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Gregg Genealogy Report


Below are:


  1. Research Report 1 from Carolyn Tolman, Utah

a.  Somerset County PA Deed Indexes: Gregg/Gragg/Ruple/Todd

  1. Research Report 2 from Carolyn Tolman, Utah 
  1. Somerset County Estate Index: Jacob Rupel 1797 will
  2. Frederick County, VA deed index 1743 -1839:  Gregg/Todd
  3. Frederick  county, VA Court Order books v 1-17 (
  4. Ulrich Ruble’s will abstract


  1. Email from Jane Ailes, Frederick Co, VA re: family of Robert Gregg of Frederick/Hampshire Co, VA and Washington/Allegany Co, MD
  1. Abstract of Frederick Co deeds Gregg/Todd


  1. Email from Jane Ailes:
  1. Family of Robert Gregg


4b. Sketches of Nathan and Thomas Gregg, children of Robert Gregg


  1. Email from Jan Caravan re: family of Mary Gregg, dau of John Gregg of Shelby Co, KY
  2. Research in Hampshire county, VA (WVA)
  3. Ref to Robert Gregg in “Pioneers of Old Frederick c o, VA” by Cecil O’Dell
  4. Pennsylvania Archives: Tax lists of 1773 in Bedford Co, PA
  5. Gregg References in Maryland Archives re: children of Robert Gregg and 1783 tax assessment in Washington Co, MD
  6. Extract from Augusta Co, VA court records re: John Gregg of Cumberland Co
  7. Ref to John Gragg of Ireland, Cumberalnd Co PA and Augusta Co, VA
  8. Cumberland Co land warrant for Samule Johnston, bounded east by John Gregg
  9. Roland Curtin md Margergy Gregg, dau of John Gregg of Cumberland  Co, (Carlisle Greggs)

13b. Abstract of 1791 will of John Gregg, Jefferson Co KY

  1. Mortgage of Robert Gregg 1767
  2. 16.  Forclosure of 1774/1778


  1. Research Report 1

Hello Richard,


In 4 1/2 hours, I was able to search the following microfilms with the results noted.  These indexes were only partially alphabetized, so It took quite a while to do a thorough search of each index.  But I did search each spelling variation of each name that you listed, as well as any others I could think of.


Somerset County, Pennsylvania Land Deed Indexes



Nothing for Gregg/Gragg before 1940



Ruple, John ux to Sterner, Michael, May 27, 1811, Book 5, p.440, Addison

Rupel, Jacob ux to Miller, Peter, Apr 16, 1830, Book 11, p.1022, Addison

Ruple, John ux to Hartzell, John, Dec 4, 1832, Book 12, p.628, Addison

Ruple, Martin ux, to Mitchell, John, Sep 8, 1817, Book 9, p.304, Addison



Todd, William to Paul, John, Jun 26, 1795, Book 1, p.13, Quemahoning

Todd, William's Exr to Houghstadler, Joseph, Apr 29, 1813, Book 7, p.41, Quemahoning

Hannah Tod, surviving executor of the last will & testament of William Tod, late of Bedford County deceased, sells land of the estate of William Tod in Quemahoning Township to Joseph Houghstadler for the amount of $527, which money is for the use of Betsy, Wilhelmina, Hannah & Anna, daughters of William Tod, deceased. 9 Apr 1812. (photocopy)

Todd, William Exr al to Berkey, Samuel, Mar 16, 1824, Book 11, p.27, Quemahoning

11 Oct 1813, Hannah Todd, surviving executrix of the last will and testament of William Todd, late of Bedford Township, Bedford County, state of PA; and Thomas Fichroy of St. Clair Township, same county & state, and his wife _(blank)__, sell land from the estate of William Todd to Samuel Berkey for $954.  Witnessed by John Todd and George Henry.  (photocopy).



Nothing for Gregg/Gragg before 1940



Ruple, John, from Jones, John ux, Jun 22, 1801, Book 3, p.106, Turkeyfoot

Ruple, John, from Witt, John ux, Oct 8, 1858, Book 29, p.556, Larimer  (late date, but immediately below the 1801 entry)



Tod, John, from Hollis, Joseph, Feb 2, 1825, Book 11, 145, Somerset Bo


Todd, William, from Bedford Co Comrs, Jun 26, 1795, Book 1, p.10, Quemahoning Tp

Todd, William Exrs, from Anderson, John, Apr 28, 1813, Book 7, p.39, Quemahoning

16 Feb 1796  John Anderson, practitioner of physick of Bedford, Bedford County, PA, sells land to Samuel Davidson and Hannah Todd, the executors of the last will & testament of William Todd late of Bedford, farmer, deceased, for the benefit of Betsy, Wilhelmina, Hannah & Anna, daughters of William Todd, deceased.  (photocopy)

Todd, William al, from Bedofrd Co Comrs, Mar 16, 1824, Book 11, p.26, Quemahoning


I ran out of time to look up this last deed and copy it --I'll start here when I return next Wednesday.


As per your request to copy estate settlements for the Todd family, I will mail the above noted copies to you. 


I look forward to continuing this project next week!  I will prepare an expense report at the end of the project.


Carolyn Tolman


  1. Research Report 2

Hello Richard,


I was able to complete all of your revised request yesterday in 4 hours.  Here are the results--I hope they are helpful!



Somerset Co. Index to Estate Records 1795-1921 #558478  (20 min.)


1797,  No.3, Ruple, Jacob, Turkeyfoot Tp., [no date of death, no date of letters or appointment], Margaret Ruple Executor, Vol.1, Page 65.


Frederick  Co., VA General Index to Deeds 1743-1839, #31366 (1 hour--this index was somewhat disorganized)


6 June 1765, Gregg, John, from Hannah Cook, Deed, Vol. 10, Page 349.

5 Aug 1766, Gregg, John, to Matthew Harrison, Deed, Vol. 11, Page 128.

3 Mar 1768, Gregg, Robert, to William Smith al, Mortgage, Vol. 12, Page 148.

5 Mar 1783, Gregg, Robert, from James Craik ux, Deed, Vol. 19, Page 384.

6 Oct 1789, Gregg, Robert, to William Holliday, Deed, Vol. 21, Page1067.

3 Aug 1814, Gregg, Thomas Sr., from Henry Calmes ux, P/Atty, Vol. 36, Page 298.

13 Feb 1822, Griggs, Thomas Jr., from Daniel Annin ux, Trust, Vol. 45, Page 291.

17 Dec 1823, Griggs, Thomas Jr., to Joseph W. Davis, Deed, Vol. 48, Page 82.

27 Nov 1824, Griggs, Thomas Jr. al, from Moses Coates, Trust, Vol. 49, Page178.

25 Feb 1826, Griggs, Thomas Jr. al, from Joseph Shepherd, Trust, Vol. 51, Page 121.

23 Feb 1829, Greggs, Thomas Jr. al, to Joseph Shepperd, Release, Vol. 55, Page [unreadable--before p.326].

1 Dec 1830, Griggs, Thomas Jr., to William Meade al, Deed, Vol.57, Page 300.

20 Sep 1833, Grigg, Thomas al, from Fairfax Washington, Trust, Vol. 61, Page 490.

12 Oct 1805, Todd, Reese, to John Peterson, Deed, Vol. SC5, Page 226.

12 Oct 1805, Todd, Reese, from John Peterson ux, Deed, Vol. SC5, Page 223.

2 Oct 1807, Todd, Elisha ux, to Gravenner Grise, Deed, Vol. SC5, Page 572.

10 June 1816, Todd, Rees, to Whom it may concern, Receipt, Vol. 38, Page 387.


Frederick Co. Order books (2 hours) 

Fortunately, these order books were indexed.  Since there were two volumes on each microfilm, I had to roll through one volume to get to the second index.  I therefore stopped to read the actual records and check for any genealogical information.  In most cases, the records were very brief, involving debt collection, and offered little of genealogical value besides the full names of those involved.  I did not go backwards a few pages to the date of each court session as this would have taken too much time.



Vol. 1, p.102

Samuel Grigg vs. John Alford re the estate of Thomas Alford


#31417--No Gregg/Grigg/Gragg


#31418--No Gregg/Grigg/Gragg


#31419--No Gregg/Grigg/Gragg 


#31420 1762-64

Vol. 11, p.447

Robert Gregg vs. William Lyn 

Robert Gregg vs. George and Andrew Paul 

Robert Gregg vs. Abraham Teagarden


#31421 1764-67

Vol.12, p.51 Robert Gregg vs. Abraham Teagarden

p.111 Robert and David Gregg vs. Power Hazel

p.168 Robert Gregg (assyner of Thomas Speake) vs. Abraham Teagarden & Joseph Combs

p.226 Robert Gregg vs. Joseph Hawkins

p.342-343 Robert Gregg & Margaret his wife vs. Richard Pearis

p.345 Robert Gregg vs. Joseph Watson

p.387 Robert Gregg vs. James Barrett

p.411 Robert Gregg vs. Hugh Johnston

p.412 Robert Gregg vs. Richard Mercer

p.575 Robert Gregg vs.William Catlett, Robert Gregg vs. JohnCrockwell


At this point, I decided that to get through the indices within 2 hours, I shouldn't stop to read the records.  I did look up the two involving another Gregg.

Vol. 13, p.58 Gregg vs. Bun,Gregg vs. Burgess

p.115 Gregg vs. Terrence, Gregg vs. Blackburne

p.130 Gregg vs. Greenfield

p.160 Gregg vs. McCormick, Gregg vs. Greenfield

p.162 Gregg vs. Beeson, Gregg vs. Dougherty

p.208 Gregg vs. Newell

p.232 Gregg vs. Curlet

p.284 Greg vs. Minor


#31422 1767-72

Vol. 14, p.46 Gregg vs. Duncan

p.65 Gregg vs. Jones

p.70 Gregg vs. McKormic

p.155 Gregg vs. Fife

p.299 Gregg vs. Carns

p.319 Greggs vs. Hazel

p.358 Gregg vs. Rees, Gregg vs. Rutherford

p.359 Gregg vs. Cochrane, Gregg vs. Campbell

p.393 Robert Gregg vs. John Gregg (no other family info), Robert Gregg vs. John Crockwell

p.426 Gregg vs. Welsh

p.653 Gregg vs. Welsh


Vol. 15, p.114 Gregg vs. Blackburn

p.242 Gregg vs. Heneberger

p.368 Gregg vs. May


#31423 1772-1781

Vol. 16, p.344 Gregg vs. Israel

p.358 Gregg vs. Howell

p.365 Gregg vs. Willson

p.498 Gregg vs. Carler


Vol.17, p.163 Gregg & ux vs. Howell

p. 210 Gregg vs. Dungan

p. 225 Gregg vs. Israel

p. 231 Gregg vs. Humbough

p. 232 Robert Gregg vs. John Gregg (no other family info)


Book searches took 40 minutes.  The Frederick County book's index had a handwritten warning saying that the index was incomplete and inaccurate, so I did a quick page-by-page search to make sure I didn't miss anything.


975.5992 P2kj 1982 Frederick Co. Will Abstracts, p.21

Ruble, Albrick

Will, 20 Dec 1759. 4 August 1761

Eldest son George has had more than his share of estate.  Wife Jane Ruble to receive five pounds of currency.  Other children mentioned, but not named.


1750 Land Holders p.111

Ruble, Albrick


Rent roll, cemetery inscriptions and survey warrants--no Gregg, Ruble or Todd (or variations)


974.879 P22c

Somerset County Will Index

Jacob Ruple--File 3, 1779 (not 1797)



I also photocopied the Todd land deed from last week to send to you.  It is dated 8 Oct 1791.  William Tod & Thomas Fichroy buy land that the previous owners (heirs of estate of Stewart Reward) have neglected to pay taxes on in Quemahoning.  (No charge for the time spent, just 23 cents for the copy)


I will now work on an expense report, as you requested.  Would you like me to e-mail a Word document to you, or do you prefer a paper copy to be sent with the photocopies? (or both?)


Thank you for your patience--please let me know if I can do anything else for you.



Carolyn Tolman



  1. Abstracts of Frederick County Deeds by Jane Ailes, Jan 2006

Frederick Co., VA Deed Book 10, page 349-352
Hannah Cook conveys to John Gregg of Cumberland Co., PA; 150 acres on No. Branch of Isaac Creek a branch of Back Creek; lease and release; signed 13 & 14 May ____ (transcription error; the actual deed says May 1765, not 1760 as the transcript said) (witnesses: Robt Gregg, G. W. Laubinger, Thos Wood, John McKamie), recorded 6 Jun 1765.  Robert Gregg is present in court on 6 Jun 1765 to prove the deed. (Purchase price was 30 pounds)

Frederick Co., VA Deed Book 11, page 128-130
John Gregg and Ann his wife of Frederick Co., Virginia convey to Mathew Harrison; 150 acres on No. Branch of Isaac Creek; lease and release; signed 4 & 5 Aug 1766, recorded 5 Aug 1766. (Sale price was 100 pounds)

Frederick Co., VA Deed Book 12, page 148-150
William Smith and James Stevolt of Baltimore to Robert Gregg of Frederick Co., VA; Mortgage; signed 22 Aug 1767, recorded 2 Mar 1768.

Frederick Co., VA Deed Book 19, page 384-387
James Craik and Marianne his wife of Charles Co. MD convey to Robert Gregg of Washinton Co, MD; Lot no. 2 of Town of Winchester last addition made by Colonel James Wood deceased; signed 10 Feb 1783, recorded 5 Mar 1783.

Frederick Co., VA Deed Book 21, page 1067-1071
Robert Gregg and Margaret his wife of the Commonwealth of Maryland convey to William Holliday of Winchester, Virginia; Lot no. 2 of Town of Winchester last addition made by Colonel James Wood deceased; lease and release signed Oct 17__ and 6 Oct 1789, recorded 6 Oct 1789

3 Aug 1814, Gregg, Thomas Sr., from Henry Calmes ux, P/Atty, Vol. 36, Page 298.
This one is Thomas Griggs Sr. of Jefferson Co. - not a Gregg

Frederick Co., VA Superior Court Deed Book 5, page 223-225
John Peterson and Sarah his wife convey to Reese Todd of Frederick Co.; 236 acres ; signed __ ___ 1805,
recorded 12 Oct 1805.

Frederick Co., VA Superior Court Deed Book 5, page 226-228
John Peterson to Reese Todd of Frederick Co.; mortgage; 236 acres ; recorded 12 Oct 1805.

Frederick Co., VA Superior Court Deed Book 5, page 572-575
Rhesa Todd and Rebeccah his wife of Frederick Co. convey to Gravenner Grice; 236 acres said Todd bought of John Peterson in 1805, signed 28 March 1808 [sic].  On 20 Mar 1807 the court ordered the privy exam of Rebeccah Todd; Rebeccah Todd privy examination recorded 4 Apr 1807, deed recorded on 2 Oct 1807. 

Frederick Co., VA Deed Book 38, page 387
Rees Todd to William Taylor, Receipt for delinquent tax and damages for 200 acres, returned delinquent for 1807 and 1809.  Signed 10 Jun 1816


  1. Email from Jane Ailes, Frederick Co, VA: re family of Robert Gregg

Wow, that is interesting about Ross Co., Ohio.

Children of Robert Gregg are:
               i.    Mary Gregg, born 27 Feb 1756; died Aft. 17 Mar 1823, married 1st Isaac Parsons in 1772, married 2nd Virgil McCracken between 1797 and 1806.  She stayed in Hampshire Co.  She had two children: Isaac and David Parsons.  She is mentioned in her brother, Robert's will.

              ii.    Robert Gregg, died Bet. 14 Mar 1806 - 16 Apr 1808.  His will is recorded in Ross Co., Ohio, signed 14 Mar 1806, recorded 16 Apr 1808.  He did not mention a wife or children in his will.

             iii.    Nathan Gregg, married Hannah Davis 25 Jun 1811 in Ross Co., Ohio. Nathan was not mentioned in his brother Robert's will.  Perhaps he had died childless by 1806.

             iv.    Eleanor Gregg, married ___ Smith.  He died before 1807.  She has a son named Nathan Thompson Smith who was mentioned in her brother, Robert Gregg's will.  In 1807 she is living in Ross Co., Ohio.

              v.    Margaret Gregg, married James Walling and in 1807 was living in Ross Co., Ohio.  They had four children named in her brother, Robert Gregg's will.

             vi.    Elizabeth Gregg, married (___) Parsons. [From the MD Archives information you sent earlier today, she must have married a Thomas Parsons.]  She is mentioned in her brother Robert's will.

            vii.    Thomas Gregg, died Bef. 14 Mar 1806, leaving three children who were named in his brother, Robert Gregg's will.

I have a copy of Robert Gregg's Ross Co., Ohio will if you want it.
I also have a copy of some pages from an Ohio history that talks about the Gregg brothers, the business they formed, and how they floated down the Ohio River in the 1790's.  Have you seen this?  It might be on Heritage Quest.

History of Ross and Highland Counties Ohio
Biographical Sketches
Page 212
Williams Bros., Publishers
W. W. Williams, Printer, Cleveland, Ohio


Among the earliest, if not themselves the first, of the pioneer merchants of Chillicothe, must be ranked the brothers whose names are at the head of this brief sketch. Scarcely yet arrived at manhood, yet developed in energy and physical endurance by the vicissitudes of frontier life, they had asked and obtained their good mother's blessing, who prayed the "God of Jacob to bless her lads and keep them through dangers seen and unseen," and with stout hearts had left Fort DuQuesne (now Pittsburgh) to seek Massie's settlement on the Scioto.

A bright autumnal sky, we are told, welcomed them to this spot near the old Shawnee town of Chillicothe, in the Northwestern Territory. We love to linger with our young adventurers in that bright morning sunshine. The keel-boat in which they had decended the upper Ohio, was moored on the western bank of the Scioto, a little above the old Mulberry ford, and the young strangers proceed to visit the hamlet, of whose existence they had been apprised by the smoke that so gracefully curled above the majestic forest trees; and not by the rush of wheels, the lurid fires of the forge, or the spires of churches lifted into the golden sunbeams. The sunbeams were not more golden than were their dreams, and happily the future reveals, none of her secrets.

A short tour among the cabins, for the first frame house had not then been built, sufficed to perfect their business arrangements, and their stock of goods, which, doubtless, had been carefully selected for the market, was removed to a small building on Water street. Here they announced that they were ready and willing to traffic and trade with the Shawnese and others, citizens of the town and country, to whom they offer good bargains, quite in the style of the moderns.

They "desire especially to exchange goods for furs, peltry, &c."

A prosperous trade soon followed, and in a year or two they were enabled to enlarge their business by adding the purchase and sale of real estate; town lots being at first a specialty. From records in the county offices, it appears that in 1801, Thomas Gregg deeds to Peter Heath, "lot one hundred and thirty-one, in Chillicothe, for the consideration of two hundred and fifty dollars, in current money of Kentucky." There is a little ambiquity as to the meaning of "current money of Kentucky. The author of the Register sketches, suggests that silver and gold may be intended; but it is generally believed that these commodities were current, even then, outside the boundaries of Kentucky. Soon after, says the same writer, the discovery seems to have been made that Chillicothe lay within the bounds of the United States; as, in another sale in the autumn of the same year, to Paul & McDonald, of Hamilton county, the stipulated price was to be paid "in the lawful money of the United States."

About this time (but the exact date is not given) the brothers removed into a large frame building on the opposite side of Water street. The example of Thomas Worthington had, it is evident, been contagious, and the first two-story frame, built by him in 1797, was no longer a nine days' wonder. This building, occupied by the Gregg brothers, stood until 1852, when it was burned in the great fire of that year.

In this improved location, when everything seemed auspicious, this harmonious and prosperous partnership was dissolved by the death of the younger brother, Thomas Gregg, in 1805.

Nathan and an older brother, Robert, who had joined them the second year after their arrival in Chillicothe, continued the business, Nathan being the sole executor, "without bond or surety," of his brother Thomas' estate.

Of the first years that followed this new partnership, nothing of special interest is recorded, if we except the fact that under the ministrations of that really great and good man, Rev. Robert G. Wilson, Mr. Nathan Gregg united with the Presbyterian church. Successes and losses alternated; his open, confiding disposition betraying him sometimes into the snares of the practiced sharper. That he was not impoverished by these reverses, appears from a gift made by him of the lot known as the Presbyterian graveyard.

This donation was made to the Rev. Robert G. Wilson, Moses McClain, Hugh Cochran, Samuel Finley, Adam Turner, and Joseph Miller, Trustees of the First Presbyterian Church in Chillicothe.

In the words of the deed, "The said Nathan Gregg, as well to evidence his love to God and the promotion of the cause of Christ Jesus generally, as for the advancement of the interest of said congregation particularly, and from no other cause him thereunto moving, hath granted, bargained, and by gift enfeoffed and confirmed this donation to the inhabitants of Chillicothe."

Thus it is seen that the old graveyard is so deeded that it cannot be alienated from the purpose for which it was conveyed and given. But should the interest of the city ever demand its abandonment, the law provides a practical solution of all difficulties.

On the 25th of June, 1811, Nathan Gregg was married to Miss Hannah Davis, the Rev. James Davisson being the officiating clergyman. The simple inscription upon the tombstone which serves for the graves of both, tells the mournful story of his short-lived domestic happiness; "Hannah, wife of Nathan Gregg, died 1812, aged twenty-eight years." The records of his business transactions still existing, show that from this time his only wish seems to have been to disentangle himself from business complications, under the impression that he should soon join the beloved wife so suddenly taken from him.

In 1815 he was induced, in compliance with the urgent persuasion of friends, perhaps, to turn his mind from the contemplation of his bereavement, to become a candidate for the State legislature. One old friend and neighbor, John McCoy would fain have dissuaded him from entering the tumultuous arena, but other counsels prevailed, the venture was made and lost. There is no reason to believe that the result was felt as a shock. Rather is it probable that the evidence of confidence on the part of those who supported him was a source of consolation which far outweighed the loss of an honor he hardly coveted. A tombstone near his own shows that the aged father's last days must have been passed with his sons in Chillicothe, though the pious mother whose hands were laid in blessing upon the heads of her departing sons, did not live to see the prosperity which we may reverently believe was given in answer to her prayer for her "lads."

A strange anachronism exists between the records in the probate office and the inscription on the head-stone which marks his last resting place in that city of the dead which he himself had founded. The court records, signed by Isaac Cook, state that in the April term, 1816, Dayton M. Curtis, having given the requisite bond, was appointed administrator of the estate of Nathan Gregg, deceased. The inscription gives the date of his death as occurring in 1817. The court record may be an error: but it is more probable that the tombstone, not having been erected immediately after the death of Mr. Gregg, has the wrong date, and that he departed this life in 1816.



  1. Email from Jan Caravan re: family of Mary Gregg, dau of John Gregg

I checked the History of the Descendants of Abraham Russ Jones, Sr.  As I think I told you before, Basil and Mary Gregg Noel moved to Ross County Ohio in  1802.   I quote the booklet, "Two years later he moved on to Champaign County, Ohio.  They were the parents of five children:  Matilda married Abraham Russ Jones, Sr. on May 13, or 20, 1813, in what was then Champaign County Ohio (later this became Clark County); Julia married George, C. White (This relationship was responsible for the formation of the Jones-White Reunion.);  William Noel left home to see the world and was never heard from afterwards; Adelia married Joseph Whittredge and Mary married Isaac Kitchen,.  They all had large families."

  1. Research in a number of printed sources:

Early Records of Hampshire County, Virginia (now West Virginia), by Clara McCormack Sage and Laura Sage Jones, 1939 (reprinted 1989)



  1. (page 9): 1758, Jun 19: Luke Collins of Hampshire Co to Wm Cunningham of King George Co (lease and release), 400 ac Middle Fork of Pattersons Creek, rec 12-13-1758, Wit: B Johnston, Robert Gregg, Alexander Cunningham, Enoch Cornwell
  2. (page 15): 1765, Oct 23: David Edwards with wife Abigail of Hampshire Co to Peter Reeve and Thomas Wharton of Philadelphia, PA (lease and relase) 412 acres on Great CaCapehon, rec 4-14-1767, Wit: Alex White, Edward McGuire, Samuel Pritchard, Henry Heth, Robert Gregg
  3. (page 22): 1762, Nov 19, Robert Gregg of Patterson Creek, to Hazell Power of Hampshire Co (bill of sale) one nego child, rec 5-11-1763. Wit: Samule Poe, Thomas Bull
  4. (page 22):  1777, Mar 7, Robert Gregg with wife Margaret of Washington Co to Benjamin Parker of Hampshire Co, 100 a on Patterson Creek, Rec 9-11-1778. Wit: Sam Dew, Wm Buffington, Isaac Parsons
  5. (page 22):  1796, Apr 16: Robert Gragg of Washington Co to Daniel McDonald of Hampshire co, 20 a on Potomac River, rec 4-18-1796, Wit: Jas Martin, John Critton, Wm Young
  6. (page 28): 1764, March 19: Frederick Ice of Hampshire to Robert Gregg of Hampshire Co, (lease and release), 100a on Patterson Creek, Rec 8-14-1765, Wit: Wm Dopson, John Forman, Humprhey Wastell, David Gregg
  7. (page 28): 1765, Oct 25: Frederick Ice and wife Eleanor of Frederick Co, MD to John Greenfield of Frederick Co, VA, 187 a on Pattersons Creek, rec 4-14-1767, Wit: Bryan Buren, Robert Gregg, John Lyne, Jno Moffett, Henry Heth, Thos. Wood
  8. (page 36): 1788, Dec 23, John McCullough to Nathan Gregg, Thomas Gregg of Washington Co, mortgage, Livestock, rec 4-17-1789: Wit: William Jacob, Gabriel Jacob
  9. (page 37): 1773, Aug 10, John McHendry w Susannah of Hampshire to George Lewis of Hampshire (lease and release), 58 a. on Lost River, rec 8-11-1773, Wit: Joseph Fawcett, Robert Gregg
  10. (page 45): 1776,Mar 11: Baulden Parsons with Wife Rachel of Hampshire to Isaac Parsons of Hampshire Co, 161 a on South Branch, rec 3-11-1776: Wit: Robert Gregg, Wm Foreman, William Buffington, John Campbell.
  11. (page 52): 1770, Dec 4: John Rutan with wife Catherine of Hampshire Co to Abraham Johnson of Hampshire Co (lease and release), 291 ac. On Patterson Creek, rec 4-12-1774. Wit: Okey Johnson, Jacob Resonner, John Thompson, Robt. Gregg
  12. (page 56): 1784, May 11: James Tarpley wife wife Elizabeth of Hampshire Co to Robert Gregg of Washington Co, 20 a on South Branch river, recr 5-11-1784. Wit: John Stoker, Daniel Newcomb, John Critten Jr.  (Note by 1794, James Tarpley was in Macon Co. KY)


Note:  Robert Gregg appears to be living on Patterson Creek by 1758 through 1770.  He purchased 100 acres there in 1765 with a David Gregg as witness.  By 1778, a Robert Gregg has moved to Washington Co, VA and sold his 100 acres on Patterson Creek. A Robert Gragg of Washington Co bought 20 acres on South Branch in 1776 and sold 20 acres on the Potomac in 1796.  Nathan Gregg and Thomas Gregg of Washington Co bought livestock from John McCullough of Hampshire Co in 1788.


There is a Robert Gregg reported on the Great CaCapehon in 1765.

There is a Robert Gregg as a witness of Lost River in 1773.


I think that Robert Gregg may have bought land in the 1760s in Hampshire and then moved to Washington Co between 1770 or 1773 and 1776.   If Nathan and Thomas were his sons, they would be born prior to 1768.




7.  Pioneers of Old Frederick Co, VA by Cecil O’Dell:


Robert Gregg bought 800 Acres from George Hollinsworth and then in 1765 another 800 acres for Greg which was through a grant 4 Aug 1766 on Abrams Creek, a trib of Opequon Creek. 

    1.  Pennsylvania Archives


1773 Bedford Co, PA:

Thomas Gregg: Springhill Twp

Bedford Twp: John Gregg, 2.6 tax


9.  Gregg references in Maryland Archives

4.  Here is the Nathan Gregg chancery court ref.Date: 1807/04/13
2031: Nathan Gregg vs. Sarah A. Gregg, Margaret F. Gregg, and Robert N.A. Gregg. AL. Estate of Robert Gregg - Resurvey on Indian Fields.
Accession No.: 17,898-2031 MSA S512-3-2098 Location: 1/36/2/
 Are these case references all for Maryland?  If so, they must be MD Archives reference numbers?  I looked in Allegany Co. chancery indexes today and found nothing for Gregg.
Date: 1782/10/19
2116: Robert Gregg vs. Col. Thomas Cresap. WA. Contract to purchase Resurvey on Indian Fields, Greggs Bridge, Seat Bridge. Plats of Resurvey on Indian Fields at 1/38/1/5.
Accession No.: 17,898-2116-1/2 MSA S512-3-2186 Location: 1/36/2/
Date: 1784/02/22
2051: Robert Gregg vs. Joseph Spriggs. WA. Title to Resurvey on Indian Fields, Adlers Thickett, Hopewell United.
Accession No.: 17,898-2051 MSA S512-3-2119 Location: 1/36/2/
2149: Nathan Gregg vs. Thomas Parsons, Elizabeth Parsons, Virgil McCracken, and Mary McCracken. AL. Petition to record deed to Resurvey on Indian Fields. Recorded (Chancery Record) 79, p. 196.
Accession No.: 17,898-2149 MSA S512-3-2219 Location: 1/36/2/
Date: 1797/10/27
440: Thomas Beall vs. Nathan Gregg, John H. Pleasants, and Robert Gregg. AL. Contract to purchase Resurvey on Indian Fields, Good Hope, Resurvey on New Addition.
Accession No.: 17,898-440 MSA S512-1-493 Location: 1/35/5/
Dates: 1788
Description: 105. Luther Martin vs. Nathan Gregg. WA. Good Hope. Nathan Gregg vs. Luther Martin, Elizabeth Martin, and Sarah Cresap. WA. Resurvey on Hopewell. Plats; also show Indian Fields, Hopewell, Alder Thicket, Resurvey on Indian Fields.
Accession No.: 18,020
MSA No.: S 5-190
Location: 1/28/2/42
CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers)
677: Denton Jacques, Patrick Murdock, and Evan
Girism vs. Nathan Gregg and John P. Pleasants. AL.
Injunction against execution of judgment.
Accession No: 17,898-677-1/3. MSA S512-704   1/35/5/
1783 tax assessment
Robert Gregg. WA Skipton and Murleys Run p. 64. MSA S1161-10-9. 1/4/5/53


10..  Augusta Co, VA court records

AUGUST 20, 1760. Order Book 6:

(392) Joseph Mays vs. John Ramsey } Dedimus issue to Cumberland County, Pa., to take deposition of John Gregg.


11.  misc ref to John Gregg of Cumberland Co.

John Gragg, father of William Obidiah Gragg, Sr.

born ABT. 1690 in Londonderry, Northern Ireland or in Antrim, Ulster, North Ireland Married Nancy Ann Wood in about 1717 in Cumberland County, PA, or in 1724 or in 1714 ; John lived in Cumberland Co., PA after coming to America. Then he moved to Augusta Co., VA in early 1750's

12.  Cumberland County land warrants:

Film 0984245 
JOHNSTON, Samuel for 300 acres adjoining David GLASS/GLAFS 7 Aug. Settled here 1761, on
north by William MASON, East by John GREGG, South by Thomas HENRY and West by Alex SMITH.


13.  The following suggests that there was also a John Gregg in Cumberland County of the Andrew Gregg family:




was born in Ireland, and educated in Paris, where he narrowly escaped the guillotine during the Reign of Terror.


He came first to Philipsburg, then started a store at Milesburg as early as March, 1797, and was a resident of Bellefonte, keeping store in 1800, when he married, November 25th, Margery Gregg, daughter of John Gregg, of Cumberland County.

  1. Abstract of will of John Gregg, Jefferson County KY, Oct 26, 1791, beloved wife Ann, 5 shillings to Margaret Gregg, eldest daughter, 5 shillings to daughter Lydia Gregg, to son David, all the farm, to daughter Mary “have her maintenance out of the farm”.  John Todd ..Sole executor. Probated Feburary 7, 1792.
  2. Mortgage of Robert Gregg in Frederick County: Book 12, p 148, 22 Aug 1767

Robert Gregg of Frederick county to William Smith and James Sterrett of Balitmore.. merchants..800 popunds 13 shillings Maryland currency. Tract..both sisdes of Abrahams Creek, a drain of Opeckon near Winchester, Frederick County by grant 4 Aug 1766 to Robert Gregg. Recorded 2 March 1768

  1. Bk 18, p122, 21 Nov 1778:  Between William Smith and Elizabeth his wife and James Sterrett and mary his wife all of Balimtore Town in..maryland.. to James Kelso and James Wilson of Berkeley county.. 800 acres..Frederick county..north side of Abraham patent 4 August 1766 to Robert Gregg and by him the said Gregg mortgaged to William Smith and James Sterrett..this Indenture agreeable to an order of the court who by Charles Smith sheriff on 2 Nov 1774 to satisfy the debt and costs of said Mortgage at which said William smith and James Sterrett were the highest Bidders. Recorded 6 April 1779.
  2. Map from Geertsema showing Hannah Cook’s property in the right angle bend of Little Issac’s Creek (formerly the north branch of Isaac’s Creek).  Galtjo Geertsema, PS, 1225 W King St., Martinsburg, WV 25401
  3. Map 5 in Cecil Odell’s book showing road from Winchester to Fort Cumberland Road passing through Gainesboro (land of George Ruble) and heading out along route of Hwy 522 which passes the ridge along which Hannah Cook’s land lay.