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            Chronologies of the John Todds


Below is a chronology of the three John Todds as I have hypothesized or documented:



John Todd (1750-1782)


1.      1750:  Born in Philadelphia Co, 1750 son of David Todd and Hannah Owen

2.      1770s: educated by his uncle, Rev. John Todd (1719-1793) of Louisa Co., VA

3.      1771:  Qualified attorney in Augusta Co., VA

4.      1773:  Oath of Attorney in Botetourt

5.      1774:  Secured land (Warrant in Jan, Returned in Aug) in Armstrong Co./Westmoreland Co, PA.  sold Part in Dec 1774 and remainder sold in 1787 for non-payment of taxes)

6.      Oct, 1774:  John Todd, probably this John Todd, was on military expedition that included the Battle of Point Pleasant

7.      1775:  Visited KY with Alexander Spottswood Dandridge and was referred to as a lawyer.

8.      1776:  In Virginia legislature

9.      1777:  Bought lots in Fincastle, Botetourt Co. VA (check date)

10.  1780:  Married Jane Hawkins while representing KY in the VA assembly

11.  1780:  Sold Fincastle lots

12.  1780:  Appointed Commandant of Illinois County, VA

13.  1780:  Secured warrant for KY land on Gist's/Guess's Creek in Jefferson Co 1780, and many other parcels as well.

14.  1782:  Killed at Battle of Blue Licks


John Todd (1750-1813), son of Andrew Todd of Chester Co, Bedford Co, Louisa Co


1.      1750/53:  Born in NY or NJ,  son of Andrew Todd d 1791 and Mrs. Elizabeth McDowell

2.      1760:  His father Andrew buys land in Chester Co., PA

3.      1773, July:  Mother Dies

4.      1773, Aug:  John Todd of Chester Co, William Todd of Chester Co and Andrew Porter all secured land warrants in Aug 1773 that were used to secure land adjacent to each other in Westmoreland Co PA

5.      1774: Appears as single man on East Whiteland, Chester Co, PA tax list along with     father Andrew

6.      Abt 1775:   Marries Mary Ruble in Bedford Co (most likely) or Chester Co      (possibility)

7.      1776, Feb:  John sold Westmoreland Land to Andrew Porter; William sells his to his father Andrew Todd prior to 1781.

8.      1776:  John and William first appear in Bedford Co PA tax records

9.      Dec 1776:  Son Andrew born

10.  1776:  serves in Revolution

11.  1778:  Daughter Ann born

12.  1778:  John’s father Andrew sells land in Chester County and has moved to Bedford County to live with John’s brother William

13.  1779:  Samuel Todd buys 600+ acres in Bedford Twp and sells 1/3 to his brother William and 1/3 to his cousin William.  Samuel and brother William sell immediately to John Bonnett.  Their cousin John Todd gets nothing.

14.  1779:  Elected Assessor of Bedford Co

15.  1780:  Elected Assessor of Bedford Co.

16.  1776-1784:  Appears in Bedford County tax records

17.  1786:  Selected constable of Jefferson County, KY

18.  1787:  Sues William Kennedy for breach of the peace in Jefferson County, KY

19.  1788:  Serves on a jury in Jefferson County

20.  1788:  Accused of concealing Mrs. Williamson’s calf; John Gregg cosigns bond

21.  1790:  Buys land on Guesses Creek in Jefferson Co (portion which became Shelby Co) adjacent to John Gregg

22.  1791:  Administrator of Will of John Gregg

23.  1792:  First appears on Shelby Co tax list

24.  1802:  Buys more land on Guesses Creek from David Gregg, son of John Gregg

25.  1807:  Marries second wife: Elizabeth Glenn

26.  1813:  Dies in Shelby Co.


John Todd (1746-1829), son or grandson of Wm Todd of Philadelphia, PA, Augusta and Bedford Co., VA


1.      1746:  Born in PA or VA or NJ

2.      1768:  Marries Mary ?

3.      1769:  Son Joseph born

4.      1770:  Son John born

5.      1771:  Dau Mary born

6.      1772:  Sells remaining half of land on Turnip Creek in Bedford Co that had been bought by William Todd in 1761

7.      1774:  Serves 83 days in Capt. Phillip Love’s Company in Dunmore’s War.  (But payment connected to Samuel McDowell.  Samuel Todd served 3 days for Samuel McDowell’s company)  Identified as a “cadet” in a printed source. 

8.      1778:  Appears in Rockbridge Co tithables

9.      1780:  Comes to KY

10.  1781:  Jane Todd appears in will of Patrick Lowry, of Mercer Co., KY implying that her husband was in KY at this time.

11.  1782:  Serves in campaign against Shawnee Indians

12.  1782:  400 acres on Clear Creek surveyed for John Todd

13.  1782:  50 acres surveyed for John Todd

14.  1783:  Appears on Tithable List of Lincoln Co.

15.  15 Jun 1784:  Grant to John Todd, assignee of Samuel Todd based on Military Warrant issued 16 Oct 1779 and survey of 31 Dec 1782, 50 acres in Fayette Co. on branch that empties into the Kentucky below the old canoe landing.

16.  15 Jun 1784: Grant to John Todd, assignee of Samuel Todd, based on Treasury Warrant No. 829 issued 14 Oct 1779, by survey 18 Dec 1782, branch of south fork of Clear Creek. 

17.  12 Jun 1785:  Survey for John Todd, Assignee of Robert Todd, 500 acres on Indian Creek, Fayette Co., Chain Carrier:  Joseph Todd, John Todd marker; Robert Todd D.S. (deputy surveyor)

18.  20 Sept 1786:  Grant for 500 Acres on Indian Creek extending to Cunningham's line of Clear Creek

19.  1791:  Mary Todd, "Dau of John Todd" md   Robert McKee, Mercer Co., KY

20.  1795:  Mercer Co. Tax List

21.  1799-1806: Land sales in Jessamine Co by John&Jean Todd.  Lands on Indian Creek.

22.  1801:  John Todd of Jessamine Co. sells land in Jessamine Co

23.  1804:  John Todd of Montgomery Co sells land in Jessamine Co.

24.  1808:  Marries Margaret Cook in Bath Co.

25.  1810:  appears on Montgomery Co Tax list

26.  1811:  John Todd on tax list of Bath Co.(created from Montgomery in 1811)

27.  1817:  John Todd listed as elder of Presbyterian Church in Lincoln Co., TN

Attachment 2


Rationale for assuming that John Todd (1746-1829) was the son of Andrew Todd.


Todd family historians have known for many years that the families of Levi, Robert and John Todd, Kentucky pioneers, grandsons of Robert Todd (1697-1775) of Philadelphia/Montgomery Co., PA and the families of Andrew Todd d 1791 have had close relationships.  There was considerable correspondence between them between 1784 and 1816; there were some intermarriages:


  • Mary Todd dau of Andrew d 1791 married Samuel Todd son of Robert d 1775:
  • Andrew Todd, son of Andrew d 1791 married Mary Todd, granddau of Robert Todd d 1775 by his son Rev. John Todd d 1793
  • Ann Todd, dau of Rev. John Todd married Robert Todd, grandson of Robert Todd d1775 by his son of David Todd d 1785


There were also connections between these families and the family of Samuel Todd of Botetourt Co, VA.: 


  • Sarah Todd, dau of Samuel d 1813 md John Todd, son of Rev. John Todd d 1793


It was also known the Col. John Todd, grandson of Robert Todd, had lived in Botetourt Co, VA in the 1770s.


And in the land dealings in Kentucky, John Todd (1746-1829) was an assignee of land from Samuel Todd and from Robert Todd.


Furthermore, it was known that John’s son Joseph was born in Virginia.


So, in trying to identify John Todd (1746-1829) of central Kentucky, it was logical to look for a connection in Virginia to the PA family.  Seeing that the fate of John Todd, son of Andrew Todd d 1791, was not known, it was logical to consider the possibility that John, before coming to Kentucky, had gone to Virginia just like his brother Andrew (1758-1816) and his cousin John (1750-1782).


Seeing that there was a John Todd in the Rockbridge tax list in 1778 seemed to support the theory that John Todd (1746-1829) was the son of Andrew d 1791.


This is a very logical theory.  But the new information that has come to light suggests that it is not correct.  At the time this research was done, it was not known that there was another John Todd associated with Samuel Todd and his immediate family, namely, John Todd son of Low Todd, and John Todd who sold half of William Todd’s Bedford Co., VA land in 1772.  Also, other information had not come to light, namely, the data on the land grants in Westmoreland, the 1776 sale of land by John Todd to Andrew Porter, the Bedford Co tax lists (1776-1784), the details on the John Todd of Shelby Co KY family.



Attachment 3

Children of John Todd (1746-1829 TN)


John Todd

ca 1746-1829




1)  Mary, married prior to 1769 (based on approximated birth year of eldest son)

2)   Jean Lowry, married prior to 1781 (based on Patrick Lowry 1781 will reference to dau. Jane Todd)

3)   Margaret Cook, married 1808 Bath Co., KY (per An anonymous descendant of John Todd 1746-1829)




By first wife:

(1) Joseph 1769 VA-1837IN; md (1) 1795 Margaret Wells; md (2) 1810 Catharine

        Ferguson; md  (3) 1817 Villa Mincher McPherson.

(2) Mary ca 1771VA -md 1791 Mercer Co Robert McKee

(3) John  b1770-1780 d 1841 Parke Co., IND md 1812 Sally Smith (birth per 1830    



by second wife:

(4) David 1784-1790, probably 1788 KY md 1813 Sarah Dickinson Smith  (birth per

        1810 and 1830 census)

(5) Elizabeth "Betsy" Todd (1791-1859 TN) md 1839 Elisha Bagley

(6) Samuel Todd (1796-1866) md Susah Holman; md 1839 Ann G. O. Dick

(7) Levi M. Todd (c 1799 KY-c1867) md___Ann ____

(8) Son 1794-1800

(9) Son 1794-1800

(10) Elzira 1798 md Elijah Ringo  d Lincoln Co TN after 1860


by third wife:

(11) Son 1800-1810?(could this son be Eli Milton)

(12) Eli Milton Todd 1811-1852, son of John and Margaret Cook Todd.


Hence, this John Todd had 10 documented children by 1799, but two were married by that date.  Hence, this does not 100% match the 1799 letter of Andrew Todd, Jr. saying that his brother John had 12 children, one of whom was married.






Children of John Todd (1750 PA – 1813 KY)


Confirmed Children

  1. Andrew Todd (27 Dec 1776 PA – 1 Oct1805 – 1844) md Mary Clayton in Shelby Co., KY
  2. Ann Todd (1778 PA – 21 Oct 1797 – 1863) md Basil Teagarden in Shelby Co., KY
  3. Jane Todd (12 Oct 1782 PA – 12 Mar 1804 – 1844) md John McCormick in Shelby Co., KY
  4. John Todd (prior to 1786, possibly 1782/3) Ref only in tax lists 1807-1812
  5. Johnston Todd (1780/86, possibly 1784 - 8 Dec 1808-  ) md Sally Joice in Shelby Co
  6. Robert Todd (prior to 1786, possibly 1786 - 4 Feb 1810-  ) md Rachel McGaugay in Shelby Co
  7. Elizabeth Todd (8 Jul 1787-6 Mar 1806-1850) md James Clayton in Shelby Co
  8. Sally Todd (  -4 Sept 1806-  ) md James Glenn in Shelby Co
  9. David Todd (12 May 1791-27 Jan 1814-1852 IN) md Mary Martin in Shelby Co
  10. Samuel Todd (  - 1817-  ) md Sally Martin in Shelby Co


Probable Child

  1. Mary Todd (  -1809-  ) md Jacob Ruble in Shelby Co
  2. William Todd b abt 1793 d 1814 Shelby Co.


Marriage of unknown Todd, born abt 1781

  1. Richard Todd (    -1804-  ) md Sarah Bonham in Shelby Co., died in or prior to 1828 per Shelby Co deed


Marriages Shown to not be for children of John Todd


  1. Nancy Todd (  - 1821-  ) md Henry Flood (child of Joseph Todd of Caroline Co., VA d 1817 Fauquier Co., VA)
  2. Patsy Todd (   -1821- ) md Matthew Legg (child of Joseph Todd of Caroline Co., VA d 1817 Fauquier Co., VA)

14.  Elizabeth Todd md 1816 to Samuel Kerrel in Shelby Co. 


This Elizabeth is the widow of John Todd who married Samuel Carrol.



1.  William Todd d 1814

Old Louisville Western Graveyard

This work is excerpted from "Kentucky Ancestors", Volume 12, No. 1, July 1976,  A quarterly publication of the Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort, Kentucky.


Wm. Henry Todd, a native of Shelbyville, Kentucky departed this life 27 Aug 1814, aged 21 years.

Attachment 4

Supporting Data


  1. Todd land Activity in Westmoreland Co, PA


There was a lot of Todd land activity in Westmoreland County in the 1770s and 1780s.. 


In 1773, we find two families of Todds on the PA frontier securing lands:  In 1773, land warrants are filed for Westmoreland County land by William Todd of “Chester County” son of Andrew Todd d 1791, John Todd “of Chester County”, son of Andrew Todd d 1791, and Andrew Porter, husband of Andrew’s step-daughter Elizabeth McDowell.  These initial lands were on the south side of the Kiscomentas Creek and east of the Allegheny River which puts them in the portion of Westmoreland Co that remained in Westmoreland after several counties were erected from its boundaries. 


Also in 1773, we find William Tod and Alexander Todd of Philadelphia filing warrants for land.  Presumably these are the coachmaker and the wealthy merchant family/families of the City of Philadelphia.


In 1774, John Todd and Robert Todd  sons of David Todd 1723-1785 and grandsons of Robert Todd 1697-1775 of Philadelphia County secured warrants for land in Westmoreland also, though John's land was on Plumb Creek and Crooked Creek in what became Armstrong or Indiana County.  Andrew Porter also secured land on Crooked Creek.  Robert is identified on the warrant as “son of David”.


In 1779, William Todd and his brother Samuel sold their land in Bedford Co., PA where they were living near their cousin William Todd and their uncle Andrew Todd and settled in Westmoreland County.  William and Samuel appear to have begun to secure land about 1785.  Samuel Todd secured some land here but seems to have lost it; he moved to KY where he died ca 1788.   William Todd remained in Westmoreland until he died in 1810.



  1. Virginia Origins


We assume that Joseph Todd was the son of John because he appears as a chain carrier on the 1785 survey for John Todd’s land on Indian Creek.  He would have been a teenager at this point.   We know that Joseph Todd was born in Virginia because his son David Todd b 1812 is listed in the 1880 census as having a Virginia born father and mother.  NOTE:  John Todd b 1770-1780, assumed brother of Joseph Todd, also was born in VA based on the 1880 census for John’s son Melvin Hutton Todd born 1825 KY which states his parents were both born in VA.


  1. References to John todd in Augusta/Botetourt/Rockbridge

There are other references in the records of these counties to John Todd, but most of them are to John Todd (1750-1782) who came from PA to be educated by his uncle John Todd in Louisa County, VA and then became a lawyer.  He is listed in 1771 as qualifying as an attorney in Augusta Co, 1773 as an attorney in Botetourt Co, as a witness on legal documents in 1775 and 1777, as purchaser of lots in Fincastle, Botetourt Co in 1777 and sale of those lots in 1780.  Though based in Botetourt Co., he was mobile enough to secure land as “John Todd of Philadelphia County” in Westmoreland Co PA in 1774, and to travel to KY with Alexander Spottswood Dandridge in May 1775.  This John was active in KY in securing land, represented KY in the Virginia assembly, and died in KY in 1782 at the Battle of Blue Licks.


Another John Todd reference is the appointment of John Todd as undersheriff of Botetourt Co in 1788 – the year after the 1787 appointment of Samuel Todd as sheriff.  This John Todd is assumed to be the son of Samuel Todd.


  1. Jefferson county References

a.  May 2, 1786:  John Todd appointed as Constable in place of W. McCarty on Beargrass.  (p 13 , Court session of May 2, 1786), p 12 of Cook.


b. June 6, 1786:  John Phipps appinted constable instead of John todd for the District of Bluegrass for one year. (p 17, court session of Jun 6, 1786), p 193 of Cook.


c.  August 8, 1787:  John Todd v. William Kennedy, on a breach of the peace.  Keennedy ordered to give recongiznance bond of 500 pounds for his good behavior until the next Grand Jury court, and with two sureties of 50 pounds each.  Whereupon Kennedy mae bond with David Ashby and Hardy Hill as his sureties. (p 50, Court session of August 8, 1787), p 227 of Cook.


d.  May 8, 1788:  John Todd was listed as a jury member in trial of Morrison v Perault, along with Abner Fields, Patrick Joyes, Robert tyler, William Tyler, Andrew Roan, Joseph Hunter, John Filson, David Morgan, Ransdale Slaughter, James Patton and James Sullivan, who found for plaintiff with Judgment of 11 pounds, 10 shillings. (p 84, May 8, 1788), p 272 of Cook


From:  Jefferson County Kentucky Records, Volume 1, by Michael L. Cook and Bettie A. Cummings Cook


  1. John Todd, son of Low Todd

The only other John Todd in the area that we know of is John Todd son of Low Todd 1723-1792 who in turn was son of William Todd, Sr.  This John was probably born in the late 1740s or early 1750s.  Low Todd’s will in 1792 Jefferson Co., TN disinherits his son John, but gives no clues as to John’s whereabouts.


  1. This is David son of Joseph Todd (1769-1838) assumed son of John Todd (1846-1829).  This shows that Joseph Todd was born in VA.

Census Place West Lima, Richland, Wisconsin

David TODD   Self   W   Male   W   68   b. KENTUCKY   f.b VIRGINIA   m b. VIRGINIA           Hardware Merchant  


  1. Augusta Co Records from Lyman Chalkley: Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement of Virginia


Vol I

NOVEMBER 29, 1750.

  (501) Rev. John Todd, a dissenting minister, took the oaths.


Order Book XIV, P 215 John Todd, Jr., qualified attorney. MARCH 21, 1771.


P 532 Polly Vines deposes. 27th November, 1804, in Botetourt County, before

John Todd: That Joseph Lindon went from Augusta upwards of ten years



Vol II


1800--August 13, John Todd and Charles Sterret (Stenett), surety. John
Todd and Sarah Sterrett, daughter of Robert Sterrett (consent) and sister
of Charles Sterrett, and of age.



Will Book 6, Page 334.--29th August, 1777. List of those indebted to the estate of

Roger North--Molly Mathews…John Todd, attorney at law


Deed Book 21,   Page 51.--15th March, 1775. James and William Cowdon, of Pittsylvania

County, Va., to Thomas Steel, conveyed bv Borden to William Cowdon

11th July, 1742, and devised by William's will to James and William.

Teste: Ch. Simins. Patrick Lockhart, John Todd, Jr.,


From: John Floyd’s


3.  Louisville's First Families -A SERIES OF GENEALOGICAL SKETCHES


    Published by THE STANDARD PRINTING CO.- Louisville, KY 1920


The Floyd Family I. Chapter XIII.


Regarding  Floyd, Henderson made the following entry in his journal on May 3, 1775:

   "Capt. John Floyd arrived here conducted by one John Drake, from a camp on the Dix river where he had left about thirty of his company from Virginia. He said he was sent by them to

know on what terms they might settle on our lands. This man appeared to have a great share of modesty, an honest, open countenance and no small share of good sense, and, petitioning in behalf of himself and his whole company, among whom were one Mr. Dandridge (Alexander Spottswood Dandridge), and one Mr. Todd, two gents of the law, in their own right, and several other young gents of good family, we thought it advisable to secure them to our interest if possible, and not show the least distrust of the intentions of Capt. Floyd, on whom we intend to keep a strict watch." However, Floyd effected an understanding with Henderson and did not participate in the land fights that ensued.


4.  Roadside History:

A Guide to Kentucky Highway Markers


Description: For Col. John Todd. Born Pa., 1750. In battle of Point Pleasant, 1774. Came to Kentucky, 1775; in Va. legislature, 1776. On expedition led by Gen. George Rogers Clark that captured Illinois country from British, 1778. Named Civil Commandant of Illinois County. Va. legislature, 1780. Procured land-grants for public schools. Killed at Blue Licks, Aug. 1782.


5.  From Annals of WS VA by Lewis Summenrs


P 209:  Oath of Attorney for Botetourt

P 280:  Deposition relative to building a prison

P 597: 1773:  John Todd – oath of attorney


Dec 1788  John Todd appointed undersheriff of Botetourt Co


1798:  John Todd witness to deed in Washington Co.


6.  Deeds:  Botetourt Co:


1777:  John Todd buys lots in Fincastle

1780:  John Todd sells lots in Fincastle


  1. Letter of Levi Todd 1784


I have heard Cousin

John your Brother in Law will arrive in the Spring

tis a pity he has lost this year past as he intends to

become a Settler, the Chance of Land is now very

bad any other way than by Purchase from Individuals

the Industrious may still be repaid for trouble and

expense & but little more


      Levi Todd

Lexington Fayette County

Feby 15th 1784



Major John McCulloh



8.     Letter of Andrew Todd to John McCulloh, 28 Nov 1799


.  If Cousin Andw Porter brings out any goods this fall would wish them sent by him & about five pounds of genuine Yellow Bark if the price does not exceed that of Red Bark. A merchant of this town had some sent him this summer - of the good effects of which I was often a witness - his cost 12/your currency ___ No account from Brother Robt since my last - I have also had the pleasure of seeing Brother John since my last whome I had not seen for 23 years his Wife was with him.  They are both well, Brother in particular - he was very healthy & looked well, he has 12 living children one of whom is married.  Your Friends in this County are well & some of them lamenting that you do not move to this Country instead of Pitt.  Old Mrs. Todd David's wife is very healthy but has in a great measure lost both sight & hearing.                                             From your &c

                                                                                                Andw Todd




  1. A document referred to by An anonymous descendant of John Todd 1746-1829 states that John Todd (1746-1829) referred to Robert McEwen as a cousin or kinsman or relative.  Robert McEwen was the great-grandson of Samuel Todd of Augusta-Botetourt Co., VA and John Todd was the brother or nephew of Samuel Todd.  So this would explain the reference in this document better than the assumption that John Todd was the son of Andrew Todd d 1791 of Louisa. 


Samuel Todd

                        Dau Sarah md John Houston

 (NO!  This is incorrect.  Sarah was dau of William Todd; Samuel’s daughter Sarah married John Todd, son of Parson John Todd d 1793)

                                    Margaret Houston md Alexander McEwen

                                                Robert McEwen


            John Todd

                        (possible brother of Samuel)

            Low Todd 1723-1792

                        Son John Todd (nephew of Samuel)

NOTE:  Will of John Todd, written 4 Sept 1822, proved 19 Jul 1830; recorded 9 October 1830

“one note or bond now in the hands of my relation Ebenezer McEwen”…I make my relation Robert H. McKuen my sole executor”

10.  The 1810 Montgomery County, Kentucky census shows John Todd (1746-1829) with 8 children.

John Todd 1-4-1-0-1-::0-1-1-1-0-0. 


  1. 1830 Parke County Indiana census gives birth decades for sons David and John.


                                        Free White Males                      

Page   Line     Head            Under   5     10     15    20    30   40   50    

                 of              5      to    to     to    to    to   to   to   

                Family                  10    15     20    30    40   50   60   


113     2       John Todd        3       1     2                            1  

113     3       David Todd       2             2      1                1       


                    Free White Females

              Under   5     10     15    20    30  

                5     to    to     to    to    to 

                      10    15     20    30    40  

John Todd                    2                  1 

David Todd             1     1                  1 



Hence, David born 1780-1790

John born 1770-1780



12.  Ancestors and Descendants of Alice O'Brian (1904-1976) and Edward Shields Willis (1898-1976)

Entries: 1862    Updated: Thu Nov 1 07:42:49 2001    Contact: EdwardDavid Willis


Name: David TODD

Given Name: David

Surname: Todd

Sex: M

Birth: 1788 in Lexington,Kentucky,USA

Change Date: 5 AUG 2001 at 13:30:07


Marriage 1 Sarah Dickson SMITH b: 1793 in Danville,Mercer,Kentucky,USA

Married: 3 JUN 1813 in Mercer,Kentucky


 Mary Hutton TODD b: 10 MAY 1823 in Rockville,Park Co. Indiana,USA

 Jane Lowry TODD b: 15 JAN 1818 in KY or IN

 William Smith TODD b: 13 MAR 1814 in KY or IN

 Hugh Smith TODD b: 12 JUN 1816 in KY or


John Hutton md Jane Dickson


            Edward Hutton 1772 -1839 Washington Co., VA md 1791 VA Frances Hayter

            Mary Hutton md Hugh Smith ca 1790

                        Sarah Dickson Smith b 1793 Mercer Co., KY md 1813 David Todd



Name: Edward HUTTON

Given Name: Edward

Surname: Hutton

Sex: M

Birth: 13 AUG 1772 in Washington Co.,VA

Death: OCT 1839 in Washington,VA

Change Date: 5 AUG 2001 at 11:04:40


Father: John HUTTON b: 12 MAR 1740 in New York

Mother: Jane DICKSON b: 1742 in Washington Co,VA


Marriage 1 Frances HAYTER b: ABT 1770 in Frederick Co.,Md.

Married: 8 SEP 1791 in Washington Co,VA


 Edward HUTTON b: 1808 in Washington







John Todds in the 1795 and 1800 Tax Lists




Name               County                        Assumed Identity

John Todd       Fayette                        John Todd 1746 VA-1829

John Todd       Mercer             John Todd 1746 VA-1829

John Todd       Shelby             John Todd 1750 PA-1813

John Todd       Bourbon          John Todd 1740 MD-1807

John Todd, Jr  Bourbon          John Todd 1765 MD-1828



As listed in tax lists                 Assumed Identity

John Todd       Fayette                        John Todd 1746VA -1829

John Todd       Jessamine        John Todd 1746 VA-1829

John Todd       Shelby             John Todd 1750 PA-1813

John Todd       Bourbon          John Todd 1740 MD-1807

John Todd, Jr  Bourbon          John Todd 1765 MD-1828

John Todd       Madison          John Todd 1773 NC-1839



new John’s in 1810

John Todd       Warren Co       John Todd (1787 GA-1862 MO) not sure which family this is.



>> I think William and John Todd in Shelby Co. are connected just based on
>the names of those who purchased from their estates and because William
>Todd's administrator was Jacob Ruble.
>> William Todd's estate sale was in 1814 and listed the following:
>> Jacob Ruble
>> David Todd
>> Elizabeth Todd
>> Bazel Teagarden
>> (Wm.) Nutgrass
>> James Martin
>> George Morton
>> George Bristow
>> Gideon Bristow
>> John Todd's estate sale was 26 Mar 1813 and listed the following:
>> Jacob Ruble
>> David Todd
>> Andrew Todd
>> William Todd (probably the same who died above)
>> (Mrs?) Todd
>> Samuel Todd
>> Johnston Todd
>> David Leatherman
>> Jas. Galloway
>> John Clark
>> Wm. McCormack
>> Jas. Clayton
>> jas. McKinley
>> Thomas McClane
>> james and Isaac Edwards
>> William Nutgrass
>> George and James Martin
>> Hugh Rodman
>> Ezekiel Fields
>> Jacob Grendstone
>> Alex Johnston
>> --
>> It doesn't look like William Todd was married when he died- he was
>probably young.  Some of the buyers on his estate were sons-in-law to John
>Todd, right


KY 1801-1808 Tax lists for "Todd" are as follows:


1801 - Nil


1802 - John Todd, 162 1/2 acres, Gueser, 2 males over 21, 1 male over 16 under 21, 6 horses


1803 - John Todd, 297 1/2 acres, Gueser, 2 males over 21, 1 male over 16 under 21, 9 horses


1804 - John Todd,  277 acres, 3 males over 21, 10 horses


1805 - John Todd, 277 1/2 acres, 3 males over 21, 13 horses


1806 - John Todd, 277 1/2 acres, 2 males over 21, 11 horses


1807 - Andrew Todd, 1 males over 21, 1 horse;  Robert Todd, 1 male over 21, 1 horse;  Jno Todd, 1 male over 21;  Robt Todd, 1 male over 21, 1 horse;  Johnston Todd, 1 male over 21, 1 horse;  John Todd, 277 1/2 acres, 1 male over 21, 1 male under 21, 7 horses, land originally surveyed and patented for Pope Patton


1808 - Andrew Todd, 119 acres, 1 male over 21, 3 horses;  John Todd, 1 male over 21, 1 horse;  Robert Todd, 1 male over 21, 1 horse; John Todd, 277 acres, 1 male over 21 (this list does not ask for males under 21), 8 horses.



>> The Shelby Co. lists were there, and the Todds for the years 1809-1815 are
>as follows:
>> 1809
>> Andrew, 119 acres, [water:] Bulskin, 3 horses, Dist. 1
>> John, 277 3/4 acres, Guiser Cr., 7 horses, Dist. 3
>> Johnson, no land, 3 horses, Dist. 3
>> Robert, no land, 2 horses, Dist. 4
>> John, no land, no horses, Dist. 4
>> 1811
>> John, no land, 1 horse
>> Robert, no land, no horse (listed with John, above)
>> Johnston, no land, 2 horses
>> John, 277 1/2 acres, Gueser Cr., 9 horses
>> Andrew, 119 acres, Bulskin, 4 horses
>> 1812
>> Andrew, 119 acres, Bulskin, 4 horses
>> Johnston, no land, 5 horses
>> John, 277 1/2 acres, Guisser Cr., 7 horses
>> Robert, no land, no horses
>> John Jr., no land, 1 horse
>> 1813
>> Robert, no land, 1 horse
>> William, no land, 3 horses
>> Johnson, no land, 4 horses
>> Elizabeth, 280 acres, Gueser Cr., 6 horses
>> [William, Johnson and Elizabeth were listed together in "Archer's Comp.y")
>> Andrew, 119 acres, Bulskin, 3 horses
>> 1814
>> Robert, no land, one horse
>> Johnston, no land, 5 horses (listed with Robert)
>> Elizabeth, 275 1/2 acres, 5 horses
>> Andrew, 119 acres, Bulskin, 3 horses
>> 1815
>> David, no land, one horse
>> Elizabeth, 213 1/2 acres, one horse(listed with David)
>> Johnston, no land, 5 horses
>> Robert, no land, 2 horses (listed with Johnston)




2.                  Tax Lists of Shelby Co, KY

1802 - John Todd, 162 1/2 acres, Gueser, 2 males over 21, 1 male over 16 under 21, 6 horses

(Hence, a son b prior to 1781, a son born 1781-1786)

1803 - John Todd, 297 1/2 acres, Gueser, 2 males over 21, 1 male over 16 under 21, 9 horses

(Hence, a son born prior to 1782, one son born 1782-1787)

1804 - John Todd,  277 acres, 3 males over 21, 10 horses

(Hence, a2 sons born prior to 1783):

Putting this together=>son born prior to 1781 (namely Andrew b 1776), and son born 1782-83


1805 - John Todd, 277 1/2 acres, 3 males over 21, 13 horses

Hence, 2 sons born prior to 1784

1807 - Andrew Todd, 1 males over 21, 1 horse;  Robert Todd, 1 male over 21, 1 horse;  Jno Todd, 1 male over 21;  Robt Todd, 1 male over 21, 1 horse;  Johnston Todd, 1 male over 21, 1 horse;  John Todd, 277 1/2 acres, 1 male over 21, 1 male under 21, 7 horses, land originally surveyed and patented for Pope Patton


4 sons born prior to 1786:  Andrew, Robert, John, Johston

Andrew born 1776,

assume John is son born 1782-3, say 1783 because Jane born 1782

assume two sons born between 1784 and 1786 (see 1805 tax list): assume Johnston older than Robert based on marrying earlier; say, Johnston b 1784, Robert b 1786


1.  William Todd d 1814

Old Louisville Western Graveyard

This work is excerpted from "Kentucky Ancestors", Volume 12, No. 1, July 1976,  A quarterly publication of the Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort, Kentucky.


Wm. Henry Todd, a native of Shelbyville, Kentucky departed this life 27 Aug 1814, aged 21 years.




I, John Todd, of the County of Lincoln and State of Tennessee, being of

sound mind but under the afflicting hand of Providence and well knowing the

uncertainty of life, do make this my last will and testament as follows, that is

to say, whereas on or about the year 1816 I agreed to furnish my son

Samuel Todd with money for the purpose of purchasing land for me and

whereas in pursuance of such agreement I have at various times furnished

and advanced to my said son for the purpose aforesaid the sume of 2800 in

money and other property and whereas my said son Samuel Todd did in the

year 1818 lay out and invest the said sum of money in a tract of land

situate lying and being in the county of Lincoln it being the same tract of

land whereon the said Samuel Todd now lives which said tract was purchased

by my said son in his own name and conveyances therefore was executed to

him in his own name and for his own proper use and without expressing that

it was to be held in trust for me or was purchased for my use although the

purchase money or the principal part thereof, to wit: the said sum of $2800

was advanced by me as aforesaid and by reason that the aforesaid sum of

money was advanced with a view of purchasing land for myself, I have

neglected and failed to take from my son Samuel a receipt, note, bond or

other writing evidencing the advancement thereof by me as aforesaid and I

have no written evidence showing the advancement of said sum of $2800 to

my son Samuel or any portion thereof exept one note or bond now in the

hands of my relation Ebenezer McEwen which note was executed to me by

my son Samuel for the sum of $400 for and in consideration of so so much

money by me advanced to my son Samuel and constitutes part of the said

sum of $2800 which I advanced for the purchase of land aforesaid. Now,

therefore, I do give, devise & bequeathe to my son Samuel Todd all &

singular the tract of land & premises scituate, lying & being in the County of

Lincoln and now in the possession and occupation of the said Samuel or so

much thereof as was purchased by the said Samuel with the said sum of

$2800 advanced by me as aforesaid, to have and to hold all & singular the

said tract of land unto & to the use of the said Samuel Todd and his heirs


Item: I give & bequeathe to my daughter Elzira Todd the sum of $500 in

cash to be paid to her within ten days after my death by my son Samuel

Todd out of the sum of $2800 so advanced by me to him as aforesaid.

Item: I will and direct that my son Samuel Todd out of the issues and profits

of the land so devised to him as aforesaid shall willingly and sufficiently

support and maintain my wife Margaret Todd and my son Eli Milton Todd

respectively during their natural lives and in the even that my wife should

desire to live separately and apart from my son or should she be disatisfied

with the support and maintainance aforesaid, her and my said son Eli Milton Todd then & in that case my will is that upon application for that purpose

being made by my wife to my executor hereinafter named he shall and he

his hereby requested and directed from time to time and each and every

year set apart allow & apportion what sum of money in his discretion, not

exceeding the sum of $138 per annum, shall be annually paid by my said

son Samuel for the support and maintainance of my wife and my son Eli

Milton Todd and my will is & I do hereby declare that upon such allotment &

apportionment being made by my executor as aforesaid my son Samuel

shall forthwith and without delay pay to my wife the amount of money so

allotted and set apart for her maintainance and maintainance of my son Eli

Milton Todd.

Item: I desire and request my son Levi Todd to pay unto my daughter

Betsey Todd the sum of 250 out of the proceeds of the property he received

from me and in consideration of the maintainance and support he has

afforded to myself and my family.

I hereby make my relation Robert H. McEwen sole executor.

4 September 1822.


James Fulton

Hiram S. Morgan

R.H. McEwen

[Proved 19 Jul 1830; Recorded 9 Oct 1830]

1Lincoln Co TN Will Book 1, page 53.


From Library of Virginia website:

1.  Todde, John. 

Gen. note    County: Botetourt County. 

Note    Company commander: Capt. Philip Love. 

Note    Recorded on: p. 170. 

Note    Listed in index: p. xvii. 

Other Format    Available on microfilm (Miscellaneous Reel 78, last item). 

2.  Todd, Samuel. 

Gen. note    County: Augusta County. 

Note    Company commander: Capt. Samuel McDowell. 

Note    Recorded on: p. 86. 

Note    Listed in index: p. xix. 

Other Format    Available on microfilm (Miscellaneous Reel 78, last item). 


Dunmore’ War was a conflict between the Colony of Virginia and the Native Americans of the Ohio Valley. Following increased raids and attacks on frontiersmen in this region, the Royal Governor of Virginia, Lord Dunmore, organized a large force of militia and marched to Fort Pitt arriving at the end of August 1774. Dunmore also ordered Colonel Andrew Lewis, commander of the southwestern Virginia militia, to raise an army in the south and meet Dunmore’s force along the Ohio River. Lewis formed militia companies from Augusta, Bedford, Botetourt, Culpeper, Dunmore, Fincastle, and Kentucky counties. After Colonel Lewis’ victory at the Battle of Point Pleasant, Dunmore successfully negotiated a peace treaty with the Delaware, Mingo, and Shawnee chiefs that prevented them from settling or hunting south of the Ohio River.




Sources: Bell, Landon C. The Battle of Point Pleasant, An Address (Bedford, VA: Peaks of Otter DAR) 1931 Billington, Ray Allen Westward Expansion, A History of the American Frontier (NY; MacMillan) 1949 Section I, Chapter VIII "Settlement Crosses the Mountains 1763-1776" pp. 165-168 Crozier, William Armstrong Virginia Colonial Militia, 1631-1776 (Baltimore: Genealogical Book Co.) 1954, org. pub. 1905 pp. 79-90 Hagy, James William Castle's Woods and Early Russell County, 1769-1799 (Lebanon, VA: Russell County Historical Society) 1979 pp. 27-39 Hale, John P. Trans-Alleghany Pioneers (Charleston, WV; Kanawha Pub) 1931, orig. pub 1886 pp. 186-193 Kegley, F.B. Kegley's Virginia Frontier pp. 621-628; pp. 636-639 (Roanoke, VA; Stone Press) 1938 Lewis, Virgil A. History of the Battle of Point Pleasant p. 107, (Harrisonburg, VA; C.J. Carrier Co) 1974, orginially published in Charleston, WV, 1909


Special thanks to Angela M. Ruley


Captain Philip Love's Company of Volunteers


Philip Love, Captain John Mills, Ensign Daniel McNeil, Lieutenant Francis McElhaney, Quarter Master William Ewing, Segt Major Sieltor Taylor, Sergeant James Alexander, Sergeant John Craford, Sergeant Robert Owen Thomas Welch John Buchanan Sam. Andrews Thomas Welch, Jr. Charles Davis (Batman) William Scott James Neely Patrick Conner Wm. Franklin Sam. Mt. Gumry (Montgomery) William Teasy John Dodd Thos. Perce Thos. Armstrong John Dunn Charles Byrne Thomas Gilberts Abraham Demonse Will Hooper Sam Savage Joseph Pain Will Armstrong Daniel McDonald James Simson Thomas Brown James Neeley Abraham Moon (Batman to George Craig (Batman to Col. Lewis) Richard Willson Robt. Smith James Franklin Wm. Hanson James McDonald Richard Collins James M. Gullin John McGinness Griffin Harriss John Jones (Cadet) John Markles John Robinson (Batman) John Todd (Cadet) DanielOrmsbey (Batman)


Captain William Nalle's Company of Volunteers, Augusta County


William Nalle, Captain Jacob Pence, Ensign William Bush, Sergeant Barnod Crafford, Sergeant Martain Nalle, Lieutenant John Bush, Sergeant William Feavil Moses Smith Israel Meader John Grigsby Zacarias Lee Benjamin Petty Bruten Smith William Spicer Charles Brown Henry Miner Sefniah Lee Mecagh Smith John Deek John Williams James Selby Abraham Rue John Null Shadrick Butler James Washburn James Alexander Joseph Roay John Pright John Owler James Miller John Chism Henry Cook Thomas Brook Geroge Rucker William Scails Yenty Jackson George Fuls George Harmon Adam Hansburger John Breden Robert Rains Steven Washburn Henry Owler Richard Welsh John Goodall Michael Gurden James Todd Chesly Rogers Zacarias Plunkepel William Smith John Fry Joseph Butler James Reary Jacob Null



Documentation of David Todd of Lawrence Co, IN link to John Todd of Shelby County








Shelby County KY




1.      13 Feb 1802:  David Gregg and Sally his wife of Shelby County sold to John Todd of the same ..for 150 pounds.. 117-1/2 acres in Shelby County, on a branch of  Guss's, what is a branch of Brashear's Creek..beginning at a hickory …and buckeye, thence S55E 120 poles to a hoopwisa hickory and beech thence S50W 111 poles to a beech and small sugartree, then N55W 220 to two beeches and sugar tree, then N78E 80E,80E 80 poles to two beeches and sugartree then S60E 27 poles to two beeches and sugartree, then N50 E 61 poles to the beginning. (Bk E, p 302 film 259229)


2.      30 Sept 1828: David Todd and Mary Todd his wife one of the heirs of John Todd decd of the first part and John Rapp and William Johnston of the second part.. said John Todd departed this life leaving a tract of land in Shelby county on Gueses Creek ..283 acres which the heirs of John Todd and Mary Ruble, both of whom are now decd leaving issues .. the above named David Todd being of age has sold their undivided (sp?) interest in said land to one John Graves for the sum of six dollars per acre and Graves ..for a title : Beginning at a buck corner to Hardman S. McClain thence N56W 150 poles to a stone?, thence N33E168/188 poles to two lurban/linden, thence S21E 30 poles to a buck S 23 W 68 poles to two sugartrees thence s70W 66 poles to a buck on the bank of Guesses Creek, thence S31/34 ? ? what is called Overton and Reids' line 33 poles to two bucks then S56E 282 poles to a buck and sugartree corner to Harman & McClain &? Their line N33-1/2 E 120 poles to the beginning. Six dollars per acre. Before Rollin C. Dury/Dewey, State of Indiana, Lawrence County. (Book X, p 93, Film 259237)



3.  Excerpts from William Perrin's

"History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison & Nicholas Counties"

Chapters II-VIII




Excerpts from Chapter II


pp. 33-35

MAY COURT. 1786.


At Colonel James Garrard's in Bourbon County Tuesday the sixteenth day of May Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and eighty-six and in the tenth year of the Commonwealth of Virginia.


A new commission of the peace dated the twelfth day of January one thousand seven hundred and eighty-six to this county directed to James Garrard (afterward Governor of Kentucky) Thomas Swearington John Edwards Benjamin Harrison John Hinkson Alvin Mountjoy Thomas Warring Edward Waller and John Gregg Gentlemen was produced and read whereupon the said James Garrard took the oath of fidelity and the oath of a justice of the peace which were administered to him by John Edwards (first United States Senator from Kentucky) Named in the said Commission And then the said James Garrard Gent. administered the aforesaid oathes to Benjamin Harrison John Hinkson Alvin Mountjoy Thomas Warring Edward Waller and John Gregg Gent. who took the same respectively.


The second session of court was held at the house of John Kizer, beginning on the 20th of June, 1786. Among the proceedings we notice that it is "Ordered that Edmund Lyne Gent be appointed overseer of the road from the Lower blue licks to Johnson's Fork of Licking, and that the titheables residing at the Licks assist him in keeping the same in repair." It was also "Ordered that Thomas Warring Gent take in a list of the titheables north of main Licking, that John Hinkson Gent take in a list of the titheables between main Licking and Hinkson's fork, and on the water's of Stoner's fork below Cooper's Run, John Gregg Gent in the forks of Stoner and Hinkson, Alvin Mountjoy Gent on Houston's fork and Cooper's Run ; and James Garrard Gent east of Houston's Fork and southeast of the main road, leading from Lexington to Limestone, and return their respective lists to the court."


This appears to be a different John Gregg than “our” John Gregg.


There is a John Gregg of Berks Co who in 1769 applies for a “New Purchase” grant on White Deer Creek and in 1773 sells his rights in this application for 5 shillings to a Turbott Francis and Samuel Hunter.  However, this appears to be a different John Gregg than the one who lived in Bedford Co.


Mother Bedford and the American Revolution, by Larry Smith:


P 165:  Captain Solomon Adams Company 1778, 4th Co, 3rd Battalion, Bedford Co. Militia: William Todd, pvt and Samuel Todd lieut.

P 175:  Undesignated Militia, Bedford co, Rev. War: John Todd

P 458: Depreciation Pay List, Rev War: John Todd, private; Samuel Todd, lieutenant: William Todd, Private

P 541: 25 Oct 1779, Supreme Executive Council: following were elected assessors… Bedford Co.:  …John Todd

P 546:  17 Nov 1780,:Supreme Executive Council: following were elected assessors…  Bedford Co.:  …John Todd


History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, PA, Waterman, Watkins & Co, 1884:

P 221: Justices of the peace:  William Todd 1778, Andrew Todd 1781


Bedford County Tax List of 1784

    Relevancy*   19%


  107   Return Of Lands And Number Of Inhabitants In The County Of Bedford. 1784

    PA Archives,  Series 3  Volume XXII   Page   276


John Todd is listed as having 7 white inhabitants

William Todd is listed as having 5 white inhabitants


  1. 1830 Shelby Co KY census
  1. Johnson Todd, p 218: 0011001-12001 (age 40-50=>b 1780-1790)
  2. Andrew Tod p 266: 01002001-1121101 (age 50-60=>1770-1780)
  3. Robert Todd p 238 couldn’t find
  1. Bedford Co 1784 tax lists


I just discovered that the 1784 tax lists for Bedford Co, PA lists the number of inhabitants.  From the online PA Archives,, we find that William Todd of Bedford had 5 inhabitants and John Todd of Bedford Co, PA had 7 inhabitants.


William Todd d 1795 who md Hannah Boyer had 3 children prior to 1785 and so he would have had 5 inhabitants in 1784.  This matches the tax list.


John Todd d 1813 who md Mary Ruble had 3 to 5 children prior to 1784; this would be 5 to 7 which might match the census.   We don't know the birth years for Johnson and Robert Todd who were born 1780-1790 and before 1787.   It is likely that one of these brothers was born by 1784, but I can't say about both of them.


Return Of Lands And Number Of Inhabitants In The County Of Bedford. 1784

    PA Archives,  Series 3  Volume XXII   Page   276


John Todd is listed as having 7 white inhabitants

William Todd is listed as having 5 white inhabitants


  1. Lincoln County KY Tax Lists



Draper Mss Abstracts

by Larry Murdock

February 16, 2005



A List of Tithables in Capt. Ray's Company


Hugh McGary, Iam, Man [?], Cloey                                 4

James Reay                                                                       1

Daniel McGary                                                     1




Mary McMurtry, Tom & Liz.                                            2

William McMurtry                                                            1

Joseph McMurtry, Sicely                                      2

James Hutton                                                                    1

John Campbell                                                      1

James Campbell                                                    1

John McKee                                                                      1

William McKee                                                     1

John Lowary                                                                     1

John Todd  Pd                                                      --




Samuel Hutton                                                      1

Hendrick Hutton                                                   1

James Hutton                                                                    1




A List of Capt Hugh McGarry's Company Apl ye 12th 1780



William McMorry                                                 38

John McMorry                                                      39

Joseph McMorry                                                   40

John McGee                                                                      41

James Todd                                                                       42

John Hutton                                                                      43

James Hutton        Junr                                                     44




17J58 (only 14 individuals listed)


Rays Compy


James Ray                                                             3  --

John Todd                                                             2  2/10



preceding and succeeding documents all deal with the list of tithables of Lincoln County for 1783.  One of these documents (17J62) states that the list is for June 10-30, 1783.  Some of the contiguous lists tithables over 21, tithables over 16, and slaves; evidently all were considered tithables




 Rays Company


McMurtry Mary – Tom Liz paid 2 paid 6/D 5/8

McMurtry William paid  -----illegible

McMurtry Joseph Sicely paid 2

Hutten James paid

Campbell John paid 1

Campbell James     paid 1

McKee John       1

McKee William        1

Lowery John pd9?) by Sertificate 1




Hutton Samuel paid (?)

Hutton Hendrick paid   1

Hutton James  paid





b. On page 58 (17J58) I found a listing for tithables for Captain Ray's Company for Lincoln County, 1783.  The second name listed was unmistakably "John Todd".  He was listed as having "3 levys", and assessed "2/10".  I think there can be no doubt that a John Todd was living in Lincoln country in 1783 and that he was associated with Ray's Company.


Much further along, I found another interesting listing under the heading "A list of tithables in Capt. Ray's Company (17J82).  They were as follows:


Mary McMurtry, Tom & Liz (I don't know what Tom & Liz means -- slaves?)       -- 2

William McMurtry                                                                                                     -- 1

Joseph McMurtry, Sicely                                                                                           -- 2

James Hutton                                                                                                              -- 1

John McKee                                                                                                                -- 1

William McKee                                                                                                           --1

John Lowry                                                                                                                 -- 1

John Todd            P.d.                                                                                      -- (blank)

Samuel Hutton                                                                                                           -- 1

Hendrick Hutton                                                                                                         -- 1

James Hutton                                                                                                              -- 1


These names were nearly back-to-back, with a couple Campbells interspersed (I didn't copy them  because I plan to get a photocopy in any case).



I think that all that are interested in this John Todd will be interested in these findings!


The 17J82 list must date after August 1782 because that is when John McMurtry was captured and feared killed.


We have John McMurtry's widow Mary Todd Hutton, along with the brothers Joseph and William McMurtry.


We have Samuel Hutton, Mary Todd Hutton's father or brother, along with Mary's other brothers: James and Hendrick.


We have John and William McKee - are these sons of Lydia Todd McKee?


We have John Lowry.  Could this be son of Patrick Lowry and hence brother-in-law of your John Todd and nephew of Jane (Lowry) Todd?


And we have John Todd.


Note that we do not have John Hutton.  Could it be that he had been killed by this time?  Based on the description in Draper, the death of John Hutton occurred at a time when John Todd, John Hutton and James Hutton were hiding a canoe at the mouth of Dicks.  This seems to imply that this most likely happened when John Todd was still in Lincoln Co, before he moved to Fayette.   Since John moved to Fayette sometime between 1784 and 1786 based on his grants, that would suggest that John Hutton's death occured before the Draper interviewee had come to KY in 1789, rather than after he came to KY.  Hence, a pre-1782 death is not unreasonable.





4.  Court Cases of Shelby co, KY in Kentucky Archvies in Frankfort


Bundle 1, No 18:  1793: Todd vs Garrett

Bundle 5, No 64:  1797:  John Todd vs Jas Matley

Bundle 19, No 26: 1801: Todd vs Woodside

Bundle 39, No 41: 1806: Todd vs Shackelford

Bundle 61, No 26, 1810: Jno Todd vs Jas Simrall

Bundle 68, No 6:  Samuel Todd vs Jno Shackelford

Bundle 72, No 13:  1812: Jno Todd vs Adam Steele

Bundle 80, No 1: 1813:  John Todd vs Ben Fry

Bundle 97, No 5: 1815: J & A Todd  vs Fry’s Heirs


Bundle 107, No 21: 1817:  R Todd vs J. Blake

Bundle 128, No 2: R Todd vs J. Knight

Bundle 148, No 28, 1819: E. Todd vs Jas McCallister


  1. John Gregg in PA Archives Tax Lists:

Series 3:


1773 Bedford Co, PA: Thomas Gregg: Springhill Twp

Bedford Twp: John Gregg, 2.6 tax

1774: Bedford Twp, p 59: John Gregg, 4.2 tax

no Todds

1775: Bedford Twp, p 92: John Gregg, 18.4 amt of tax,

no Todds

1776:  vol XXII, p 125, Bedford Twp:  John Gregg: 13.0-1/2 uncultivated land tax, 6.4 provincial tax

p 126, John Todd, 4.5-1/2 uncultivated land tax, 6.10 provincial tax

p 126, William Todd, 14.0-1/4 uncultivated land tax, 7.5 provincial tax

1779: p 162, Bedfrod Township

Samuel Todd no acres

William Todd 200 ac

William Todd Senior no acres

John Todd no acres

John Grigg 100 acres

1783: Bedford Township: vol XXII, p 206: John Gregg, 100 acres,

p 208:  John Todd 200 acres, William Todd 200 acres

(William Todd appointed assessor, 12 Aug 1783)

1784:  Bedford Twp, p 274:  John Gregg, no acres, p 276: John Todd no acres, William Todd 200 acres


John Todd elected assessor in 1779 and 1780.


Vol XXIII, p269 Rangers on the Frontier, 1776-1783

John Gragg

John Todd

He married, April 1, 1812, Ruth Jack, and their children were: Lucinda Lvtle, and Rev. J. J. Neel, who died February 10, 1852, aged thirty-three years. Ruth (Jack) Neel died in 1819, and Mr. Neel took for his second wife, Rachel Borland, June 25, 1822. She was the daughter of Samuel Borland, who emigrated from Ireland to America settling in "The Manor," Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, where he engaged in farming. He was an officer in the Revolutionary war. At the close he married Mrs. Lidia Gregg, at her father's home, Winchester, Virginia. They made their home for a few years in Bedford county, Pennsylvania, before moving to Westmoreland county. He was a Presbyterian and married Lydia Gregg, who was born in Winchester, Virginia, removing from there to Bedford, Pennsylvania.


Attachment 5:  Todd and Gregg Lands in Bedford County


John Gregg to John Borland, Bk B, p 207, Bedford Co, PA Deeds


I John Gregg of the Township of Bedford and County of Bedford.. Pennsylvania… yeoman  … for 120 pounds..paid by John Borland and Samuel Borland of Cumberland Valley Township and County aforesaid..sold … to John Borland and Samuel Borland jointly..tract of alnd lyindg in Bedford Township..called the phisen Botom where the said John Greag now lives containing by comparison 300 acres.. joining hendreys and Lukens on the south and the company of the West..27 Nov 1783. (Note that no wife is named) recorded an compared with the original the 8 day of March 1786



Samuel Borland and Lydia his wife to George Burket p 208 of Book B, Bedford Co, PA Deeds


7 March 1786 .. Samuel Bourland of Twp of Bedford, county of Bedford..Pennsylvania and Lydia his wife.. to ..George Burket of Twp & Co aforesaid..whereas Samuel Borurland obtained a patent ..4 Oct 1785 ..tract..called Carrigans in Bedford Twp..beginning..thence by land of George Armstrong s77W 120 p, w38p,thence by John Little’s land s63.5W 108, n5w 143 p, S83E 47, n45e 91.5 p, thence by surveyed land s 63e 79p, s40e 40, s63e 67, thence by a ___ hills  s30w 36, s52w 41, s3e 21, s40e 68 p to beg ..containing ..266 acres,  (tract was survyed in pursuance of a warrant to Samuel Boreland dated 31 Jan 1785 and patent Book A p 40


18.  20 March 1779 – William Todd of Twp of Bedford in County of Bedford..Pennsylvania..and Ann his wife .. to John Bonnet of Washington County, Maryland:  Warrants ? July 1762 & 9 July 1762..Surveyed unto Robert Callender..tract..on both sides of the great Road about four miles above Bedford, then in Cumberland but now in Bedford.. Beg…thence by John Frasiers land N51W 268 p, thence by Davies’s Claim S57W 261 p, S12W 130 p to ta white oak by John Ormsby’s land, thence by Thomas Kentons’ land S19E 71p, thence S42.5E 183p , N40E 78, N46.25 E party down Raystown Creek 356 p to begiining..683 acres.. Robert Callender and Francis his wife. 7 June 1773 sold to William Neill and Isabella,   his wife..and Wiliam Niell and Isabella his wife..17 Feb 1779 sold to Samuel Todd..and Samuel Todd and mary his wife ..20 March 1779 sold to William Todd.. Beg. ..s57W 20 p , s19E 2248 p, on side of Raystown Branch, thence extending across S42.5E 104, N40E 78 on side of said Raystown Branch, down the same n46E 97, N51W 319 to beg ..219 acres… ..this indenture ..William Todd and Ann his wife..for 2325 pounds . sold to John Bonnet


19.       Survey of William Todd, 222-3/4 Acres,  a Draught of part o0f a Tract of Land surveyed to Robert Callender and now the Property of William Todd, being part of a larger Tract formerly surveyd on a 300 warrant to Robert Callender dated 1 June 1762, situate on the Raystown Branch of Juniata about 4 miles form the town of Bedford.:  N51W 180, N28W 13, N77W 10, N51W 92, N57E 142, S51E 266, (from larger survey: s46W 137)

20.       20 March 1779. Samuel Todd of the Township of Bedford, County of Bedford.. Pennsylvania and Mary his wife to John Bonnet of Washington County.. Maryland. (same intro as deed of same date by William Todd to John Bonnett).. N51W 319 p, N57E 126 p, S51E by Andrew Todd’s land  part of the above described tract 92 p, S83 E 28.5 p, by sd Andrew Todd’s land, N73.5E 28.5 p, S38E 16 p , S31.5W 35 p, S51W 140.5 p, to post o side of Raystown Branch of Juniata, up the same S40W 120 p to begin ..230.5 Acres (Recorded and compared with the original 10 May 1783)

23.       Survey:  Draught of a tract of land situate about four miles from Fort Bedford on both sides of the Great Road leading to the Shanne Cabbines in Cumberland county..628 acres..carefully resurveyed for Robert Callender Jan 10 1766..Warrant 1 Jun 1762:  N46.25E 356 ft, N51W 268 ft by John Fraziers land, S57W 261 by Davis’s claim, S52W 130 by John Ormsbys’ alnd, s19E 32, S59.5E 190 by Robert Callender’s other land and near Thomas Kinton’s land, S56E, 28 ft

24.       Situated on the waters of the Shawanese Cabin Creek in the Township and county of Bedford containing 300 acres.. surveyed for Samuel Johnston 16 Aug 1793 on warrant dated Aug 20 1765:  N5.5W 20 by land of John Gregg, N87W 76 by land of John Finney, N21 W 145 by John Finney, N32E 66 by john Finney , N46W 140 by Alexander’s Claim, S83W 95 by John Baldwin, S3W 286, S85E 191, S87E 76 by John Little.

25.       Situated on the North side of the Raystown Branch of Juniata in the Township and County of Bedford ..306 acres and 118 p..survyed for John Little 16 Aug 1793 on warrant dated Aug 20 1765. N84E 48, S62E 150 by Frederick Helsimer, s3, s83E 115 by Frederick Helsimer, S21W 40, N39E 140 by surveyed land, N64W 60, by John Gregg’s land, n5.5W 95 by John Gregg, N87W 76 by Samuel Johnson, N85W 192.78, S10E 141

26.       John Little resurvey of 1817:  N87W 275 by Frederick Heltzhimer, N21E 41, S39W 134 by Joseph Dull, S63E 63 by John Gregg, S8e 118 by John Gregg, N87E 72 by John Finny, S24E 46 by John Finney, N51E 104 by Joseph Irwin, N30.75E 196 by James Johnston.

27.       Samuel Johnston Resurvey: 115.75 Acres: Situate in Napier Township, Bedford Co, surveyed for Samuel Johnston..warrant..20 Augu 1765 and resurveyed agreeable to..marked lines 27 Nov 1817 agreeable to an order datd 14 day April 1817.: N33W 67, N10E 190, n87e 68 by Hill Wilson, S25E 86 by Joseph Irwin, , S30.75W 196 by John Little and on line of Frederick Hiltzhimer, N33W 67 by James Anderson, N10E 190 by James Anderson,


Whereas it appears by the records of our Land Office that a Warrant Issued on the fourth day of May 1763 to a certain Joseph Alexander for one hundred acres of land near Colonel Burd's Road above Fort Bedford. Beginning at the fifty-five Mile Tree joining Colonel Armstrong, Alexander Smith & John Gregg then in the county of Cumberland now Bedford County, and whereas the said Joseph Alexander by one instrument in writing dated the thirteenth day of October 1765 did assign unto Samuel Cross all his right and title of in and to the said tract of land and whereas David Hoge Esquire Sheriff of the said County by his Deed Poll dated the twenty-third day of April 1770 (reciting certain writs and proceedings of the Court of Common Pleas for the said County for the recovery of a certain debt of the said Samuel Cross) did grant, bargain, sell, release & confirm the said tract of land with the Apurtenances unto Richard Tea of Carlisle in the said County to him, his Heirs & Assigns for ever. And whereas the said Richard Tea and Ann his wife by Deed dated the twenty-fourth day of April 1770 did convey the same tract of land unto Philip Kinsey of the city of Philadelphia Merchant in Fee. And whereas the said Warrant if any ever issued is not to be found nor any survey made or returned & therefore the said Philip Kinsey hath humbly requested us to grant him our Warrant for surveying the said Tract of land.


And we favoring his request These are to authorize you to survey & layout or cause to be surveyed and layed out unto the said Philip Kinsey the said Tract of land provided the same had not been surveyed or appropriated before the date of the said Entry and to make return thereof into our Secretaries Office in order for confirmation by Patent to the said Philip Kinsey on his paying our purchase Money, Interest and Quit-rent thereon due agreeable to the said Entry and for so doing this sha1l be your sufficient Warrant, Witness Richard Penn Esquire Lieutenant Governor of the said Province who by virtue of certain Powers from the said Proprietaries hath hereunto set His hand & caused the Seal of Land Office to be hereunto affixed at Philadelphia this twenty-sixth day of June in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and seventy-two. To John Lukens Esquire Surveyor General.



5.   Land Warrant; John Finney (message posted by Stacia Liegey)

Size: 0 kb; Posted 25 Jan 2003

Aug. 10, 1765. John Finney of Cumberland Co. applied for 200 acres bounded by Robert Callander on the north, John Gregg on the east, and Joseph Alexander on the south, including William Mason's improvement in Cumberland Co. (Source: Early Land Applications, Bedford County)


4.  2. Land Applications; John Little (message posted by Donna Creary)

Size: 1 kb; Posted 9 Jun 2003

John LITTLE of City of Philadelphia, bought these tracts: (1) 250 acres incl an improvement on Juniata Creek about 5 miles above the crossings on south side of said creek. 12/11/1764. (2) 300 acres, incl improvement made by Martin McDANIEL, adj John GREGG, Alexander SMITH & Joseph ALEXANDER, north side of south branch of Juniata River. 8/20/1765. (3) 500 acres on east branch of Dunnings Creek, adj DORAN's survey, called Round Hill. 6/1/1763. John LITTLE was a well kmown tavern keeper in Philadelphia


The following warrants are for land extending from the Callender/Neill/Todd lands SW through Thomas Kinton and Jeremiah Warder to  James Maxwell


1.  Land Applications; Allen Rose (message posted by Donna Creary)

Size: 0 kb; Posted 29 May 2003

Allen ROSE. 150 acres, adj Thomas KENTON. 7/2/1768, #5122. (Source: Early Land Applications, Bedford County Courthouse, Bedford, PA)


2.          Land Applications; Thomas Kinton (message posted by Donna Creary)

Size: 0 kb; Posted 8 Jun 2003

Thomas KINTON. 300 acres adj Robert CALLENDAR, about 5 miles above Bedford on Raystown branch. 1/22/1767, #2526. (Source: Early Land Applications, Bedford County Courthouse, Bedford, PA)


15. Land Applications; Jeremiah Warder (message posted by Donna Creary)

Size: 0 kb; Posted 25 May 2003

Jeremiah WARDER. 300 acres adj Thomas KINTON & James MAXWELL, Esq about 6 miles from Ft Bedford on Raystown branch, Juniata River. 1/22/1767, #2527. (Source: Early Land Applications, Bedford County Courthouse, Bedford, PA)


16. Land Applications; Solomon Adams (message posted by Donna Creary)

Size: 1 kb; Posted 24 May 2003

14 Jun 1785. Solomon ADAMS applied for 50 acres, including an improvement on the southwest and west side of and adjoining Thomas KINTON's land, on the north and northeast side of James MAXWELL's survey, and on the east side and adjoining Juniata Creek, in Bedford Twp. (Source: Early Land Applications, Bedford County, PA)


17. Land Applications; John Anderson (message posted by Donna Creary)

Size: 1 kb; Posted 6 May 2003

John ANDERSON applied for 200 acres bounded by James MAXWELL on the southeast, John KENTON on the north, and Solomon ADAMS on the northeast in Bedford Twp. Price: 50 shillings per 100 acres, with interest to commence from 25 Jul 1794. Warrant granted 25 Jul 1794; executed 24 May 1796. (Source: Early Land Applications, Warrant Book III, p. 3, Register and Recorders Office, Bedford County Courthouse, Bedford County, PA)


Warrants to George Armstrong

George Armstrong: 100 Feb 1755

50 Feb 1755

236.5  Jan 27, 1763



John Todd vs Mrs. Williamson,  Year: 1787, Case # 1758


Whereas a complaint has been made to me that John Todd has been guilty of privately detaining a yearling calf the property of Mrs. Williamson.  These are therefore to require you that you summon the Sd Todd to appear before me or some some other Justice of the Peace of this County to answer the above complaint.  Given my hand this 8th day of January 1788

Alex Breckinridge JP


The Sheriff or his deputy


William Kennady, David Gragg, John …,.. Hill, Widow Kennady, William Gray, James McKerg, William Kindall, and the Widow Williamson  Wintesses for the plaintiff


Alex Breckinridge


On hearing the evidence and due consideration therefore, the Defdt is found guilty and returned to the next court for.. held for Sd county

Alex Breckinridge J.P.

The Commonwealth of Virginia to the Sheriff of Jefferson County greeting: We command you to summon William Murray to appear before our Justices of our said county at the court house, on the first Tuesday in March next to testify and the truth to say, in behalf of John Todd in a certain matter of controversy in our said court, before our said justices, depending and undetermined, between Sd Todd the …, William Clark prosecutor and this He shall in no wise omit, under the penalty of 100 pounds Witness, William Johnston, clerk of our said court at the said court house the 10th day of feb in the 12th year of the Commonwealth.

Will Johnston

Know all men by these presents that we John Todd and John Gragg of Jefferson County are held ..firmly bound unto Alex Breckinridge Esq a Justice of the Peace for the County of Jefferson in the just and full sum of two hundred pounds to be paid to the sd Breckinridge or any other magistrate for this county…. To wit payment will and truly to be made we do … ourselves jointly, severally and …heirs ..firmly by these presents Sealed with our Seals and dated this 12th Day of January in the Year 1788.


The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas Complaint and information hath been by William Clark before the Sd Breckenridge as a Justice of the peace that the above named John Todd did feloniously secret and conceal a Calf the property of Mrs. Williamson..Now if the sd Todd do.. appear at our next Court of Qrter Sessions to be held for the Sd County of Jefferson on the first Tuesday in March next and shall answer to the sd Acusation and do ab… by and perform the order of the Sd Court in this behalf made that these above obligations shall be void or else in full force..and Virtue.. 

John Todd seal

John Gregg Seal



.. J. Johnston



John Gregg Deed Northumberland County PA


John Gregg..for 5 shillings..paid by Col Turbutt Francis and Samule Hunter..have ..sold..all my right title interest property claim and demand of in and to a certain application by me or for me entered in the Proprietaries land Office..300 acres of land lying on the west side of the norwest branch of Susquehannak beginning about a mile above the White Deer Creek running up ;the river including two small drafts of water with some meadow ground a little ways off the river..21 May 1773..Recorded 30 May 1791


This seems not to be “our “ John Gregg.