Philadelphia.


Somerset County


First wave:  There were five Todd brothers (TF 14) (James, John, Robert, Andrew, William) and a sister who were in the Peapack/Baskingridge area of Somerset County around 1735.


This family is genetically related to the Todds who settled Carricknaveagh/Toddstown in 1625 in Co Down, Northern Ireland.   This may well be the family of origin of those branches of the family that later appeared in numerous locations in northern Ireland and in numerous independent migrations to the United States, such as New Hampshire, Virginia and South Carolina.     The Somerset Co Todds are also genetically related to a Matthew Todd d 1796 in Ayrshire Scotland.     So the Todds may have originated in Ayrshire and migrated to Co Down before migrating to America.


This family was confused for a while with the Todds who settled in Hunterdon County because of the similarity of names and ages. DNA later showed that the Hunterdon and Somerset Co families were not related. .


To confuse matters, two branches of the unrelated Todd family of Hunterdon County moved into Somerset County:   John Todd 1729-1802 and Major John Todd 1755-1820 whose wife was Jane Todd, dau of David Todd 1731-1809 who remained in Hunterdon Co.   


Hunterdon County


David Todd (TF 14) (1730-1809) and John Todd (1720-1802) were in Tewksbury Township, Hunterdon County, across the county line from the Somerset County Todds.   John was in Tewksbury in 1780 but later moved to Bedminster Township, Somerset County.


Major John Todd 1755-1820 is genetically related to David and John.    He married Jane Todd, daughter of David Todd (1730-1809) who was said to be his cousin.  Hence, he must have been the son of a unknown brother of David (1730-1809).


There is a James Todd in the Bethlehem Twp in 1778 who could be a brother, father or cousin to David and John.


In addition to this group of Todds that we refer to as the Hunterdon Co Todds, there was a group of Todds related to Mary Todd Lincoln group of Todds that also lived in Hunterdon County before spreading out to Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina.   William, John and Robert Todd appeared in early Hunterdon County records in the 1740s and 1750s in Bethlehem Township.    William went to Augusta Co, VA by 1750; Robert went to Chester Co, PA by 1756 and then to Philadelphia County by 1760.  John went to Mecklenburg Co NC by 1767.   We don’t know the exact relationship between these individuals, but DNA suggests they share a common male ancestor.   William and Robert had grandchildren who married in Virginia; so we assume a close relationship between them, possibly brothers.     John and William had their children baptized at the Abingdon Presbyterian Church across the border in Philadelphia County, PA in the 1720s and 1730s; so we assume a close relationship, though they may have been cousins, not brothers based on DNA.


Sussex County


There was a John Todd has records in Sussex County in 1748 and 1764.  He may have been one of the immigrant brothers who later went to Mecklenburg Co NC or he may be another branch of the New Jersey Todds.


 There was a James Todd who bought land in Hardwick Twp in 1779 and sold it in 1787 and who died in 1790.   James Todd d 1790 had a son James who is assumed to be the James Todd who sold land in Hardwick 1811-1813 and probably left the county.    


DNA sample on descendants of John Todd 1804-1869 who md near Hardwick in 1826 matched no Todd families.    


Todds of Maryland


There are three major Todd families in Maryland:  (1) one which settled in Baltimore County in the 1600s, (2) one which settled Anne Arundel County in what became Annapolis in the 1600s, (3) one which settled in Dorchester County.


            Baltimore County


Thomas Todd (TF 31) who first settled in Gloucester Co., VA came to Baltimore Co. in the 1660s. He was reportedly from Denton, Co Durham, England.  He died while visiting England about 1676.   Thomas Todd settled in what became part of the City of Baltimore, coming from Virginia where many of his descendants remained.  By the early 1800s, the only male branch of the Baltimore side of the family was that of Thomas Todd d 1798 and his five sons - Bernard, Christopher, William, Samuel and Thomas.


            Anne Arundel County


Another Thomas Todd (TF 30) came from Virginia to Maryland in 1651 and settled on the south side of the Severn River near what became Annapolis. Some descendants moved to the north side of the Severn River; some moved westward to the portion of the county that became Howard County in 1840; other moved into Baltimore itself.   An Alexander Todd moved to Frederick County, had numerous children who married there and then went westward after 1800 to various counties in PA and OHIO.  Benjamin Todd (TF 110) who came to Logan Co., KY ca 1807 and John Todd (TF 111) who came to Bourbon County by 1792 seem to be descended from one of these branches, namely Nathan Todd b 1717-21, son of Lancelot & Elizabeth Rockhold Todd.  Also, the John Todd (TF 112) who married Mary Jarman in Baltimore in 1791 and then went to Ohio appears to be related to this family, based on genetic similarities.  Evidence suggests he is son of Thomas b 1743 d1808, son of Lancelot Todd and Rachel Warfield, son of Lancelot and Elizabeth Rockhold Todd.


            Dorchester County


Michael Todd (TF 32)  settled in Dorchester County prior to 1690 and died there in 1731. Descendants also lived in Caroline Co., Maryland and Delaware. 


            Cecil County


There were Todds in Cecil County during the Revolution and in the period  after 1810.  William Todd (TF 114) b ca 1750s with children: Edward b ca 1780/90, John, James.  It is not known if this William could have been from the York County family for which a 1783 record indicates he was married to an Elizbeth.  William Todd marries an Elizabeth in 1790 in Cecil Co.


Harford County


There were Todds in Harford Co during the Revolution (George, Andrew and Patrick).  Patrick Todd (TF 115) had an illegitimate child in 1781, married Sabrai LNU, had a daughter in 1789, and was still in the county  in 1820.  Andrew and Patrick were in Hamilton Bann Twp, York Co abt 1781. 


Todds of Delaware


Thomas Todd (TF 28) came from Co. Down in northern Ireland to America in 1785 and was in Wilmington, Delaware before coming to Fayette County, PA in 1790.  (1850 census says he was born in Maryland, not Ireland.)



Todds of Virginia




William Todd Sr.  (TF 19) came with his children (born 1723-1738) from Philadelphia County, PA and settled in Augusta County, VA ca 1750.  William had sons: Low, James, William and Samuel.  He moved to Bedford County VA in 1760.


William’s son Samuel remained in Augusta County and then moved to Botetourt County and then to Clay County, KY where he died in 1813. William’s son Low Todd removed to Bedford Co, VA around the same time as his father though to different part of the county and then moved to Tennessee where he died in Jefferson County in 1792.  William's son William may be the William Todd who sold half his father's Bedford County land in 1770 and may be the William Todd who is on the Rockbridge County, Va tax list in 1778.  William Sr. may have had a son John who sold the other half of his Bedford County land in 1772 and who is on the Rockbridge County tax list in 1778.  This John is undoubtedly the John who went to KY along with many other Augusta/Botetourt/Rockbridge County families and settled in Mercer, Jessamine, Montgomery, Bath County and then moved to Lincoln Co, TN where he died in 1829.


There is also a James Todd that appears in the early Augusta County records.  Though the evidence is sparse and somewhat conflicting as to the identity of this James, it appears he is James b 1726 the son of Wm Sr.   James bought land in 1753 on Buffalo Creek just downstream from William Todd’s land; was married to Susanna, bought and sold land in the 1760s and 1770s and appears to be the James who died in Rockbridge in 1789.   There is also a reference to a James Todd who had a daughter Hannah who married Samuel Davies in 1758.  Samuel Davies lived in between William Todd Sr and James Todd.  For this James to be a son of William, he would have had to have married by age 17 and Hannah would have had to have been born by 1744 and married when she was 14 in order to for her to be the daughter of a James b 1726.   This is possible though it seems a stretch of the data to make it fit.  The only other evidence for children of this James is a James Todd b about 1750 who went by 1774 to the portion of Augusta Co that became Rockingham Co and then moved to Pudding Spring Draft of Mossey Creek in northern Augusta Co by 1789, dying there as a relatively young man in 1799.


Augusta/Rockingham County


An Andrew Todd (TF 113) b about 1756  lived in York Co PA 1779-178who married in Frederick County Maryland in the 1782, came to Rockingham County in 1787 and then onto to the portion of Washington County, VA which became Tazewell County where he died in 1801.   DNA shows he shares a common ancestor with the James Todd of Rockingham, but the historical data suggest he is not a brother, but more likely a cousin of a separate immigration from Ireland.   Descendants of this Andrew have a DNA pattern that most closely resembles the Hunterdon Co Todds and so it has been theorized that Andrew could be a brother to Major John Todd  1755-1820.


A James Todd (TF 136) came to Rockingham from 1787 to 1790 and then moved to northern Augusta County where he lived until his death in 1799.  He appears to be the James Todd who served at the Battle of Point Pleasant in 1774 from northern Augusta Co.  He was survived by his sons: James, George, Samuel, and Nathan.


Caroline County


There is a George Todd (TF 137) b 1711 d 1790 who was in Caroline County by 1737.  Caroline County was created from Essex, King and Queen, and King William Counties in 1727.  George's only son Charles was the progenitor of the family that remained in Caroline County for many years though some descendants went to TX in the 1840s.  This family originated in the Orkney Islands and Morayshire in northern Scotland.


A Joseph Todd (TF 135) 1765-1817 who died in Fauquier Co was initially thought to be of this family, but DNA shows that this is not the case.



Charlotte County


Bernard Todd (abt 1750-1814) (TF31) is reported to be son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Waring) Todd and grandson of William and Martha (Vicaris) Todd of the King and Queen Co, VA family (TF 31).  He moved to Charlotte Co in 1783.  Son Bartlett P. 1786-1863 went to Nottaway Co, VA. Son Christopher 1781-1868  went to Maury Co, TN.  Son Joseph went to Prince Edward Co.

Cumberland County


John married Mary Williams (John Todd and Mary Williams date of 9 March 1764 in  St James Northam Parish, Goochland Co, VA) and had a son John in Goochland County, b. Aug. 7, 1775.


John Todd of Cumberland County was a surety for the marriage of Thomas Hall and Frances Williams in Goochland County in 1765. 


In 1773, John Todd of Cumberland County Virginia bought land from William Shearin of Bute Co for land on Six Pound Creek in Bute Co NC adjacent to land which John Todd bought of James Walker.  



Dinwiddie County


1737:  George Todd mentioned in the Bristol Parish records.


1761: Henry Todd mentioned in the same parish.


1782:  Henry Todd: 1782 tax list.


1789,1790:  John (wife Ann), Henry, and Mallory Todd mentioned in the court records.


1810: John Todd b 1784-1794 and Polly Todd b 1765-1784 with children.


1815:  John Todd, Henry Todd on landowners list


1820:  John Todd (b 1775-1794:  presumably same one as 1810) with 4 sons b 1810-20

            Henry Todd (b prior to 1775 with son born 1804-1810)


1830:  Henry Todd b 1800-1810 , prob the Henry who went to Fayette Co VA by 1840.


DNA for Henry b 1800-1810 , Mallory b 1742 (TF 41) and James b 1765 (TF 144)of Prince George Co all match.                       


Fauquier County


Joseph Todd d 1817 appeared on the tax lists in 1796 and is assumed to be the Joseph of the 1794 and 1795 tax lists for nearby Loudon County.  His daughter Sarah married 1810 to Thomas Bishop and stayed in Fauquier Co, but most of his children went to KY (e.g. Shelby and Henry Co) and then on to Ohio and elsewhere,e.g. Benjamin 1796-1879 Muskinghum Co. OH; Willis 1802-1847 Marion Co. IN.  DNA shows he is related to the Joseph Todd (TF 17) d 1699 Philadelphia.


Gloucester & King and Queen Counties


Thomas Todd (TF 31) and his wife Ann Gorsuch came to Gloucester County, Virginia ca 1664. He was reportedly from Denton, Co Durham, England.  He moved in Baltimore Co., Maryland in 1669 and died while traveling to England in 1676. Some descendants lived in Virginia; others in Maryland. One grandson, William Todd married Martha Vicaris and lived in King and Queen Co., Virginia. William’s son Richard had (1) a son William (1750-1815) who moved to Pittsylvania County and then to Woodford County, Kentucky, and (2) a son Richard who died in Virginia, but whose children went to KY, and (3) a son Thomas who moved to Kentucky and became an associate justice of the US Supreme Court.


Isle of Wight


Mallory Todd (TF 41) appeared in 1787 census. He is reported to have come from Bermuda.  DNA from a reported desc suggests he is related to the Todds of Prince George Co, VA and Dinwiddie Co and not (as suspected) from the Joseph Todd d 1699 Philadelphia family that reportedly had Bermuda cousins.   Mallory appears on a Dinwiddie Co court order in 1789-90.


Loudon County


Robert Todd (TF 138) died in 1793 leaving sons Samuel, Robert and John. Samuel b 1762 served in the Revolution and afterwards went to Ohio and then Campbell County, KY.  Sons Robert b 1750-1760 and John appear to have gone by 1805 to the portion of Ross Co that became Pickaway.  Robert’s son Samuel married there in 1807 and 1808, bought and sold land 1812-1814 in Pickway.  They moved to Fairfield Co by 1821 with John dying there in 1823 and Robert moving on to Seneca 1831-1835 and then his son Samuel went to Putnam Co, Ohio.  DNA shows this family to be related to the Todds of Somerset County NJ and to James Todd 1748-1815 of Nashville and Greene Co Ohio.  Samuel son of Robert b 1786 appears to have married in Ross Co in 1807 to Rhuemie Frow and in 1808 to Mary Ballet. (Ross Co Marriages 1798-1849)


A unknown Samuel Todd appears on the 1820 census in Loudon Co and has an estate record in the 1820s.


Joseph Todd appeared on the 1794 and 1795 tax lists and is assumed to be the Joseph who appeared on the 1796 tax list in nearby Fauquier Co, VA.  This Joseph is genetically related to the Joseph d 1699 Philadelphia.


Montgomery County


A William Todd (TF 139) in 1789 and an Andrew Todd (TF 113) in 1790 secured grants on New River and Clinch River respectively.    Andrew is the Andrew who died in Tazewell County in 1802.


A later immigration to Montgomery Co included Andrew Todd b 1795 (TF 42) who came from Richmond, Henrico Co after 1820 and md there in 1824.  Andrew was son of George Todd 1740 Scotland -1810 Richmond.  Other Henrico Co Todds came to Montgomery Co later: LaFoster Todd b 1809 VA was married in the county in 1831/1832, appears in the 1840s court records and had descendants who went to Henrico Co, VA.   DNA shows a near match to the Mary Todd Lincoln Todds.


Northumberland/Richmond County


Henry Todd d 1707 and wife Jane/Jeane/Joane d 1724 and dau Eleanor md James Starks 1704.  This may be related to the Thomas Todd family of King and Queen.


Cornelius Todd (TF 140) married 1739 in Richmond Co, VA and died in Northumberland in 1750.  He had sons: William b 1741 and Cornelius b 1746 d 1792.  Son Cornelius and wife Hannah had William, Henry d 1813, John and Peter between 1775 and 1784 and James b1786 d 1868.  DNA evidence suggests that this family is not related to the Lancaster County, PA family that had a tradition of a Cornelius moving to North Carolina.  DNA is a close match with (1) Samuel Todd md 1810 Davidson Co TN and went to Lawrence Co TN and (2) John B Todd b 1777 VA, went to NC 1802-1807, to Shelby Co TN by 1820, to Okitibbeah Co MS by 1840 and to Shelby Co TN by 1850 where he died in 1851.


John B and Samuel appear to be sons of William b 1741 (son of Cornelius) who went to Rockingham Co NC.  William Todd Jr who md Mary Lacy in 1808 went to Hardin Co and then Ohio Co KY where he appeared in the 1850 census as born in Virginia 1781.  This would match with John B b VA 1777.


Prince George’s County


James Todd 1765-1823 reportedly married in Prince George’s County, VA 1790 (or 1791) and settled in Roane Co TN.  There is a William Todd in the 1810 census for Prince George’s Co, identity unknown.  There is a genetic match or near match with a desc of Mallory Todd 1742-1817 of Isle of Wight and with a desc of Henry Todd b1797 VA d Fayette Co WVA.  This Henry connection suggests that James was from the Dinwiddie Co family.


Richmond City


George Todd (TF 42) appeared in 1787 census. He was from Scotland.


Russell  (See Washington)


Stafford, Spotsylvania Counties.


William Todd (TF 40) appears in Stafford County in 1684. His son Samuel (b ca 1684 d ca 1721) had a son Richard who married Lucy Elliot and in turn had sons Hayward and William Todd. Hayward the eldest son of Richard, had a son Samuel b 1747, son Richard b 1748/9, daughter Hester b 1750, daughter Lucy b 1751 and son Hayward b 1754. Samuel and Richard (sons of Hayward, Sr.) settled in Spotsylvania County. Samuel b 1747 had a son Samuel b 1760-70 who reportedly went to Scott County, KY in 1805, then to Gallatin County by 1810 and died in Owen Co in 1848. Richard b 1748/9 remained in Virginia and died there in 1824 with 4 sons and two daughters. William, the younger son of Richard and Lucy Elliott, had a daughter Nancy Todd in 1752.


            Washington-Russell-Montgomery-Tazewell Counties


There were three Todd families that came to SW Virginia after the Revolutionary War that are not related to each other based on DNA: 

(1)  Andrew Todd (TF 113) settled by 1789 in Montgomery Co on the Maiden Spring Branch of the Clinch River.  By 1792 he had either moved downstream to the portion of the same branch in adjacent Russell Co or the county boundary had moved to meet him.    This area became Tazewell Co in 1799.

(2)  James Todd (TF 55) settled by 1792 near Carlocks Creek, a tributary of the Middle Fork of the Holston River in Washington Co.  His brother John appears in the tax lists 1794 to 1810.

(3)  James G Todd and Joseph Todd (TF 141) settled in Russell Co.  Joseph appears in 1801 and James appears in 1804.



Andrew Todd of Montgomery, Russell and Tazewell Co


Andrew Todd (TF113) lived in Hamilton Bann Township, York Co in 1779 and 1781, married in Frederick Co MD in 1782, returned to York Co in 1783, was in Rockingham Co in 1787 and then Montgomery Co, VA in 1789 and 1790.  In 1792, he appears in the portion of Russell Co that became Tazewell Co in 1799.  He died in Tazewell Co in 1801.  His children went to Floyd Co KY by 1816 and to Monroe Co Indiana by 1817.  A granddaughter married a desc of the unrelated but nearby Washington Co TN Todds.


John Todd and James Todd of Washington Co (TF 55)


The Washington Co VA Todds include John, James and Patrick Todd who appeared there in the 1790s.    Patrick died 1798, James d 1801 leaving 3 children, and John disappeared in 1810, possibly migrating with his son John to Indiana.   This family has traditionally been associated with four Todd brothers who with Elizabeth Todd (their grandmother?) appear in Pulaski Co KY in 1810,1811 though the exact connection is not clear.  


James Todd bought land or secured grants to several hundred acres on the main stem and a branch of the Middle Fork of Holston River between 1792 and 1801.   James died in 1801 and his estate listed wife Jane and children Thomas, Robert and Mary.   James sold some of his lands before his death, lost a portion his land due to a mortgage foreclosure based on a court case in Washington County and his estate sold some land to John Todd in 1807 who immediately resold it.  


Jane appears in the 1810 census with 2 sons b 1794-1800 and one dau b 1800-1810.   Some sources report the daughter as the Mary b Feb 1802 who married Peleg Cole around 1822 and died between 1829 and 1832.


Thomas appears in the 1820 census along with a brother and sister (all born 1794-1802) and their mother (over 45).   Thomas is still there in 1830 with his wife and 5 children: son b 1815-1820, 2 dau 1820-1825, 1 son 1825-1830 and dau 1825-1830.   Thomas was in Bartholomew County Indiana by 1835 but the fate of his family is unknown.


Robert b 1799 went to Carter Co TN by 1829, returned to Washington Co 1833-38, to Dekalb Co AL by 1840, to Johnson Co MO by 1860.


John Todd also appears in the 1810 census.  His wife had died by that time and he has two sons: one over 16 (b 1784-1794) and one under 16 (b 1794-1800) and 3 daughters of the same age as the boys.  The older son is undoubtedly John Todd Jr who appears in the tax lists from 1798 to 1810.    He is probably the John Todd who settled in Orange Co IN by 1820 and in Greene Co Indiana by 1822.    The identity of the younger son is unknown but it is tempting to consider that it might be the Robert Todd who was in Indiana in 1821 and came to Pulaski Co KY by 1843.  DNA for this Robert and for John Todd b1780s match.


There is a Josiah who appears for one year in 1800 and a Thomas Todd who appears 1801-1804.   We assume they are sons of John.  Neither are reflected in the 1810 census so they must have died or moved away. 


There is a Patrick Todd estate in 1798, suggesting a birth date prior to 1777 and therefore a possible brother of John and James Todd.  The estate settlement record mentions the name of James Todd suggesting a family connection. 



The link of the Pulaski Co Todds to Washington Co VA comes from a marriage record of William Henry Todd, son of Anderson Todd in which William’s father is identified as born in Washington Co, VA.  The Pulaski County Todds claim descent from William and Elizabeth Todd.  DNA from Thomas Todd b1798 of Pulaski Co indicates 2 mutations from Robert and John Todd.


Preston Todd b 1817 VA, went to Lawrence Co IN where he married a granddaughter of Andrew Todd of Tazewell Co, VA.  DNA at first appeared to indicate he was a son of one of the Washington Co Todds, but closer review of the DNA shows that it is unlikely that he was a blood descendant.  


The Washington Co VA Todd DNA indicates that this family shares a common ancestor with a family in Chautauqua Co NY from Ireland via Canada, probably distant cousins by an independent migration.


            James G and Joseph Todd of Russell Co.


Joseph Todd b abt 1780 appeared in Russell Co tax lists in 1801, 1805-1807, 1810.   He married Charity Henninger, possibly of Washington Co.  Joseph and Charity went to Kentucky, possibly to Adair Co by 1820 and then to Pulaski Co by 1827 when Joseph died.  


James G Todd b abt 1770 was reportedly born in New Jersey or New York (per son William’s entry in 1880 census).  He appeared in Russell Co in 1804.  By 1832, he had moved across the county line into Washington Co and died about 1850 and was buried at Little Moccasin Gap which straddles the Washington-Russell County line.  James had sons (1) Joseph b 1808 (2) William b 1814 who lived in Washington Co in 1850 but moved to Fentress Co, TN after the Civil War,  and (3) Lewis b 1816 who moved to Floyd Co (later Johnson Co) by 1837.   His will mentions a son Gaspar who may be the Gaspar b 1797 in North Carolina who lived in Stokes County, NC.




Todds of North Carolina


Edgecombe-Bertie-Tyrell County Todds


There seem to be two Todd families associated with the Edgecombe-Bertie County area whose DNA shows they are unrelated families.


Family 1. William Todd who appears on Bertie County records as early as 1757 and who dies in Bertie Co in 1769.


His children were:    Sarah TODD,  Mary TODD,  Christian TODD,  Thomas TODD, John TODD, Samuel TODD, William TODD, Moses TODD.  His son Moses went to Wake Co where he died in 1816.  A John Todd genetically related to this family married in New Hanover Co in 1805 to Charity Farrow.


Family 2.  The extended family that has many branches with the name “Hardy Todd”.    There is a Thomas Todd and wife Charity associated with the Hardy family in Bertie Co records in 1748.  This Thomas may be the progenitor of the various Hardy Todd families in Tyrell Co and then back in Bertie Co. and in Georgia, namely:

a.  Hardy Todd b abt 1750 d 1801 Warren Co GA son: Job b abt 1775 md 1802

b.  Hardy Todd b 1766 md 1788 Priscilla Norman d 1832 Tyrell Co: son Hardy

c.  Henry Hardy Todd b 1775 md 1793 Sarah Sparkman and a son Hardy

d.  Josiah Todd b 1773 md 1798 Bertie Co =>Edgefield SC->Lowndes Co AL: son Hardy b 1813


William Todd may have been the father of one of these Hardy’s, returning to Bertie Co from Tyrell Co:  

"William TODD of Tyrell County" bought 100 acres of land from James GRAVES in Bertie County, Book G (Book G is 1744-1753).  


One conjectural synthesis:


Thomas Todd md Charity (Hardy?)

            Hardy Todd 1750 d 1801 Warren Co GA

                        Eldest son Job Todd m 1802 Warren Co GA

                        Hardy Todd

            Brother Todd

                        Hardy Todd 1766-1788-  md in Tyrell Co NC Priscilla Norman who d 1832

                                                Tyrell Co

                                    Hardy Todd

                                    Lewis Todd  

            Brother Todd

                        Lewis Todd 1763-1851

                        Josiah Todd 1773 md 1798 Bertie Co

                                    Hardy Todd b 1813

                        Hardy Todd 1775 md 1793 Sarah Sparkman

                                    Hardy Todd


            Bute/Warren County


John Todd of Cumberland County Virginia bought land in Bute County in 1773.  After his son John was born in Virginia in 1775, John and Mary (Williams) Todd and their children came to Bute Co. 


In 1777, John Todd took the oath of allegiance in Bute County.


Note: 1779 Bute County, North Carolina abolished and Warren County is formed from a portion of the former Bute County, North Carolina.


He died in 1782; his children (presumably minor children) mentioned in the estate were Rhody, George and Sarah Todd.  His widow Mary married Augustin Balthrop in 1784.  In 1793, Augustin Balthrop was guardian for George Todd.


John and Mary’s daughter Frances married in 1788 to John Smiley/Smelly; Sally married Jones Ragsdale in 1790s; George married Polly Waller in 1802; George reportedly was the George Todd who went to Madison Co TN and left a will mentioning only daughters.  There is also a Lucy Todd who married Robert Pascheal in 1787.


            Guilford County


William Todd (TF 152) b abt 1743, married as a Quaker in 1765 in Guilford Co and later went to GA.  He is reported to be the son of John Todd d 1775 Chester County, PA.



            Iredell County


Samuel Todd (TF 20c) d 1759 came from Lancaster Co, PA in the 1750s to the portion of Rowan Co that became Iredell Co.   He appears on the land records in Hanover Twp, Lancaster Co PA in 1749 and DNA shows one of this descendants to be related to the Hanover Twp, Lancaster Co Todds.  In 1780, his son Nathan obtained 509 acres on Little Dutchman’s Creek in Iredell Co near the present day Harmony, NC.  Nathan sold his land to his sons Samuel and John between 1799 and 1811.  Nathan’s son Samuel b prior 1780-1782 moved to Marion Co Indiana by 1820 and died there in 1842 leaving a large family.   Nathan’s son John died 1805-1807 leaving a wife Jane and young daughter. 


A Jesse Todd appears in the 1800 census with 2 other males, buys land on Fourth Creek in 1801 to 1804/4 and then sells his land in 1805.  This Jesse was reported in the estate records of William Watts to have been an heir – husband of William’s daughter Sarah.  He may be the Jesse Todd that went to Rutherford Co TN.


A Jane Todd with several males born 1802-1820 appears in the 1820 census.


            Mecklenburg County


John Todd (TF 151) b about 1712 settled in Mecklenburg Co, NC by 1767.  He is from the Mary Todd Lincoln group of Todds (based on DNA) and probably is one of the 5 immigrant brothers of this group.  


            Rockingham County


There were two William Todds about the same age living in Rockingham Co in 1790.  One disappeared by 1800; the other appears to have been the William Todd b 1741 in Richmond County Virginia, son of Cornelius Todd md 1739 d 1750 (TF 140).  This latter William had a large family, including John B. Todd who went to Lincoln Co TN between 1810 and 1820 and then to Mississippi and then to Shelby Co TN where he died in 1851.


            Rowan County


Todd descendants of Joseph Todd  (TF 17) d 1699 Philadelphia came from Pennsylvania to Jersey Settlement in Rowan County in the 1770s.  This migration included individuals from two different branches of the family:  Thomas Todd 1723-1778, son of Thomas 1690-1732/3, and two of his cousins, Caleb d 1796/6 and Benjamin 1728-1817/20, sons of Joshua  1681/5.   Desecendants of some of these went on to Madison Co KY by 1797 and others went to GA.


John Sharp Todd (TF 20b)  b 1724 came from Lancaster Co, PA  by 1759 to Grants Creek in Rowan Co. and died there in 1798  There is a tradition that his son James was born on shipboard while coming from Carrickfergus to NC in 1757; however, this is not compatible with his Pennsylvania residence in the 1740s.  Land records show a John Todd in the Hanover Twp area of Lancaster Co in the 1740s and DNA shows this family to be related to the Hanover Twp, Lancaster Co Todds.  Some of this family moved to Ashe Co NC.



            Stokes/Forsyth County


Gaspar/Caspar/Jasper Todd (1797-1871) settled along the Stokes/Davidson Co border by 1830 and possibly by 1822 in the area that became Forsyth Co in 1849.  He appears to have had at least one son who disappeared from the area and Gaspar’s will mentions only his step-children by a second marriage.  Buried with him in the Friedburg Moravian Church cemetery was a Caroline Todd d 1822, identity unknown.   Due to the name Gaspar appearing in the 1850 estate records of James G. Todd of Washington County, Virginia, there has been speculation about this Gaspar being the same as the one in Stokes Co.


David Todd b 1805 married a Moravian woman about 1832 and appears in the 1840 census in Davidson Co and then in 1850 across the border in Stokes Co.  His DNA shows no connection to the Washington Co VA family, but rather  to James Todd d 1772 East Nottingham Twp, Chester Co PA.  Assuming this David is related to Gaspar, then Gaspar is not related to James G. Todd of Washington Co. VA. 


            Surrey County


James Todd came to Surry Co by 1785 and died there in 1810.  Thomas Todd b 1785 NC is assumed to be his son and remained in Surry Co;  Jack Todd b abt 1792, another assumed son, is reported to have moved to Illinois.  Doss Todd is also son of Thomas b 1785.  DNA from this family shows a connection to the Joseph Todd d 1699 Philadelphia family and to the Joseph Todd d 1817 Faquier Co VA.


Todds of South Carolina


There were Todds along the seaboard in the early 1700s but I have not researched those families.


Ninety-six District/ Edgefield County


Archibald Todd (TF 52) b1745 sailed from Co Antrim and settled in Ninety-six District in 1772/1773.  He got a grant on Ninety-Six Creek in what became Edgefield County, later Greenwood County.  He died in the 1780s; some say he died in US military service; others say he appeared on a list of loyalists killed in SC.  Archibald’s descendants most closely match the Northwest Co Antrim Todd DNA. Descendants reportedly include (1) John Todd md Lucinda (possibly Bennett) who moved with his mother to Pendleton District by 1790 and then to Jackson Co GA 1804-1810 and died there in 1823.   (2) William Todd who acquired over 1000 acres of land to the east and southeast of Archibald in Edgefield Co SC and who died in Abbeville Co SC in 1822.   (3) Adam Todd 1781-1832 Anderson Co SC and (4) Sarah Todd 1773-1827 reported to have md Elisha Bennett. 



            Laurens County


Robert Todd (TF 50) and Margaret Todd sailed on the ship Lord Dunlance (Dunluce?) from Larne on January 6, 1773.  They both applied for grants that year and each obtained 100 acres as head of household on different branches of Rabon Creek, a branch of the Saluda River, in what became Laurens Co.   Margaret sold her land by 1779; Robert’s son James went to Henderson Co TN and sons of son John went to Georgia by 1850, including possibly the John Todd 1800-1864 who was in Anderson Co SC in 1850 and Paulding Co GA in 1860.


Nathan Todd (TF 47) b ca 1751, originally from Loch Lomond area of Scotland, came from Northern Ireland to SC ca 1794 and died in Laurens Co 1820-1830.  One branch stayed in SC; another went to IL; another to GA and AL.  DNA matches a Todd family that lived in the Loch Lomond area in Scotland in the 1800s and to the Todds of the Ballyalbanagh area of central Co Antrim and to the Mary Todd Lincoln Todds.


Patrick Todd (TF 48) bca 1768 came from Ireland about 1798 and d Laurens Co 1852. Children: John, Janet, Archibald, Ellen, Andrew, James, Patrick Todd. Some descendants remained in SC, some went to NC, some went to Alabama and Tennessee.


Nathan and Patrick descendants match the Mary Todd Lincoln family DNA.


Andrew Todd (TF 49) b 1756 Co. Down, went to Co. Monaghan with his parents in 1760, came to SC about 1816 and died in Laurens County in 1843.  DNA most closely matches the NW Antrim Todds.    Dr. Samuel Todd who came to Newberry by 1800 and then to Laurens was a brother to Andrew;   Dr. John Todd was also a brother to Andrew Todd; he married Elizabeth Julia Spencer in 1800.  They all settled in Laurens village or to the north of the village..  


            Pendleton District


The first Todds in the Pendleton District created from lands to the NW of Ninety-Six Dsitrict acquired from the Indians  were Archibald’s widow and son,  Jeanne Todd and John Todd, who appeared on the 1790 census there.    They settled along Hencoop Creek in what became Anderson Co.  Archibald’s other children came there also. 


Robert Todd (TF 46) 1784-1844 came from Northern Ireland about 1802 and settled in Pendleton District (later Anderson County) where he died.  He became a citizen in 1813.     He married Olive McAlister and had a son Andrew Todd 1804-1872 who was magistrate of Anderson County. His son John b 1822 went to Polk Co GA by 1846 and and Milan Co TX by 1860.  His daughter Jane b 1809 d 1902 married David Gordon; his daughter Mary Ann b 1814 married James Martin; his daughter Elizabeth b 1816 d 1854 married David Pressly; his daughter Margaret b 1817 d 1856 married Henry Branyan.  His son James b 1819 died young in 1842. He left a legacy to his brother John Todd in Ireland if he comes to America (which he didn’t).


James Todd and his wife Jane Erskine (TF 53) came to South Carolina about between 1799 and 1802.   He bought land in 1803 along Broadway Creek, including land from Daniel McAllister.    His daughter Margaret Pogue Todd b 1793 married William McAlister in 1819 in Pendleton District.  One of her children was Margaret Olive McAlister, suggesting a connection with Robert Todd’s wife Olive McAlister and possibly with Robert Todd. Another child was Jane Erskine McAlister who married in 1844 to Archibald Todd b 1803 d 1860 Anderson Co and they had a son Adam Todd.    All these names similarities suggest that Robert and Margaret may have had a connection back in Ireland through James Todd and Jane Erskine and that they had some connection to Archibald Todd b 1745.  This family shows a genetic connection to the Todds of Ballyalbanagh of central Co Antrim.  


The McAlisters came to SC between 1797 and 1802. 


There is a Joseph Boyd 1767 d after 1869 who in an 1869 letter claimed that his father was John Boyd and though the text is unclear it appears he was saying that his mother was Jane Tod, daughter of James Tod of Gilade Parish, Co Antrim (possibly a misspelling of Killead Parish)..   One of these relatives came to SC 5 years before the Revolution and presumably he was referring to his parents John Boyd and Jane Todd.  It is not known if there is a connection between Jane Tod and the Todds who came to 96 District  in 1773 and in 1802.


Todds of Georgia


            Burke County


Henry Todd of the King and Queen Co VA Todds got land in Burke Co in 1785, was a delegate to the Georgia convention that ratified the US Constitution in 1788, and died in Burke Co in 1789.  He was married in 1770 in Richmond Co VA to Apphia Fauntleroy.   His son Henry b 1778/1779 in VA married 1804 to Ann Waring Hall.  Some historians claim that Henry d 1789 was also father of James Todd b 1778 who was in Warren Co GA by 1820. 


Henry B. Todd was born 1801 in Burke Co, was in Jefferson Co, GA in 1830, md in Jefferson Co GA in 1835.  Because of the Burke Co connection, he could be a grandson of Henry d 1789.  However, there is a Henry Waring Todd b 1807 Georgia that is a grandson of Henry d 1789; so this suggests that Henry d 1789 had more than one son in order to have two grandchildren named Henry.


            Jackson County 


There was a John Todd who died in Jackson Co in 1823 and whose estate was administered by Lucinda and William Todd.   One researcher asserts that this John was the son of Archibald Todd b 1745 who came from Ireland to Ninety Six District in the 1770s.   That same source asserts that John and Lucinda had sons James born about 1786 and William born about 1794 who both married Bennetts, James marrying Charlotte Bennett in 1810 in Jackson Co; William marrying Polly Bennett.  


James and William went to Pickens County Alabama where James died in 1837. 


Liberty/McIntosh County: Mystery Family From Pennsylvania


John Todd abt 1720 died 1758 came from Philadelphia to North Carolina and then by 1745 to Craven District of South Carolina, settling on the Wateree River and Dutchman Creek.  In 1751, he sold his land and moved to the Newport District of Georgia (Liberty County), where he died in 1758 in McIntosh County.   His will referred to lands in Virginia that were bequeathed to his son Giles Todd.




There appear to be 2 different Todd families in Wilkes County by the 1790s.


1.  Descendants of Joseph Todd d 1699 Philadelphia


Descendants of  Joseph Todd d 1699 came to Georgia from North Carolina between 1779 and 1786.  These were Caleb ca 1751 d. aft 1803, Mary  Todd Scudder b1762/7, Aaron 1768 d. aft 1803, (and possibly other siblings).  They are all thought to be children of Benjamin  Todd 1725/28 d 1817/20 though there is some debate about their exact relationship. Benjamin came from Easton, Northampton Co, PA to Rowan Co, NC about 1770, and then migrated up to Madison Co, KY ca 1796 where he died in 1817/20.


  1. Caleb was in Wilkes Co, GA by 1786 and probably is the Caleb with children under 21 who drew two draws in the land lottery of 1803;


·         Benjamin Todd b 1778 NC d 1855 Jones Co began acquiring Caleb’s lands in 1799 and by 1804 was in possession of all Caleb’s lands.   He moved to Jones County by 1812 and died there in 1855.

·         John Todd b 1770-80 was in Putnam County by 1812 where Benjamin Todd 1778-1855 witnessed a legal document of John’s.  He moved to Henry Co by 1830 and then to Meriwether County by 1836. 

·         Reuben and William Todd born in Georgia in the 1780s who came to Madison Co KY around 1805 abt the same time as Mary Scudder.  Reuben and William followed Benjamin Todd b 1759 son of Benjamin 1725-1817/20 to Rutherford Co TN about 1809.

·         Four Georgia-born siblings, Editha b 1793, Abel b 1795, Sarah b 1798 and Samuel Bentley Todd b 1802.  Their mother Sarah Bentley Todd was on the 1810 Scott Co KY tax list.

  1. Mary b 1762/67 married William Scudder in Rowan Co in 1783.  William died in Wilkes Co in 1799.   Mary later rejoined her kin in Madison Co KY.  She is most likely a sister to Caleb, not a daughter.
  2. Aaron Todd was noted as an unsuccessful drawer on the Georgia Land Lottery of 1803 in Wilkes County.   Nothing more is known about him.



2.  Mechlenburg County NC Todds


Two brothers, John Todd and James Todd came to Wilkes County from Mechlenburg Co NC, obtaining a headrights there between 1785 and 1790.  James died in Wilkes County by 1797; John moved to Putnam County between 1806 when his daughter married in Wilkes Co and 1808 when his son married in Putnam Co.  John died there in 1815.


John and James were reportedly the son of James Todd baptized 1725 at Abingdon Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia Co, PA who came with their parents to Mecklenburg Co prior to 1766.  James was reported to be the son of John Todd b abt 1700 Ireland, who had children baptized at Abingdon Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia Co in the 1720s, was in Hunterdon Co NJ in the 1740s and possibly 1750s, reportedly passed through Lancaster Co in the early 1760s, and came to Mecklenburg Co NC. by 1766 and died there in 1799.



            Columbia:  Quaker Family from Chester County


William Todd came to a Quaker settlement in Wrightsboro, Columbia County, GA prior to 1798.  He was born in Chester County, PA and was married in Guilford County, NC in 1765.  Descendants later went north to Ohio by early 1800s.


James E. Todd, son of John Todd d 1815 Putnam County was in Columbia County by 1803 when he married Anne Perea and in Lincoln County by 1813 when he married Charlotte Murray.   By 1830, he was in Newton County, and then migrated to Dallas Co Alabama by 1840.  He died in Dallas County in 1859. 


            Warren County


Stephen Todd son of William Todd the Quaker, was married in Warren Co, GA in 1798.  By 1804, his son Robert was in Ohio and by 1806, his son Stephen was in Belmont Co., OH.  William died in Belmont Co, OH around 1810.  William is likely the son of John Todd the Quaker who died in 1775 in Chester Co, PA.


Also, Hardy Todd d 1801/1802 leaving sons Job, Silas, Hardy, William, and daughters Mourning, Anna, and Winny.   Job and Silas married in Warren Co in 1802.  DNA shows kinship to the Hardy and Lewis Todd of Edgecombe and Bertie County NC.


There is a James Todd in Warren Co in 1820 who had 3 sons born 1804-1801, a son b 1802-1804 and a son b 1798-1802.   This may be the James Todd b 1778 possible son of Henry Todd of King and Queen Co VA (son of Thomas and Elizabeth Waring Todd).   James b 1778 does not appear in 1830, but is there in 1840 and 1850.  In 1850, he was living with his son James b 1806.



            Jefferson County


Henry B Todd b 1801 Burke Co married 1835? to Matilda Bostick in Jefferson Co.   He may be son of James Todd b 1778.


            Morgan/Oglethorpe County


John Todd md 1817 in Morgan County to Elizabeth Fiedler and had children 1818-1833 in Oglethorpe County.


            Putnam County


John Todd (TF19) b abt 1750/60 had children born 1787 to 1805 and died in Putnam Co in 1815.  Children: Wm 1785, James E 1787, Joseph 2 1788, Adam 1790, John 1795, Felix 1805, Augustus 1805-1808.  .  Some historians claim this is the John Todd who was in Wilkes Co, GA by 1787 and Lincoln Co by 1797.  This latter tradition ties John as the grandson of John Todd b abt 1700 d 1799 Mecklenburg Co NC of the Mary Todd Lincoln family.  John d 1815 had sons Adam and Augustus who went to ARK and MO; other sons remained in Georgia. Son Joseph died Upson Co GA 1869; son John married Morgan Co.


There was also a John Todd b 1770-80 (son of Caleb Todd b 1750s d 1806 Madison Co KY and brother of Benjamin Todd 1778 NC -1855) who settled on the Putnam/Jones Co border, went to Henry Co by 1830, then Meriwether Co by 1836.


            Washington County


There is a Hardy Todd b 1775-1794 in Washington  County in the 1820 census with children born 1804-1810.  He is undoubtedly related to the Hardy Todd family of Warren County.


            Wilkinson County


The first Todds mentioned in Wilkinson County are James E. Todd of Columbia County who won an 1805  land lottery prize in Wilkinson County in 1806 and John Todd Senior who won an 1805 land lottery prize there in 1805.   John Todd Senior is probably the John Todd who died in Putnam County in 1815; James E. Todd is said to be John’s son.


However, the Todds who settled in Wilkinson County are thought to be the family of John’s brother, James Todd, who died in 1797 in Wilkes County.   An 1813 deed indentifies Elizabeth Todd, James’ widow as living in Wilkinson County.   James’ son James died in Wilkinson County in 1849 and James’ son William died there in 1866.  James’ son John appears to be the John Todd who died in Laurens Co in 1842.  Laurens County had been taken from Wilkinson County in 1807.


James’ other children dispersed to other places:  Joseph, Elizabeth and Nancy all went to Upson County by the 1830s.  



Todds of Kentucky


Adair County


Robert Todd (TF 19), son of Andrew Todd d 1791 Louisa Co. VA, came to Green Co. KY and then to Adair County where he died in 1828. 


Joseph Todd appears in 1820 census and 1829-23 tax lists and may be the Joseph Todd who died in Pulaski County KY abt 1827, husband of Charity Henninger, younger brother of James G. Todd (TF 141) of Russell Co VA.


Bourbon County


Samuel Todd (TF 19) son of Robert Todd 1697-1775 died 1788  had a wife Mary, and sons Andrew, Daniel and William.  Andrew died in Philadelphia 1799 age 21; Daniel died young.  William had at least two children who “went south”.


John Todd and Edward Todd (TF 111) arrived in 1792.  Edward died in 1795 and John died 1809.  They lived in Fayette Co PA 1785-1790 and before that in Delaware Hundred, western Baltimore Co, MD.  They are assumed to be sons of Nathan b 1717-21 and Lucy Todd, and grandsons of Lancelot and Elizabeth Rockhold Todd.


Dr. Andrew Todd (TF 19) (d 1816) son of Andrew Todd d 1791 of Philadelphia/ Montgomery Co.PA migrated to Louisa Co., VA  and lived near his cousin/father-in-law Rev. John Todd and then late in his life (abt 1796) came to Bourbon County where he died.


Campbell County


Samuel Todd (TF 140), a Revolutionary War soldier of Loudon County, VA, migrated to Ohio and then settled in Campbell County.  This family is genetically connected to the Somerset Co NJ Todds.


Solomon Todd, from Delaware, reportedly came to Campbell County with his children including John Todd, about 1837.


Fayette County


Robert, John and Levi Todd, (TF 19) (sons of the Montgomery County, PA David Todd md 1749) came to KY in the 1770s. Another son Owen Todd came after the Revolution. This was a very large family! It includes Mary Todd Lincoln.


A Samuel Todd (TF 19) founded the community of Cross Plains, later Athens, in 1783.  This may be the Samuel Todd of Botetourt County, VA who speculated in land in KY in the 1780s, though he didn't move to KY until 1807.


Samuel Todd (TF 19), uncle of Robert, Levi and John, married Mary Todd, daughter of Andrew Todd of Chester County, PA, appears to have left Westmoreland Co., PA and come to Bourbon Co., KY where he soon died in 1788.   Their children (and possibly Mary as well) were taken in by their cousin Levi Todd.


There was a Scottish family of merchants that came to Lexington at an early date. William Tod who appears in the 1805 city directory as a cotton spinner may be part of this family.


Gallatin/Scott/Owen/Franklin Counties


There was a Richard Todd (1768-1858) and a Samuel Todd (b 1760-70) who appear to be related to the Samuel Todd (TF 40) b 1747 in Stafford County. Virginia. Richard married in Franklin County in 1802 and was in Owen County in 1858. Samuel reported came to Scott County in 1805, then to Owen County and then to Gallatin County, prior to 1810.


By 1820 Samuel Todd (TF 19) son of Samuel Todd of Augusta/ Botetourt came to Gallatin County and then moved to Franklin County in 1831.


In 1810, Sarah Bentley Todd (TF17) appeared the tax list of Scott County.   She was the mother of Editha b 1793 GA, Abel b 1795 GA, Sarah b 1798 GA and Samuel Bentley Todd b 1802 GA.  Because Abel Todd’s DNA matches that of TF 17, she is thought to have been the widow of either (1) Caleb Todd b 1751, son of Benjamin Todd, who went to Wilkes County Georgia by 1786 and possibly migrated to Madison County KY about 1803 and died there about 1806. or (2) a brother of Caleb, possibly John Todd b 1752.  


Fleming County


Three Todds, Thomas b 1781, John b 1787 and Patrick b 1799, arrived in Fleming County and bought land on Locust Creek - John in 1811, Thomas in 1817 and Patrick in 1824.  Grandson Newton Serncy went to Oregon in 1852.  Patrick’s cemetery record indicates he was born in Ireland.  DNA from the Thomas line suggests a common ancestor with branches of the New Jersey family and  with the Patrick Todd family of Ireland and Laurens County, SC.



Franklin County


Thomas Todd (TF 31) (1765-1824?), Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court settled in Franklin County. He was son of William Todd of King and Queen County. His brother William settled in Woodford County; the widow of his brother Richard (who died in VA in 1795) came to Kentucky and lived for a while with Judge Todd.


Richard Todd (1768-1858) married in Franklin in 1802 and later moved to Owen County.


Hopkins County


Between 1807 and 1810, a widow Sarah Todd with several children and a Jonathan Todd with a wife and two sons settled in Hopkins County.   Sarah is assumed to be the mother of Damara b 1796 NC md John Lockridge 1822,  Thomas b 1797 NC, Sarah b 1800 MO, John b 1805 MO, Reuben b 1808/1804 KY.  Jonathan went to White Co, ILL by 1830; Reuben married in White Co in 1830 and then returned to Hopkins Co. prior to 1840.  Sarah may have been the widow of Caleb Todd b 1758, son of Caleb Todd d 1795/96 Rowan Co, NC). 


By 1820, several other Todds arrived there - Benjamin L. Todd 1785-1848 from the King and Queen Co ,VA family, Joshua Todd from the Rowan Co, NC->Madison Co, KY family, and Thomas.  Joshua Todd was the brother of Caleb, whose wife Sarah, we assume to be the Sarah Todd of the 1810 census.


Logan County


Benjamin Todd (TF 110) 1749-1823 came from Anne Arundel Co MD to Bourbon Co abt 1804 and then went to Logan Co.  Two of his children were married in Bourbon Co.  He is assumed to be son of Nathan Todd b 1717-1721 who was son of Lancelot and Elizabeth Rockhold Todd (TF30).


Madison County

Descendants of Joseph Todd (TF 17) d 1699 Philadelphia came to Rowan County, North Carolina in the 1770s (or 1760s) and then moved on to Madison KY.  By 1795, Thomas Sr 1749-1814 and his brother Joseph 1748-1811 and Joseph’s sons: Thomas, Joseph and Isaiah had arrived in Madison Co.  In 1796/97, another wave came bringing Aaron, two Benjamins, Caleb, John, William, Joshua, and Peter.   I believe that:

(a) the first wave were the brothers Joseph b 1748 and Thomas b 1749, and Josephs’ oldest sons Isaiah b 1770 and Thomas b 1771.   Experts in this family say Thomas and Joseph of Madison Co were sons of Thomas 1723-1778 Rowan Co and grandsons of Thomas 1690-1735 and Elizabeth Cummins Todd of Philadelphia County. 

(b) the Joshua, Caleb and John were sons of Caleb d 1795/96 Rowan Co, NC,

(c) the remainder were the family of Benjamin b 1728 d 1817/20 and his sons: Peter, Joseph,  Benjamin, Thomas, Aaron. 


Pulaski County


The Pulaski Co KY Todds appear to be cousins to the Washington Co VA Todds with branches in Kentucky and Indiana.


John Todd, James Todd and Patrick Todd came to Washington Co in the 1790s.   Patrick died 1798, James died 1801, John left the county in 1810 and may have gone to Indiana.   John’s son John settled in Orange Co IN by 1820 and Greene Co IN by 1822.   A Robert Todd born 1790s who came from Indiana to Pulaski Co by 1843 may be son of John Todd Sr.


The four Todd boys who came to Pulaski County by 1811 are William b abt 1792, Anderson b 1797,  Thomas b 1798/9, Henry b 1801.   The latter three were listed in later census records as born in Virginia.  Family tradition says they were sons of William and Elizabeth Todd, but no William Todd has been found in the Virginia tax lists at the time of the birth of these children. 

The DNA of this family is a near match to a family that lived in central and southeastern Co Tyrone in Northern Ireland.


Joseph Todd b abt 1780 married Charity Henninger b abt 1780 and came to Pulaski Co in 1827 when he died.   He is not related to the other Pulaski Co Todds, but rather is probably a younger brother to James G. Todd of Russell Co VA.   The William Todd d 1831 in Pulaski County seems to be related to Joseph because Charity bought William’s bible at the estate sale. 



Shelby County


John Todd (TF 19) of Shelby County (1750-1813) married Mary Ruble and appeared in Jefferson County/Shelby Co by 1786.  He had at 12 children, one of whom was married in 1799.  His eldest son Andrew b 1776, daughter Ann b 1778, and daughter Jane b 1782 were born in PA.  John was the son of Andrew Todd d 1791 of Chester County, PA.  A letter of Andrew Todd Jr. written in 1799 states that he had just seen his brother who he hadn't seen in 23 years, i.e. about 1776.  He also states that his brother had 12 children of which one was married. 


An unrelated family in Shelby Co., is the family of Joseph Todd (TF 135) who died in 1817 in Faquier Co, VA and was reportedly of Caroline County, VA.  His widow, their married children and minor children settled in Shelby Co.  Two of his daughters married there in 1821.  This family matches the DNA of the Joseph Todd d 1699 Philadelphia family.


Warren County


There appear to be at least two different families in Warren County, unrelated to each other.


(1)   Margaret Catherine Williams Todd reportedly died in Warren Co. in 1819.  She was the widow of Caleb Todd who died in Rowan Co, NC in 1795/6.   She had come with her children to Madison Co, KY abt 1797.  


A Margaret Todd sold land on Drake’s Creek in 1820 to the “Shakers of Logan County”.  She is probably the Peggy Todd in the 1809 tax list on Drake’s Creek.


The Benjamin Todd who marries Rachel Moore in 1818 in Warren County appears to be the son of Margaret Williams Todd and was married first to Sarah McClanahan in 1803 in Madison Co.  Benjamin got a land grant in Fayette Co, IL in 1839/40 and appears in the Montgomery Co, IL census in 1840 and 1850 and 1860.  


(2) In 1810, there is a John and Robert Todd on the same page of the census.  


John A Todd born in Georgia in 1787 and married in Warren Co in 1808 to Mary Howard.  In the 1820s John moved to Callaway   Co, MO where he died in 1862.    This family is genetic match to Mary Todd Lincoln group and is related to Mecklenburg Co NC family.


Robert appears on the same page of the 1810 census as John, born 1765-1784, probably closer to 1784 and by 1810 has 4 children – two boys and two girls aged 0 to 10.    He is still there in 1830 living beside John F. Todd b 1800-1810 who may be John Ford Todd of the Benjamin Todd (1749-1823) family of Logan Co KY and Anne Arundel Co Maryland.



Woodford County


William Todd (TF 31), a descendant of the King and Queen Co., VA family, came from Pittsylvania County and died in Woodford County 1815.


Todds of Ohio



Belmont County


Stephen Todd b 1777 (TF 18: the PA Quaker family) came from Georgia to OH prior to 1810.  Children:  Mary, Rebecca, William, Daniel, Elisha, Ann, John, Humphrey, Robert, Asenath, Elihu.


Archibald Todd b 1764 Ireland came from PA after 1794 and before 1820.  One researcher associates him with William Todd 1756-1852 of Harrison Co.(TF 124) since they are both buried in Nottingham Twp, Harrison Co Ohio.


Butler County

Robert Todd b 1806 Co Down came to America by 1860 and died in Butler Co in 1899.  His DNA matches the Todds of Toddstown (Andrew d 1729) of Co Down and matches the Somerset Co NJ Todds.


Clark County


James Todd 1796-1863 came from Washington Co, PA after the war of 1812 to Warren Co, then briefly after his marriage in 1819 to Fairfield Twp, Green Co, then to Clark County in the 1820s.  His father reportedly immigrated from Ireland, served in the Revolution, and came to Washington Co after the Rev. War.  James’ siblings included: John 1782-1832, Wm, Hugh, Thomas, Samuel 1801-1866, Nancy and Bates b ca 1800.  This family shares the same DNA pattern as the Mary Todd Lincoln family though their common ancestor may have been in Ireland.


Samuel was in Madison Co in 1850; Bates was in Warren Co in 1840


Columbiana County


The first Todds to settle here were from the Anne Arundel Co. MD family (TF 30).  These included sons of Alexander Todd 1736-1808 (Benjamin Todd 1759/60-1841 and Basil Todd 1762-1812) and two sons of Basil: Alexander  1786-1876 and Lot/Lancelot b 1785/1788 d after 1860; and Joshua 1792-1850, son of Samuel Todd 1765-1844, the brother of Basil and Benjamin.    Lot was in Carroll Co by 1850 and Knox Co by 1860.  Benjamin Todd 1792-1848 son of Samuel Todd 17655-1844 married Eleanor Lyon may have lived in Columbiana Co briefly before returning to Beaver Co.  Eleanor Lyon married her husband’s cousin Alexander Todd 1857.


Fairfield County


There are two and possibly three families in early Fairfield County: 

(1) in Perry Twp, John Todd d 1823 (TF 138) from Loudon Co., Virginia to OH prior to 1806;  and Robert Todd b 1765-1775 with his son Samuel b 1780s.

(2) in Violet Twp, John Todd d 1823 (TF 30/TF112) who married in Baltimore in 1791 to Mary Jarman, Edward b ca 1783-87, Phillip with a son born 1810-1820, and Joshua.

(3) in Walnut Twp, a Samuel Todd.


The Virginia family has been shown to be closely related genetically to Samuel Todd b 1762, son of Robert Todd d 1793 Loudon Co, VA and to the Somerset Co, NJ Todds.  The John Todd family  had children: John, Matilda, Abner, Simeon b 1806, Joel b 1810, Samuel, Reason b 1817, Jonah.   The family of Robert Todd born prior to 1775 and possibly 1750-1760 included a son Samuel.  Robert and Samuel had been in Pickaway County, then came to Fairfield, then went to Seneca 1841-1835 and then Samuel went on to Putnam Co.


The Baltimore Maryland John Todd moved from Fairfield to nearby Franklin Co where he died in 1823.  Edward b 1788-87 in Maryland went to Franklin, then Licking Co by 1826-1840 and eventually settled in Defiance County by 1850 and died after 1860; Phillip born about the same time as Edward or a little later with a son born 1810-1820.    Fate of Joshua Todd is unknown.

They were sons of Thomas Todd 1743-1808 and grandsons of Lancelot and Rachel Warfield Todd (TF30).


There is also a Samuel Todd in Walnut Township who may be the brother of the Maryland John Todd.


Franklin County


John Todd (TF112) married in Baltimore to Mary German /Jarman in 1791 and by 1820 was in Fairfield Co and then died in Franklin Co in 1823.  Edward Todd was born 1783-1787 in Maryland and was in Fairfield, then Franklin, then moved on to Licking Co.(by 1826, still there in 1840) and then Defiance County by 1850.  They were sons of Thomas Todd 1743-1808 and grandsons of Lancelot and Rachel Warfield Todd (TF30).


Greene County


James Todd 1796-1863 (TF 26) briefly was in Greene Co after 1819, but then settled in Clark Co.    He is genetically related to the Mary Todd Lincoln family.


In the 1810 tax lists are two James Todds and one John Todd.


There is a John B Todd listed in the 1820 census.


James Todd 1749-1815 was in Nashville by 1780, then Xenia, Greene Co., OH and died there in 1815.  He is genetically related to the Todds who settled in Somerset Co NJ in the 1730s and to the Todds who settled in Co Down, Northern Ireland in the 1600s.



Guernsey County


This county is interesting because it attest to a migration from Maryland to Virginia that preceded a move to OH.  John Todd was born in Maryland in 1793 but had a son Joshua in Virginia in 1823 before coming to OH shortly thereafter where Richard Todd was born in 1832. 


Hamilton County


John Todd and John Todd Jones settled here prior to 1820 from Somerset County NJ.


Harrison County


William Todd 1756-1852 came from Washington Co. PA ab 1818.  Archibald Todd 1763-1852 was also buried in Harrison Co and is assumed to be a brother.   They are assumed to be kin to John Todd 1754-1819 who died in Washington Co, PA and whose DNA matches the Todds of Ballycastle, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland.


Holmes County


William Todd b 1781 came PA and was in Holmes Co prior to 1850 and died 1860-1870.  He had a son William b 1825 PA, and John b 1821 PA.  Desc were still in Holmes Co in 1920.   James Todd of nearby Wayne Co supposedly died in Holmes Co in 1882; so looking for a possible connection between these families would be valuable.


Huron County


There was a Manning Todd here by 1819 and a Woodward Todd (b 1796 Connecticut) by 1825. 


Jefferson County


Edward Todd b ca 1770 md Elizabeth Scott in Washington Co PA, moved to Brooke Co, VA and then to Steubenville, OH.  Edward is thought to be related to the William Todd 1756-1852, Archibald Todd 1763-1852, and John Todd 1754-1819 of Washington Co PA.


Pickaway/Ross County


Samuel Todd b 1786 came from Loudon Co VA, married in Ross Co in 1807 and 1808 (possibly Pickaway Twp), moved to Pickaway Co where he bought land in 1812 and sold it in 1814, moved to Fairfield Co, then to Seneca and Putnam.  Samuel with his brothers Robert and John were all sons of Robert Todd d 1793 Loudon Co. VA). 



Seneca County


Thomas Todd (1769-1837) (TF 30: Anne Arundel Co MD) entered land in Scipio Twp in 1828.  His sons: Henry b 1800, Joseph b 1801 and Lancelot b 1806 and daughters Luranor (md Lot Norris) and Sarah (md Nathaniel Norris) all remained in Seneca Co. 


A John Todd b 1812 OH (son of Lot Todd of Columbiana  County) purchased land in 1837 and died in Seneca Co in 1857-1859.  Children (all born Ohio): Nathan 1831, Benjamin 1833, Alexander 1837,  Mary Ann 1840 , John 1843,   Michael b 1845, Levi b 1852, Joseph b 1856. 


By 1830, there is a Joseph Todd b 1780-1790 and an Eli Todd b 1790-1800 who have not been identified.  Perhaps these are branches of the Columbiana County family also.


Warren County


There is a James Todd here by 1810.    This is probably the James Todd whose children later went to  Clark Co, (TF 26).


Wayne County


James Todd 1796-1882 came here from York County, PA by 1830.    He had children: Mary, Joseph H 1838-1936, Lunetta 1848, and T.W. 1860?.  Joseph H had a son James C. who moved to Boulder/Denver Colorado and had two daughters.


          Todds of Tennessee


In early Tennessee, the various Todd families were grouped in 3 different areas. 


Eastern Tennessee


            Jefferson County


Low Todd (TF19) came from Bedford/Campbell County Virginia around 1787, got a grant in 1788 on the south side of the Nollichucky River in the portion of Greene Co that became Jefferson Co in 1792 and became Cocke Co in 1797.  Low died in Jefferson Co in 1793, leaving four sons: Low, Samuel, John and James and four daughters:  Mary Todd, Agnes Davis, Elizabeth Blackstone, and Jenny/Jenry Harris.


His descendants remained for a while in the Jefferson/Cocke/Knox County area, then dispersed.  Low Todd Jr. went to Campbell Co and many of his children went to Livingston Co MO about 1817/1819.  Samuel remained in Knox Co.  James and John seem to have gone to Knox County KY, 1805-1807.  James seems to have gone to Campbell County as did Jesse and Isaac Todd and a Mary Todd who married Peter Trammel in 1806 in Knox Co KY.


Son Low inherited Low Sr’s land, married Delia Edwards in 1797 and witnessed the land sale of his brother James in 1806.  He undoubtedly sold or otherwise transferred the Nollichucky land after 1797 (when Cocke Co was created) and probably between 1806 when he witnessed the land sale of his brother James and 1814 when he appeared on a jury in Campbell Co.  He appeared on other land transactions in Campbell Co in 1816 and 1823 and on the 1818 and 1823 tax list.  He may be the Low Todd who married Polly Simons in Blount Co in 1821.   Some of his descendants went to Livingston Co MO in 1817.


Low’s son Samuel married Ann (or Diana) Harrison in 1802.   He bought land in Knox Co as early as 1804 and died in Knox Co in 1836.  He obtained two 50 acre grants in Jefferson in 1825 and 1826 and sold land in Jefferson Co in 1829.   He had only female descendants.


Low’s son James is probably the James who got a grant in Greene County in 1792 for 600 acres, on the south side of the Nollichucky (just like his father), and sold 200 acres of it in 1794/1795 while the land still lay in Jefferson County.  While living in Knox County Kentucky 1805-1807, he sold his rights to other land in Jefferson Co in 1806 and the deed was witnessed by Low Todd.  He may be the James who married Elizabeth Taylor in Jefferson Co in 1813 and later appears in Knox Co as late as 1816.   He appears in a Campbell Co TN court case in 1816.


Low’s son John may be the John who appears in Knox Co briefly in a court case in 1795/1796, but then disappears until appearing in the 1805-1807 tax lists in Knox Co KY along with his brother James.


Low Todd Jr is the father of  two daughters who married in Jefferson Co - Dandridge Todd who married William McKinney in 1814 (and married Alexander Hill in 1819) and went to Missouri and Nancy Todd who married Henry Giger in 1819 and went to Illinois.  He is also the father of Samuel Edwards Todd (1801-1844), William T Todd (abt 1810-1847) and Joseph Y. Todd (1811-1858) who all went to Livingston Co, MO in 1819.


There is an Isaac and Jesse Todd associated with Jefferson and Cocke Co who appear to be sons of either James or John Todd above.  Isaac Todd married in Jefferson County

 in 1815 to Nancy Meals (d1829), daughter of Samuel Meals.    Isaac was in Campbell  Co in 1818 and 1823 and served in the war of 1812 in the same unit as Jesse Todd.


Isaac Todd married Nancy Meals here in 1813.  He later moved to Campbell Co TN based on tax list of 1818, land survey of 1824, grant of 1838.  He may have been the Isaac of the 1830 Lincoln Co census.  He seems to have been associated with Low Todd in Campbell Co in 1818 and 1823 on a branch of Jellico Creek and therefore could be grandson of Low d 1792, possibly son of James Todd or (less likely) John Todd.


Jesse Todd married about 1810 to Priscilla Turner, who lived on the south side of the Nollichucky River (as did Low Todd and James Todd in the 1790s).  Jesse also served in the same War of 1812 company as did Isaac Todd and moved to Campbell Co TN as did Low and Isaac Todd.    He was born in KY according to three different census reports, about 1790-1795.  The Kentucky birth is hard to reconcile with him being a desc of Low Todd, but perhaps this reflects something about his boyhood residence in Knox Co KY where James Todd and John Todd appeared on the tax lists 1805-1807.


            Blount County


Sarah Todd Houston (TF19) daughter of William Todd abt 1700 – 1760/70  of Augusta Co VA died in Blount Co in 1795. 


A Low Todd married there in 1821 to a Polly Simons, presumably a second marriage of Low Todd Jr, though possibly a grandson of Low by one of his other sons.  This Low may be the Low Todd who appears in a number of court cases 1811-1817 and on the tax lists in 1818 and 1823 in Campbell Co, TN


            Campbell Co


Jesse Todd b KY 1790-95 and Issac Todd b 1790-1800 were in the 1818 tax list and served in the same company in the war of 1812.  Isaac may be the Isaac in the 1830 Lincoln Co census. 


Issac got a grant in Campbell Co in 1838.


A Jesse Todd was in Grainger Co TN census in 1830.  He may or may not have been the Jesse went to Moniteau Township, Cole County MO by 1835 (later Moniteau County) and died there in 1874.  Jesse Todd of Moniteau had son Tilman 1811-1850.  (A Preston Todd b 1805 TN settled next door to Jesse in Missouri and this family has the DNA signature of the Mary Todd Lincoln group of Todds and by geographic association is considered to be a son or grandson of James or John. And by infererence and georgraphic connection Jesse is consider to be a son of James or John.


Low Todd (TF19) appears on numerous entries in the court records index 1813-1817; he appears on the 1818 and 1823 tax lists.  He bought and sold land between 1816 and 1823.


            Knox County


Samuel Todd  married Ann Harrison in Jefferson County in 1803.  He bought land in Knox in 1807 and 1814 on the south side of the Holston River, and in 1815 bought an additional 300 acres; he got his own land grants in Jefferson in 1825 and 1826 and sold his Jefferson Co land in 1829.  He appears in numerous court cases in Knox Co.  In 1830, he was living alone age 50-60 (born 1770-1780).  He divorced his wife Diana in 1831, sold her in trust a tract on the south side of the Holston in 1832, and died in 1836.  Had no known male issue, but had a daughter or daughters.


James Todd sold 200 acres of his 600 acre tract in Jefferson County grant in 1794/95.  In 1806, he was identified as being in Knox County Kentucky in a sale of his right to a parcel in Jefferson Co and the deed was witnessed by Low Todd.   He also appears in later Knox County records up until 1816.  He may be the James Todd who was in a court case in Campbell Co in 1816.


John Todd appears in a court case in 1793 and 1794 and then disappears.  He appears on the tax lists of Knox Co KY in 1805-1807.


There is a William Todd who gets a public house/tavern license in 1801 who is not a son of Low Todd but is an adult by 1801 and therefore could possibly be a brother to Low Todd – the William Todd b 1738 in PA/NJ who sold his father’s land in Bedford Co. VA in 1770.    This is the only reference to him though a William Todd reportedly appeared in Lincoln Co at an early date (unconfirmed).


            Roane County


James Todd (TF144) 1765-1823 and wife Frances Hughes came from Virginia (reportedly Prince George County) between 1800 and 1802 and James died there in 1823.  Sons: Williamson 1792,  Holston 1793, William  1795,Coleman 1798 TN,Henry 1802 ,George 1804,Smith 1808, Martin 1812.  Some descendants to Scott and Morgan Co IL in 1820s.    A DNA sample matches a Henry Todd b 1797 VA who lived in Fayette Co VA/WVA and a Joseph Todd 1742-1809 of Orange and Ontario Co, NY and Mallory Todd of Isle of Wight Co in eastern VA.  He is assumed to be the James Todd who appears in Dinwiddie Co tax lists.


South Central Tennessee


            Franklin County


A Samuel Todd appears on the 1820 census for Franklin Co. being b 1775-1794 with 3 sons and daughters born 1810-1820.  This could be son of Low but the geography doesn’t fit.  This could be Samuel (TF161) who md in Davidson Co in 1810 whose descendants were in Lawrence and Wayne Co TN, just west of Franklin Co.  He bought a piece of land in 1816 and the property on Elk River he sold in 1821 may be the same parcel.  He bought a half acre in the town of Salem in 1820.    He obtained small grants (5-10 acres) in 1822.   Should be deed records after 1840 for land he bought but didn’t sell before 1840.  No wife was mentioned in the deed abstracts, so it is hard to identify him


He could be the Samuel who md 1810 Davidson Co who settled in Lawrence Co to the west.


            Lincoln County


By 1814/1817, John Todd 1746-1829 (TF19) moved to the county from Bath Co KY and died in the Lincoln County in 1829.  This John is assumed by Richard McMurtry to be the son of William Todd Sr, the head of the family of the Todds of Augusta Co, VA.  John went to KY in 1780 or 1781 and moved to Jessamine Co and then Montgomery and Bath County before coming to Lincoln Co between 1814 and 1817.  John’s son Samuel bought land on Norris Creek in 1818.  This branch of the Todds was preceded in their arrival in Lincoln Co by a “relation” Ebenezer McEwen who bought land there in 1812 and reportedly arrived there in 1810.  Ebenezer was grandson of Sarah Todd Houston, daughter of William Todd Sr of Augusta Co, VA.


In 1820, there is also a John B. b 1775-1794 (TF 140) with three sons b 1804-1810 and 4 females including a daughter b 1810-1820; there is also a Mary Todd born prior to 1775 with a son born 1804-1810, and one b 1802-1804 and two daughters – one born 1804-1810 and one born 1794-1804.  John B. Todd  was from Rockingham Co NC, the son of William Todd b 1741, the grandson of Cornelius Todd md 1739 Richmond Co d 1750 Northumberland Co, VA.


The John B Todd purchased property in 1820 and got a 50 acre grant in 1828.  He appears to be the John B. Todd b 1777 VA who appears in Shelby Co TN by 1840 and dies there in 1851 with two physicians in the county of the age to be his sons: Joseph J b 1808 NC and Thomas H. b 1809 NC and a son William T. Todd who lived in Marshall Co, AL.   The first two sons had no male issue in the third generation.  William T had descendants


There is also a John Todd born 1800-1810 with a wife and dau b 1820-1830 and a father or father-in-law born 1770-1780.  Fate unknown.


            Maury County


Pleasant Todd b 1791 NC who served in the War of 1812 from Rockingham Co NC (on the border with Pittsylvania Co VA) was in Maury County by 1820. He married Charity Fagg in 1814 in Rockingham Co.


Christopher Todd b 1781 VA (TF31) was in Maury Co by 1830 from Charlotte Co VA He was a descendant of Thomas Todd, 1600s immigrant to Virginia and Maryland.




A John S. Todd b 1775-1794 (Tf20) came to Giles Co from Rowan Co NC between 1812 and 1814 when he married there.  He was in the 1820 census in Giles, then moved to McCracken Co KY by 1833 and remained there til 1840 or so, then moved to Maynard Co IL where he died in 1843.


        North Central Tennessee


            Sumner County


Thomas Todd (wife Susannah) died in 1802 and left a daughter Penelope who married Abraham King in 1804.  Contemporaries were Asa Todd md 1804,  Lemuel Todd b pr 1775, Amy Todd md 1814, Nancy Todd md 1823, Polly Todd md 1824.  Lemuel may have left a will in Henry Co in 1837.


Peggy Todd b 1780-1790 had a son b 1820-25 who may be the Henry N Todd b 1824 in the 1850 census.  However, this seems to not have any connection to the earlier family.


Lemuel may be the Lemuel Todd who died 1837 in Henry Co TN leaving administrator Willie Todd (Wylie Todd?) and left descendants who still live in Henry and Weakley Co. TN.


            Wilson County


David Todd married in the county in 1817 and William married 1820.


            Davidson County


Samuel Todd (TF161) b abt 1785 NC? (TF161) md 1810 Nancy Newton and later settled in Lawrence Co TN.   This family is from the Rockingham Co NC William Todd b 1741, who was the son of Cornelius Todd d 1750 Northumberland Co, VA.


James Todd (TF58) b 1749 came from Ireland and had children in Nashville in 1783.  Went to Greene Co Ohio by 1806-1813 and died there in 1815.  Dau Nancy md 1798 Henry Phenix.  Sons John Buchanan Todd (to Madison Co IN) and James Mulherin Todd (to Shelby Co KY).  DNA shows a genetic match with the Todds of Somerset Co NJ.


There is a John N Todd (1787-1844) who married in 1827 to Mary Morgan b 1811 GA) and died in 1844 leaving  a daughter and a son John N Todd Jr (1837-1878).  Mary married to Andrew Andersen in 1855.  John Jr had children listed in the 1880 census but they can not be found thereafter (Della b 1871, John b 1872, Thomas b 1875, Bessie b 1877).


            Rutherford County


Benjamin Todd 1758/9-1855 (TF17) came from Rowan Co NC to Madison Co KY about 1797 and after a decade came to Rutherford Co.  His son Benjamin b 1785, son-in-law Aaron and other children accompanied him.   Reuben b 1780 GA, William b 1781 who had come to Madison Co KY by 1805, possibly nephews of Benjamin, also made the move.


There is also a William Todd b 1793 NC md 1815 Margaret Spears and a James B. Todd b 1788 NC who both settled in the eastern part of Rutherford Co that became Cannon County in 1836. DNA shows this family is not related to the other Rutherford Co Toddds, but rather match a family that lived in Co Londonderry in the 1830s.   Research in NC is needed to find the link with the Cannon Co family.


            Cannon County


Jesse Todd came to Wilson Co TN by 1806 and then prior to 1814 to the portion of Rutherford Co that became Cannon Co in 1836.  He settled in the Carson’s Fork/Brawley’s Fork area.  He is assume to be the father of James B. Todd b 1788 NC, William T. Todd b 1793 NC,and Jemima Todd md 1821 to Hugh Brawley.  He is also thought to be the brother of Jemima Patrick because he administered the will of her husband Jesse Patrick in Rutherford Co in 1821, because Jemima sold land to Jesse’s son Micajah around the time of Jesse’s death, and because Jemima was living with Jesse’s son William b 1793 in the 1850 census.


He may be the Jesse Todd who married Sarah Watt/Watts of Iredell Co NC about 1790, bought land there in 1801 and sold it in 1805 or 1808.   This Jesse was listed as an heir to William Watt in 1816 in Iredell Co.


DNA of this family has not been found elsewhere in America so far; but does match a family from Ireland.


            Henderson County


James Todd (TF50) (son of John Todd d 1821 Laurens Co SC) came from Laurens Co SC prior to 1822/27.




            St Louis


About 1800, Joseph Todd and his wife Rachel Quick and members of Rachel’s family came from Madison Co KY to the Spanish Pond area a few miles north of St Louis.  Joseph died there about 1810 and Rachel by 1816.   Their sons Aaron and Jonas married in St Louis, but son Moses went to Washington Co where his uncle Benjamin Quick lived.  After he murdered Benjamin, Moses moved to Jefferson Co.  Joseph Todd is believed to be the son of Benjamin Todd 1717/27 d 1817/20 of Madison Co KY.


Richard W. Todd (TF31) b abt 1781 married Elizabeth LNU and came to St Louis area by 1810. They  had children: Ruth 1810-1892, Nancy b 1811 and Lewis b 1814.  Richard moved to Washington Co MO.


            Washington Co.


Richard W. Todd b abt 1781 married Elizabeth LNU and came to St Louis area by 1810. They  had children: Ruth 1810-1892, Nancy b 1811 and Lewis b 1814.  He and Elizabeth must have separated because she married Peter Stroup in 1818 and Richard married Amelia and had  5 more children between 1815 and 1830.   He died in Washington Co MO about 1836.   He is the son of Richard Todd (TF31) and Mary Lankford of Pittsylvania Co VA, a descendant of the Virginia Todds who came to Baltimore by 1669.   He is mentioned in the will of his uncle Thomas Tunstall in Franklin Co KY.   He died in Washington Co (about 1836).  His son Lewis went to Illinois.


John Todd b 1815 VA married Polly Searcy in 1835.  This John has the DNA of the old Virginia family that came to Pittsylvania Co and then to Kentucky.   We suspect that Richard Todd of Washington Co was kin to John and that the secret to their connection lies in the records of Woodford Co KY where William Todd d 1815.