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Taylor Families of Old Augusta: Descendants and Migrations to VA, KY and TN: revised April 28 2010

1.  Isaac Taylor d 1781:  settled Mill Creek, Borden Grant 1746; went to live with daughter nr Cripple Cr in Montgomery Co VA d 1781 Montgomery Co, VA

            a.  Andrew[1] d 1787, son of Isaac d 1781, sold land 1778[2], migrated abt 1779 from Rockbridge to

part of Washington Co TN that became Carter Co.

                        (1) Isaac Taylor 1757-1842 came w father to Washington/Carter Co TN pr to 1787[3]

                        (2) Andrew 1765-1847 Carter Co TN ?md Sarah Rockhold md Isabella McNabb ?1785

                        (3) Nathaniel 1771-1816 md 1791 to Mary Patton in Rockbridge Co, lived Carter Co[4]

            b.  Isaac Taylor[5] d 1801 Mont. Co sold lands on Buffalo Ck 1770, lived later Roanoke River  

(1)  Thomas Taylor, sold land 1800[6], to White Co TN by 1808 d 1816/18[7] wife Rebecca McLaren d 1827 White Co

            (a)  James Taylor b 1774 md  Rachel Raburn 1800 Montgomery Co[8]

            (b)  Thomas Taylor 1776 md 1816 White Co to Eliz Taylor d 1821 White Co

            (c)  Jane Taylor 1778 md 1799 Montgomery Co to Alexander Irwin

            (d) Isaac Taylor 1781 md 1813 TN Mgt Gleason d   1854 White Co

            (e) Margaret 1785 md William Irwin d

            (f)  John Taylor 1789  md Jane Taylor d after 1856

            (g) Mary Taylor

            (h) William Taylor

(2)  Isaac Taylor – ½ of land on Roanoke

(3)  William Taylor – ½ of land on Roanoke poss Wm d1807 md1790 Mary Watterson[9]

            (a)   John,

(b)   Issac,

(c)    Joseph,

(d)  William,

(e)   Henry,

(f)   Jane,

(g)   Nancy and

(h)   Pricilla

(4) .Joseph Taylor (Earl Taylor 1999 said this Joseph went to Knox Co TN by 1790, but not clear this is same Joseph)

(5)  Mary md Bryans (Mary Taylor to James Bryan 1794 Botetourt)[10]

(6)  Jane md Huston (could this be Jane Taylor md Jesse Hudson 1787 Botetourt)[11]

            c.  George Taylor: sold land while unmaried in 1778[12]; may have moved to TN per land grant in

Washington Co, TN

            (d)   William Taylor d 1767-1768,[13] wife Elizabeth died 1799 Rockbridge Co, VA[14]

                        (1)  Isaac got the land adjacent to Andrew Taylor on Mill Creek that his father

bought of Isaac Taylor, Isaac 1777/1778 sale to Stephen Hoylman[15]: Isaac Taylor“a rockbridge man who went to Ohio?

                        (2)  William b 1758 got the “upper tract” corner to Isaac Taylor   

(md Jean Guffey 1792, , to Rockcastle CoKY, by 1810[16]

      (a)  ?Preston b 1810 md Hannah[17]

                        (3) James; md 1780 Mary Gunn[18];  (Mary md 1791   to John McNaughton)

(a) Sarah md 1800 William Tolley (per deed and court suit)

(b)  Abigail md 1809 John Tolley

(c)  Patsy md 1808 John Nowell

(d)  Elizabeth  

(4)  Sisters:  Jemimah (poss md Thomas Lackey 1801?), Martha, Isabel (?Isabella

Taylor md Samuel Paxton 1800?)

                        (5)  Thomas (possibly born after 1768, d 1798)[19]

3.  5 brothers:[20] George, James, William, John d 1778, Caufield: unknown if connected to earlier Taylors

James Taylor[21] b 1750s d 1801 md Ann (possibly Ann Paul 1768) (Ann later married 1802 to

William McCorkle (associated with a lawyer William Taylor)

                        Audley Taylor b 1777 or 1769? d prior to 1800

                        Caufield Taylor 1781

                        James 1781[22] (?md Ann Reid 1801, Patsy McCorkle 1805)

                        John 1779[23] (

                        Rebecca[24] 1783 md 1799 Henry Green=>Indiana

                        Archibald 1787 md 1812 Nancy McCorkle  

                        Nancy[25] 1788 md 1808 Amos Thomas

                        Stuart Taylor b 1797 md 1818 Martha Hickman

                                    William b 1821 Methodist Bishop

                                    William Taylor b 1821

                                    James Stuart Taylor b 1827

Archibald Taylor b 1830 (minister)

Andrew E. Taylor b 1836 (minister=>CA)

                                    Mary E., Eliza Jane,Hulda F., V. Rachel, Christiana A

                        Elizabeth 1799 md Samuel Steele

                        Hugh Paul Taylor b 1800  d 1832  md 1827 Mary Ann Woltz

            Caufield Taylor b 1750s md 1778 Rebeccah Paul; sold land 1795 and either left county.

            George Taylor[26] md Letitia (LN: Wade? d 1801 Rockbridge (lived Buffalo & Cedar Creek,

straddling Short Hills, buried on Cedar Creek property)

                        Mark Taylor 1784 1824 md 1808/10  Margaret Amyx d 1850 Xenia OH


                        Silas Taylor md Lucinda

                        Nancy Taylor md 1815 John Gore

                        Betsy Taylor md 1810 Andrew Annix/Amyx

                        John Taylor

                        Matthew Taylor

                        Salley Taylor

                        Isabella Taylor dau of George md 1780  George Yocum (not clear which George this was. Could this be George son of Isaac d 1781?)

William Taylor[27] md Jane Walker (sold land 1804 to Samuel Taylor, poss died by 1806?),lived on Cedar Creek, trib. to Natural Bridge, Children

undocumented but POSSIBLY:

Barbara md James Moore 1797 d 1802 Abbs Valley, Tazewell Co VA?

Nancy md William Smith 1799=>1807 Knox Co TN

Peggy md Peter Lowry 16 Dec 1806 dau of William Taylor dec’d

Polly md Weston Mills Oct 1806

Samuel[28] md 1793 Catherine Walker (POSS =>Adair Co KY by 1806 d 1849)

Robert[29] md 1796 Ann McCroskey

            John Taylor d 1778[30]










Later arrival Taylors:

            William Taylor[31] md Ruthy d 1807 (POSS bro of Dan’l Taylor, (1809 as uncle to William and John)


John[32] (possibly John md Nancy Cunningham and went to Shelby Co KY?)

            1. James Cyrus TAYLOR b: 12 SEP 1809 in Rockbridge, VA

            1. George Robert TAYLOR b: 13 SEP 1843 in Okete, Lincoln, MO

                        James Robert b 1866 Lincoln Co MO d 1946 Callaway Co.

                                    Otto Clinton Taylor b 1896

                                                James Lawrence Taylor

                                                Garvin Clinton Taylor

            2. Mary Ellen TAYLOR b: 14 OCT 1846 in Okete, Lincoln, MO

3. James C TAYLOR b: 15 OCT 1848 in Okete, Lincoln, MO

4. Malinda G TAYLOR b: 23 FEB 1850 in Okete, Lincoln, MO

5. Sarah Lillian TAYLOR b: 23 NOV 1851 in Okete, Lincoln, MO

6. William TAYLOR b: 20 JAN 1853 in Okete, Lincoln, MO

7. Cyrus V TAYLOR b: 08 MAY 1855 in Okete, Lincoln, MO

8. Archibald Nicholas TAYLOR b: 24 MAR 1857

9. Alexander TAYLOR b: 30 MAY 1858 in Okete, Lincoln, MO

10. Edward E TAYLOR b: 24 OCT 1860 in Okete, Lincoln, MO

11. Joseph Young TAYLOR b: 12 AUG 1862 in Okete, Lincoln, MO

12. Jacob TAYLOR s|o James Cyrus b: 08 JAN 1864 in Okete, Lincoln,

13. Jeanetta TAYLOR b: 30 MAR 1865 in Okete, Lincoln, MO

2. Sarah Ann TAYLOR b: 18 MAY 1807 in Rockbridge, VA

3. William TAYLOR b: 02 FEB 1811 in Shelby, KY

4. Andrew TAYLOR s|o John & Nancy b: 1813

5. John TAYLOR b: 1815 in Shelby, KY

6. Archibald C TAYLOR b: 28 SEP 1816 in Shelby, KY

7. Jacob TAYLOR s|o John & Nancy b: 13 MAY 1819 in Shelby, KY

8. Job S TAYLOR b: 17 MAR 1821 in Shelby, KY

Andrew b 1797 (possibly Andrew md Martha Haslett 1836)

Polly (possibly Polly md Samuel McCarty 1813 dau of William dec’d, sister of John

Taylor or)

Peggy[33] (possibly Peggy md William Cunningham 1807: Note Peggy dau of other



Sarah[34] b 1770s md 1798 John Elliott (Rockbridge Co)

            Daniel d 1809 md Mary (Mary widow of Daniel md 1810 James Lawson)

                        Polly md 1820 Charles Bodkin


Botetourt Taylors

4.  John Taylor [35]md Mary  prior to 1765  (lived James River in 1760s, Craigs Creek beginning in 1770s  

            a.  Jonathan Taylor[36] born 1750s? md 1777 Mary Kelley. Went to Fayette Co KY by 1791 and to

Clark Co by 1794.  Son William born prior to 1773 “Merchant” of Botetourt sold land on Craigs Creek in 1794..  This Jonathan supposedly b 1742 Orange Co and married Ann Berry.

            b.  James Taylor md 1778 Ann Tillery, sold land on Craigs Creek with wife Ann in 1783; sold

land in 1791 with no wife mentioned.  Could be James son of John d 1812 if wife Rebecca

died prior to 1791.

            c.  William Taylor md 1781 Margaret Tummons (possibly son of Jonathan?)

            d.  John Taylor d 1810/1812

                        (1) Andrew b 1806 md Cynthia Nutter 1830

                                    John B Taylor 19 b1831

Mary J Taylor 16 vb 1834

Harriet A Taylor 13 b 1837

Leth L Taylor 10  b 1840

Thomas J W Taylor 7 b 1843

Elizabeth A Taylor 5  b 1845

Cynthia N Taylor 3 b 1847

                        (2) Mary (b abt 1750) md Moses Bennett d 1803 (children born in 1770s)

                        (3) Elizabeth d 1803 md 1799 Thomas Price d 1823

                        (4) John[37] md 1791 Catherine Wilson Montgomery Co=>Pulaski Co KY abt 1806

                        (5) b 1760s? James md 1785 Rebecca McDonald (father Walter McDonald): (Walter

McDonald is a Craigs Creek man.  Possibly James who sold land in 1791 with no

wife mentioned.                     

                                    Possibly the James W. Taylor in Wayne Co and then Pulaski Co KY ; or possibly

the James Taylor in Anderson Co TN by 1816 and Greene Co Il by 1828.

                        (6) Thomas[38] md 1794 Elizabeth Boyl (Eliz father William Boyl, Thomas’ father John

Taylor Sr, John Taylor witness)

                        (7) Isaac[39] (b 1760s?) md 1786 Sussanna Smith (witness: Thomas Price)=>Susanna may

have died in 1805; Isaac sold land in 1806 and went to KY, to Wayne Co KY by 1813.


Montgomery Co Taylors:



5.  George Taylor d 1801[40]

            a.  John Taylor - fate unknown (possibly Major John Taylor of Rockford, but Major John 

seemed much older than George’s children,i.e. born 1741-1746)

            b.  Jacob Taylor b 1755-1760 d 1839 Giles Co (Sinking Creek) md 1786 Nancy Webb

                        (1)  son b 1784-1794

                        (2)  son b 1794-1800

            c.  Adam Taylor b1758 d 1814  Giles Co (Sinking Creek) md 1791 Mary Claxton

                        (1)  James Taylor (1 of 3 eldest sons)

                        (2)  William Taylor (1 of 3 eldest sons)

                        (3)  George Taylor  (1 of 3 eldest sons)

                        (4)  Allen Taylor (under 16, b after 1798)

                        (5)  Joseph Taylor ((under 16, b after 1798)

                        (6)  Charles Taylor (under 16, b after 1798)

            d.  Woolrick Taylor b 1759 d 1806/7 Montgomery Co (Crab Creek) md Margaret Penner

                        (1) Charles b afer 1782

                        (2) George      

e.   George Taylor Jr b 1760s d 1814 Crab Creek (had no sons) md Mary Lower 1801/1807

            f.   James Taylor (possibly md Nancy Hewitt 1801) (to have upper place)

            f.   Joseph Taylor md Frances Reynolds in Botetourt Co in 1810, hence b 1770-1780.

  (to have land joining Jacob Taylor) 1820Giles: 120111-33010

(Joseph born prior to 1775 or 1775-1794?)

6.  Capt./Major John Taylor d 1813/1814 (Crab Creek 1770s, Sinking Creek 1780s, Connally’s Run


a.       Charles Taylor b 1771 md 1798 Polly Trigg d 1843

b.      William Taylor 1775 md Millie Sanders d 1849 Tazewell Co (in Tazewell by 1802)

c.       John McCanless Taylor b 1780, d 1856 Rockford md 1813 Jane Kent lived Rockford, Connally’s Run (Radford) and Plum Creek (south of Crab Creek on New River)

d.      Allen Taylor b 1777 d 1837 md ?Rhoda Beal/Rhoda Trigg 1818 Montgomery Co or earlier to an Inglis, lived Botetourt Co.

e.       James Taylor 1769 ? md Sally Smith?  (1797 Power of Atty to William?)

f.       Mary McCanless Taylor md 1802 or 1804 Harry Smith

[1] Isaac Taylor’s will of 1781 in Montgomery Co mentions sons Andrew, Isaac and George, but not William; also mentions daughter Lettice Campbell.  William had died 1767/1768; so perhaps that is why he was not mentioned.

[2] 1778, July 7...   Andrew Taylor  to Jacob Kingery....                Deed BK A  pg 20 and 21

[3] The dates for the sons of Andrew came from various internet sites. 

[4] Goodspeed’s History of Carter County .  “The Taylor family also located in the county very early Isaac, Andrew and Abner Taylor were the first, together with their half brother, Nathaniel. The last named lived on the Watauga near the mouth of Buffalo. Isaac located on the Buffalo near where Milligan College now is, and Andrew on the south side of Watauga, at what is now known as Taylortown. Andrew Taylor built a mill on a branch of Buffalo which had fallen into disuse as early as 1800, and a second was built higher up the branch by Nathaniel. The latter was also a pioneer in the manufacture of iron, and owned and operated works on Roane Creek. The first forge in the county, however, was built about 1795 by Landon Carter, at the foot of the mountain at Elizabeibton, where he also built a mill.”   Also, Jackson-Taylor and related families:  “GEN, NATHANIEL TAYLOR


Gen. Nathaniel Taylor's life was comparatively a short one, but one filled with purpose and marked success in his personal life as well as in civic and military affairs.


Nathaniel Taylor, son of Andrew and Ann Wilson Taylor, was born in the Mill Creek Settlement, Rockbridge County, Virginia, February 4, 1771. His parents moved to the Watauga Settlement in Tennessee when he was six or seven years old. It is thought that his first tutors were his uncle, Isaac Taylor, and Matthew Talbot, both surveyors, and that he attended Martin Academy which later became Washington College. At least part of his schooling was in Virginia for he boarded with his uncle, James Patton, and while there fell in love with his cousin, Mary Patton.


After this he began farming on land given him by his father. In the fall of 1791 he exchanged 65 acres of this land for a pony on which to bring his bride home from Virginia. On November 15, 1791, he married Mary Patton, daughter of James and Sarah Patton at her home not far from Lexington. The Rev. John Brown, schoolmaster at Liberty Hall Academy, performed the ceremony. The young couple Nathaniel twenty and Mary only fifteen years old set out on the long journey to Tennessee, much of it through wild country, Mary riding the pony and Nathaniel walking beside her.


Nathaniel was described as tall and erect with a military bearing, with dark eyes and wavy brown hair tinged with auburn. Mary was just the opposite blond and plump. She was said to have been an excellent conversationalist and to have had unusual business ability.


[5] Isaac Taylor’s will in Montgomery Co 1801 (Book 1, p 103) mentions the children listed for this Isaac.

[6] Montgomery Co Deed Book C p 111 mentions wife Rebecca, sells 98 acres on s side of Roanoke.

[7] Various internet sources describe Thomas d 1816/18 White Co TN as coming from Montgomery Co. and give dates for children.

[8] James Taylor’s marriage listed in book on Montgomery County marriages.

[9] William Taylor’s will in Montgomery Co in 1807 lists the children indicated.  Marriage from book on Montgomery Co marriages.

[10] Mary’s marriage recorded in book on Botetourt County marriages.  Assumed to be dau of Isaac

[11] Jane’s marriage recorded in book on Botetourt County marriages.  Assumed to be dau of Isaac.

[12] 1778, April 8(?)    George Taylor to John Doughesty...            Deed  BK A pg 5 and 6

[13] Will of William Taylor abstracted in Lyman Chalkely’s Chronicles of Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia.  Page 84.--20th October, 1767. William (mark) Talor's will, farmer--To son, Isaac, infant, tract adjoining Mill Creek, corner in the Warm Run, corner before Andrew Taylor's door, William Lusk's line; to son, William, infant, tract testator lives on, joining Daniel Lyle; to son, James, infant; to 3 daughters, Martha, Isbell and Jemmina, infants; to youngest son; to wife, Elizabeth, executrix. Teste: Wm. Lusk, Daniel Lyle, James Lyle.

Proved, 16th March, 1768, by Wm. Lusk and Danl. Lyle. Executrix qualified (mark), with Saml. and Danl. Lyle.

[14] Elizabeth left a will in Rockbridge in Feb 1799, leaving her land to her daughters Isabella and Jemima and leaving money to her sons Thomas and William and her daughter Mary.  Thomas Lecky was appointed executor.  Thomas Leckey married Jemima  Taylor in 1801 and Isabella married Samuel Paxton in 1800.  Thomas Taylor died 1799 and a conversation with Samuel Houston was recorded in court confirming Thomas’ intention to leave his land and estate to his two sisters Jemima and Isabella.

[15] 1778, July 7          Isaac Taylor   to Stophel Hoylman              Deed BK A  pg 17 and 18

[16] Rev War pension of William Taylor in Rockcastle Co KY implies birth year of 1758 in Rockbridge Co and departure for Rockcastle Co KY about 1810.   We assume his wife was Jean based on William. (need deed to confirm). DNA shows that William Taylor b 1803 who married Patsy Ramsey in Garrard Co KY in 1825 is not son of William b 1758 but rather is related to a Powhatan County VA family.

[17] Preston Taylor was born in Virginia in 1810 and lived in Rockcastle in 1850, 1860. Possible son of Wm 1758 d 1830s. 

[18] We assume that James son of Isaac is the James md 1780 because the only other James in Rockbridge was still married to Ann Paul in 1780.  The children are given in a suit begun by the Tolley’s and in a deed that mentions the four daughers.  Also the daughters are identified as daughters of James in the book on Rockbridge County marriages.  Mary who married in 1791 is identified as widow in the book on Rockbridge marriages.  Children listed in 1811 deed as heirs of James Taylor dec’d, Book G, pp. 410-412

[19] Thomas Taylor:  Memorandum of conversation which took place ..the subscribers and Thomas Taylor deceased on the 18 day of December in 1798.  I Samuel Houston having repeatedly had conversation with the Decd prior to that date, respecting the distribution of his estate he observed to me that he allowed it his mother and his two sisters, then single he further observed to me one difficulty which he dreaded…viz. if his sisters should die without issue his land might be transferred to strangers.  On the day above mentioned, we the subscribes being ..met at the late dwelling house of Elizabeth Taylor deceased who was mother of the said Thomas Taylor during his last..and the subject of devolving his estate being resumed I Samuel Houston observed to him that if he did not allow his sisters to enjoy his estate longer than they remained single, it could be mentioned and also how it was to be disposed of in case such circumstance should take place  he made answer and said he allowed if ..there mentioning his whole estate during life, alluding to his sister Isabella and Jemima as he considered them best entitled to it and further said not.  Written and signed by us this 15th day of Jan 1799


Samuel Houston

Charles Brookes

[20] The five brothers are identified as such in a biography written by the Methodist minister and bishop, William Taylor b 1821, son of Stuart Taylor b 1797, grandson of James Taylor and Ann Paul.

[21] James 1801 will identifies only some of his children, but his estate settlement and the will of his widow Ann gives the rest.

[22] We are not sure if this is the James who married Ann\ Reid and Patsy McCorkle, but he seems the likely candidate, esp with the McCorkle connection (being the family of his mother’s second husband.)

[23] I suspect that John son of James is not the John who married 1801 Nancy Cunningham, but rather John who married Nancy Cunningham may well be the son of William Taylor d 1807 who came from Augusta County to Rockbridge.  I base this on the fact that Peggy Taylor, daughter of William d 1807 married William Cunningham son of James in 1807.

[24] Rebecca Green mentioned in will and estate settlement.

[25] Nancy is mentioned in estate settlement and in William Taylor’s (b 1821) bio.

[26] George has land grants in the Short Hill area beginning in 1773.   He and his wife and buried in the graveyard on their Cedar Creek property without dates, but Mark Taylor is buried there and his dates are indicated.  Children are indicated in 1824 deed.   Marriages of Nancy and Betsy are recorded in book on marriages of Rockbridge County. 

Ohio Federal Land Records (BLM)

In consideration of the Military Service performed by Cawfield Taylor and John Taylor (both sergeants for 3 years) to the United States, in the Virginia Line on Continental Establishmnet..act of Congress ..1790..there is granted to Samuel Bell, assignee of Audley Taylor assignee of Cawfield Taylor in his own right and also as assignee of Mark Taylor, George Taylor, Nancy Taylor and Andrew and Elizabeth Amyx, the legal and only representatives of George Taylor who was the oldest brother and heir at law of the said John Taylor deceased..tract..400 acres between the Little Miamai andSciota Rivers..4 Sept 1817..survey of 400 acres of land on two military warrants viz 200 cares onf Warrant No 5931 in favor of the said Cawfield Taylor, and 200 acres on Warrant No 5993 in favor of the representatives of George Taylor, oldest brother and heir at law of the said John Taylor deceased...

[27] William’s marriage to Jane Walker is inferred from their being named heirs of Samuel Walker and William’s wife’s name being Jane.   They sold part of Cedar Creek land to Samuel Taylor in 1804 with Mark Taylor (presumably son of William’s brother George) as one of witnesses.  We assume he died shortly thereafter because there is a Peggy Taylor who married in 1806 who was identified as daughter of William Taylor deceased in a book of Rockbridge marriages.  Since the other William Taylor in Rockbridge didn’t die until after August 1807, we place Peggy as daughter of William Taylor and Jane Walker. 

[28] In a narrative by Hawkins Taylor, Samuel is said to have been born in Ireland and come to America when 17; so this would make him not a son of William but some other kin.  A LDS group sheet gives an exact date in 1780 for Samuel Taylor as a son of William.   Tax lists will have to be consulted to determine if there were 2 Samuel Taylors in Rockbridge in 1804.

[29] I have stuck Robert here, but there is no evidence for this.

[30] John’s military service mentioned in a Rockbridge history.  Ohio land record referred to earlier confirms John’s service.  There reportedly is a will of John in 1779.

[31]  This William has erroneously been associated with the William Taylor of the 5 brothers.   William of the 5 brothers lived on Cedar Creek, William husband of Ruth was in the counmty by 1792 and got a grant on Kerr’s Creek in 1795 and more land in 1802 on the same creek.  There is a reference to Daniel Taylor as giving security for the bond on William’s 1807 will  and a reference in a history of Rockbridge County to Daniel Taylor dying in 1809 and being an uncle to William and John Taylor, presumed to be sons of William Taylor d 1807.  James Cunningham is a neighbor to his Kerr’s Creek land.   Ruth along with John and Agnes his wife and William sell the Kerr’s creek land in 1814 to a Bodkin.  Notice that Polly married a Bodkin in 1820.

[32] Since Peggy Taylor (daugher of William Taylor) married in 1807 to William Cunningham, son of James Cunningham AND John Taylor married 1801 to Nancy Cunningham daughter of James Cunningham, I assume that they were both children of William d 1807.   The other Peggy Taylor who married 1806 Peter Lowry was identified as daughter of William Taylor deceased.   Since William Taylor d 1807 was still alive in 1806, then this Peggy must be the daughter of another William Taylor, presumably the William Taylor of the 5 brothers who married Jane Walker.  I’m guessing at marriages of children except where rationale is indicated.  IN an 1814 deed, John Taylor is identified as husband of Agnes Taylor – Agnes is sometimes a nickname for Nancy.

[33] See above footnote on her brother John Taylor.

[34] Sarah Elliott mentioned in will. Marriage date from book on Rockbridge marriages.

[35] John  Taylor’s grants on James River and Craigs Creek are recorded in online site of Virginia Library re: grants in Virginia.  Sales of land are reported by Chalkley and in Botetourt Deeds.   Birth of Andrew in 1806 suggests a second marriage; the marriage of John in 1802 to Mary Meggitt seems to be this second marriage based on their not being other John’s and mentioning of various Meggit’s in the estate settlement.

[36] Land records on Craigs Creek for Jonathan and James Taylor suggest some form of kinship but neitherJonathan nor William is not mentioned in the will; so we assume they are not his children.   There are two James Taylor marriages – one in 1778 to Ann Tillery and one in 1785 to Rebecca McDonald.  We can not tell if this is the same James or not.

[37] Though John married Catherine Wilson in Montgomery Co, there is no evidence of a John Taylor in Montgomery Co during the period after 1791 except for the John Taylor of Rockford and his son John McCanless Taylor.   John Taylor son of John Taylor d 1812 bought land from his father in 1802 and then sold it with Catherine his wife in 1803.   Furthermore, there is a record in Wayne Co KY in 1813 in which Isaac Taylor authorizes John Taylor of Pulaski to recover what is his in the settlement of the estate of his father John Taylor in Botetourt County.   Hence this links both Isaac of Wayne Co and John of Pulaski Co to the John Taylor d 1812 in Botetourt County.

[38] The marriage record of Thomas lists both John Taylor Sr and Jr and hence places him definitely as son of John.

[39] There are 2 Isaac Taylors with marriages in Botetourt in 1785/1786 – one ot Susanna Smith in 1786 and one to Elizabeth Street in 1785.  The fact that Thomas Price (witness for Isaac’s marriage) was a Craig’s Creek man who had married Elizabaeth Taylor dau of John d 1812 suggests that this Isaac is the Isaac son of John Taylor d 1812.

[40] Children listed in George Taylor’s will in Montgomery Co in 1801.