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More York, Lancaster, Chester and Philadelphia Todds


We begin with descriptions of the families in each of the four counties; then, show the lineages for some of the families,  and then at the end is the support data upon which the narratives and family groups are based.  In addition, we are preparing a separate nffile that contains all the PA census records for Todd 1790-1850:


  1. York


There were three Todd families in early York County:

    1. Robert Todd b abt 1736 md Hannah Wierman 1760 died 1767.  Robert was son of John Todd d 1775 of New London, Chester Co, PA.  John sold land in York Co to his son Robert.   Robert Jr was in the 1790 census for York Co, then bought land in 1794 in Rostraver Twp, Westmoreland Co.

                  Ann abt 1761

                  Robert abt 1763 d 1820-30 md Priscilla        

                              Son 1794-1800

                              2 sons 1800-1810

                              Robert 1810 md Henrietta b 1827

                                          Anna 1854

                                          George 1855

                                          Howard 1858

                                          Robert S 1861

                              Samuel 1815

                              Son 1820-25?

                              Hannah 1798

                              Dau 1794-1804

                              Dau 1794-1804

                              Dau 1794-1804


    1. James Todd arrived in Newbury Twp, York Co prior to 1753 and died there in 1767.  His wife Hannah remarried to James Martin by 1769.  Based on inferences from his estate record, he appears to have been born abt 1693 or before, married sometime after 1721 to Ann Cain.  He may well be the James Todd who arrived in Chester Co by 1714, bought land in 1723 on “White Clay Creek below New Garden” adjacent to John Cain, and left Chester Co after 1750. 

                  James b 1750 md Martha, remained in Newbury Twp until 1810 and

                              probably died there abt 1829.

                              Two sons b 1794-1800 (Joseph 1801-1823, James ?)

                              Three Dau (Eliz. md Jacob Frankelberger, Mary md John

                                           Kettlewell, Matilda md Wm Frankelberger)

                              Dau abt 1784

                              Dau 1790-1794                                  

                              Dau b 1794-1800

                  Joseph b 1757 d 1793:

                              Hannah b 1781 md 1800 Thomas Bissett

                              Owen  b 1775/1782 b md 1800 Mary Bissett d 1804 Baltimore

                  William b 1752 (a tanner who lived in York) md Elizabeth,                                            whereabouts after 1783 unknown.


It is possible that  William went to Maryland since his nephew and niece went there or he may have moved to western PA.  There is a William in Cecil Co, Maryland, but he married Elizabeth Shaw in 1790.  There is a James Todd who died in Kennett, Chester Co in 1820 (estate administered by a William Todd) who has not been identified, but assumed to not be son of James d 1772 of East Nottingham, Chester Co.


There are two James Todds in the 1850 census as being born in PA in the 1794-1802 period:

James Todd     Green, Clark, OH        abt 1795          Pennsylvania

James Todd     Liberty, Crawford, OH           abt 1796          Pennsylvania

The Clark Co OH James was from Washington Co, PA; the other James has not been identified.



    1. Henry Todd (abt 1745-1808)


Henry appears in York co in a 1778 militia list from Chanceford Twp and a 1783 tax list in Fawn Twp.   According to baptismal records, he and his wife Mary lived in Chanceford 1774-1779 and then Fawn Twp 1781 to 1786.  He does not appear in the 1790 census and a biography of his son James b 1786 in a published history indicates that James was orphaned at an early age, suggesting that Henry and his wife Mary died prior to 1790.  He may be the Henry who lived in West Fallowfield Twp, Chester Co in 1771.


This appears to be a different Henry Todd than the one who appears in 1778-1782 Cumberland Co tax list, and later in 1790 in Franklin County where his will was filed in Hamilton Township in 1806.  His wife was Lettice LNU and children were:  John, Dorcas, Martha, Mary, Lettice, Isabella.  The 1790 census shows him as having one son under 16.


In 1790, there is also a Mary Todd with a son under 16 in Franklin County.  This Mary is assumed to be the wife on an unknown brother of the Cumberland/Franklin Co Henry. 


This family may have some relation to the Cumberland County Todds:  Naomi Todd (1790), Naomi and George (1800), Naomi and Isaac (1810).


  1. Lancaster


There were four or five Todd families in early Lancaster:


    1. Samuel, John and James Todd all settled in the same area of Hanover Township in what later became Dauphin Co..  Samuel and John appear as neighbors on a deed in 1749, but migrated to North Carolina in the 1750s.  James 1717-1783 remained in the area.  This family is discussed in detail elsewhere.
    2. Hugh Todd who died a single man in Coleraine Twp, Lancaster Co in 1772, the son of James Todd of East Nottingham Twp, Chester Co who died just before Hugh.  (Contrary to published sources, this Hugh was not the father of the Hanover Twp Todds.)
    3. John Todd b ca 1765 who married Mary Eberman ca 1785 (dau of John Eberman, a clock maker) and lived in Lancaster Boro.  The geographic fate of this family is unclear to me, but he had a large family.  He appears in the 1790 census in Lancaster Boro and in the 1810 census for Manheim Twp.  His son David may be the David b 1793 in the East Lampeter Twp census in 1850; his son Thomas may be the Thomas of Mt Joy in 1820 who buys land from Mary Todd, possibly his mother.
    4. Between 1782 and 1800, a William Todd of Ireland b prior to 1755 settled in Hempfield Township.  He had 6 sons and 2 daughters in 1800.   It appears that William Sr died not long after this, because he does not appear in the 1810 census.  In 1810, there is a younger William (b 1765-1784 according to the 1810 census and born 1782 according to the 1850 censsu) who is probably his son because appearing with him are children the right ages to be the sons of the older William.    Both a William and a James Todd (shoemaker) were listed as taxable inhabitants of Columbia in 1814/1815.    William was listed as shoemaker (1808, 1810), lumber merchant (1812) and tanner (1817).  He remained in Columbia until after 1830, but bought land in York Co 1829-1833, and then moved to Creagerstown, Frederick Co, MD by 1840 and appears in the 1850 census there.   James Todd shoemaker of Columbia bought and sold land in Hempfield Twp (Columbia) in 1813 and Springville (Donegal or Mt Joy Twp) in 1814.  Fate uncertain. 
    5. By 1800, James Todd b abt 1782 Ireland settled in Rapho Twp where he died in 1852.    This seems to be a different James Todd than the James Todd shoemaker of Columbia.  James of Rapho could be one of the sons of the older William Todd who settled in Hempfield.
    6. A James Todd appears in the 1800, 1810, and 1820 census of Lancaster Boro.



(c) John Todd md Mary Eberman

John Todd b ca 1765 md abt 1784Anna Maria 'Mary' EBERMANN 12 JUL 1766 - 28 DEC 1845 (possibly the Mary of Mt Joy in 1830, b 1770-1780)

            John TODD 24 DEC 1785 - 9 JUL 1786

            Anna Maria TODD 22 MAY 1787 - 29 MAY 1787

            William TODD 23 APR 1788 – ?

            John TODD 17 SEP 1790 -?

            Maria TODD 29 SEP 1793 - ? md : 18 AUG 1811Christopher Frederick


            Thomas TODD 16 MAR 1796 - ? (possibly the Thomas of Mount Joy 1820)

            David TODD 13 APR 1799 – (possibly the David b 1793 of East Lampeter,


            Sarah TODD 21 JAN 1802

            Elisabeth TODD JUL 1805


(d)  William and James Todd of Rapho and Columbia

James Todd b 1782 Ireland





            These sons named in will; census gives Son b 1810-20, Son b 1820-30, Son b         1820-1830. Son b 1820-1830



            Betsy md Kinsey Cooper       


William Todd b prior to 1755 Ireland, appears in Hempfield Twp 1800

            William Todd b 1782 Ireland md Ann Rebecca LNU

                        Son b 1800-1810

                        Son b 1800-1810

                        Son b 1815-1820

                        Son b 1815-1820

                        Son b abt1820

                        William b 1825 PA

                        Rosanna b 1832 Maryland     

            Son 1784-1790

            son 1790-1800

            son 1790-1800

            son 1790-1800

            son 1790-1800

            dau 1774-1784           

            dau 1790-1800


I suspect that Anos/Enos Todd b 1801-04 (Blue Ball, Earl Twp, Lancaster Co 1840,1850,1860) and Ralph Todd b 1809 (1840 East Hempfield, 1850 Eliz Twp) are both sons of William, but have only geography to connect them.  The other brothers seem to have left the area – fate unknowns.


Anos/Enos b 1801-1804 md Sarah b 1798 PA (resided Blue Ball,Earl Twp,Lancaster Co)

            Isaac 1830 md Susan b 1834 PA (per 1850), Catharine b 1834 PA (per 1880)

                        William J b 1854

                        Mary E. b 1858

                        Edward 1860

                        John A 1863

                        George W 1868

                        Henry N. 1872

                        Susan C. 1875

                        Isaac W 1876

                        Edgar H. 1878

Ralph b 1809 (r Elizabeth, Lancaster Co)

            Margaret 1820

            Sarah 1826


  1. Chester


There are three phases of settlement of Todds in Chester Co – one in the 1710s, another in the period between 1755 and 1768, and a later phase after the revolution.


Phase I

In the first phase came James and John Todd in the 1710s – James and John Todd both appearing on a will of Richard Mason in 1714 – James as executor and John as witness. 

By 1719, both James and John appear on a tax list for New Garden Twp.


By 1723, James had bought land on “White Clay Creek below New Garden” adjacent to lands of John Cain and appears on tax lists from 1718 to 1750 (1718 in Kennett Twp, 1719-1722 in New Garden, 1724-1750 in London Grove Twp).    James disappeared from the tax lists after 1750 and is assumed, based on the 1767 estate settlement for James Todd in York County, to be the James Todd who shows up in Newberry Township York County in 1753 and dies there in 1767.  This James had married Ann Cain sometime after 1721 and later married Hannah LNU.  By his second wife, he had sons James (1750-1829), William (b1752) and Joseph (1757-1793).  His son James died in 1829 Newberry Twp and this son in turn had a son James b 1794-1802 who administered his estate in 1829 and sold property there in 1831.


John Todd appeared also in New Garden 1718-1722, and then 1724 to near his death in 1775 in New London.  He reportedly married a Cain (possibly Margaret) by 1720.  He got a patent in 1739 for land surveyed in 1720 by Joseph Hedges on White Clay Creek in New London Township.   He later married a Sarah LNU.


John was a Quaker.  His son Robert went to York Co, md there in 1760 and died in 1767.  Robert had a son Robert b 1763 who was in York Co in 1790 and migrated to Rostraver Township, Westmoreland Co by 1794. John’s son William went to Guilford Co, NC where he married in 1765, went to Georgia and then Ohio.  John’s son John went to Philadelphia and was a school master there until his death in the yellow fever epidemic of 1793.  John’s son James was in New London tax lists 1755 to 1765.  This James had a son William born 1765 to 1775.  But the fate of this James and his children is unknown. 


Phase II

In the second phase, there were two families that came to Chester Co

·         the family of Mary  Todd Lincoln consisting of Robert Todd 1697-1775 who settled in Pikeland Township in 1756 and then moved to Philadelphia Co after his sons secured land grants there beginning 1760 and Andrew Todd d 1791 who settled in East Whiteland Township, Chester Co by 1760

·         a James Todd settled in East Nottingham Township in the SW corner of Chester Co by 1765 and died there in 1772.   East Nottingham township was only a few miles from Bart Township, Lancaster Co where a Thomas McClure was born in 1764, son of Elizabeth Todd and John McClure, whose family migrated to Mecklenburg Co, NC by 1767.   This suggests a possible connection of the East Nottingham PA Todd family with the Mecklenburg NC Todd family.


Phase III


In the third phase, some of the children and grandchildren of the above two families continued to live in Chester, but other families either came to settle or passed through the county.


In the northeast of the county, Andrew Todd d 1791 moved west to Bedford County and sold his East Whiteland land in 1778 to his nephew Robert Todd 1732-1816.  Robert and his descendants thereafter appeared in that portion of Chester.


In the southwest of the county, James d 1772 left sons John, James and Hugh.  James’ son Hugh died a few months later than his father in nearby Coleraine Township, Lancaster Co.; James’ son John appears to have moved to Honeybrook Township by 1790 and West Nantmell Twp by 1800 where he died in 1809 and left a large number of descendants;  James’ son James appears in the tax lists for East Nantmell in 1774, 1775, 1780 and West Nantmell in 1785.  He is probably the James who with wife Susannah buys and sells property in the Nantmells 1774 to 1780.  James and Susannah are mentioned in a land record in 1789 and they are mentioned as friends to Marian Smyth in East Whiteland Twp in 1803.  He perhaps is the James Todd and wife in the East Whiteland 1800 census (both over 45=>bpr to 1755).


John Todd d 1809 left sons John (deceased by 1809), James and William.  John’s son John had moved to Washington County, PA (along with his sister Margaret (Todd) Snodgrass) and died there in 1809, just before his father.  John’s son James appears to have continued to live in the Nantmells until his death (after 1850) and his descendants lived in the Nantmells, Honeybrook, Uchlan Townships.  James’ son William appears in the 1820 census for West Nantmell with two sons b 1810-1820, fate unknown.  He seems to have died in1826.


There were some passersbys also.  a Samuel Todd appeared in East Nantmell in 1774 and 1780 (possibly the Samuel who died in 1803); a David Todd appears in East Caln in 1781 owning 200 acres.


And there were newcomers: 

·         Dr. William A. Todd b 1762 of Bucks Co,son of Joseph Todd 1734-1775, married Ann Downing of Downington, East Caln, bought property there in 1798, and died there about 1809, but leaving no children.

·         William Todd 1791-1824 seems to have come from near the Delaware/ Pennsylvania border, marrying Rebecca Twaddell before 1809 (birth of his oldest son Charles Twaddell Todd 1809).  His father was James Todd who died in Kennett Twp in 1820 and his mother was “Biddy” Todd who was still alive in 1821.  He reportedly had a mill in Centreville, New Castle Co, Delaware as did the Twaddells.  His father appears in the tax list of Kennett Twp in 1805.  In 1810, William was living in East Marlborough Twp (on land of his Twaddell in-laws) and the census suggests his father was living with him.  In 1816, he bought two parcels of land in Kennett Twp for $11,000, which he mortgaged in 1819 to secure an annuity for his father James.  He died in nearby Pennsbury Township, Chester Co, PA in 1824.  His family returned to Delaware County PA by 1830 and then to New Castle County, Delaware by 1840.  One branch of his descendants – Charles Twaddell Todd – eventually settled in Drumore Township, Lancaster County.  Because of the Delaware County connection, this family may be related to the George Todd who deserted the British army in 1777, lived in Chester Township, Chester Co in 1785 and Chester Township, Delaware County in 1790. 

·         William Todd married Mary (Cloyd) Meredith, a widow, and settled in West Whiteland Township by 1779.  Based on similarities of census records with the William Todd of  East Whiteland in 1790 and 1800 and Euchlan in 1810, it appears he had a son and daughter by 1790 who died before 1800 and he had a daughter born just after 1800 and one born. 1800-1810.  Origins uncertain, but not the York Co William son of James d pr to 1779 or the William, son of John d 1809 of Chester Co.  He may be the William Todd whose estate was administered by John Ervin in 1834 in Pikeland Township.  It is unclear if this is the William, son of John d 1809 East Nantmell.




John Todd d 1775 New London, Chester Co, PA

      John Todd, b. Abt. 1723, Chester Co., PA; d. Abt. 1794

                  John b 1766 d 1793/4 md Dolly Payne

                              John Payne Todd 1792-1849 VA

                              William Temple Todd b1793-1793

                  James 1776 d 1806 md Alice Poultney

                              Samuel Poultney




                              John Neatby

                                          William Rogers Todd

      Deborah Todd, b. Bef. 1729; d. Menallen MH, Adams Co., PA. md William

                   Hutton 1750

      Mary Todd, b. 1729, d.1802, PA.,m 1747 John Morton, Chester Co

      Ann Todd, b. Abt. 1732, Chester Co., PA; d. NC. Md John Powell 1750

                   Chester Co; moved to Guildford Co, NC

      Margaret Todd, b. Abt. 1734, Chester Co., 1759 James Wilson,

                   Chester Co,

      Jane Todd, b. Abt. 1736, m. HENRY HAYES, 1773, Chester Co., PA.

      Robert Todd, b. Abt. 1736, Chester Co., PA; m. HANNAH WIERMAN,                          1760 York Co., PA d  1767 York Co

      Robert 1810 md Henrietta b 1827

                                          Anna 1854

                                          George 1855

                                          Howard 1858

                                          Robert S 1861

                        Robert TODD (1805-) md Henrietta S. TODD (1828-)

                        Anna M. TODD (1855-) m. BLACKBURN

                                    George M. TODD (Aug 1855-) & Sarah E. (Sep 1856-)

                                                Margaret H. TODD (Oct 1882-)

            Robert E. TODD (Nov 1884-)

            Horatio N. TODD (Jul 1887-) & Iona (1893-)

                        Floyd E. TODD (1916- 18 Jan 2004) & Mary Daughtery

                                                Martha C. TODD (Feb 1891-)

                                                Anna B. TODD (Dec 1893-)

                                                George M. TODD Jr. (Dec 1895-)

                                                William A. TODD (Mar 1898-)

                                                Alfraretta E. TODD (abt 1902-)  

                                    Howard W. TODD (1859-)

                                    Robert S. TODD (1861-) & Mary Elizabeth McCLAIN (abt 1868-)

                                                Cochran Miller TODD (28Jun1892-23Nov1962)&Frances (abt 1904-)

                                                            Mary Louise TODD (1927-)

                                                            Frances S. TODD (1929-)

            Marjorie TODD (abt 1896-)

                                                Dorothy TODD (abt 1896-)

            Nina TODD (abt 1897-)



      William Todd, b. 1742, Chester Co., PA; d. 1810 Belmont OH. md 1765

                   Guilford Co, NC; went to Georgia then Ohio

                  Ann Ellmore TODD b: 1766

                        Robert TODD b: 1776 d: Abt 1861

                  Stephen TODD b: 1777 d: 31 MAR 1874 md Sibbilla WILLIAMS

                  Joseph TODD b: JUN 1781

                  Theodate TODD b: JUN 1781 d: 8 MAY 1868

      James Todd, b. Abt. 1740, Chester Co., PA md Margaret

                  William b prior to 1775.         

      Sarah Todd, B. Abt. 1742, Chester Co., Pa md Mr. McKee.

      Elizabeth Todd, b. Abt. 1744 md.Mr. Hodgson


James Todd d 1772 East Nottingham Twp, Chester Co, PA

      Hugh b abt 1750 d 1772 Coleraine Twp, Lancaster Co, PA

      Hannah md Gilbert Anderson


      Mary md McCorkle

      John d 1809 East Nantmell, Chester Co, PA md Grizzell

                  John d 1809 Donegal Twp, Washington Co, PA md Elizabeth

                              John d pr 1827 per court record for sister

                              William d pr 1827 per court record for sister

                              Sister md Mr. Barber

                  Mary md Michael Essick

                  Margaret b 1776 md 1797 d 1850-60 Donegal Twp, Washington Co, PA

                              Md William Snodgrass 1764-1841

                  James b 1780 md Jenetta Harris

                              David 1804 shoemaker of Warwick Twp 1850-1880

                              Mills 1810 r west Nantmeal

                              John 1814 md Elizabeth Pergrin r Uchlan 1850

                              Robert 1813 r West Nantmeal 1850

                              Nancy b 1817

                              Jane 1819

                              Margaret 1822

                              William b 1820

                              Sarah b 1824

                              David b 1829

                              Rachel b 1831

                              Jennetta b 1837

                  William b abt 1780 (1765-1794)

                              Son 1810-20

                              Son 1810-20

                              Dau 1810-20

                              Dau 1810-20

                              Dau 1810-20              



James Todd d 1820 Kennett Twp, Chester Co.  md “Biddy” d after 1821                    

      William Todd 1791-1824 Pennsbury Twp, Chester Co, PA md Rebecca Twaddell

                   1786-1863 DE

                  Charles  Twadell b 1809   d 1874 md Susanna Kennedy

                              Lewis Kennedy 1832-1889

                                          William James 1857-1933

                                          Rebecca 1860-1941

                                          Ellen Amanda 1861-1945

                                          Mary Louise 1862-1959                                             

                                          Charles Lewis 1864-1946

                                          John Gardner 1865-1936

                                          Marcellus Price 1867-1927

                                          Sarah Elizabeth (Sally) TODD 1871-1944

                                          Emma Laura TODD 1872-1936

                                          Harry Mcclellan TODD 1875-1936

                                          Nancy Adalade TODD 1877-1967

                                          Harriet Naomi (Stella) TODD 1878-1942

                                          Aaron Melvin TODD 1881 - 1926                

                              William Henry 1834-1903

                              Charles 1837

                              Ann 1841

                              Susan 1844

                              Rebecca J 1846-1890

                              Thaddeus 1847-1902

                              Margaretta 1852

                  Louisa  b 1811  d  1836   

                  William A.  b  1814 Delaware d 1884

                  James   b  1817 d  new orleans

                  Robert Twaddell.  b  1820 Delaware d 1888 md Annie Edams/Adams

                              Augustus b 1859 IL

                                          Robert Twaddell b 1879

                                          Hugh Edams 1882

                                          Ann Edams 1885

                                          Franklin Hupton 1887

                  Deborah  B  1822   Pennsylvania md Alexander McDonald


  1. Philadelphia


There were four phases of settlement of Todds in Philadelphia County.


Phase I Prior to 1750


Joseph Todd came from Eling, Southamptonshire, England in 1698 and died in Philadelphia in 1699.  His son Joseph moved to Bucks Co by 1701 though he died in Philadelphia in 1721 and his son Joseph settled in Bucks Co where he died in1745; his son Thomas remained in Philadelphia where he died in 1732/3; his son Joshua died in Philadelphia after 1729 but his children were in Easton, Northampton Co by 1761 and many moved on to Rowan Co, NC; his son Caleb was in Bucks Co in 1743. His family was associated with the Pennepack Baptist Church in what became Lower Dublin Twp, Philadelphia County.


William Todd and his assumed brother John Todd appear in the Abington Presbyterian Church baptismal registers as fathers of children 1723-1738.  However, they appear to have lived in Somerset Co NJ 1735-1744 along with their brothers Robert, Andrew and James.  There is no record of their actually living in Philadelphia County during this era.  William, Robert and John appear in Hunterdon Co, NJ records in the 1740s or 1750s.  William moved to Augusta Co, VA by 1750; Robert moved to Pikeland Township, Chester County by 1756; Andrew Todd moved to Whiteland Township, Chester Co by 1760.



Phase II – 1750-1780


Robert Todd 1697-1775 settled in the Trappe are of Providence Township after his sons David and Robert Jr secured grants there in 1760-1769.  Robert d 1775 had a half-brother Andrew d 1791 who settled in Chester Co by 1760.   These brothers had come from Ireland to New Jersey and then to Philadelphia and Chester Co.


Alexander Todd/Todd married Mary Sharp in the City of Philadelphia in 1770.  He was a merchant and had business dealings in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Sussex Co, NJ and was still listed in the Philadelphia census in 1810.  He had a brother William who lived in Gloucester Co, NJ (just down river from Philadelphia).  Alexander had a son William Hepburn Todd who married Mary Campbell in Philadelphia in 1795; he had a dau Elizabeth Tod who married John Otto in 1802.   William H Tod had children:  Helen C., Mary md Edmund Wilcox, Oliver, Alexander, Samuel Beynard, Edward Karp. 


John Todd abt 1736-1793, son of John Todd the Quaker, d 1775 New London, Chester Co, moved to Philadelphia and served as a school master by 1769.  His son, the Quaker lawyer, John md Dolly Payne and after John Jr.s death in 1793, Dolly married John Madison who later became President of the United States.  Dolly used her position to get her nephews commissions in the US Navy.


William Todd a coachmaker was in Phila. between 1774 and 1782 tax lists.  He does not seem to appear in the 1790 and 1800 census in Philadelphia.


John Todd, a brewer, appears in the tax lists in 1780 and 1782. 


A Moses Todd married Katherine Patterson (dau of Robert Patterson of Dunlace, Co Antrim, Ireland who died 1772 in Phila) and had sons Daniel and Robert by 1772.


A Joseph Todd, a laborer, appears on the 1780  tax list for Pasayunk Twp, and may be the Joseph Todd who married Ann White in 1770 in St Pauls PE Church or the Joseph Todd who married in 1788 in Third Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia to Barbara Elliott.


Phase III – Post-1780


An Elisha Todd, a carter, appears in the Northern Liberties and files a will in 1810 with bequests to to the African Benevolent Association of Bethell Church (where he is a member) and the African Methodist Episcopla Church called Bethell in Philadelphia.

Mother: Philes Todd

A sister-in-law or sister: Hester Todd

Nephew: Elisha Todd, son of Hester


A Martha Green, a gentle-woman in her 1798 will mentioned friends William H. Todd Esq and William Todd Senr. 




Thomas Todd in Lower Delaware Ward in 1800.

Samuel Todd in Locust Ward in 1810; an

Alice Todd in North Ward in 1810

William Todd in South Mulberry Ward in 1810 

Quinten Tod b prior to 1765 with a wife and two daughters who was in East Marlborough Twp Chester Co in 1800 and in South Mulberry Ward in 1810.


Other unaccounted for Todds:


Wm Todd md Jane Cunningham 12/8/1793 Swedes Church

Mary Todd md Thomas Hanson Beau/Bean 7/17/1799 Swedes Church


Sarah Todd md Benjamin Ford 12/20/1793 St Pauls

John Todd md Mary Henderson 12/10/1797 1st Pres

Isabella Todd md Joseph Barber?Barbara 12/14/1794


The Philadelphia records have not been well research so it is difficult to sort out these various Todds.






  1. York County Support
    1. Census Records of York


Robert Todd, mixed, one male over 16, living next to two Henry Wierman’s, Wm Wireman, Jams Wilson, township not stated

James, Newberry 1-0-3

Joseph, Newberry,1-1-1


James, Newberry,   20010-21111, Next door to Joseph Hutton (James 26-45=>1755-1774; 2 sons born 1790-1800, several daughters, wife, and possibly mother?)

Joseph Hutton, Newberry, 01010-12210

Joseph d 1793

William seems to have left.


James, Newberry, 02001-01201 (James over 45, i.e. born prior to 1765, 2 sons b 1794-1800, 3 dau, wife over 45)



    1. Guardianship Records



From the York Co., PA. Index to Guardian Records, Microfilm #22150 is the following data on TODDS, SIPES/SEIPES [Nothing in Books D, F.]



Book B (1763-1779)

p. 196, TOD, Rob't, Personal Est.

p. 197, TOD, Rob't & Ann Guardian (?)

p. 212, TOD, Joseph, James & Wm.

p. 220, TOD, James, Personal Est.


Book G (1793-1797)

p. 249, TODD owing his guardian,

        TODD, Hannah, owing her guardian.

p. 380, TOD, Hanna, her guardian.


Book H (1798-1803)

p.  38, TODD, Joseph, Personal Est.

p. 207, TODD, Owen, rule to take depositions p. 214, TODD, Owen & Hannah report on the

              account of their guardians.

Book L (1815-1816)

p. 246, TODD, Wm. Doct (?) Personal Est.


Book P (1826-1829)

p. 406, TODD, James Personal Est.


Citation:  Film 1,036,096, Edith Beard Cannon, Evidences of the TODD Families of York Co. [PA]  The same information can also be found in a book:  US/CAN 974.841 D28g  vol. 30 pt.2 Large Q book.


Guardain records will follow these two Admin. accounts: 


p. 257 - York Co. Will Bk B:116 - 21 May 1767.  Estate of James TODD; Hannah TODD, of Newberry Twp., widow, administratrix.  Tenet in 800 pounds.  Inventory filed 13 May 1769, totaling 556pounds 9s.11p.  Mentions "a tract of land aboute 2 hundred acors situated in Newberry Twp, York Co."  Appraisal made 10th day of July 1767.  Affixed:

"An instrament of wrighting of a yearly annuity of John Cain to Ann Cain, a former wife of the Deceased James Todd and to 1 Bond from John Cain to Ann Cain payable august ye firs 1721 for 7 pounds supposed to be bad.  Han! nah Todd."


p. 257 - Will Bk B:128, 30 July 1767.  Estate of Robert TODD, Huntington Twpl. Hannah TODD, widow, administratrix.  Tenet in 150 pounds.  Inventory filed 27

Aug. 1767, totaling 34 pounds.3s.9p.


p. 257 - Administrative Accounts (Those filed during 1749 - 1850 inclusive; office of the Register of Wills, Court House, York, PA.

31 Dec 1795.  Estate of Joseph TODD.

29 Mar. 1798.  Estate of Joseph TODD, 2nd account.

22 May 1801.  Estate of Joseph ToddM, Guardianship

10 Nov. 1814.  Estate of Dr. W. A. TODD of ____(illegible)


York Co. PA. Guardianship Accounts.  Besides the above source, Evidences of the TODD Families of York County, PA. pages 257-259.  The accounts can also be found in the following FHL Films. 

Film 22,152.  Vol.B (1763-1770)

Vol B:196, 30 Aug. 1768.  Hannah TOD [sic], administratrix of Robert TOD, dec'd, shows a balance of 43pounds.9s.2p.  The said deceased left a widow Hannah, an only son,Robert, and a dau. Ann.  Hannah retains her 1/3 of 14 pounds.5s.5p. She is ordered to pay only son, Robert TOD, 19 pounds.8p. for his 2 shares of balance  Hannah pay daughter of intestate, Ann TODm, 9 pounds.10s.4p.3farthings.  Court costs 12s.9p.


Vol B:197, 30 Aug. 1768. Hannah TOD comes to court to have Guardians appointed for her son, Robert, 4 years, and dau. Ann, 6 years.  Henry Wireman, Huntingdon Twp. was appointed guardian for both children.


Vol.212, 23 March 1769.  James TOD, 19 years & William TOD, 17 years, the orphan children of James TOD, dec'd, late of Newberry Twp. ask court to allow them to choose a guardian.  William Willis, Manchester Twp. and William Leas, York town ! were appointed guardians.


Vol.B:212, 23 March 1769.  Joseph Updegraff petitions the Court to appoint the same guardians as above for Joseph TOD, aged 12 years, one of the children of James TOD late of Newberry Twp.


Vol.B:220, 9 April 1769.  Petition recites that Hannah Martin, the now wife of James Martin and late widow of James TODD, late of Newberry Twp. dec'd has not settled her administration account of said deceased's estate.


Vol.B:220, 29 April 1769.  Wm. Willis and Wm. Leas, Guardians of James, William and Joseph TOD, children of the late James TOD, complains Hannah Martin, the new wife of James Martin & late widow of James TOD, dec'd, has not settled her administration account & the Guardians have not received their monies. James Martin and Hannah, his wife, are summoned to appear13 day May next.


Vol.B:220, 13 M! ay 1769.  James Martin and Hannah, his wife, late Hannah TOD, administratrix of estate of James TOD, dec'd show a balance of 285 pounds.0.10 1/2p.

The Court orders the Martins to immediately pay Wm. Willits and Wm. Leas, Guardians of James, William and Joseph TOD 95 pounds.3p.1/2 penny the present share to James TOD, and the same to William and Joseph TOD if not an attachment will be levied against the Martins.


FHL Film 022,153, Orphan Court Records, Vol G (1793-1797)

Vol G:249, 30 Dec. 1790.  Owen TODD (15) son of Joseph ToD, dec'd asks to have Thomas Owings appointed his guardian.


Vol G:243, 30 Dec. 1790.  Hannah TODD (14) minor orphan child of Joseph TODD, dec'd asks that Eli Kirk be appointed as her guardian.


Vol. G:254, 31 Dec. 1795.  James TODD and John Love, executors of the last will and testament of Joseph TODD, late of Newberry Twp.! dec'd, show a balance of 76pounds.14s.3p.3pennies.


Vol. G:380, 27 Dec. 1797. Hannah TOD (16) a minor daughter of Joseph TOD, dec'd asks to have Isaac Kirk, Newberry Twp. appointed her guardian instead of Eli Kirk, dec'd.


FHL Film 022,153, Vol. H (1798-1803)

Vol. H:38,  28 June 1798.  Estate of Joseph TODD, dec'd shows a balance for distribution of 51pounds.17s.3p.1f.


Vol. H:207, 25 June 1801.  Rule to take the depositions in the City of Baltimore in the case of Thomas Owen, guardian of Owen TODD, and also in the case of Thomas Owen and Isaac Kirk, guardians of the estates of Owen TODD and Hannah Bisset, minor orphan children of Joseph TODD, dec'd


Vol. H:219, 22 Sept. 1801.  William Walsh, John Felker, Jacob Gartner and Joseph Garretson, appointed to settle the accounts between Thomas Owen, guardian of Owen TODD and Isaac Kirk, ! guardian of Hannah TODD, now intermarried with Thomas Bisset, make a report of their investigation of the accounts of the estate aforesaid.  "We are of the opinion & do award that there is due to Thomas Owings/Owen ? & Isaac Kirk the sum of 52 pounds.19s. & further award that Thomas Owings shall transfer & make over in a legal manner a note due from Joseph Burneston to the said Thomas Owings conditioned for the payent of 45 pounds.17s.6p. unto the said Owen TODD & Thomas Bissel for their proper use.


FHL Film 022,154, Vol. L (1813-1816)

Vol. L:216, 13 Dec 1814.  Estate of Dr. Wm. A. TODD, late of the Borough of York, dec'd, shows a balance due the accountant of $318.19.


FHL Film 022,156, Vol. P (1826-1829)

Vol. P:406, 7 April 1829,James TODD and Jacob Frankleberger, admin. of the estate of James TODD, dec'd, show a balance of $219.42 1/2.


! End of Guardian Accounts.  Continuing with Evidences of the TODD Families of York County, PA.

p. 259, Section VIII, Nespaper Records, Obits and Marriages from 1757-1850.

1.  4 June 1823.  Joseph TODD, son of James, of Newberry Twp. died in his 22nd year.

     (York Recorder, 10 June 1823.)

2.  18 Aug. 1811, Ann TODD, widow of Dr. W. A. TODD, of Downingtown, died. (York

     Recorder, 24 Aug. 1811)


p. 259, Section IX Taxables of 1762 (Original in Historical Soc. of Pennsylvania,

transcript in Historical Soc. of York Co.).

Robert TOD, of Nenallen Twp. Valuation 40 pounds, tax 0pounds.6s.0p

James TODD of Newberry Twp. Valuation 80 pounds, tax 0pounds.12s.0p.



    1. Misc records from Edith Beard Cannon


Citation:  Film 1,036,096, Edith Beard Cannon, Evidences of the TODD Families of York Co. [PA]  The same information can also be found in a book:  US/CAN 974.841 D28g  vol. 30 pt.2 Large Q book.


p. 260  Section XI,  Services in the Revolution

1.  James TODD, Newberry Twp. fined warrant dated 10 May 1777, for failure to "meet and exercise in order to learn the art military," as was required by an Act of Assembly of 4 Feb. 1777.[Warrant Bk. MS. Historical Soc. of York Co.; H.J. Young.  York Co. PA. in the American Rev:  A Source Book, MS, Black Series, 203.]

Private (Jams. TODD) in the Second Class, Second (Captain John Rankin) Company, 2nd Battalion, York Co. Militia, according to a return dated 11 Apr. 1778, [Blair, 133, MS. Historical Soc.of York Co; Young op.cit. Black Series, 473.] and one dated 17 Apr. 1778, [Blair, ! 134; Young. op.cit., Black Series, 515.] in which capacity he paid a total of 20pounds.0. fines for non-attendance from March 1777 - May 1779.  He remained a member of the unit when in 1780 it became the Fifth (Capt. Thomas Gould) Company, Third Battalion.


2  Patric [sic] TODD, a memberr of the Fourth Class of the inhabitants of Hamiltons Bann Twp. one of the "young men" classified under an Act of Assembly passed in 1780, entitled "An Act to compleat the Quota of the Foederal [sic] Army," each class was "required to provide in fifteen days from 30 Jan. 1781, one able-bodied Recruit for the Continental Army to serve during the War," under penalty of a fine of 15pounds. [Class lists; Young, op. cit. Black Series, 162.]


3.  Henry FODD (probably TODD) of Chanceford Twp, Private in the Seventh Class, Eighth (Captain Thomas McNary) Company, Sixth Battalion, York Co. Militia, according to a retur! n dated 26 Apr. 1778. [Uncatalogued MS. Archives Division, PA. State Library; Young, op.cit.  Black Series, 556; Pennsylvania Archives, Sixth Series, II, 549.]


p. 261   4. William TODD, of Newberry Twp. fined 3pounds.10s. by warrant dated 10 May 1777, for failure to "meet . . ." [same wording as in James TODD'S record above.  Private in Fifth Class, Second (Capt. John Rankin) Company, [Warrant Bk., Young, op.cit., Black Series, 204.] Second Battalion, York Co. Militia, according to a return dated 11 Apr. 1778 [Blair, 133, Young, op.cit., Black Series, 204.] and one dated 17 Apr. 1778. [Blair, 134, Young op.cit., Black Series, 517.] in which capacity he paid fines of 7pounds.10s for non-attendance from March 1777 to May 1779.[Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd Series, VII, 52.]


5.  Joseph TODD of Yorktown, fined 3pounds.10s by warrant dated 10 May1777, for fa! ilure to "meet . . ." [same wording as in James TODD'S record above. Warrant Bk., Young, op.cit., Black Series, 208.]   Private in the Seventh Class, Fourth (Capt. Christopher Lauman) Company, Third Battalion, York Co. Militia, according to two undated muster rolls, but which internal evidence shows to be Revolutionary muster rolls of 1777-1780. [MSS. Archives Division, Young, op.cit., Black Series, 547 (unpublished, 579, Pennsylvania Archives, 6th Series, II, 491 (Listed in these two later as Joseph TOTT) ]


6.  Joseph TODD, Newberry Twp. Private in Third Class, Second (Capt. John Rankin) Company, Secondf Battalion, York Co. Militia, according to a return dated 17 Apr. 1778 [Fine Bk, MS. Archives Division Pennsylvania State Library, Young, op.cit., Red Series, 265.]


p. 262   7.  Andrew TODD of York Co., Private in Capt. Charles Coulston's Company of PA. Volunteers, recruited from the York Militia in the summer of 1780, listed as having given seven months' service for which he was paid 17pounds.10s. at the rate of 50 shillings per month. [Pennsylvania Archives, 6th Series, II, 693, Young, op.cit., Red Series, 20l.]


8.  Captain TODD'S Pennsylvania Company mentioned in pension claim,S.23059, based upon the military service of Philip Wambach, who volunteered in 1781 and served six months ending in 1782 as a drummer in the above-named company. ]Young, op.cit., Black Series, 408.]


9.Lieut. TODD, 1st Lieut. Seventh (Capt. Wm. Nelson) Company, First (Colonel Michael Swope) Battalion, First (Brigadier General James Ewing) Brigade, "Flying Camp," which battalion suffered as severely as anyone during the Revolution. [John Gibson, History of York County, Pennsylvania, 130.]


p. 264.  Section XII Miscella! neous Notes

Warrantees of Land in the County of Lancaster, 1733-1896, Pennsylvania Archives,  3rd Series, Vol. XXIV.  page 545, John   TODD, 225 acres,   2 Oct. 1739.

                                    "     "     John   TODD, 200 acres, 29 Nov. 1742.

                                    "     "     James TODD, 200 acres, 13 July 1742

                                 page 546, John    TODD, 300 acres, 22 Mar. 1743.

                                    "      "    John    TODD, 150 acres,  9 Nov. 1743.

                                    "      "    John    TODD, 403 acres, 23 Jun. 1747.


p. 264 (con't) John Gibson, History of York County, Pennsylvania, (1886)

     pages 319 & 635, James TODD, commissioned Justice of the Peace under the

     Consitution of 1790 for the Third District composed of Newberry & Fairview Twps.,

     28 March 1799.


     page 448, James TODD (youngest son of Henry & Mary TODD of Chanceford and

     Fawn Twps. was appointed Attorney-General of Pennsylvania by Governor Joseph

     N. Ritner (1835-1839).


     page 656.  The Reverend Nathaniel TODD, afterward a venerable preacher and

     teacher in western Pennsylvania, supplied "Monaghan Church," (Dillsburg Pres-

     byterian Church) Congregation as pastor for! sometime between 1815 & 1830.


p. 264 (con't) Warner, Beers & Company, History of Adams County, Pennsylvania, (1886)  page 252.  George TODD, listed as one of the single men of Franklin Twp. in 1799.


Albert Cook Myers, Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania, 1682-1750 (1902)

     page 331.  Deborah TODD, dau. of John TODD, of London Grove, Chester Co. PA.

     mar. 9 mo. 15d 1750, Wm. Hutton (b. 12m.14d,1725), son of Joseph Hutton, son

     of Thomas, who settled in New Garden, Chester Co.  The couple removed to

     Warrington Monthly Meeting, York Co. ca. 1751.


     page 336.  John Cane, and wife, Ann, from Ballyhagen Meeting, County Armagh,

     Ireland,! were received 10m,5d, 1713, at Newark or Kennett Monthly Meeting of

     Chester Co, PA and New Castle Co.; Delaware.  They settled in London Grovek,

     Chester Co, where he died shorthly after.  His widow is supposed to have married

     __?__ TODD.  Children of John and Ann Cane:  John mar.9m,7d,1722, Rachel, dau

     of Randall and Mary Malin; Ann, mar. 3m,24d, 1722, James Miller; Margaret (?)

     mar. in 1720, John TODD; Robert (?) mar. in 1730, Ann Dixon [History of Chester



p. 265 Dr. Albert Cook Myers, The Wierman Family, published in the Literary Era, a

monthly periodical published by Henry T. Coates & Co. of Philadelphia, 21 Feb. 1899.

John TODD, of New London, Chester Co. PA.l wife, Margaret (Cane) TODD,

     Issue:  Robert, b.                                d.  1767

                mar. 12m 4, 1760 at Huntington Meeting, York Co. (now Adams Co.) to

                Hannah Wierman, b. 7m, 1744, d.                        mar. (2) ____ Morgan.


                Ann, b.                      ;d.

                mar. John Powell.


p. 253 - Section II, "Church Registers," (Copied from transcripts & microphographic copies at the Historical Soc. of York Co. performed by the Reverend John Cuthbertson  (1751-1791)


9 Apr 1775, "Sabbath" Baptized Jean, dau. John TODD, at Thomas Kennedy's,


8 Nov. 1778, "Sabbath" Baptized Hannah, dau. Wm. Rankin;  Bap. Mary, dau. John


4 Aug. 1776, "Sabbath" Bapized Margaret, dau. John TODD, at home.

20 May 1781, "Sabbath" Baptized John, son of John TODD, at home.


Complete Record of Baptisma of Guenston United Presbyterian Church at Chanceford Twp., York Co. Pa (1772-1846)

Born 4 Nov. 1774, William TODD, son of Henry & Mary TODD, James McNary Spon.

Bap. 3 Apr. 1775,                                                                  Wm. Stuart, Spon.


Bap. 4 July 1779, Henry at Guweenstown, son of Henry & Mary TODD of Chanceford

     Twp. Jane McNary, Sponsor


Born 2 Nov. 1781, Margaret, dau. of Henry & Mary TODD of Fawn, Alex Moor, Spon.

      Twp.                                                                                  Sam'l Harper, Spon

Bap. 10 June 1782, at Guweenstown,


Born 15 Mar. 1784, Eliz, dau. of Henry & Mary TODD of Fawn Twp., John Fullerton &

Bap. 8 Aug 1784, at Guweenstown     


29 Dec 1786, James, son  of Henry & Mary TODD   of Fawn Twp. Alex Moor , Spon

Bap. 18 June 1781 at Guweenstown


This concludes the material from York Co. PA. More later from other sources.

Patt 'Fulton


    1. Henry Todd family: James Todd attorney general


History of Uniontom, Pennsylvan,ia,. 411


James Todd was of Scotch descent and was born in York

county, Pa., December 25, 1'786. In the early part of the follow-

ing year his parents removed to Fayette county, where his

mother died during the same summer and his father survived

her but a few months, and he was placed under the care of

Duncan McLean. His schooling was limited to one and a half

years attendance at the schools of the neighborhood. He, how-

ever, improved himself by reading a t night what books he could

procure, after the labors of the day, and joined a debating

society for further mental improvement. He served as county

commissioner in 1815-19, and while serving as such he read law

under John Bouvier, and at the expiration of his term he was

elected to the legislature and was afterwards re-elected for four

additional successive terms, always taking an active and leading

part in its proceedings.

He was admitted to the bar of Fayette county October 30,

1833, from which time he was eminently successful as an attor-

ney. I n September, 1825, he was appointed prothonotary and

clerk of the court, which offices he held until February, 1830.

I n December, 1835, he was appointed attorney-general of the

State by Governor Ritner and thereupon removed to Phila-

delphia. This position he held until 1838, when he was ap-

pointed president judge of the court of Criminal Sessions of the

city and county of Philadelphia, in which position he remained


until 1840, when the court was abolished by the legislature.

He then resumed the practice of law in Philadelphia where he

at once took a first rank among the leaders of that bar. He

died in Westmoreland county, to which he had removed in 1852,

September 3, 1863, in the seventy-seventh year of his age. A

eulogy passed upon Judge Todd was that he was the architect

of his own fortunes, and without the aid of schools or masters

he won his way to the bar, to the legislature, to the cabinet

and to the bench, acquitting himself in all with distinction.


Moses Hampton Todd was the son of Judge James Todd

who was appointed attorney-general of the state by Governor

Ritner, December, 1835. He was born in Philadelphia August

31, 1845. After the death of his father at Greensburg in 1863,

the family returned to Uniontown where he read law with G.

W. K. Minor, and was admitted to the bar a t September term,

1868, and soon removed to Allegheny county where he remained

a short time, and on January 23, 1869, he was admitted to the

bar of Philadelphia. He was appointed attorney-general by

Governor Stewart January 16, 1907.


  Census Place District 1, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  Family History Library Film   1255182 NA Film Number   T9-1182   Page Number   9A   


Alice TODD   Self   M   Female   W   34   PA   Keeping House   PA   PA 

 Hampton TODD   Husband   M   Male   W   35   PA   Lawyer   PA   PA 

 Mary TODD   Dau   S   Female   W   7   PA   At School   PA   PA 

 Jennie TODD   Dau   S   Female   W   5   PA      PA   PA  

 Effie TODD   Dau   S   Female   W   3   PA      PA   PA 

 Jane TODD   Mother   W   Female   W   78   PA      PA   PA 

 Lizzie FAGAN   Other   S   Female   W   22   IRE   Servant   IRE   IRE 

 Annie TRAY   Other   S   Female   W   19   IRE   Servant   IRE   IRE 


Children of ALICE FERREE and MOSES TODD are:

2271. i.   MARY FERREE8 TODD, b. February 07, 1873, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PA.

  ii.   JEAN MILLER TODD, b. January 13, 1875.

  iii.   ALICE EUPHEMIA TODD, b. August 04, 1876.

  iv.   FERREE TODD, b. September 27, 1878; d. August 16, 1879.

  v.   ANNIE HAMPTON TODD, b. June 08, 1880.

  vi.   HAMPTON TODD, b. June 02, 1882; d. May 05, 1887.


27 Aug 1850 Federal Census Hempfield Twp., Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania - living in household of Robert LOWRY 34M PA, farmer; Nancy LOWRY 31F PA; Mary J. LOWRY 12F PA; Martha LOWRY 10F PA, Margaret LOWRY 9F PA, Samuel O. LOWRY 7M PA, James N. LOWRY 5M PA, Mathew LOWRY 3M PA, Robert C. LOWRY 9m PA; James TODD Sr. 64M PA (abt 1786), attorney, $17,000 real estate; James TODD Jr. 18M PA (abt 1832); Henry TODD 13M PA (abt 1837).

23 Jun 1860 Federal Census Hempfield, Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania 469/476 - James TODD Sr. 73M PA (abt 1787), attorney at law; Jane TODD 58F PA (abt 1802); Eliza TODD 30F PA (abt 1830); James TODD Jr. 28M PA (abt 1832), attorney at law; Annie H. TODD 26F PA (abt 1834); Hampton TODD 14M PA (abt 1846); Elizabeth BENNETT 9F PA (abt 1851); Martha HALL 21F PA (abt 1839) (black), servant.

1880 Federal Census 32nd St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania 99/100 - Rebecca ABBOTT mother 54F PA; Wm. W. ABBOTT son 26M PA, salesman; Harriet ABBOTT wife 25F PA; Samuel ABBOTT 24M PA; Henry TODD nephew 18M PA (abt 1862); James TODD brother 48M PA, attorney, 1 board, 2 servants.

Note: I don't find the James TODD (b 1832) after 1880

15 Jun 1900 Federal Census Price St., Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania 296/277 - Henry C. TODD 38M PA (Jul 1861), lawyer, parents b PA; Mary C. TODD wife 36F PA (Dec 1863), married 7 years, no children born; Edith M. TODD 19F PA (Dec 1880); Henry TODD father 63M PA (Sep 1836), parents b PA, 2 servants.

Margaret Todd wife of Henry Todd d 1873 in Westmoreland Co.  Perhaps this was the mother of Henry Todd above.?




    1. Deed INdexes


(See elsewhere)


    1. Deed Abstracts

(1)    Book 3o, p160

6 July 1836..William Todd of the County of Frederick (Maryland), miller and farmer and Rebeca his wife..and John Reynolds of (Lancaster, PA) … for $6750 ..(sold 10 parcels obtained between 1829 and 1833 and sold them all to John Reynolds) in Windsor Township, York Co, PA.

(2)    Book 3L p 524

Franklin Stroman and Ann his wife of Windsor Township (York County PA) and William todd of the town of Columbia (Lancaster County) and Rebecca his wife have exchanged small parcels of land situate in Windsor Township..(mentions post of west side of Cabin Branch and mentions other lands of William Todd) 21 June 1832.

(3)    Book 3H, p 65

10 april 1806 between Thomas Bisset of Newbury Township (York Co, PA) and Hannah his wife.. and Hugh Foster of township and county and state aforesaid..1200 pounds..(sell) …beginning at a white oak S 53E 60 perches, thence b land of James Todd Esquire, lands of George Ensiminger…101 acres and 100 perches, situate in Newbury Township (Uork Co) beig the same trac of land which was willed ..unto the said Hannah Todd intermarried with Thomas Bisset and Owen Todd since deceased…and Hannah bein the sister and only heir at law of the said Owne Todd by the last will and testament of Jospeh Todd late of Newbury Township deceased..bearing date 7 March 1793 …which descended to Joseph Todd by a regular chain of titles…

Before me Edward Johnston, Esquire, Mayor of ..Baltimore..personally appears Hannah Bisset, the wife of Thomas bisset of the said City..declares that shed did voluntarily and of her own fee will..seal and as her act and deed deliver the said indenture to Hugh Foster and at the time of doing theeof the full contents of said Indenture were known to her..23 Jan 1824

(4)    Book 2T p 173

Received May 7, 1804 from Doctro William A. Todd.. 32 pounds 14 shillings and three pence half penny..(from Morris Family), recorded 13 Sept 1808


27 May 1806 between Wiliam A. Todd and Ann his wife of Allen Township, Cumberland County (PA) and John Bishop, Ironmaster, now of same place.. for 58 pounds 19 shillings and four pence..sold..tract in Fairveiw Township, York county..beginning at a black oak at a corner of Peter Whitmans of John of Nathaniel Freeman,..containing 27 acres 135 warrant 16 Oct 1792 .. to Joseph Morris who died intestate…

Witnessed 27 May 1806 R. Hamerlsy

Recorded 13 Sept 1808

(5)    Book 2V p 404

James Todd Esq to Hugh Foster

 Oct 1806 James Todd Esq of newbury Township (York Co, PA) and Martha his Hugh Foster, of same place, merchant..for 1200 Newbury township..Beginning at a marked white oak in a line of land belonging to the heirs of William Rankin.. thence by same s53E 60 perchest,

By land of James Todd Esq S37W 288 perches

By lands of George Ensminger N53W 50,

By lands of WilliamHooper N37E 288 to beginning..

101 acres 100 perches , begin part of a larger trac.. called New Park which was granted to James Todd by patent dated 17 May 1810 (Patent Book H, No.4, p 69)

(6)    Book 3S p 537

Thomas Bisset and wife to Hugh Foster

10 April 1806 between Thoma Bisset of Newbury Twp (York Co, PA) and Hannah his wife.. and Hugh Foster..for 1200 pounds..beginning at a white oak S53E 60, by land of James Todd esq S37W 288, by lands of George Ensmenger, N53W 60 perches, by lands of Eli Lewis N37E 288 to beginning 101 acres 100 peches..situate in Newbury Township (York Co, PA) being the same tract of land that was willed unto the said Hannah Todd intermarried with Thomas Bisset and Owen Todd since deceased.

York Records from Patt Fulton’s March 2006 trip to SLC

These are all US/CAN films from the Family History Library, Salt Lake.

Film 1,036,096, Edith Beard Cannon, Evidences of the TODD Families of York Co. [PA]  The same information can also be found in a book:  US/CAN 974.841 D28g  vol. 30 pt.2 Large Q book. Both contain the York Co. Guardian records that I had a researcher copy.   I'll list the references as given.

Deeds: (Those recorded during 1749-1850)

p. 254 -   Deed Bk B:180, 11 Oct. 1763.  John TODD, yeoman, Grantor, of New  London Twp., Chester Co., PA. and Sarah, his wife; to Daniel Boyle of Menallen Twp., taylor, for 154 pounds, 201 acres in Huntington Twp. patented to grantor by the

Proprietaries 16 Jan. 1750.


p.254 - Deed Bk 2F:75, 30 May 1760.  Geo. Stevenson and Mary, his wife, and Richard Peters of the city of Philadelphia, Esq., executor of the last will and testament of Thomas Cookson of the Borough of Lancaster, dec'd, to John TODD; for 5 shillings to each:  a quit-claim deed to 204 acres in Manchester Twp., (at that time a part of Lancaster Co.), patented to Sebastian Grall,10 Jan. 1744, (Patent Bk A, Vol. 12:175) who on 30 Jan. 1744 sold the same to Thomas Cookson, as recorded in Bk.B:275,Lancaster Co., Deeds, who in turn sold it to John TODD of New London Twp. Chester Co., yeoman.  This last mentioned deed was never entered of record, but according to the affirmation of Sarah McKee, 7 Sept. 1759, taken before John Scott of Chester Co. the above recited patent and conveyances were lodged in her hands by  Robert TODD, son of the said John and by her deposited in her desk in her dwelling ho! use,New London, and the said dwelling, together with the desk, the patent, etc. "were accidently and suddenly burned and totally consumed by fire, 8 March 1759."

The deed recites that this land adjoined lands of Thomas Powell, George Stall, Henry Weideback, Joshua Kenworthy & Wm Wireman/Wyerman.


p. 254 - Deed Bk 2F:77, 28 June 1760.  John TODD, New London Twp. Chester Co. PA. yeoman, & Sarah, his wife, to Robert TODD, Huntington Twp.;, York Co. weaver, eldest son and heir-at-law of the said John TODD; for 5 shillings and for the natural love and affection which they have and bear unto their said son; the 204 acres situate in Manchester Twp. (Now called Huntington), subject to the yearly quit-rent to the Chief Lord or Lords of the Fee, the same as in Deed Bk 2F:75.


p. 254 - Deed Bk 2F:78, 12 Apr. 1763.  Robert TODD, Huntington Twp., weaver, and

Hannah, his wife, to Nathaniel Litne! r, Leacock Twp.., Lancaster Co., yeoman, for 160 pounds, 204 acres in Huntington Twp, as recited in 2F:75 and 2F:77.


p. 254 - Deed Bk 2B:268, 26 July 1783.  William TODD and Elizabeth, his wife, of Newberry Twp. to Eli Lewis for 200 pounds, 55 acres, 6 perches of land in Newberry Twp, the grantor's share of the land which his father James TODD, intestate, died seized, the eastern half of a tract of land surveyed in pursuance of a warrant dated 1 Nov. 1735.  The deed recites that James TODD'S three children were James, Wm. and Joseph.


p. 255 - Deed Bk 2B:279, 18 Jan., 1779.  William TODD, Newberry Twp. & Eliz. his wife, to Joseph TODD of same place, for 450 pounds, the grantor's undivided share in 220 acres in Newberry Twp., James TODD, his father, died seized of, subject to the quit-rent due the chief Lords of the Fee.  The deed recites that James TODD left a widow, Hannah TODD and three sons! , James, William and Joseph, the last grantor and grantee.


p.255 - Deed Bk 2B:282, 24 Feb. 1783, Joseph Heald , Kent Co., Delaware, gives power of attorney to his friend & relative Joseph TODD in the matter of a piece of land in Newberry Twp. formerly taken up by John Heald, adj. land of James TOID (sic).


p. 255 - Deed Bk 2B:282, 29 Aug. 1783, Eli Lewis, Newberry Twp. and wife, Pamela, quit-claim to Joseph TODD of Town of Baltimore, MD, to the land deeded them by Wm. TODD and Eliz., his wife, as in Deed Bk 2B:268.


p. 255 - Deed Bk 2S:410, 8 Aprl. 1807.  Robert Hamersly, York, PA. and Elisa, his wife, to James TODD, Esp. of Newberry Twp. for 100 pounds, Lot No 12 in town of

Lewisberry, Newberry Twp; containihng 2791 sq.ft. eight inches.


p. 255 - Deed Bk 2S:537, 10 Apr. 1806.  Thomas Bisset of Newberry Twp. and wife, Hanna! h, sister of Owen TODD and dau. of Joseph TODD, dec'd of Newberry Twp. to Hugh Foster for 1,200 pounds, 101 acres, 100 perches of land, Newberry Twp. being the same tract willed to Hannah TODD intermattied with Thomas Bisset and Owen TODD since dec'd.  Hannah Bisset the only heir-at-law of said Owen TODD. Recorded again Deed Bk 3H:65.


p. 255 - Deed Bk 2T:172, 7 May 1804.  John Morris and Mary, his wife, Joseph Morris and Eliz. Morris, all of Allen Twp., Cumberland Co., PA. to Dr. Wm A. TODD, of same place for 32 pounds.14 3 1/2 shillings, 27 acres, 135 perches of land in Fairview Twp. York Co.


p. 255 - Deed Bk 2T:173, 27 May 1806.  William A. TODD and Ann, his wife, Allen Twp., Cumberland Co., PA. to John Bishop, ironmaster, now of same place for 58 pounds. 19 shillings.4 p, 27 acres, 135 perches of land in Fairview Twp. York Co. same as in Deed Bk 2T:172.


p. 255 - Deed Bk 2V:4! 02, 9 Oct 1810.  James TODD, Esq. Newberry Twp. and Martha,his wife, to Hugh Foster for 1,200 pounds, 101 acres, 100 perches of land in Fairview Twp. part of a larger tract called "Newpark" patented to the grantor 17 May 1810 (Patent Bk H, No. 4:69.)


p. 255 - Deed Bk 3K:316, 26 March 1827.  James TODD, Newberry Twp. to Jacob Frankelberger in trust for Eliz. his wife, John Kettlewell in trust for Mary, his wife, and Wm. Frankelberger in trust for Matilda, his wife (which said Eliz, Mary and Matilda are daughters of the said James TODD, Esq.) for $5.00 the said James TODD by indenture bearing the same date (but of which I find no other record, by author) having granted and confirmed unto his son James TODD, Jr., 120 acres of his present dwelling plantation, now grants to the above named daughters all the residue of his aforesaid dwelling plantation not already granted to the aforesaid and also all the other real estate of James TODD, the elder wheresoever it may lie.


p. 255 - Deed Bk 3K:383, 1 July 1829, Jacob Imenheise, Windsor, Twp. to Wm. TODD, Hempfied Twp., Lancaster Co., for $2,100, 155 acres, 90 perches.


p. 256 - Deed Bk 3K:382, 1 June 1829.  Geo. Blouse, Windsor Twp. & Christine, his wife, to Wm;TODD, Hempfield Twp., Lancaster Co. for $250, 9 acres, 73 perches in

Windsor twp.


p. 256 - Deed Bk 3L:524, 21 June 1832.  Franklin Stroman and Ann, his wife, Windsor Twp. to Wm. TODD, of Columbia, Lancaster Co. PA. by mutual consent and agreement exchange small parcels of land in Windsor Twp, the grantor's 75 perches and the grantee's 126 perches.


p. 256 - Deed Bk 3L:310, 2 May 1831.  John Neff, Windsor Twp. to Wm. TODD, of Columbia, Lancaster Co. for $250, four lots in Windsor Twp. containing 9 acres and 138 perches.


p. 256 - Deed! Bk 3L:312, 28 Apr 1831.  Elizabeth Williams, Windsor Twp., widow of

George Williams, to Wm. TODD of Columbia, Lancaster Co. for $15, release of dower rights in four lots in Windsor Twp.


p. 255 - Deed Bk 3M:302, 19 Apr. 1833.  Andrew Duncan, Esq. High Sheriff of York Co. to Wm. TODD of Columbia, Lancaster Co. for $163.60 the undivided equal half of two acres in Windsor Twp which Geo. Murphy held and was the owner conjointly with Wm. TODD.


P. 256 - Deed Bk 30 (or 3O) p. 160, 6 July 1836.  Wm TODD of Frederick Co.;, MD, miller, and Rebecca, his wife, to John Reynolds, Lancaster, PA. for $6750, ten certain tracts of land in Windsor Twp. York Co.  (1) 150 acres, 90 perches as recited in Deed Bk 3K:383; (2) 9 acres, 73 perches, as recited in Bk 3K:282; (3) 2 acres as recited in Bk 3M:302; (4) 9 acres, 138 perches, as shown in Bk 3L:310; (5) 16 acresm, 44 perches as recited in Deed dated 27! Oct. 1831; (6) 29 acres, 36 perches as recited in indenture dated 19 May 1832; (7) 109 perches as shown in indenture 21 June 1832; (*) 75 perches as recited in Deed poll 21 June 1832; (10) 1 acre as recited in Deed poll 30 March 1833, containing altogether 225 acres, 41 perches.


By Richard McMurtry

Book 4X, p 107, 28 Feb 1831.  James Todd of Newberry Township, York County, PA and Jacob Prowell of same..$1785…by land of Jacob Frankleberger, by lands of William Frankleberger, ..61 acres and 41 perches..being the whole .. of the tract which James Todd Esq, the father of the above named James Todd, by his deed dated 26 March 1827 did grant to the above named James Todd..and the residue (one acre) being the lot which Jacob Frankleberger and Elizabeth his wife deed dated 23 June last .. sold the said James Todd ..Witnesses:  Isaac Kirk, Jane Kirk  (Ed. Note:  James was not married at this time.)


    1. Early Days in Rostraver

Early Days in Rostraver




Co-authored by




Published by The Times-Sun, West Newton, Pennsylvania, for


December 1949


The Todd family is of French descent for their ancestors lived in Brittany before emigrating to America.  They first settled in Lancaster County, but in

1779, Robert Todd, the grandfather of the late Robert

Pioneer Families 57

Sowers Todd and George Miller Todd, came here and settled on a farm a mile and a half from Rostraver Post Office, on part of which the old Concord School stands. The farm still belongs to the Robert Sowers Todd heirs. The first Robert Todd was a Quaker. He was a miller as well as a farmer. It is highly probable that he once operated the mill on Cedar Creek. There are many descendants of this family still in the township.

    1. asdf


  1. Lancaster County Support
    1. History of Columbia, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Ellis, Franklin and Samuel Evans, History of Lancaster County, 1883 pp.538-597.


The Methodist Church.— On the 13th day of July, 1803, Samuel Wright gave Lot No. 160, as laid down on the plan of "Old Columbia," which was the last number on the "plans" and was situated at the south corner of Alley "K" and Fifth Street, measuring forty-seven feet on Fifth Street, and extending along said alley two hundred and thirty feet. This lot was conveyed to the following-named persons: (William Todd), trustees.

    1. On the 10th day of August, 1832, Michael Elder and his wife, Charlotte, conveyed to William Todd, …, trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church, forty-eight feet of ground fronting on Cherry Street, and extending north along the east side of Third Street one hundred feet to a twelve-feet wide alley. They erected upon this lot a brick building forty feet fronting on Cherry Street, and extending along Third Street sixty feet, with a basement-room under the entire building. A gallery ran around three sides. The pulpit was at the northern end.
    2. Public Libraries.— On the 14th day of January, 1829, a number of prominent citizens subscribed various sums to be expended in the purchase of books for the mutual benefit of all those concerned in a library company to be formed  (William Todd was one of subscribers.)
    3. Tanneries.— Samuel A. Atlee, son of Col. Samuel John Atlee, erected a tannery on Shawanese Run near the Lancaster turnpike in 1798, which he sold to William Todd a few years later.
    4. In 1814, at a reorganization of the company, the following persons were enrolled as members: (James Todd)
    5. 1825-26.— Chief Burgess, Robert Spear; Assistant Burgess, William Todd.
    6. Taxable Inhabitants in 1814/1815:  William Todd,  James Todd, shoemaker
    7. Will of James Todd, 1852 (note that will was challenged by the children in Common Pleas Court and set aside 30 June 1852, this would identify the residences of the children)

I James Todd of the village of Sporting Hill, township of Rapho, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania..1. It is my will that my funeral shall be conducted without pomp, unnecessary parade or ostentation, and that the expense thereof together with all my just debts be fully paid. 2. my real estate acre and 40 perches.. be disposed of by public vendue ..with all my personal property (excepting as shall be claimed by my present faithful housekeeper, Catharine Casting.. excepting my silver watch hereafter bequeathed to Henry, son of said Catherine Casting  3.  …to Catharine Casting..$500 to be placed..Henry Miller..the interest of which is to be paid annually to the said Catharine Casting, for services rendered during my lifetime, for the use of her and her children..After her death or marriage, the balance be equally divided between Sarah, Fanny and Henry, the children of said Catherine Casting..Item.  My daughter Polly having been linving with me until this time..Item.  I my daughter Betsy, wife of Kinsey Cooper, the sum of $50 if there be that much remaining …Item: the balance of the proceeds of my estate to be equally divided among my children, Thomas, James, John, David, Polly and Ann.  Item: bequeath to Henry, son of Catharine Casting, my silver watch as a token of esteem for him.  Nominate my esteemed neighbor Jacob Sunning? And John M. Dunlap of Manheim Borough executors..5 May 1852..Wit: James burns, Christian Kauffman


Lancaster County Deed Abstracts

    1. William Todd: several deeds of William Todd involved purchase and sale of land in Columbia, Hempfield Twp, between 1808 and 1833, one of which involved a tract adjacent to the Susquehanna River.  He is referred to as shoemaker, cordwainer, lumber merchant, tanner.  (He is listed in the 1850 census in Frederick Co, MD as born 1782 in Ireland.)
    2. James Todd, shoemaker of Columbia, bought and sold land in Columbia in 1813 and in Springville (Mt Joy or Donegal Twp) in 1814.  Neither of two sales deeds mentions a wife.
    3. Mary Todd of Mt Joy, widow, bought a lot in Mt Joy, Donegal Twp, I 1833 and sold it the same year to Thomas Todd, presumably her son.  (It is not clear if she is the widow of James Todd of Columbia or not.)
    4. Thomas Todd and Susanna his wife sold a lot in 1844 in Columbia on Union St which Susanna as a widow purchased back in 1863.  This is for part of a lot fronting  on Union Street in Columbia, between lots 1, 2 and 3 for which no record of purchase by Thomas is listed in the index.  James Todd of Columbia had purchased Lot # 9 sold half of Lot # 4 on Union Street.   I suspect that Thomas inherited the lot from James and therefore the 1844 deed should be checked.  However, the absence of a wife for James makes Thomas not likely to be a son of James and therefore could be a son of William.  The census of 1850 and 1860 should be checked for Susanna,  Further research in court records is needed. 


      Mary in the Mt Joy deed above could be the widow of John Todd of Lancaster     Boro and Thomas could therefore be their son in which case we would have          two Thomas Todds to deal with.


    1. Kyle McClure connection

Bart Township

History of Lancaster County - Ellis & Evans printed 1883


In addition to these it appears that the following were residents of the township, or owned land therein: John Kyle, prior to 1730; Samuel Kyle, 1742; LeonIard File, James Money, Thomas Cooper, Calvin Cooper, Samuel Tatta, William Slaymaker, 1744; William Downing, before 1747, in which year he built a mill; Felix Baughman, the original patentee of six hundred acres around Georgetown; William McClure, the great-grandfather of Joseph McClure, near Green Tree inn, 1750; John Noble, William Laughlin, Josiah Kern, Alexander McDowell, Alexander Works, William Brasson, Thomas Smith, .Tames Laughlin, Alexander Gallutly, Joseph Miller, James Miller, Henry Eckman, Jacob Eckman, 1753; Abraham Behm, Jacob Behm, 1757; Benjamin Graff, 1768; Samuel Johnson, 1769; Patrick Ewing, a justice of the peace in 1777, and in 1784 elected a councilor; Gottlieb Hartman, Rev. John Smith, John Culbertson, 1780; William Richardson, Andrew Miller, 1790; Robert Risk, George Millart, 1807. The following is a list of non.associators that were


Settlers in Bart.-The following were inhabitants
of Bart from 1751 to 1758 inclusive:
Samuel Kyle.


William McClure.


James McClure


    1. Warrantees – Lancaster County

John Kyle: 100 acres: Dec 24, 1740

John Kyle: 50 acres: Mar 20, 1750

John McClure, JR 100 acres, Nov 19, 1743

Thomas Mcclure, 250, Nov 1, 1745

Charles Mcclure, 100, Feb 22, 1744

Thomas McClure, 1812

William McClure, 30 ac, May 13, 1774

Charles McClure, 100, Nov 19, 1749

John McClure, 200 ac, May 9, 1738

Joseph McClure, 1839

William McClure, 400, Jan 2, 1737

John McClure,       200, Mar 10, 1743

Francis Mcclure, 100, Feb 26, 1753

Wiliam McClure, 140, Mar 7, 1753

William McClure, 20 ac, Mar 7, 1753

Thomas McClure, 40, Aug 10, 1772

Thomas McClure, 25, Dec 10, 1772


    1. f
  1. Chester County Support
    1. Deed: Bk F3, p 97:  James Todd and wife to William Todd, 1811


            ..23 March 1811 between James Todd and Jennett his wife ..of West Nantmeal (Twp, Chester Co, PA) and William Todd of the same tenants in common of a tract in township aforesaid ..161-1/4 acres.. James Todd shall have..beginning at a corner, thence by land of Paul McKnight N9W 66 perches, by land of David McKinight N80-3/4E 20 perches, by same land N4-1/4E 85.3 perches, by same lnad N27.5E 120.6 thence by Lot No 2, S24.5 W 65.3 p., by same land S81W 17.9 p, by same land S24.5W 83.4 p, by same land S80W 51.5 p, by land of Alexander Wilson N80@, 49 p to beginning . 78 acres and 20 perches..and allot to William Todd.. residue of the said tract beginning at a stone corner, by land of David McKinight S85E 12.2 p, by land of James Dugan S25-1/4E 82p, by land th Estate of Robert Wallace dec S83-3/4W 147.8 p by land of Alexandr Wilson N80W 52.2 p, by lot No 1, N8E 51.5 p, by same, N24.5E 83.4 p, by same N 81E 17.9 p, by same N24.5E 65.3 to beginning..83acres and thirty perches…signed: James Todd (seal) Jennett Todd (seal) William Todd (seal) in presence of Alexr Lockheart, William Huston.  Witnessed 12 April 1811

    1. Deed:  Deed: Bk K3, p 122: Daniel Krider to James Todd: 1814

…7 April 1814Daniel Krider of West Nantmeal Township, Chester Co (PA).. and Catharine his wife of the one part and James Todd of the same palce of the otyher part..$1400.. have sold..tract,,beginning at a post, thence by other land of James Todd N78E 119.5 perches, S85E 12 p, by land of Warwick Company N24W 65 p, by land of David McKnight S50W 48 p, N76W 38.5 p, S76-3/4W 18.2 p, S16W 19p S6W 40.5 p to beginning ..36 acres: Witnesses: George Evans, Sarah Evans.. Witn: 7 April 1814

    1. Deed: Bk N3, P 100: 5 March 1816 .. John Way to William Todd

John Way of Kennett (Twp, Chester Co, PA), yeoman and Ann his wife of the one part and William Todd of the Township of East Marlborough ..$11477..two Kennett Township.. 74 acres.. and 51 acres

    1. Deed: Bk S3, p 202:  Release:  Biddy Todd to William Todd, 1821


Whereas William Todd of the township of Kennett (Chester Co, PA) for securing the payment of an annuity of two hundred dollars to his father James Todd on the 12th of August during his natural life and if he should die in the lifetime of his then present wife should pay unto his said wife the Mother of the said William the sum of $100 on the said 12th of Augusta yearly during the term of her natural life and for securing the payment of the said annuity and a provision further for his support did on the said 12th Augst 1819 mortage to the said James Todd his father all the messuage and two tracts of land situate in Kenntt..7 acres and 51 acres recorded in Mortgage Book P15, page reference thereunto had may at large appear.. whereas the said James Todd is now deseased and his Widdow B. Todd, the mother of the said William in consideration of her good will towarda her said son and to release the said premises contained in the said recited mortgage.. for $1..granted and released utno the said William Todd all estate right and.. of her the said B Todd.. otherwise called Biddy Todd.. 15 March 1821.  Biddy Todd her mark: (Witness) D Husten, John Graves

    1. Deed: D286-7: Tobias Colett, Daniel Quare and Henry Godney to James Todd


18 Dec 1723..(James Todd bought land on branches of White Clay Creek below New Garden).. at a corner of Joseph land of John Cain,.. 200 acres.

    1. Deed: Bk T, p338: Thomas Rutter to James Todd 1774

..8 July 1774..Thomas Rutter of Hanover Twp, Philadelphia and Martha his wife and Samule Potts of same and Joanna his wife .. and James Todd of East Nantmell Township.. known as Nutts Mill..250 pounds.. (for) 100 acres being part of the 250 acres known as Nutts Mine.

(See also:

Book S p 475:  10 July 1774.. James Todd of East Nantmell and Sussanah his wife.. sold rights to mine Iron Ore on the property Thomas Rutter and Samuel Potts;

Book V, p533, 1777/1779: James Todd of East Nantmell and Susanne his wife to Ezekial Miller (sold 15 acres of the mine land);

Book W2, p 224: James Todd of East Nantmell to Adam Johnson 1780/1802 (sells 89 acares of mine property)

(I believe this is James Todd son of James Todd d 1772 East Nottingham Twp)

    1. Deed: Bk V, p 299: James Purtle to John Todd, 1776

22, 3rd month, 1776, James Purtle of New Lond to John Todd of Philadelphia.  Whereas John Todd, late of the said Township of New London, yeoman, deceased, and Sarah his wife by 9 Aug 1760 did grant unto James Purtle all that tract in new London by ..Samuel Correy, Thomas Bryan, Robert Cain, by land of said John Todd, sells 15-1/2 acres to John Todd for 60 pounds.

(This is John Todd the school master of Philadelphia d 1793, the son of John Todd d 1775, buying back a small part the homestead he grew up on.)

    1. Deed: Bk W, p 401  Robert Todd buys Andrew Todds land

31 Aug 1778..Andrew Todd of Twp of Whiteland, Chester County, yeoman, and Robert Todd, late of th township of Providence (Philadelphia County), ye9oman..for 4500 pounds.. sold tract in Township of line of Joseph Lewis, line of William Riley, Welch line, along the road to the mill late Robert Powells..248 acres.. being the same which Francis and Lettice his wife, Joseph Frances and Mary his wife ..1762…did grant unto the said Andrew.

(This is Andrew d 1791 selling to his nephew Robert 1732-1816)

    1. Deed:  Book G2, p519


8 April 1793…William Caldwell of Wets Nantmell, Chester county and John Todd of Honeybrook twp, yeoman,  1788 grant for land in East Nantmell ..60 acres .. also adoining parcel of 103 acres in West Nantmell.. 425 pounds paid by John Todd

(This is John Todd d 1809, presumed son of James Todd d 1772)

    1. Deed:  Book L2, p 394:  Michael Gunkel to Robert Todd, 1795


5 Jan 1794..Michael Gunkel of East Whiteland, miller and Christiana his wife.. (to) Robert Todd of same place..79 acres and 50 perches.  For 255 pounds..34 acres. In East Whiteland..  Witness: Martin Horn, Benj. Jacobs

    1. Deed:  Book O2, p322 Henry Zook to Robert Todd


4 Feb 1797..Henry Zook of Treduffin Twp and Barbara his wife.. to Robert Todd of East Whiteland.. tract in Charlestown.. by lands of Phillip Blare, Joseph Lewis and others..200 pounds..20 acres other part 15 acres

    1. Deed:  Book T2 p 542:  Michael Gunkel to David Todd, 1800


David bought tract in Charlestown..82 acres and 50 perches.


    1. Deed:  Book Book T2, p 619: Thomas Mason to Alexander Todd, 1779


1 Jan 1779..Thomas Mason of Philadelphia and Priscilla his wife.. and Alexander Todd Philadelphia, merchant..for 2950 pounds. Plantation in Township of Easttown, Chester Co..192 acres


    1. Deed: Book T2, p 621: Alexander Todd to James Budden

April 1779..Alexander Tod of Philadelphia, merchant and Mary his wife.. (to) James Budden of said city, merchant..4050pounds.. tract in Easttown..192 acres

    1. Deed: Book X, p 168:  John Todd to Everard Conrac, 1783


25 ZMarch 1783..John Todd of ..Philadelphia, school master and Mary his wife (to) Everard Conrad of Plumstead Twp, County of Bucks, Weaver.  800 pounds…trac in New London, Chester Co.  225 acres

(this seems to be John Todd d 1793, son of John Todd d 1775, selling original tract??)


    1. Deed:  Book Y, p 375: Wiliam Todd to James Cloyd, 1784

18 Jun 1784..William Todd and Mary his wife, administratrix of John Meredith, late of West Whiteland, Chester county, and James Cloyd of Charlestown Twp, Chester County.. 45 acres.. John Meredith left a wife Mary as administratrix and she married William Todd.  Court authorized sale of land in 1782 by Mary and William to pay debts of John Meredith.

    1. Deed:  Book H2, p 288:  Robert Todd to David Todd, 1792

13 Aug 1792…robert Todd of East Whiteland Twp, Chester Co, yeoman and Eleanor his wife (to) David Todd, son of the said Robert, or same place, yeoman.  By deed 31 Aug 1778 obtainied a tract..248-1/4 acres.. for 600 pounds..150 acres except reserving the right to enter the property “with workmen, servants, carriages and horses” to dig limestone, haul thye same to the lime kiln on the property, burn lime and haul away .. limited to two kilns yearly

(This is Robert 1732-1816 selling to his son David)

    1. Deed:  Book O2, p 325, Robert todd to David Todd, 1797

March 1797..Robert Todd of East Whiteland, Chester County, yeoman, and David Todd, son of the said Robert of same place, yeoman.. by deed 4 Feb 1797 obtained two lots in Charlestown..15 acres.. for 100 pounds; sold to David 10 acres.


    1. See elsewhere for Deed Index
    2. Will of Marian Smyth: East Whiteland Twp, Chester Co:

SMYTH, MARIAN. East Whiteland.

September 12, 1803: October 24, 1803.

To daughter Anna all estate when 18 or day of her marriage, with rev.

in case of her death to my friends James Todd and Susanna his wife.

Executor: Friend Henry Root. Signed with mark.

Wits.: Joseph Ramsey, Jas. Dilworth, Evin Hoopes.


    1. Estate of James Todd, filed Feb 20 1820?/1821?: File 6765

The Account of the administration of William Todd, Adminstrator of the Estate of James Todd, late of the Township of Kennett in the County of Chester

…By cash paid Charles P Twaddell

..By cash for levi Woodow..digging grave

    1. Estate of William Todd, File 7489, Filed June 29, 1829

Adminstration of the Account of James Delaplain, Executor of the last will and testament of Charles P. Twaddell who was administrator to the estate of William Todd, late of the township of Pensbury, county of Chester

..Dr. Andrew Murphy

Dr. Wm W. Baker

Caleb Mendinall for coffin

Levi Woodrow for digging grave

Peter Hendrickson


    1. Estate of William Todd, File 7815, filed, Dec 19, 1826

The Account of Samuel Pergrin, Administrator of ..William Todd, late of the township of West Nantmell of real estate $1330

To cash paid to James Todd for attending the deceased when sick and digging grave

To cash paid to John Harris for…

By cash paid John Todd for one half of the expense of settling John Todd estate

(The above appears to confirm that this William is the brother of James and John Todd and that they were sons of John Todd d 1809.  The reference to the estate of John Todd presumably refers to money paid to the father John Todd for settling the estate of John Todd the son who died in Washington Co, PA in 1809))

    1. Estate of John Todd , File 5551, May 1, 1826

The administration Account of James Todd, surviving administrator cum testamenti annexed to the estate of John Todd, Senr late of the township of West Nantmell

By cash paid Mary Essick legacy .. $80

By cash paid Margaret Snodgrass legacy $26.67

    1. Estate of Willam Todd, file 9082, April 5, 1834

The administration account of John Ervin, Administrator, of William Todd, late of the township of Pikeland, County of Chester

By cas paid Ephraim Taylor per rect

By cash paid Eichman Wells per cect.

This accountant also claims for three months and twenty days boarding of the said deceased at six dollars per month.

    1. Estate of Samuel Todd , File 5063, Feb 8, 1809

Estate: $748.45

The Account of George Sinn, the surviving Adminstrator of Samule Todd, late of Brandywine Township

Henry Barker

Joseph white

Thomas Park

Jacob Vance

Asolom Wall

Thomas Crosby

Jas. Lockhart

Johne Duer

John Hoops

James Cristman

Robert Miller Esq for Jas Glenn

Jas McClellan

Jsoeph Read

Edward Pearce

James McLaughlin

Doctor Kersey

Robert Taylor

Jacob Fisher

Thom Hicks

Jams McFarlan

Alex Rogers

Richard Downing

Many others, no Todds


    1. Centreville, new Castle Co, Delaware

Centreville is the most important. It has a very pleasant location, on the Kennett Pike, seven miles from Wilmington, on a tract of land said to be the highest in the State. There are a number of fine residences, a good public hall, several stores and an inn. In the locality are houses of worship belonging to the Friends and the Presbyterians, and some old mansions, on highly improved farms, this being one of the richest sections of the hundred.

Centreville was an active business point sixty years ago, and had in 1821 a good store, kept by James Delaplaine, who prospered there as a merchant. William Todd and Ezekiel Bailey each had good inns; and there were mechanics of all kinds, among them being John McCullough, blacksmith; Benjamin Hollingsworth and Bernard Dalton, carpenters; Joseph Hollingsworth, wheelwright; John Kitchen, stone mason; Levi Walker and Henry Jeffers, farmers; and George Matson, drover.

The inns were taxed to their uttermost to accommodate all the guests, as many as fifty teams stopping in one night. Liquor was freely used, and also sold at the store to the extent of a wagon-load per week. The Bailey stand has been discontinued, but where William and (later) Rebecca Todd entertained the public, stands a hotel remodeled and enlarged by James Lancaster. An early innkeeper at this place was a member of the Twaddle family. Near the State line Charles Twaddle was the keeper of a public house, which has long since been closed, but was a long time famous as the "Delaware and Pennsylvania Inn."



  1. Philadelphia County Support
    1. 1825 city directory
Todd Esther, mantua maker and tailoress 13 German                                       
Todd John N. purser in the U. S. Navy Sassafras ab. 10th (Quaker Todds)                             
Todd Moses, grocer 69 N 6th    
Todd Samuel P. purser in the U. S. Navy 11 Palmyra row (Quaker Todds)                                 
Todd Thomas T. grocer 143 S 8th 
Todd Wm. weaver 12th bel. Walnut
Tod Wm. H. att’y at law 163 Walnut  (probably Wm Hepburn Todd md 1795)


    1. Obits
Public Ledger
Oct. 14, 1880
Page 2
TODD,-On the 12th instant, SAMUEL TODD, formerly of Baltimore, in the 61st year 
of his age.
The relatives and friends of the family, also Ship Carpenters in general and the 
Weighers' Department of the Custom House, are respectfully invited to attend the 
funeral, on Friday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from his late residence, No. 1735 
South Eleventh street. To proceed to Lafayette Cemetery.
TODD - Oct. 16, of pneumonia, JAMES, husband of Lidie Todd (nee Amber)  and son of Ellen and late James Todd.  Services and int. private. Hatboro, Pa., Sat., 2  p. m.   
TODD - Nov. 5, SUSAN, daughter of the late Charles and Susan Todd.  Relatives and friends invited to funeral services, Thurs., 8 p. m., 2507 N. 12th st.  Int. Fri., Bristol Cem.  Auto funeral.
    1. Will Abstracts


TODD, JAMES.   City of Phila.   January 1, 1806.   1.430. 

TODD, JAMES.  City of Phila. 

February 8, 1794.  January 1, 1806.  1.430.

Estate to wife Alice Todd during widowhood.  If she marries to have her one third,

residue to children Samuel, Deborah, Mary, John and any others that May be born.

Exec:  Brother-in-law John Poultney and wife Alice Todd.

Wit:  William Mott, George Smith.

(Quaker Todds)



One in tenure of John Todd, baker.


TODD, ELISHA.   Carter of Northern Liberties. Phila.   June 29, 1810.   3.213.


January 24, 1810. February 12, 1810.  3.99.
Bequeaths to William H. Tod, Esq., and George Campbell, Jr., of sd. 
city her frame house and lot in Northern Liberties, Phila. in trust, 
they to receive rents &c. and pay same to 
niece Margaret George, after her decease, sd. property to 
John Donnaldson, Esq., and to his son George Donnaldson. 
Legacy to Sarah Donnaldson dau. of sd. John Donnaldson. 
To John Donnaldson, Jr., share in Germantown and Perkiomen Turnpike Co. 
To aforesd. George Donnaldson also share in sd. Turnpike Co. 
Legacies to Mrs. Sarah Donnaldson wife of sd. John Donnaldson, 
to Edward M. Donnaldson, to Mary Tod dau. of sd. William H. Tod, 
to Philip Stock, Jr., her looking glass now at Mrs. Keats, 
to niece Elizabeth Sweeny, 
to Catharine Smith dau. of Frederick Smith of Germantown, 
to Rachel Baynard now living at Mrs. Donnaldsons, 
to sd. William H. Tod and George Campbell, Jr., 
to Helen and Eliza Donnaldson, 
to Richard M. Donnaldson, to Hugh Donnaldson, 
to Mary Shed, to Mrs. Mary Donnaldson, to Susan M. Donnaldson, 
to Mrs. Helen Campbell, to aforesd. Margaret George. 
Exec: Sd. George Campbell, Jr.
Wit: George Campbell, Samuel P. Griffitts.


TODD, ELISHA. Carter of Northern Liberties. Phila. 
May 8, 1810. June 29, 1810.  3.213.
All property in Northern Liberties to wife February At marriage or 
decease of sd. February he bequeaths legacy to Affracan Benavelent 
Asoseaation of Bethell Church wharein he is a member, 
to mother Philes Tood, 
to neffu Elisha Todd son of Hester Todd. Property left to wife he 
bequeaths at her marriage or death to the A Methodeth Opiscople Church 
called Bethell in Phila. 
Execs: Sd. wife February Todd, Jonathan Trusty,Robert Green and Prince Pruance.
Wit: Jacob Tapsico, Jesse Brown.
Letters granted to Jonathan Trusty and Robert Green.


TODD, Joseph.   Eling, Southamptonshire, England.   Aug 31, 1700.   B.63.


TODD, Joseph. Eling, Southamptonshire, England.
Mar 2, 1698. Aug 31, 1700.   B.63.
Son by first wife Joseph. Children by second wife Joshua, Caleb, Thomas,
Elizabeth and Mary. Brother Daniel and his son David. Sister Elizabeth
Bradshaw and her children James and Hester. Friends John Swift, Sr., John
Swift, Jr., Henry Abbott, and Peter Chamberlyne.
Exec Wife Joane.
Wit:John Worsham, Richard Chambers, Andrew Worsom.


EDWARDS, ALEXANDER, SR.  Montgomery, Philadelphia. County.  Yeoman.
March 9, 1712.  December 17, 1712.  C. 298.
Sons Edward, Alexander, and their children whose names are not given, 
and Thomas.  Daughters Margaret, Martha and Bridget and the daughters 
(names not given) of the last two.  Grandsons James James, Griffith 
Miles, Joseph Todd and Alexander son of son Alexander Edwards.  
Executors:  Wife Katherine and son-in-law Griffith Miles.
Overseers:  Cadwalader ap Evans, William John, Owen ap Evan and John 
William, all of Gwynedd, yeomen.
Witnesses:  Thomas Jones, Robert Jones and Edward George.


CUMMIN, RICHARD.  City of Philadelphia.  Yeoman.
February 2, 1729/30.  February 27, 1729.  E.124.
Wife: Sarah.  Children: John, Elizabeth.  Friends: John Holme, James 
Bingham.  Son-in-Law: Thomas Todd.  Grandchildren: Richard, John, 
Sarah and Elizabeth Cummin, Thomas and Sarah Todd.  
Exec: Sarah Cummin. 
Wit: Edmund Woolley, Barnaby Barns, William Parsons.


TODD, SARAH.   City of Philadelphia.   November 3, 1743.   P.75.


PARKER, WILLIAM.  New Providence, Co. of Philadelphia.  
April 18, 1757. April 30, 1757.  K.525.
Children: Elizabeth, Alexander and Robert.  
Brothers: Archibald and James.  
Trustees: David Todd and Robert White.  
Exec: Wife Elizabeth and brother James Parker.
Wit: Robert Todd, John White, Benjamin Chestnut.


FINNEY, RICHARD. Phila. Co. Farmer.
August 19, 1769. September 11, 1769.
Children: John, Mary, Ann, Hannah and Esther. 
Sister: Elizabeth Todd and Mary her daughter. 
Execs.: son John and kinsman Jno. Murgatroyd. 
Wit: Nathan Whitman, Thos. Owen and Timothy Matlack. O.415.


TODD, SARAH.  City of Philadelphia.

October 14, 1743.  November 3, 1743.  P.75.

Kinswoman: Grace Parson.  Cousins: John Cummins, Elizabeth Cummins,

Thomas Bright "son of Anthony Bright by his former wife not late aunt."

Exec: Grace Parsons.

Wit: Casper Wistar, Wm. Parsons and Robert Greenway.


MERRYMAN, JOHN. Burlington Co. NJ. Iron Master.
December 6, 1783. January 9, 1784.
Wife: Elizabeth (late Lippencutt).
Son: John. 
Brothers: Joseph and Job. 
Sisters: Rebecca, Jemimah, Elizabeth and Mary. 
Father in law: David Knott. Brother in law: Peter Knott. 
Elizabeth and Rebecca (children of sister Abitha Todd). 
Friends: Thos. Maybury and Mary his wife.
Execs.:  Elizabeth Merryman, father Joseph and Thomas Little. 
Wit: N. Jones, John and Ann Connelly. Q.512


PATTERSON, ROBERT. Of Priestland Barony of Dunlace, County Antrim, 
Ireland. [Original Will carried to Ireland].
Signed: May 24, 1772. U.230.
Wife: Agnas.
Children: Katherine [Wife of Moses Todd], Robert, Peter [of Ballylough]. 
Son-in-Law: Moses Todd.
Grandchildren: Daniel and Robert Todd [Sons of Daughter Katherine].
Friends: John Edgar [in America], Rev. John Cameron [Parish of Dunlace].
Exec: Sons Peter and Robert Patterson.
Wit: John Cameron, David Thomson, John Patterson.

(Hence, Moses Todd md Katherine Patterson of Co Antrim and had Daniel and Robert Todd prior to 1772.)

No. 345 - 1793, 
TODD?, John Jun'r.  City of Philad'a.  Signed July 2. 1793.  Wife and Exec.- 
Dolly Paine Todd.  Child- Paine.  advisaries to Wife- Edward Burd, Edward Telghman.  
Witnesses- Zachariah Poulson, N. Jones.  Prov'd. Nov. 21. 1793.


Book WW.594
No 352 - 1793
TODD, John.  City of Philad'a.  Signed Sept. 21. 1793.  Wife- Mary.  Sons- James, 
John.  Brother- James (of Chester Co)  Grand Children-, John Payne Todd, William Temple Todd (Sons of Son John) Samuel Poultney Todd.  Deborah and Mary Todd (Children of Son James)  Nephew- William (Son of Brother James Todd)  To Elizabeth Blair (Wife's Sister's Daughter)  Friend- Margaret Taggert.  Exec. Samuel Jones, and John and James 
Todd.  Witnesses- John Bissell, Samuel Bittle, Samuel Bittle Junr.  
Prov'd. Nov. 14. 1793.


PAYNE, JOHN. City of Phila.
September 2, 1792. January 11, 1796. X.387.
Wife and  Exec: Mary Payne.
Wit: George Walker, Dolley P. Todd, John Todd, Junr.
Testified to handwriting: Dolley P. Maddison, Lucy Washington 
[Daughter of Testator, Anna Payne].


GREEN, MARTHA. City of Phila. Gentlewoman.

January 1, 1798. December 30, 1800. Y.457.

To Mary Ann Pollard [Daughter of Nephew Thomas Green Pollard].

To Sophia McCormick [Daughter of Niece Sarah McCormick].

To Poor Widows, Hospital of Christ's Church Congregation.

To Brother-in-Law William Pollard, Esq.

To Niece Sarah McCormick.

To Friends William H. Todd, Esq., William Todd, Senr [In Trust]

for Niece Sarah McCormick [Wife of David McCormick].

Exec: William H. Todd, William Todd, Senr, David McCormick.

Wit: James Cumming, Robt. McCormick, John Hood.


TODD, ELISHA.   June 29, 1810.   3.213.   Book 3   willabstrbk3.txt
TODD, JAMES.   January 1, 1806.   1.430.    Book 1 Part B     willabstrbk1b.txt
TODD, John      W. No. 352   Book W   willabstrbkw.txt
TODD, Joseph.   Aug 31, 1700.   B.63.   Book B   willabstrbkb.txt
TODD?, John Jun'r      W. No. 345   Book W   willabstrbkw.txt



    1. Marriages

Wm Hepburn Todd md Mary Cambell 10/15/1795

Elizabeth Tod md John C. Otto 12/8/1802 Christ Church

James Todd md Margaret Myers 1/24/1759 Christ Church


Wm Todd md Jane Cunningham 12/8/1793


Joseph Todd md Ann White 6/30/1770 ST Pauls PE Church

Sarah Todd md Benjamin Ford 12/20/1793 St Pauls


John Todd md Mary Henderson 12/10/1797 1st Pres

Joseph Todd md Barbara Elliott 2/2/1788 , 3rd Pres


Wm Todd md Jane Cunningham 12/8/1793 Swedes Church

Mary Todd md Thomas Hanson Beau/Bean 7/17/1799 Swedes Church


Isabella Todd md Joseph Barber?Barbara 12/14/1794

    1. More marriages

Quinton Todd md 1791 Jane Johnston

Adam Todd md 1793 Catherine Conner


Joseph and Elizabeth Todd: son Joseph 1776: ?St Michael’s and Zion Lutheran Church


    1. Wills and Admin.

Index to wills and administration records, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1682-1850
Stmnt.Resp. compiled by Richard T. and Mildred C. Williams
Contents: v. 1. 1682-1782 -- v. 2. 1783-1810 -- v. 3. 1811-1831 -- v. 4. 1832-1850.


I only need the indexes for Todd from Vol 3 and vol 4:

974.811 P2w v. 3  FHL US/CAN Book  Available


    1833  155         Tod, William H.    Will   11    52

    1811  155 1/2   Todd, Alexander   Adm.  K    439 


    1814  199         Todd, Rebecca    Adm.  L    186

    1817  146         Todd, John          Adm.  M   29

    1822  311         Todd, William      Adm.  __  364 (I'm guessing Vol. N)

974.811 P2w v. 4  FHL US/CAN Book  Available 

    1838   1            Todd, Samuel      Adm.  O  408

    1844   141         Todd, Cuffee       Adm.   P  286

    1848   113         Todd, Willam      Adm.   P  439



    1. William H Tod will:

Wills, v. 11-12, 1833-1838 FHL #21736

Book 11, p. 52  Will No. 155, William H. Tod


Be it remembered that I William H. Todd of the City of Philadelphia, Attorney and Counselor at Law do make this my Last Will and Testament.

My will is and I do hereby order that all my just debts and funeral expenses be fully paid and satisfied.

I do hereby give and bequeath to my widow Mary all my household and kitchen furniture and all my silver plate and plated ware except as is herein after bequeathed to others, also my horse and riding chair and harness and the cart at Peach Blossom Farm.

Item I do hereby give and bequeath to my daughter Helen C. Todd whatever silver plate and plated ware which remain my property at my death which I became the owner of by virtue of the last will of my much respected Uncle William Tod of Waterford Township, Goucester County and State of New Jersey together with my gold or diamond rings or trinkets devised under the same will and I do give to her the sum of five hundred dollars to be paid to her by my executors as soon as may be after my debts are paid and discharged.

Item I do hereby give and bequeath to my daughter Mary the wife of Edmund Wilcox the portrait of her mother painted by Sully.

Item I do hereby give and bequeath my son Oliver Tod the portraits of my late respected Uncle William Tod and his wife Rachel painted by Sully and also one half of my library or libraries of books (my law books excepted).

Item I do hereby give and bequeath to my son Edward Karp Tod the other half of my library or libraries (my law books excepted) in which bequest to my son Edward I desire that my copy of Rees Encyclopedia may be included and that the same may be bound in Sheep in a plain but substantial manner at the expense of my estate and as my son Oliver may be absent by reason of his profession, my will is that the first choice or selection of my books shall be made by Edward.

That my executors shall have the books inventoried and separately appraised so that the value of each may be ascertained and that according to such appraisement shall the proportion of each of my said sons be fixed.

I also give to my said son Edward my Mathematical Instruments contained in it--I mean the green  (____) Shagreen case--and also confirm to him the gift I made him some years ago of my Solar Microscope and the mahogony desk and wardrobe given him about the same time.

[end of word-for-word transcription]


Son Samuel Beynard Tod


Item I do give and bequeath to my son Alexander Tod the portrait of my father taken by Peale taken many years ago as my son was named after his Grand Father....


And my will is that my daughter Helen <Pals?> while she remains unmarried to live with her mother and be by her supported and that my two youngest sons shall also reside with their mother


Executors: Wife Mary D. Tod, Son-in-Law Edmund Wilcox, and Thomas Redman of Haddenfield in New Jersey.


Dated 12 July 1833 in the City of Philadalphia.



    1. William Todd in Gloucester Co, NJ


One of the realty transactions made by William Matlack was the 1,000

acres he purchased in Waterford and Gloucester townships, then embraced in the boundary of old Gloucester County. He acquired this area from Richard Heritage. The land was on both sides of the south branch of Cooper's Creek and extended around the old White Horse Tavern, familiar to many along the White Horse Pike.


Another deal by William Matlack involved 200 acres from John Estaugh as attorney for John Haddon. Richard Matlack was given this tract, in 1721, the year he married Rebecca Haines.\


This site has been alternately set down on maps of Waterford, Delaware and Cherry Hill townships. It is here that the family graves are located.


The 1500 Matlack acres remained in the family for about 60 years.

Extending on both sides of the Moorestown and Woodbury road, the land is far too high in value to be purchased by a worker in modern agriculture. William Todd was listed as the owner of the Cherry Hill section of the estate in 1779.



    1. Manumissions?


Birth Certificates


Gloucester County ss

I William Tod of the Township of Waterford County of Gloucester, New Jersey do by these, presents Certify that on the third day of
August A D 1811 Was born of the Body of Biddy a Black Woman and slave to the Subscriber a "Female av "Child" named Mary Ann this time above Nine Years and Four Months

Wittness Whereof I have hereunto Set my hand this thirteenth day
of December A D 1820

Willm Tod

Gloucester County ss

William Ted of the Township of Waterford County of Gloucester New Jersey do by these presents Certify that on the ...J day of August A D 1818 Was Born of the Body of Biddy, a Black Woman and slave to the subscriber a Male Child Named Paul aged at this time about three Two Years and four Months

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand. this thirteenth day
of December A D 1820

Wilim Tod


Certificate of the birth of two Slaves to Wm. Tod.
filecd Decem 13 1820 and recorded in the Clerks Office at
Woodbury Lib A of Manumissions folio 14

J. J. Foster, Clk.



7. Birth Certificates

State of New Jersey
Gloucester County

William Tod of the township of Waterford, in the County and state aforesaid, do hereby Certify that on the Seventeenth day of March A B eighteen hundred and Twenty Two, a Male Child aged at this time about one week Named Toby Was born of the body of Biddy a Coloured Woman and Slave of the Subscriber's -

Which Certificate is produced to the Clerk of the said County, to
be recorded this twenty third day of March A B 1822.

William Tod


Certificate of Male child
named "Toby" Slave of Wm Tod

filed March 22d 1822
J J Foster Clk Recorded in Book A of Manumissions folio 17.

J J Foster Clk



    1. asdf