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Parentage of Lost Branches:  Revised Sept  2006


Basic Logic of Parentage for Benjamin Todd 1749-1823 and John Todd b abt 1745 d 1809/10


  1. DNA evidence proves that Benjamin and John shared a common ancestor in the Anne Arundel County Maryland Todd Family.
  2. Benjamin was in northwest Anne Arundel Co in 1776 suggesting a connection with the family of Lancelot Todd d 1735 and Elizabeth Rockhold.
  3. The children of three of the four sons of Lancelot Todd d 1735 have been established in that Thomas Todd and  Sophia (Lawrence?) and John Todd and Ruth (Dorsey) had children baptized in Queen Caroline Parish, Lancelot Todd 1707-1791 had his children listed in a Purtian devotional book.  None of theses had a son Benjamin.  This leaves only Nathan with children undetermined.
  4. Nathan was a minor in 1735 but had a wife Lucy as evidenced in deeds 1742 to 1745.  This suggests they would have had children in the 1740s.
  5. Benjamin was born in the 1740s (1749) and had a daughter Lucy, possibly named after his mother.
  6. John and Edward were born in the 1740s as evidence by their being of age in 1768 when they signed a petition to move the county seat to Baltimore and John having children by 1766.  Also signing with them was a Nathan Todd, possibly their father.  In 1773, Nathan and John Todd appeared in the Delaware Hundred, Baltimore Co tax record. 


See essay on John Todd md Mary Jarman for more details.


Chronology Summaries for Three “Lost” Branches


Benjamin Todd 1749-1823




1749:  Born

1820 court case in Logan Co KY states that Benjamin was 71 years old

1776:  A witness for the will of John Marriot at a parcel in NW Anne Arundel Co near where his cousin Alexander Todd b 1736 had bought land.


1781:  Appears on a Baltimore Co militia list


1781: Marries Eleanor Ford

Marriage Licenses of Maryland

1783: leases Baltimore lot from John Eager Howard

Balitmore Deed

1786: sells lease to Edmund Ford (brother-in-law) and John Ezekial Dorsey (nephew of Ruth Todd)

Baltimore Deed

1786: Benjamin Todd of Baltimore Co buys Yates Contrivance in AA County from Edward Dorsey son of John Dorsey father of John Ezekiel Dorsey

AA Deeds

1790: Census in Patapsco Lower Hundred, Baltimore Co

6M >16, 3M < 16,

1797: Sells Stevens Level to Joshua Merriken Jones


1798 Federal Assessment:

Where is he?

1800:  Census: Anne Arundel Co:

1 male under 10, 1M 10-16, 1M 26-45, 1M over 45; 1F under 10, 1 f 16-26

1804:  Mortgage of AA lands


1806: Mortgage paid off AA lands


1806:  Arrives in Bourbon Co, KY

Court case in Logan Co mentions dealings in Bourbon Co.

1808:  Benjamin Todd of Logan Co, KY sells AA lands

AA Deeds

1820: Court Case involving Maryland-origin Hardin and Drane families of Logan Co KY

Court records of Logan Co, KY

1823:  Dies in Logan Co, KY

Will probated: Logan Co

Children’s Names and birth years/places:


Benjamin L abt 1784-1848 Pike Co MO


Lucy abt 1790 md John Henry Fugate


John Ford 1800-1857 Franklin Co, KY
















John Todd d 1809/10 Bourbon Co, KY


1743:  born

(accuracy uncertain)

Estimate based on dau Ruth Todd reportedly born 1766 (md Jacob Greathouse b 1778) and dau Susan b 1767 and dau Eliz b 1768.  Basis and accuracy of these dates unknown.

1768: assumed to be John who signed petition to move county seat to Baltimore

Assumed because Edward Todd also signed petition and this is the only Edward in Balt or Ann Arundel Co. 

1773:  appears on tax list in Delaware Hundred, Baltimore Co along with Nathan


1783: on Tax list of Westmoreland/later Fayette Co PA:


1785-1789 tax list & 1790 censu in Fayette Co PA


1792: on tax list in Bourbon Co, KY


1809/10:  Will and death in Bourbon Co, KY


Children’s names, birth years/places


Benjamin B. prior to 1780


Ruth b 1766 d1842

Exact birth date given by Greathouse family, source unknown.  Husband reportedy born 1778. She would have been 12 years younger.

Susan b 1767 md


John b 1771

Date source unknown

Elizabeth md 1793 Felix Ashbrook


Rebecca 1786-1843 md Richard Morris


Sophia 1785 md 1821 John Trimble

1811 court record: became ward of Benjamin Todd





Edward Todd d 1795 Bourbon Co KY


1747 : born

Based on estimated birth of eldest daughter in 1775 and being of age in 1768

1768: assumed to be Edward who signed petition to move capitol to Baltimore, others on petition include Nicholas Dorsey Jr and John Elder who lived in Delaware Hundred.

Don’t know if one needed to be legal age to sign petition.

1777: assumed to be Edward Todd who was in a court case in the Virginia-claimed portion of SW PA


1783: Tax list of Westmoreland Co, PA


1785-1789: Tax lists of Fayette Co, PA


1792: tax list of Bourbon Co, KY


1795:  Died

Court cases established that Edward and John were brothers.



Margaret born abt 1775


Levin born abt 1779 md Jemima Kemp 1805




Edward born abt






John Todd md Mary Jarman


1767-1770: born

Based on being 21-24 when married in 1791

1773: father Thomas, carpenter on tax list of Patapsco Lower Hundred


1783:  father Thomas in Middlesex Hundred tax list


1790: father Thomas in 1790 census for Middlesex Hundred


1791:  married Mary German by Baptist minister

Marriage Records of Maryland by Barnes

1802-1805: involved with father Thomas and brother Samuel Todd in land dealings in Sophia’s Garden, Baltimore Co (Back River Hundred)

Baltimore Deed Recrods; Womelsduff research

1808: reportedly in Ohio Co, VA


1810: in Fairfield Co, OH


1820:  Census in Fairfield Co, OH


1823:  dies in Franklin Co OH


Note: One family tradition asserts that he was son of John Todd and Susanna Rolfe of Dorchester Co, MD; DNA suggests however an Anne Arundel Co origin




1st wife

 Benjamin   b 1792 Baltimore Cod 1882 OH.

John   b 1795 d 1861 OH.

Joseph   b 1797 MD d 1851 IN.

Jessie   b 1801 MD d 1877 IN.

Mary Elizabeth   b 1803 MD d 1884 OH.

William Zacharius   b 1806  Ohio Co.,WV, d 1872 IA.

Thomas Wilkinson   b 1808 Fairfield Co.,OH, d 1846 OH.

Mary   b 1810 OH d 1888 IN.

Susannah   b 1813 Fairfield Co.,OH, d 1897 IN.

2cd wife

Anna   b 1817 OH.

Catherine   b Abt 1818 OH.

Rebecca   b 1819 OH. She married Samuel Boone. 

Sarah Ann   b Abt 1820 OH.

Samuel Wesley   b 1822 in Violet,Fairfield Co.,OH.

Hannah   b 1824.