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The DNA story of the Taylors of western Virginia


  1. George Taylor d 1801 Montgomery Co VA is NOT a son of Isaac Taylor who settled on the Borden Grant in Augusta Co in 1746 and who died in Montgomery Co VA in 1781.  George Taylor d 1801 Montgomery Co VA is not a 25 marker match with anyone in the Taylor Genes database but is a 2 mutation difference out of 25 markers with descendant of (1)  Eli Taylor d 1793 Chester Co PA, and (2) Israel Taylor who died 1725 in Chester Co PA.
  2. Isaac Taylor d 1781 Montgomery Co is a one marker mutation in a 25 marker comparison with Thomas Taylor b 1748 Orange Co VA d 1810 Blount Co TN.
  3. John Taylor who married Catherine Wilson in 1791 in Montgomery Co VA is the son of John Taylor d 1812 Botetourt Co VA.  His DNA does not match anyone in the Taylor database.
  4. William Taylor b VA 1803 md 1825 Patsy Ramsey in Garrard Co KY d Rockcastle Co KY is NOT the son of William Taylor 1758 Augusta Co VA d 1830s Rockcastle of Isaac Taylor d 1781 Montgomery Co VA.  William Taylor b 1803 is an exact match with a Taylor family of Powhatan Co VA.  William married into a Ramsey family from Powhatan Co, VA.
  5. William Taylor d 1807 Rockbridge Co VA is not related to any of the above Taylors and his descendant’s DNA does not match any other Taylor families studied with DNA so far.


Taylor DNA Kits and Lineages


Kit 174838

George TAYLOR Sr. (c.1731-1801)            of Crab Creek, Montgomery Co. VA

Adam TAYLOR (c.1760-1814)                    of Sinking Creek, Giles Co. VA

James TAYLOR (1794-1859)                       

Allen Pendleton TAYLOR (c.1833-1869)     

Oscar Pendleton TAYLOR (1864-1936)        orphaned young, went to Nebraska

Ralph Lock TAYLOR (1893-1978)                the family historian of his generation

Jack S. TAYLOR Sr. (1929-    )                   moved to Floyd Co. in 1980



Kit 177104

John Taylor (1764 VA - 1845 Pulaski Co., KY) Buried at Rockcastle Co -Francis Taylor's land Francis Asbury Taylor (1806 KY - 188? Rockcastle Co., KY)

Francis Marion Taylor (1842 Rockcastle - 1921 Cornish, OK)

Isaac Marion Taylor 1873 Rockcastle Co KY 1964 Palo Pinto Co TX



Kit 178095

John Taylor (1764 VA - 1845 Pulaski Co., KY) Buried at Rockcastle Co -Francis Taylor's land

Joshua Taylor 1793

Archibald Dick Taylor 1842-1920

Wood V Taylor 1875 Casey Co KY 1966 Clinton, Illinois

Archie OwenTaylor 1915-1988



Kit 177960

John Taylor b abt 1730 d 1812 Botetourt Co VA md (1) Mary (2) 1804 Mary Meggitt

John Taylor b1764  Augusta Co VA d 1845 Pulasksi Co KY

Isaac Taylor 1802 VA d 1865 md Sally Scott Eoff in Pulaski Co

Lewis P. Taylor b1847 Pulaski Co KY d 1926 Shelbyville KY

Austin Taylor b 1885 d 1973 Louisville KY

Sep  Taylor b 1912



Kit 177200 (close match to Powhatan Co VA family)

William Taylor, born circa 1758, Augusta County, VA; died abt 1835, Rockcastle County, KY

William Taylor, born circa 1803, Rockcastle County, KY; died abt 1881, Rockcastle County, KY

James Francis Taylor,b8 Jul 1830,Garrard Co, KY; d10 Jun 1894,Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle Co, KY

John Cook Taylor,b25 Dec 1862,Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle Co, KY; d7 Sep 1953, Rockcastle Co, KY

Hartford Conn Taylor,b11 Apr 1905,Mt. Vernon,Rockcastle Co, KY;d17 Oct 1963,Waukegan, Lake County, IL



Steven Robert Taylor 115101 (close match with Wm Taylor of Garrard and Rockcastle Co KY)

  1. William Taylor, (xx VA – after 1773 VA) + m2 Blagrove?
  2. Robert Taylor, (1744 VA -1826 VA) + Frances Scott (Powhatan     Co VA)
  3. Blagrove Taylor, (1771 VA -1828 VA) + Judith Anderson
  4. Richard A. Taylor, (1801 VA-1881 VA) + m1 Martha Ball
  5. Lawrence B. Taylor, (1838 VA – 1912 VA) + Mary Susan Peaseley
  6. Robert Hall Taylor, (1867 VA – 1941 VA) + Martha B. Pinchbeck
  7. Robert Clyde Taylor, (1894 VA – 1976 VA) + Florence Virginia Woodley
  8. Raymond Bennett Taylor, (1933 VA – 1988 VA) + Living


Kit 179498

Isaac Taylor, r. Augusta Co VA 1746, d 1781 Montgomery Co VA

Andrew Taylor d 1787 White Co TN

Nathaniel Taylor 1771 Augusta/Botetourt Co VA d 1817 Carter Co TN

James Patton Taylor 1792- 1833 Carter Co TN

Nathaniel Green Taylor b 1819 Carter Co TN, d 1887

James Patton Taylor 1844 – 1924

Baxter Taylor 1877 Carter Co TN 1961 Carter Co TN

Robert Love Taylor b 1914


Alexander Taylor


Isaac Taylor (1700 IRE - 1781 VA) + Isabella Wilson

Isaac Taylor Jr (173x VA - xxx xx) + Emmaline (Ware?)

Joseph Taylor (1761 VA - 1806/8 AL) + Jane Blackburn

Albert C Taylor (1807 TN - 1866 AL) + Martha Barnard

William M Taylor (1832 AL - 1920 TX) + Eliza Osburn

James Albert Taylor (1863 TX - 1922 CA) + Rebecca Vickers

James Wesley Taylor (1894 TX - 1974 CA) + Neva Elliott

(Kit donor Taylor Earl H Taylor, must be error in lineage

This DNA does not match the sample for Robert Love Taylor desc of Isaac Taylor d 1781.



Mike Taylor:

  • Thomas Taylor b abt 1793 in VA m Mary Elizabeth _____  as listed in the 1850 Census for Smyth Co and land deeds in Smyth Co
  • Robert Marion Taylor b  1824 Wash Co VA m Lucinda Catherine Gaulding b Sep 1827 in Wash Co, TN.
  • Robert T Taylor  aka "Little Bob" Taylor b  Sep 1858 Smyth Co VA m Mary Catherine "Nancy" (Molly) Lyles b 1 3 Jan 1859 Ashe Co NC
  • Charles Marcus Taylor b  09 Dec 1881 in Plasterco (McHenry Creek-Saltville) Smyth Co VA m Lillie Clementine Talbert  b  01 Feb 1885 McCrady's Gap (Saltville) Smyth Co VA
  • Curtis Louis Taylor b 17 Jan 1916 Cherry Tree Bottom, Mt Gay, (Logan), Logan Co, Wv m Lillian Lucille Taylor b 09 May 1918 in Broadford (Saltville) Smyth Co, VA
  • donor



Troy Taylor


John Taylor of Grayson Co Va and Ashe Co NC, d 1807 Ashe Co NC

Stephen Taylor  b abt 1775 d 1849/1850



Edie Gunnels:

Alexander's father named Richard or Zachariah and could have been the son of George Taylor and Catherine [who died in Greene County TN around 1800, who served at Fort Pitt during the Rev War, who enlisted at about age 17 out of what was referred to as Rockingham County (in 1840-50's pension papers), but would have been probably part of Montgomery County at the time of the Rev War].  I think he probably lived in the Bowden's tract and after the war did the migration down into what was VA, became North Carolina into the area that became Tennessee.  The last 15 years of George's life was spent in Greene County near the Noli Chucky River.  His wife and some of the children moved on into White/Fentress/Cumberland County area of TN.

Kit 178522

Alexander Taylor, born cira 1828-1830, NC or VA; died 22 October 1898, Cumberland Co TN
David Crockett Taylor, b23 Aug 1860, Cumberland CoTN; died 4 Jul 1951 Cumberland Co TN
Spencer Taylor, b 8 Oct 1903 Cumberland Co TN; died 30 May 1988, Cumberland County TN


(12 marker one mutation near match with Richard Taylor (



Alexander Taylor 1828/30 NC/VA d 1898 Cumberland Co TN

David Crockett Taylor 1860 Cumberland Co TN d 1951 Cumberland Co. TN,

Dallas Southard Taylor,  1905 Cumberland Co TN

son of Dallas S. (in process)


(Jorge a desc of an English Taylor family that came to PA prior to 1725 (Chester Co) is an exact 25 marker match with Thomas Sheldon Taylor desc of Eli Taylor of Chester Co PA)


Kit # 119104, Jorge Andino Taylor Group=xx, Hg=xx added 1-21-09

Contact: Mark Edwards at edwards.mark /at/

Christopher Taylor (xxx ENG? -1644 ENG) + Ann Hodgson

Christopher Taylor (1623 ENG-1686 PA) + Isabel xxx

Israel Taylor (1660 ENG-1725 PA) + xxx Hendricks

Samuel Taylor, Sr. (xxx PA-1762 VA) + Rachel Leiper (married Lancaster Co PA)

Samuel Taylor, Jr. (1742 Frederick VA-1786 Spottsylvania VA) + Sarah Stewart

John Taylor, Sr. (1771 VA-1849 Madison Co OH) + Elizabeth Mitchell

John Taylor, Jr. (1806 OH-1883 OH) + Eliza Mark

James Mark Taylor, Sr. (1844 xx-1913 OH) + Virginia Long

James Mark Taylor, Jr. (1878 OH -1958 ARG) + Nora Etta Recob

Theron Benton Taylor

Kit donor Taylor



Thomas Taylor 1748 Orange Co VA -1810 Blount Co TN (went to TN about 1791-1793)

Close patch to Isaac Taylor d 1781 family)

Kit# 32504, Jeb S. Taylor Group=05 updated: 8-8-08

Contact: Jeb Taylor ==> taylorjeb /at/

Thomas Taylor (1748 Orange Co VA - 1810 Blout Co TN) + xxx

David Andrew Taylor 1791 – 1877 md Mary Ann Bigby (Cherokee) Sept 1817 in Morgantown TN.

David Miller Taylor    1826 – 1913

John Francis Taylor     1862 – 1932

Fred Ernest Taylor      1899 – 1956

Fred Ernest Taylor, Jr 1918 - 1965

Kit donor Taylor



Kits 180739 & 180737

William Taylor  md Ruthy d 1807 (POSS bro of Dan’l Taylor, (1809 as uncle to William and John)

John  (possibly John md Nancy Cunningham and went to Shelby Co KY?)

James Cyrus TAYLOR b: 12 SEP 1809 in Rockbridge, VA

George Robert TAYLOR b: 13 SEP 1843 in Okete, Lincoln, MO

James Robert b 1866 Lincoln Co MO d 1946 Callaway Co.

Otto Clinton Taylor b 1896

            James Lawrence Taylor


            Garvin Clinton Taylor