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“Most Likely” Parentage and Lineage


John Todd who married 1791 to Mary German/Jarman

Richard McMurtry

August 2006, revised December 2006




Based on review of the data currently available, I believe that the “most likely” interpretation of the lineage of John Todd who married in 1791 to Mary German/Jarman is:


Lancelot Todd 1707-1791 md 1735 Rachel Warfield

            Thomas Todd b 1743 Queen Caroline Parish, Anne Arundel Co d 1808 Baltimore Co.

                        John Todd b 1767-1770 md 1791 First Baptist Church, Baltimore Co to

                                     Mary German/Jarman

                        Samuel Todd b abt 1778 md 1803 to Sarah Parlett

                        Joshua Todd b abt 1783

                        Edward Todd b abt 1785


In other words, I  believe that the preponderance of evidence indicates that John Todd who married Mary Jarman was the son of Thomas Todd b 1743 in Anne Arundel Co, MD and d 1808 in Baltimore Co, MD and that Thomas was the son of Lancelot Todd and Rachel Warfield of Anne Arundel County.


I also conclude that the most likely possibilities for the father of Mary Jarman are: (1) John German Sr or John German Jr who in 1782 bought lots next to Lancelot Todd, the uncle of John Todd, and (2) (less likely but possible) Benjamin Jarman 1720-1812 who lived at Sophia’s Garden where John’s father owned land briefly around 1783 and where John owned a few acres between 1802 and 1805.   There is a Moses German 1772-1856 who may be Mary’s brother.  He married in 1791 at the same Baptist Church as Mary did and he moved to Ohio around the same time as Mary did. 




It appears that Lancelot Todd Sr 1707-1791 and his most of his family left Anne Arundel Co sometime between 1758 and 1772.   In 1772, while residing in Baltimore Co, he sold his share of Rebecca’s Lot in Anne Arundel County.    In 1773/1774, he appears in the tax lists for Patapsco Lower Hundred, Baltimore Co along with his adult children, Lancelot Jr b 1738, Richard b 1740, and Thomas b 1743 (identified as a “carpenter” in the tax list).   In 1775, he is involved in a court case over land dealings.  By 1783 and possibly at his earlier arrival in the county, Lancelot had settled on a part of Brian’s Meadow in northern Patapsco Lower Hundred, about 5 miles north of Baltimore and Thomas had settled 1-2 miles west near the Hopyard in northern Middlesex Hundred.  In 1790, Lancelot Todd and Thomas Todd are still in the same hundreds.


Around 1782, two interesting things happened to Thomas Todd.   In September 1782, a John German and his son John German Jr settled very close to Lancelot Todd; and also in 1782 or maybe early 1783, Thomas Todd bought land next door or close by Benjamin Jarman in Sophia’s Garden, about 4 miles east of Lancelot’s land.  One of these two German/Jarman families is assumed to be the father of Mary Jarman who married Thomas’ son John.


Thomas did not live on the 57 acres of Sophia’s Garden Regulated, but probably used it as a wood lot for timber re-sale and/or use in his carpentry affairs.   Thomas, like the other 7 purchasors of lots in Sophia’s Garden did not secure deeds from the owner, Jonathan Hudson, before the 1786 death of Hudson.   Thomas lost possession of the land – either abandoning it rather than pay the purchase price plus interest and legal costs or loosing it because he had no bond giving him legal recourse.   In any event, he seems to have remained in Middlesex Hundred.


In the 1790s, there was much change in the family.  In 1791, his father Lancelot Todd died and his son John married Mary Jarman.  In 1792, his brother Lancelot Todd Jr died.   In 1795, his nephews Thomas and Phillip both married (Thomas to Mary Brown and Phillip to Elizabeth Goulding) and were involved in land dealings with Hansons Lot at the northern edge of Baltimore town.   By 1798, Thomas had relocated a few miles NE on the lands of the Taylor family.


In 1802, Thomas, his son John, and his son Samuel bought 4 acres of Sophia’s Garden Regulated from Robert Fitch.   In 1805, Thomas transferred his interests to the two young men and the land was divided equally between them.  John Todd immediately sold his land to David Parlett and two years later, in 1807, Samuel sold his 2 acres to Benjamin Jarman.  John’s deed mentions “John Todd’s wheelwright shop on Belair Road”.  In 1808, Thomas died and his inventory was made by Nicholas Grimes whose wife was a Parlett.


Sometime between 1805 and 1810, John moves to Ohio and there is evidence in the Ohio 1820 census record that his brothers Edward, Joshua and possibly Samuel made the same move.


Mary Jarman’s parents may be John German Sr or John German Jr who leased lots in 1782 next door to or nearby Lancelot Todd’s land.  One of these John Germans may be the same John German, carpenter, who leased three different lots in Baltimore between 1774 and 1787. 


Another possibility is that Mary’s parents on Benjamin Jarman and Elizabeth Rutledge, but we would have to assume that his daughter’s name does not appear in his 1812 will because she was living far away in Ohio at the time.   Some historians have assumed that both Mary and Moses were Benjamin’s children and explained there absence from the will by their being in Ohio.  However, others assume that if he had other children he would have disinherited them in the will be giving them a token amount such as $1.  It is curious that Benjamin German Sr and Benjamin German Jr both have 3 males over 16 living in their households.  Since Benjamin German Sr is known to only have had one other son Thomas and since Benjamin German Jr is assumed to have married in 1784, it is not clear who all these extra males are. 


Another possibility is that Mary is daughter of one of the Germans who has daughters in the 1790 census:


Jane German with a son over 16 and 3 daughters,

Mrs German with a son under 16 and 4 daughters

John Tarman (possible misspelling of Garman) overseer to James Amos 3 sons over 16, a under 16 and one daughter



Detailed Discussion



            The migration of the Anne Arundel Todds to Baltimore


There are two DNA samples from the descendants of John Todd and Mary German/Jarman – one from John’s son Benjamin b 1792 and one from John’s son Joseph b 1794 - that have patterns matching each other and the pattern of the Anne Arundel County Todds (and not the Dorchester or Baltimore Todds).  There is no physical way that John Todd could have the DNA he had and be from any family other than the Anne Arundel family.  It is just NOT possible.  Therefore, either John came to Baltimore from Anne Arundel Co or his parents did. 


The one branch that is best documented as making this migration is the family of Lancelot Todd who married Rachel Warfield in 1735.  Based on the birth registers of Queen Caroline Parish in the portion of Anne Arundel Co that eventually became Howard County, we have the following family of this Lancelot identified;


Lancelot Todd md 1735 Rachel Warfield

            Alexander 1736

            Lancelot 1738

            Richard 1740

            Vachel 1742

            Thomas 1743

            Sarah 1745 d 1748

            Achsah 1747

            Rachel 1749 d 1794

            Kathrine 1750

            Rachel 1752

            Lydia 1755

            Nicholas 1755


An Anne Arundel deed in 1772 shows that Lancelot Todd was in Baltimore County at the time.  TThe tax assessment records, court records and census records show the presence of the Lancelot Todd family in Baltimore Co.  In the 1774 tax assessment for Patapsco Lower Hundred, Baltimore County (which lies north and northeast and east of the town of Baltimore), we find Lancelot and Lancelot Todd Jr which identifies these entries as pertaining to the above Lancelot Todd family.  In addition, the 1773 and 1774 entries for this tax show Thomas Todd, carpenter and the 1773 entry shows Richard Todd.  Thomas the carpenter and Richard are assumed to be sons of Lancelot.  The table below summaries the data from the Patapsco Lower Hundred for these two years:



1773 Tax, Patapsco Lower Hundred, Baltimore Co

1774 Tax, Patapsco Lower Hundred, Baltimore Co

Author’s notes on identification



Md Rachel Warfield 1735, died 1791 Baltimore Co.


Lancelot Jr

Lancelot b 1738 d 1792, son of Lancelot Sr

Thomas, carpenter

Thomas, carpenter

Thomas, b 1743, son of Lancelot



Richard, b 1740, son of Lancelot






Thomas d 1798 of the old Todd family of Baltimore


Further, evidence for the migration is that Lancelot Todd Jr’s children Phillip b 1766, Thomas b 1769 and Rachel b1771 are married in Baltimore in 1795 and 1796.[1]


There is some evidence that Lancelot Sr. moved even earlier than 1772 because his last three children b 1752-1755 were baptized in St Pauls Parish in Baltimore  as well as in Queen Caroline Parish in Anne Arundel.  However, he mortgages his property in Anne Arundel in 1758.


By 1783, Lancelot Todd is still in Patapsco Lower Hundred owning a 7 acre tract worth 7 pounds part of a larger tract called Brian’s Meadows.[2]  He has 7 members in his family, presumably he and his wife and 5 children and is assumed to be Lancelot Todd Jr. (i.e the son, not the father). 


Other evidence at this time of the presence of the family of Lancelot Todd are references to Nicholas Todd, including the 1783 reference to Nicholas in Back River Hundred.   (Though there are two Nicholas Todds, they are both descendants of Lancelot Todd – one is his son and the other his grandson by Lancelot Todd Jr[3]. 


            Sophia’s Garden


To understand why Thomas did not acquire a deed to Sophia’s Garden Regulated and how he might have used that property, it is necessary to understand this history of this parcel.


Thomas Sligh patented 100 acres (or possibly two 100 acre parcels) as Sophias Garden in 1733, then repatented it in 1750 to contain 1145 acres, which seems to have been divided in 1757 into 758 acres of Sophia's Garden Regulated and 360 acres of Sophia's Garden.   In 1758, he sold 100 acres of Sophia's Garden to William Fitch and in 1770 sold 100 acres to Benjamin Jarman.  Then, he seems to have had economic difficulties and his land was possessed by the county Sheriff. 


The Sheriff sold the land to William Buchanan (son of George) who immediately sold it to Jonathan Hudson, a business man and speculator.   Then Jonathan Hudson divided the land into lots, advertised them for public sale, and sold them (or at least some of them) in 1782 and possibly in 1783.  The 1783 tax list shows the owners of Sophia's Garden Regulated as:  Robert Fitch, Jonathan Hudson, Thomas Todd, Jonathan Bayliss, William Fitch Jr, Samuel Downing, John Johnson, Joseph Renshaw.  However, in the case of two of the eight owners of Sophia's Garden Regulated (namely, William and Robert Fitch and Joseph Renshaw), the court cases show that Jonathan Hudson, though he signed a bond guaranteeing that he would convey the property by proper deed, never actually followed through with the drawing up of a deed.  The same failure to secure a deed happened to Benjamin Jarman who bought a 133 acre parcel (possibly land recovered from Jonathan Bayliss) in 1785.   Jarman went to court to secure his deed also. 


It seems reasonable to assume that Thomas Todd and the other 5 purchasors suffered the same fate as those who filed court cases, that is, that they never got a deed for the land.   It may be that Thomas and the other four did not get bonds and so had no recourse or it may be that they exploited the land for its timber and then abandoned the land because the purchase price, interest from 1782 onward, and the legal costs were not worth the amount of timber remaining on the property or it may be that they lacked the financial resources to pay the price.


Joseph Renshaw of Harford County (whose son Phillip married Ruth German, dau of John German d 1792 of the Middle River Lower Hundred) claimed that that he was misled by the representatives of the owners to believe that the land he purchased in 1782 had high quality timber on it and that if he was to buy the land as offered him in 1791 that he would have to accept land of much lower quality (already cleared) than the land he had been led to believe was included in his parcel.  He said that he had located his son upon a part of the land and that he had been taken to court saying that he was trespassing on the lands of others when he cut timber.  Margaret Hudson, administrix of Jonathan Hudson, claimed that Joseph had taken a good quantity of timber from the land and then abandoned the land.


It is tempting to surmise that Thomas Todd also used his Sophia's Garden Regulated land as a source of timber (for sale and possibly in his carpentry business), and that he abandoned the land when the legal proceedings got under way after 1788, and that he may have used his son John to harvest the timber, just as Joseph Renshaw had done.  In this way, John would have come into contact with the family of Benjamin Jarman who is one of the possible individuals that might have been the father of John Todd's wife Mary Jarman.


One of the other purchasers, namely, Samuel Downing, married in 1785 in Harford Co, so he, like Joseph Renshaw, may not have lived or not lived long on the Sophia’s Garden Regulated lot.


Here is a list of those who owned land at Sophia’s Garden in 1783:


Parcel and Owner


Total inhabitants of family

Sophia’s Garden



Robert Fitch

161.5 ac


William Fitch

129 ac


Benjamin Jarman

100 ac



Total= 390.5 ac


Sophia’s Garden Regulated



Robert Fitch

20 ac


Jonathan Hudson

33 ac


Thomas Todd

57 ac


Jonas Bayliss

132 ac


Samuel Downing

130 ac


William Fitch JR

250.5 ac


John Johnson

43 ac


Joseph Renshaw

174 ac



Total=839 ac


Fitches Chance (reported as Sophia’s Garden Resurveyed in 1783 tax)



Robert Fitch



William Fitch



Thomas Fitch

79 ac


John Nitzor

50 ac


Richard Fowler

133 ac

(need to recheck)


Total=262 ac



What is important in the above table is to see that Robert Fitch, Jonathan Hudson and Thomas Todd all reported no inhabitants for their Sophia’s Garden Regulated property.  This was because they did not live on this parcel.  In the case of Robert Fitch and Thomas Todd, we find other properties listed in the tax assessment which indicate the number of inhabitants which suggests that they owned the Sophia’s Garden Regulated parcel as absentee owners.  Robert Fitch is listed in Sophia’s Garden Resurveyed, (an assessors misnomer for Fithces Chance according to George J Horvath)  as having 7 inhabitants on that parcel.    Jonathan Hudson had numerous properties; presumably his family is listed on the parcel where he resided.  There are two Thomas Todd’s with family on their land – the Thomas Todd in Middlesex Hundred with 5 inhabitants and the Thomas Todd in Patapsco Lower with 7 inhabitants. 


Jonathan Hudson who was appointed paymaster by General George Washington in 1777 and was a wheeler-dealer in trade.  Robert Morris (known in some quarters as “financier of the Revolution”) teamed with Jonathan Hudson as a partner.   Hudson speculated in salt, then tobacco, then the two did business with tobacco, rum, plantations, lands. Hudson became rather impetuous…from July 1778. Hudson began buying, say, 2000 tobacco hogsheads at a time.  In 1788, several individuals, including Robert Morris, sued Margaret Hudson and Jonathan Hudson (presumably widow and son of Jonathan Hudson Sr) relative to the estate of Jonathan Hudson including Sophia’s Garden.    He died in 1786 intestate.  In 1788, the estate was sued by his creditors.  Margaret Hudson, as administratrix, claimed she had insufficient assets to pay the debts and petitioned the court to sell the lots of Sophia’s Garden Regulated (and possibly others).  She need court action because the land had passed to her under-age son who were under the control of a guardian.  In 1791, Joseph Renshaw of Harford County filed suit against Margaret Hudson seeking an injunction against implementation of the court settlement (possibly because the settlement required excessive costs to secure his title).  Renshaw had used the lot for timber harvest and had located his son on the property. In 1796, Benjamin Jarman, Jr and David Parlett (Benjamin’s brother-in-law) filed suit against Jonathan Hudson, son and heir of Jonathan Hudson.  They claimed that in 1785, Jonathan Hudson signed a bond agreeing to sell Lot number 3 containing 133 acres of Sophias Garden Regulated to them, but that he died intestate before conveying said lot.   They petitioned the court to require the guardian of the infant heir to sell the land as promised.  On the same day, William and Robert Fitch sued Margaret Hudson over ‘title to Lot #5 of Sophia’s Garden Regulated.  


Thomas Todd almost certainly had bought land in Sophia’s Garden Regulated from Jonathan Hudson.    Perhaps he had not gotten a bond and hence had no recourse or perhaps he did not have the financial resources to fight the court battle.  It is possible that the 1788 court case would shed some light on Jonathan Hudson’s commitments.


The wealthy Thomas Todd of the old Baltimore family is not likely to have been the Thomas Todd involved with Sophia’s Garden.   He would not have gotten into such a predicament without filing suit or having been sued by Margaret Hudson.  So it must have been Thomas Todd the carpenter who bought the Sophia’s Garden land.



We do not have sufficient evidence to constitute proof of the various assumptions about Thomas Todd and John Todd, but I would say that the preponderance of evidence supports it.   I believe this is a reconstruction of the family that can serve as a basis for further research to find conclusive proof and believe that this will one day be proven to be the correct lineage.  The following discussion describes the evidence in support of this lineage, implications for further research, and further synthesis of a family structure based on data from Ohio and Maryland.



            The Jarman Connection


In 1802, almost 20 years after Thomas Todd bought land in Sophia’s Garden, later, began a series of land transactions and legal actions that involved the Todds, Germans, Parletts, Fitches and Grimes who seem all to be interrelated.  John Todd married Mary German.   Benjamin Jarman’s daughter Hannah married David Parlett and son Benjamin Jarman Jr married Rachel Parlett.  David Parlett’s niece Sarah Parlett married Samuel Todd.  David Parlett’s sister Mary married Nicholas Grimes.  William Fitch married Sarah Jarman.


In 1802, John Todd, Samuel Todd and Thomas Todd bought 4 acres of land in “Sophias Garden”, from Robert Fitch, next to a lot leased by John Todd from kinsman by marriage David Parlett.     In 1803, John buys an additional ¾ acre adjacent to the 4 acres from William Fitch.  Then, in 1805, the land is split between John and Samuel, with Thomas essentially dividing his equity between Samuel and John with only 5 shillings being paid.  If Thomas was brother to Samuel and John, we would expect either a three way split or the third brother being bought out.  Given the payment of only a token amount, this transaction suggests a father dividing his equity between his sons.   


The next day after the transaction, John Todd and Mary his wife sell his land to David Parlett, and in 1807 Samuel Todd and Sarah his wife sell his land to Benjamin German.  John had married Mary Jarman in 1791 and Samuel had married Sarah Parlett in 1803. 


In 1808, Thomas Todd died and his inventory is made by Nicholas Grimes and Alexander Tracy.  Nicholas Grimes had  married a Parlett and was therefore an uncle by marriage to Samuel Todd.  This Parlett connection is the basis for assuming that Thomas Todd who died in 1808 is the Thomas Todd of the Sophia’s Garden deeds.


Of special interest in the deeds is the mention of “John Todds Wheelwright Shop on the Belair Road”.  This is significant because a biography of John Todd/Mary Jarman’s grandson, Elisha Todd in an 1885 Hancock County, Ohio history, stated that John Todd also was a wheelwright.   So this supports our assertion that John Todd and Mary Jarman who settled in Ohio and married in Baltimore are the same John Todd and Mary involved with the deeds in Sophia’s Garden.


Also, keep in mind that  Thomas Todd, son of Lancelot, was listed as a carpenter in the 1773 and 1774 Patapsco Lower Hundred, Baltimore County.  A “carpenter” does not necessarily mean a house builder or a furniture maker, but rather someone who works with wood to create tools or other implements for the home or farm.  A wheelwright would be a specialty of this form of “carpentry”.  So John, who we know from the deeds, to have owned a wheelwright shop,  may have been following in his father Thomas’ footsteps.  It is also curious that the original Todd immigrant to America, Thomas Todd d 1677 was a ship’s carpenter.


If we accept all these linkages, then we have linked John Todd md Mary Jarman to his father Thomas Todd 1743-1808, and to his grandfather Lancelot Todd md Rachel Warfield.


            Mary Jarman’s Parentage


Previous historians have thought that Mary Jarman (md John Todd 1791 Baltimore) was the daughter of either John Jarman d 1792 in Middle River Hundred, Baltimore Co. or Benjamin Jarman d 1812 in Back River Lower Hundred.  However, there are some other German entries in deed and census records that are more likely possibilities for Mary’s parents.


We note that there are four John German estate administrations listed in the period 1792 to 1802 One was related to John Jarman d 1792, one to the John Jarman d 1797 whose estate was administered by Magdalena German (dau of Phillip German) and the other two are unknown but I think they are the John German and his son who lived near the Todds.


 Jarmin, John

1799 Intestate

Letters granted to Ann Johnston

Securities: David Stewart, Thos Usher


Jarmin, John

1802 Intestate

Letters granted to Mary Jarman

Securities: James Bryan, Frederick George

Date settled: 1802


Note the name James Bryan which is the name of the person who owned Bryan’s Meadows where Lancelot Todd lived and near where the two John Germans lived.


            John Jarman d 1792


There are reasons for concluding the John Jarman who died 1792 is not the father of Mary.  Some historians thought that Mary must have been the daughter of John Jarman/German whose 1790 will (proved 1792) mentions an underage daughter Mary.  However, the will indicates that John’s land lay in eastern Middle River Lower Hundred, nowhere close to Sophia’s Garden and a court record in 1794 indicates that Mary Jarman was still underage and chose a guardian in 1794.    She could not therefore have been the Mary German who married John Todd in 1791.


            Benjamin Jarman


Similarly, Benjamin Jarman’s 1810 will (probated 1812) does not mention a daughter Mary; so some historians have tended to dismiss the possibility that she was his daughter even though John Todd lived for a while near Benjamin Jarman at Sophia’s Garden Regulated..  Other historians have suggested that she wasn’t mentioned because of her remote location in Ohio where she died in 1815.    In any event, she seems to be a close relative of Benjamin Jarman, but we can only consider this as a possible parent.   A more likely possibility is another John German discussed below.


            John German of Gotham and Baltimore Town


I believe the most likely father is one of the two John Germans who lease lots from James Govane in 1782 in the “town of Gotham” adjacent to Todds Lane, which is adjacent to or nearby the land of Lancelot Todd, the uncle of John Todd.  This geographic proximity and the fact that Thomas Todd was still living nearby in 1790 makes this a strong possibility as the location at which the Todd and German/Jarman families connected.   One of these John Germans may be identical with the John German, carpenter in Baltimore Town, 1774-1787 or the John German (Tarman) of Back River Lower Hundred  overseer for James Amos of Back River Upper Hundred in1790.


            The 1790 census possibilities:

  1. There is a John Tarman, assumed to be a misspelling of German, who appears as an overseer for James Amos who lived in Back River Upper Hundred, to the north of the Todd lands.  He had 3 sons over 16, 1 under 16, and a daughter.  (I could find no Tarmans in tax lists or deeds, so presume this is a misspelling by the census taker.)
  2. Jane German with a son over 16 and 3 daughters
  3. Mrs. German in Baltimore town with a son under 16 and 4 daughters.
  4. Benjamin Jarman/German Sr with 2 unidentified males over 16, 1 under 16, and 2 daughters.


Other John Germans in the 1790 census include:

1.        John Jarman  with one son over 16 and 2 sons under 16 and 3 daughters (probably the John German d 1792 of Middle River Lower Hundred
2.        John German living with just a wife.


If Moses and Mary are brother and sister, then John Tarman, Jane German, and Benjamin Jarman entries are potentially possibilities for their parentage.


            John German, the carpenter


John German, the carpenter leases a lot in 1774 on Pratt Street and sells the lease in 1787 to a Mary German, relationship not stated (though this Mary appears to sell the lease to Marguerite German in 1799).  John buys/leases a lot on Montgomery Street in 1783 and sells part of it to his son John German in 1787.  He buys/leases a lot on Honey Alley in 1783 but sells it the next year.    


He is the same age to be be either the father or the son mentioned in the 1782 lease near Lancelot Todd.


            John German of the Phillip German family


There is a John German of the Phillip German family who seems unlikely to have been the father of Mary.  He financed a mortgage of 50 pounds along with Martin Horn in 1796.  Then, 1798 or 1799, a Magdalena German, was administratrix of his estate, and sold or released the mortgage.  Given the role of this John is financing mortgages, I suspect he is the silversmith who appears in deeds in the 1780s.    Magdalena appears to be the daughter of Phillip German reportedly born in German who died in Baltimore in 1814.  We have not been able to find this estate settlement, but finding it would be very valuable for sorting out these Germans.


Below are the various deeds of the Carpenter, the Gardener, the Silversmith and the financier:




John German No 1



Pratt St, Lot 530

1774: from John Williams to John German, carpenter

1787: to Mary German (Mary sells to Marquerite in 1799)

Montgomery St, Lot 855

1783: From Frances Carter

1787: to Conrad Bower

1787: to John German (gift)

Lot 901 (possibly on Honey Alley near Charles St)

1783: from John Eager Howard to John German, carpenter

1784: to Samuel Vincent

1784: to Alexander Paterson

Lot in Gotham

1782: Lot 31 from James Govane to John German, gardener

178z2: Lot 27 from James Govane to John German, JR.





John German No 2



Fells Prospect

1782: William Fell to John German, Silversmith of Phila.

1784: John German to Willliam Fell surrender (this cold be either Fells Prospect or Lot 65, need to check)

Lot 65, Fell St

1780:  Thomas Dorsey and John? German from William Fell

1786: Dorsey and German to Jaffray

John German No 3



Chatsworth mortgage (this may be John German No2)

1796: financed mortgage for Chatsworth, a lot on Biddle St and Turnpike to Reiserstown

1799: Magdalena German adminstrix of John German estate, transferred mortgage or property to John Seeman








Future Research


The most beneficial research needed is to go through the index to “Adminstrator Bonds” to determine the death dates of the various German families (Garman,German,Jarman,Jerman) and to determine the death dates for the various Todds in Baltimore Co.


It would also be very desirable to get DNA samples from Moses German descendant and other German families in MD to determine the likely origin of this branch of the German family.



This concludes this essay on the family origins of John Todd and Mary German who married in Baltimore, MD in 1791.
            Further Synthesis


If we add the evidence from Ohio and Maryland, we would construct the following family:


Lancelot Todd md 1735 Rachel Warfield

            Thomas Todd b 1741 Queen Caroline, Anne Arundel Co d 1808 Baltimore Co.

                        +first wife unknown

                        Mary md 1789 Josias Watts (First Baptist)

                        John Todd b 1767-1770 md 1791 First Baptist Church, Baltimore Co to

                                     Mary German/Jarman

                        +second wife?:  unknown but possibly Elizabeth Mills 1777

                        Samuel Todd b abt 1778/83 md 1803 to Sarah Parlett

                        Edward 1784/1787 d 1861;  md abt 1812 Frances Miles, dau of John of Anne

                                     Arundel Co, children born 1812-36  

                        Joshua ? b 1775-1794 children born 1810-1820

                        2-3 daughters



This conjecture is much more uncertain than the one with which this article began.  However, it seems a very good synthesis of the available data and it resolves the question of where does John Todd appear in the 1790 census. 


            The Ohio Evidence


The 1820 census for Fairfield Co Ohio where John Todd settled after 1805 includes several Todds.


Violet Twp (where John Todd settled)


Edward Todd

John Todd

John Todd

Joshua Todd

Phillip Todd



Walnut Township


Samuel Todd


Edward is known from 1850/60 census to have been born in Maryland in 1784/1787 and is assumed to be the brother of John.  Phillip could be the son of Lancelot Jr, though the census says he was born after 1775 rather than 1766.  The two Johns are father and son.  Joshua could be another brother born in the same period as Joshua. 


The Samuel in Walnut Twp is unknown but could be the brother of John mentioned in the 1802-1807 deeds.


We would therefore have a family of 4 brothers – one over 16 in 1790, and three (Joshua, Samuel, Edward) under 16.  This matches the 1790 census data we have for Thomas Todd in Middlesex Twp.


We note that Samuel and John married 12 years apart (1791 and 1803) without much evidence of a lot of children born into between them.  This suggests they could be from two different mothers.  The Edward Todd who settled with John Todd in the same township in Fairfield Co, OH prior to 1820 shows up as born 1784 (1850 census) or 1787 (1860 census) in  Maryland about 14 to 17 years later than John was born which suggests Edward is closer in age to Samuel and possibly of the same mother as Samuel.   I have placed Mary (who married in 1789 to Josias Watts) as a sister of John based soley on her being married by the same minister as John Todd.


Based on this, I note that the marriage of Thomas Todd to Elizabeth Mills in 1777 would fit with this assumed family pattern though we don’t have information about Elizabeth Mills or the Mills family or whether this is a different Thomas. 


In the 1783 tax assessment, there is a Thomas Todd in Middlesex with 7 inhabitants.  In the 1790 census, there is also, Middlesex Hundred, a Thomas Todd who has 2 males over 16, 3 males under 16, 3 females, and 1 slave.   This looks very similar to our Thomas who has one son over 16 (John age 20-23), and three sons under 16 (Samuel age abt 12 and Edward age 5 and Joshua age  0-15 (b1775-1794).    It does not seem likely that this Thomas could be Lancelot Todd Jr’s Thomas because this Thomas did not marry until 1795 and since there are 5 males in this family.


            Other Issues


  1. Dorchester origin


John Witcraft in his 1912 book on the Todds suggests the possibility that John Todd of Maryland Ohio is the son of John Todd and Susannah Rolfe of Dorchester County.  He implies that he got the information from Elisha Todd in 1885.  Witcraft was cited as the source of information for an application for a DAR membership some years later.


If we look at the distribution of the Rolf or Rolfe surname in American using the census, we find that it seems to be principally a New England name.


1790 Census  Results for Rolf: 7

    Maine  Results: 1    

    Massachusetts  Results: 4    

    New Hampshire  Results: 1    

    New York  Results: 1


1820 Census  Results: 14  


    Indiana  Results: 1    

    Kentucky  Results: 1    

    Maine  Results: 2    

    New Hampshire  Results: 1    

    New York  Results: 8    

    Ohio  Results: 1


1800  Results for Rolfe: 12  

    Maine  Results: 4    

    New Hampshire  Results: 7    

    Vermont  Results: 1


1820 Census  Results: Rolfe 33  

    Maine  Results: 9    

    Massachusetts  Results: 2    

    New Hampshire  Results: 11    

    New York  Results: 7    

    Ohio  Results: 1    

    Vermont  Results: 3


There of course was John Rolfe who married Pocohontas and there were a few Rolfes scattered about Virginia.  But I see no evidence for a Rolfe in Dorchester Co or Anne Arundel.  I do not know how to pursue this tradition.


Richard Womelsduff has a letter from Elisha to another kinsman which, according to Richard, sounds like Elisha did not know much of his grandfather’s origins.  We will have to get a transcript of this letter.  More importantly, DNA shows conclusively for descendants of two different lines of John Todd & Mary Jarman that John is from the Anne Arundel family, and not the Dorchester family.  Furthermore, at this point, I think we have a very plausible lineage from John through Thomas to Lancelot.


  1. Wilkinson Connection


John Todd and Mary Jarman had a son Thomas Wilkinson Todd and this had led to the idea that Thomas Todd who married 1759 to Sarah Wilkinson might be the parents of John.


This Thomas Todd appears to have acquired 57 acres of Sophias Garden from Thomas Sligh who named the tract for his wife Sophia Wilkinson who was reportedly kin to Sarah Wilkinson.  I support the notion that the Wilkinson connection was responsible for Thomas Todd acquiring this land.  But the 1783 tax assessment indicates that he did not live on this land and therefore there is no reason to assume he was connected with the Thomas, John and Samuel Todd who bought a small 4-5 acre parcel in Sophia’s Garden in 1802-1803.


It is possible that the Wilkinson name came from the German/Jarman side of the JohnTodd-Mary German family.  More research in the Wilkinson’s is needed.


            Implications for Future Research


  1. Inspect or get copies of the original records of the tax records for Baltimore County Todds (especially 1773, 1774) to see if there are any clues in the originals that are not evident in the abstract.  
  2. Work with a local genealogist in Baltimore that may know of sources of data that we have not checked and may not even be aware of.
  3. Study the collateral families, including the husbands of the German females who married in the 1790s
    Appendix I


Other related Todds


            1768 petition to move the county seat to Baltimore


Nathan, Edward, and John Todd (as well as the wealthy Thomas Todd of the old Baltimore family) all appear on different petitions in support of the move of the county seat from Joppa to Baltimore in 1768.  Each petition should be inspected to see if the group of signers of each petition have any geographic association that would tell us where they were living in 1768.


            1773 tax assessment for Delaware Hundred


Nathan Todd and John Todd both appear in this record.  John Todd is assume to be the John Todd b abt 1745 and Nathan is assumed to be his father.



            Implications for the origins of Benjamin Todd 1749-1823, John Todd d 1809/10 and Edward Todd d 1795


It appears to me that neither Thomas Todd (md Sophia) or John Todd (md Ruth Dorsey), sons of Lancelot and Elizabeth Rockhold Todd, ever left Anne Arundel County.   And the list of children of Thomas and John does not include our Benjamin, John and Edward.


Two of John’s sons were still in AA county in 1783 and a daughter married there.  The fate of Thomas’ children is less understood – but I think the Thomas Todd in the Elkridge Landing Hundred in 1783 and the Thomas Todd who was buried at Samuel Norwood’s house in 1794 is the son of Thomas, son of Lancelot d 1735. 


However, Nathan Todd (wife Lucy per 1742-1745 deeds) seems to have left no record of children in Anne Arundel Co.  I think he is the Nathan appears in Baltimore Co by 1768 and in the 1773/4 tax assessment for Delaware Hundred. 


I suspect that Edward and John Todd came up to Baltimore as young men just before 1768 – John being a newly wed around 1766-67 and Edward being still single until 1775.    In a few years (by 1777), Edward was in SW Pennsylvania and John was there no later than 1783. 


I suspect they lived with some kinfolk before moving on, but am not sure who that would be.   We do have a record on Nicholas Dorsey marrying Ruth Todd in Baltimore in 1765 which would suggest that she had come up earlier.    Nicholas bought land in Baltimore County which eventually became Carroll County according to the book, Anne Arundel Gentry and a map prepared by George Horvath of the original land grants in the area of Eldersburg.


Finding out more about the land dealings of Nicholas Dorsey and his cousin Michael who married Ruth Todd of Anne Arundel in 1733 would be important in this regard.


I suspect that Benjamin Todd also came to Baltimore and lived with kinfolk.  Finding out the location of the land and the neighbors of the Ford family might give a clue as to who he lived with and how he got to know the Fords. 


In the 1790 census, Benjamin is listed as having 6 males over 16, 3 males under 16, and 4 females.  It is not clear who all these people are since we only know of 3 children.

Appendix 2: Sources



1.  Taylor and Todd:  Back River


The 1798 federal tax assessment lists Thomas Todd as “occupant” for 5 members of the Taylor family:

Joseph Taylor 115Acres, Joseph Taylor for Elijah Taylor, 114 Acres, Issac Taylor, 112 Acres, and Richard Taylor Senior, 594 acres, and Samuel Taylor, 112 acres. ( A total of 935 acres.)


Isaac Taylor in 1795 bought (or bought a lease) from Phillip Todd for a couple of lots on Bridge St.  in Baltimore.  Phillip also had some dealings with Thomas Todd concerning Hansons Lot between 1795 and 1798.  


We also note Joseph Taylor in 1783 was taxed for Darley Hall and that Darley Hall was mortgaged by Robert Leakins in 1794.  The Leakin(s) married Nicholas Todd in 1781 and Lancelot Todd in 1778.


The geographical proximity of the Taylor land to Sophia’s Garden makes me think that Thomas Todd 1743-1808 is the occupant of this land in 1798, though it could be one of the other Thomas Todds.


2.  Thomas Todd marriages:


Thomas Todd md Elizabeth Mills, 1777:  Marriage License

Thomas Todd md Mary Brown, 1795: Marriage License (Assumed son of Lancelot Jr b1738)

Thomas Todd md Rachel Clark, 1804:  (Possible son of Thomas of Northpoint Baltimore Todds)

Thomas Todd md Margaret Gardiner 16 Apr 1792

Thomas Todd md Christian Marshall 7 Jun 1798



3.  There are a number of entries in the 1783 assessment that are almost certainly the wealthy Thomas Todd of the old Baltimore family. 

1)      Thomas Todd (Patapsco Lower Hundred) owns 794 acres valued at 2282 pounds, and 9 inhabitants (he and his wife and 5 sons and two others). 

2)      Thomas Todd (Gunpowder Upper Hundred) has 500 acre of Gassaway’s Ridge, but has noone living there.  This is the wealthly Thomas Todd of Northpoint.



Baltimore City and County Marriage Licenses 1777 - 1799


Ann Todd & Thomas Floyd 23 Sept 1795

Benjamin Todd & Elinor Ford 10 Dec 1781

Elizabeth Todd & Nathan Young 18 Jan 1783

Elizabeth Todd & matthew Walker 15 Mar 1791

Lancelot Todd & Mary Leakins 8 Aug 1778

Mary Todd & Elisha Hall 23 Jan 1788

Mary Todd & Josias Watts 3 Jun 1789

Nancy Todd & Francis Aitkenson 15 Jun 1795

Nicholas Todd & mary Pauling 7 Jul 1781

Nicholas Todd & Ann Leakin 28 May 1783

Philip Todd & Elizabeth Goulding 22 Oct 1795

Rachel Todd & Richard Talbot 29 Oct 1792

Rachel Todd & John Hughes 14 May 1796

Rebecca Todd & Clement Green 19 mar 1796

Thomas Todd & Elizabeth Mills 25 Dec 1777

Thomas Todd & Mary Brown 10 Oct 1795


  1. 1773, 1774 Tax Assessment

Delaware Hundered 1773:  Nathan Todd, John Todd


Middle River 1773:  Wm Todd


Patapsco Lower 100 1773:  Thomas Todd, Lancelot Todd, Thomas Todd, carpenter; Richard todd


Patspsco Lower 100 1774:  Lancelot Todd, Sr.; Lancelot todd, Jr, Thomas Todd, Thomas Todd carpenter


  1. 1783 Tax Assessment

Back River

Nicholas Todd, 4 inhabitants, 2 free males

Thomas Todd, 57 acres, part of Sophias Garden Regulated, no inhabitants


Patapsco Lower

Thomas Todd, 794 acres,  2282 pounds, 9 inhabitants

Lancelot Todd, pt Bryans Meadows, 7 acres, 7 pounds, 7 inhabitants



Joseph Todd, Lot, 2 males, 3 females (York Co, PA family)

Thomas Todd, Lot, no inhabitants listed



Thomas Todd, 500 Acres, Gassaways Ridge, no inhabitants listed



Thomas Todd, 7 inhabitants



  1. 1783 John German

Thomas Dorsey. ground rent. Notes: and John German. BA Deptford Hundred, p. 11. MSA S 1161-2-7    1/4/5/45

Thomas Dorsey. ground rent. BA Deptford Hundred, p. 11. MSA S 1161-2-7    1/4/5/45

       John German. ground rent. BA Deptford Hundred, p. 11. MSA S 1161-2-7    1/4/5/45

(Probably John German the silversmith)

  1. Chancery Court Case re: Bryans Meadows

CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
1645: Thomas Elliott and Thomas Yates vs. Bushrod
Washington, Corbin Washington, Nathaniel Ramsay,
Clement Holliday, and Gabriel Duvall. BA. Contract
to purchase Bryans Meadows.
Accession No: 17,898-1645. MSA S512-1714   1/36/1/

(This might have some history of Bryan’s Meadows that might shed light on how Lancelot Todd got to own 7 acres of it.)


  1. 1790 Census

Todd Benjamin    Patapsco Lower Hundred         197     1859 6-3-4
Todd Laurance    Patapsco Lower Hundred         148      591 3-1-2
Todd Nicholus    Patapsco Lower Hundred         148      605 1-0-3
Todd Thomas      Patapsco Lower Hundred         147      583         7-3-2-0-27
Todd Thomas      Patapsco Lower Hundred         221     2481 2-3-3-0-1

Note:  The Thomas Todd at the end of this list is incorrectly ascribed to Patapsco Lower Hundred; he actually lived in Middlesex Hundred which corresponds to the Thomas Todd in the 1783 tax assessment.


  1. 1798 Tax Assessment


Back River:

Thomas Todd occupant of 5 members of the Taylor Family; Thomas Todd – 1 slave

  But Isaac Taylor in 1798 had bought Thomas Todd’s lot in Hansons Wood Lot.


  1. Table of Contents of “The Saints Everlasting Rest” by Richard Baxter (1615-1691)

In a copy of this book, a branch of the family of Lancelot Todd Jr 1738-1792 kept a record of family births and deaths in the 1750s to 1790s.  These were extracted and put in a letter which is contained in a file in the Maryland Historical Society.


This was a Puritan book.





REV. RICHARD BAXTER. First published 1652


CONTENTS Preface A prefatory notice about Mr. Richard Baxter, author of the Saints' Rest.

Chapter 1 The introduction to the work, with some account of the nature of the saints' rest.

Chapter 2 The great preparatives for the saints' rest.

Chapter 3 The excellencies of the saints' rest.

Chapter 4 The character of the persons for whom this rest is designed.

Chapter 5 The great misery of those who lose the saints' rest.

Chapter 6 The misery of those who, besides losing the saints' rest, lose the enjoyments of time, and suffer the torments of hell.

Chapter 7 The necessity of diligently seeking the saints' rest.

Chapter 8 How to discern our title to the saints' rest.

Chapter 9 The duty of the people of god to excite others to seek this rest.

Chapter 10 The saints' rest is not to be expected on earth.

Chapter 11 The importance of leading a heavenly life upon earth.

Chapter 12 Directions how to lead a heavenly life upon earth.

Chapter 13 The nature of heavenly contemplation; with the time, place, and temper fittest for it.

Chapter 14 What use heavenly contemplation makes of consideration, the affections soliloquy, and prayer.

Chapter 15 Heavenly contemplation assisted by sensible objects, and guarded against a treacherous heart.

Chapter 16 Heavenly contemplation exemplified...

Conclusion And the whole work concluded.


Recorded in this book were the vital dates for the Lancelot Todd family as recorded in the following letter:

Arkansas City, Ks. 67005

Mar. 7, 1972


Dear Mrs. Mormann,

     I received your name when I sent an inquery to the Maryland Historiccal Society. I want someone to search for records on a Todd family.  I will tell you what I know of them.  A cousin sent me some material copied from a book called 'The Saints Everlasting Rest' by Rich Baxter.  She says compiled in 1677 but it must be 1777 as sthese people were not born then.  She says years ago there were records back to the 1600's in it but that they were no longer legible.  From that I wonder if this book was a hand written book.  This is what she sent me:


*Lancelot Todd b mar. 31, 1707, m Rachel, his wife Nov. 18, 1735

              d May 6, 1791 aged 83 years, 1 mo., 6 days

Their children:

Alexander     b Sep 7, 1736

·         Lancelot    b Sep 1, 1738


chard        b Apr. 20, 17490

Vascal       b Mar 28, 1742

Thomas    b Oct 25, 1743

Esther    b Feb 12, 1746

Kathrine,   b Feb 22, 1749

Rachel    b Jan 15, 1752

Lidiah    b Mar 11, 1753

Nicholas b June 7, 1757


·         Lancelot Todd, son of Lancelot Todd, b Sept 1, 1738, m. Rachel ?, d 4 Oct 1792


Sarah b Feb 20, 1759

Nicholas   b Sept 10, 1761

Lancelot  b Oct 20, 1763

Phillip   b. Feb 8, 1766

Thomas  b Mar 29, 1769

*Rachel  b May 3, 1771.  She married John Hughes May 14, 1796 in            

                         Baltimore Md.

Rachel Todd, wife of Lancelot Todd, Jr. d Ma 23, 1771.  He then m. (2) Sarah who was born July 4, 1745


Elizabeth  b Oct 14, 1772

Rebeackah  b Mar 14, 1774


                   Mrs. McVey

(In Filing Case A in Maryland Historical Society, Balitmore, MD)


  1. Fairfield County OHIO Census 1820:


M 0/10

M 10/16


M 16/26

M 26/45

M >45

F 0/10

F 10/16

F 16/26

F 26/45

F >45

Violet Twp












Edward Todd












John Todd












John Todd












Joshua Todd












Phillip Todd












Listed after Joshua Todd












Edw or Evan Hughs












Walnut Twp












Samuel Todd






































  1. German/Jarman Deeds and Court Abstracts

  1. Deed Abstracts by RKM

Baltimore Deeds Book WG no K, p223

James Govane to John German, JR

27 Sept 1782..James Govane...and John German, Junior of sam, labourer..for rent and performance of covenants..hath leased, let and to form the town of Gotham in Baltimore County..platt of said town by number twenty seven..beginning at the end of four hundred and eighty one feet from the intersection of Market Street and Todds Lane on Market Street and running southerly on Market Street 99 feet thence parallet with Cross Street to Back Lane, thence northerly bounding on Back Lance 99 fett thence by a correct line to the place of beginning.. yearly rent of 5 pounds ..and the said John German..doth agree ..that he ..will build or erect or cause to be built and erected a good and substantial hewed Log house within the space of three years from the sale hereof.. (term of lease appears to be 99 years and there is a clause about renewing the lease "for other 99 years..)  witnesses: H Ridgely and Henry Gaither Jr. recorded 27 Sept 1782


p 224

24 Sept 1782..James Govane of..Baltimore.Gentleman  and John German Senr of same county gardener..for rents and performance of covenants have leased, let and to farm town of Gotham number fortyone ..beginning on Markett Street on the fourth side of Lot number 39 and running south on Market Street 99 feet, thence paralel with Cross Street to Back Lance thence North on Back Lance 99 feet thence paralel with Cross Street in a  straight line to beginning..full term of 99 of 5 be paid on first day of January.. witnesses: Thos gettings, R Ridgely

,  Recorded 27 Sept 1782


p 221

James Govane to John Nicholas Williams

 (lease) of Gotham..Lot 26..beginning at theend of three hudnred and eighty seven fett from the intersection of market Street and Todds Lane on Market Street and running southerly binding on Market Street 99 feet thence with Cross Street to Back Lane then northerly bounding on Back Lane..99 feet thence with a sraight line bo beginning.



WG no 53 p 523

3 Mar 1798.. Martin Horn of Baltimore County and Magdelena German, Administrix of John German, late of same county, deceased of one part and John Seeman of same..whereas Christina Reiter by indenture 11 Jan 1796 did sell unto Martin Horn and John German as tenants in common and not as Joint Tenants.. tract known as Chatsworth on NE side of Turnpike road that leads from Baltimore Town to Reiters Town.. begin at the distance of 25 per and 102/ fro intersection of the Turnpike road and Biddle Street and on the n side of sd Turnpike road and running thence N43W 40 feet bounding on said Turnpike Road then N44E 140 ft Paralel with Biddle Street, then S 43E 40 ft paralelt with said Turnpike Road then then with a straight line to beginning  .. yearly rent .. WG no UU filio 138 and whereas the said Christian


So the Mortgage they financed resulted in transfer of ownership to John Seeman or transfer of the mortgage to John Seeman.  This lot appears to be on the west side of the town of Baltimore.


NOTE:  The original mortgage of 1796:  Book WG no UU p 139 indicates that the mortgage was for 55 pounds and John German is spelled Jarman in the 1796 deed and was witnessed by Owen Dorsey.


I suspect this is the Silversmith or John German Jr


b.   Research by Carolyn Tolman of SLC, early Sept 2006


B no G, p. 355


8 Jan 1759

John Jarman of Baltimore to William Andrew of same

“Violend” 100 acres; “Denton’s Hope”, 150 acres; “Batchellors Meadows”, 20 acres;“Salt? Peter Neck”, 50 acres. [purchased]

Land father Thomas Jarman had of John Denton, which said Denton’s father willed him

Wit. Walter Tolley, Luke __ Bond, William Young

Rec: 21 Apr 1759




AL no L, p. 291


1 Sep 1774

John Williams, fisherman to John German, carpenter, both of Baltimore

Casper Palsier by indenture of assignment 31 Aug 1774 leased to John Williams parcel of land in the last addition to Baltimore, on the west of Jones’s Falls, distinguished on platt of said addition by number 530…unexpired of a certain term of 99 years granted by indenture…from Cornelius Howard to the said Casper Palsier 9 May 1771

John Williams, in consideration of payment of rents and 15 pounds 10 shillings given rent money of the Province of Pennsylvania paid by John German, doth grant…Lott number 530…for the rest of said term of 99 years.

Wit: Owen Allen, Her Waters, And. Buchanan, Wm. Spear

Rec: 11 Nov 1774



WG no D, p. 331


21 Aug 1776

William Andrew to John German/Jarman both of Baltimore

In consideration of rents, grants plantation called “Bryan Point” where John Walles now lives, “from 25 Dec next for and during term of 15 years.”

“William agrees to take in discharge of said rent good merchantable wheat..or Indian corn…but if the said John chooses to pay the rent in money he may and the said William is obliged to receive it.”

Wit: Robert Saunders, John Walles

Rec: 13 Oct 1779



WG no K, p. 81 Lease

4 Sep 1782

William Fell, Esq. of Baltimore to John German of Philadelphia, silversmith

“Fells Prospect” in Baltimore County from 29 Aug last to full term of 99 years, paying to William Fell yearly rent of 10 pounds sterling.

Wit: Roger Horace Watt, Wm. Knox

Rec: 12 Sep 1782



WG no Q, p. 310 Lease

1 Nov 1783

John Eager Howard of Baltimore, gentleman to John German, of same county, carpenter

In consideration of rents..doth lease..parcel of land in Howard’s late addition to Baltimore Town, number 901, from present day to full term of 99 years. Yearly rent of 12 pounds.

Wit: Wm. Calhoun, John E. Gist

Rec: 5 Nov 1783



Research by Carolyn Tolman of SLC, Sept 28 2006



WG no AA p.712


6 Nov 1787

John German of Baltimore

In consideration of love, good will & affection toward son John German of Baltimore

Lot number 855 on Montgomery Street in Baltimore Town

Subject to yearly rent of 6 pounds as seen in Liber WG no N folio 485

Wit: Joseph Paillottel, A. Pinault

Rec: 10 Nov 1787



WG no AA p. 713


1 Nov 1787

John German to Mary German, both of Baltimore

In consideration of 100 pounds current money of Pennsylvania doth sell

Lot number 530 on _att Street

Granted to John German by John Williams as seen in Liber AL p.291

Mary German binding herself to pay rent “beginned” 9 May 1771 “by an indenture of a lease granted from Cornelius Howard to Gaspar Palsel”

Wit: Joseph Paillottel, Pierre Curley, Andre Luner, Rene Pinauly

Rec: 6 Nov 1787, 10 Nov 1787



WG no OO p.487

7 Mar 1794

Benjamin German the elder of Baltimore, farmer

To Benjamin German the younger of Baltimore, farmer

“Sophia’s Garden” which was on 13 Nov 1733 granted by patent to a certain Thomas Sligh

100 acres

For use of Benjamin German the elder during natural life; thereafter for the use of Benjamin German the younger.

Wit: W. McMechan, Jac. Myers

Rec: 12 Aug 1794


#13394 WG no 112 p.573 not Benjamin German.  No Benjamin German/Jarman in volume index.


#13685 Baltimore court records 

Book 3, p.97  **COPIED

June Term 1794

John, William, Mary, Cassandra Jarman, orphan children of John Jarman

Mary Jarman appointed as guardian

Henry Bateman, James Hamilton as securities


#13686 Baltimore court records

Book 6, p.301  **COPIED


Ordered that Mary Jarmin, administratrix of Mary Jarmin deceased sell at public sale the personal property of the said deceased for cash and return an account of the sale to this court.


#13662 Orphans Court

Book 20 p. 32  **COPIED (old, faded microfilm)

Thomas Todd, late of Patapoco Nach in Baltimore County

14 Mar 1799

Thos. Shaw, Wm. Todd, creditors

Bernard Todd, George Todd, next of kin

John Trottam, Thos. Shaw, app.

Wit: 16 Mar 1799

William and Christopher Todd, admin.




Baltimore County, Maryland wills
Bell, Annie W. B. (Annie Walker Burns), b. 1894 (Main Author)
Notes Volume 10-11 is a photocopy.
Includes index to v. 1-23.
975.271 P28be  FHL US/CAN Book  Available 
975.271 P28be index 






Germon, Mary  C.




German, Philip




Jarman, Robert




Jarman, John




Jarman, Benjamin



**Copied index pages and all will abstracts except Vol. 1 which was not on shelf.


Baltimore Orphans Court index (Film 13684) No.1 1777-1817, No. 2 1818-1833 (Listed in the order they were found in index)







Garmin, Mary




German, Elizabeth




German, Philip




Gorman, William




Jarman, John




Jarman, Elizabeth




Jarmin, Mary




Jarmin, William




Jarman, Benjamin




Jarmin M., William




Jarmin A., Mary




German, Benjamin




German, Benjamin




German, Jonas

89, 117



German, Jonas




Jarmin, Mary A.




Jarmin, Mary A.




Jerman, Mary




Jerman, John




#13688 Vol. 14 p. 35

April Term 1827  **COPIED, just in case

John Jerman an orphan boy of the age of 16 years the 28th day of December last, is bound as an apprentice unto Walter Crookshanks to be taught the trade of a sail maker…

----- Original Message -----



  1. lands of the Todds in Baltimore Co

One of the parcels of land of Lancelot Todd d 1735, Todd Forest “on the branches of the Gunpowder River” has not been precisely located but lay in Middle River Upper and Back River Upper Hundred in 1783.  This land was granted to John and Lancelot Todd  by their father Lancelot Todd in 1733.  By 1748, it had passed into the hands of Thomas Hughes who died and willed it to Melchisdeck Murray from whom it devolved to John Murray who sold it in 1759 to Joseph Cromwell (Bk B no G, p 506) from whom it devolved to Stephen Cromwell  whose estate administrator sold it to John Toley Worthington in 1799 (Book WG no 59 p 484).  According to the 1783 tax assessment, this land was owned by Stephen Cromwell in Middle River Upper and Back River Upper Hundred.


26, folio 126
1 Jan. 1748
HUGHES, THOMAS, Anne Arundel Co.
     To mother, Mary Hughes, for life,all my negroes & Duck Cove, the plntn. I live on, & on her d. to Thomas & Rebecca Hammond, son & dau. of Lawrence & Margaret Hammond.
     To the heirs at law of Melchisdeck Murray dec , Todds Forrest, in Baltimore Co.
     To bro. John Howard, a tract escheated for want of the heirs of --------- Mickleby, as agreed between myself & Richard Shipley, the surveyor, & these negroes Tom, London, & Dysack on the d. of my mother.
     To bro. John Hughes, negro Bob & my clothes.
     To bro Nathan Hughes, negroes Toby & Caesar & my schooner Ranger.
     Extrs: mother, Mary Hughes & bro. John Howard.
     Witn: Alexr. Cromwell, Sarah Cromwell, Jas. Walker.
     Sworn to 30 Jan. 1748 by Alexr. & Sarah Cromwell & 15 March 1748 by James Walker.

  1. asdf

[1]  Abstract of records found in “Saints Everlasting”Baltimore Marriages by Robert Barnes:  List from Rev. Lewis Richards, minister of First Baptist Church 1784-1881:  Phillip Todd md Elizabeth Goulding 22 Oct 1795, Rachel Todd md John Huhges 14 May 1796.  

[2]  We have not found the purchase of this land, but note that in 1782, ___ Bryant sold a part of Bryan’s Meadows to John Leakin.  Lancelot Todd had married __ Leakin in 1778 and Nicholas Todd had married ___ Leakin in 1781.

[3]  Nicholas  shows up in neighboring Back River Hundred with 4 in his family, including two free males.