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Rockbridge Wills


Taylors in Rockbridge Co., VA Wills, FHL film #33748

Allen, Tr. W. College Qual., 5-195

Archibald, App., 4-393

Archibald, Sale, 4-394

Archibald, Sett., 6-9

Archibald, Sett., 7-506


Daniel, Will, 3-219

Daniel, App., 3-240


David, Will, 5-445

David, App., 6-299

David, Adm. Bond, 12-103

David (hrs.), Gdn. Bond, 12-267


Elizabeth, Will, 2-116 (See below)

Elizabeth, App., 2-127


George, To Parker & Trimble Bill of Sale, 1-185

George, Will, 2-228

George, App., 2-242

George, App, 4-172

George, Sett., 4-298


John, Adm. Bond, 1-30

John, App., 1-86

John, Sett., 1-88

John, Sett., 6-26


James, App., 1-387

James, Will, 2-225 (See below)

James, App., 2-240

James, Sett, 4-104

James, Sett., 5-516


Mark, App., 6-5

Mark, Sett., 8-445

Mark, Widow's Dower, 10-306


Samuel, Cons. Bond, 2-337


Thomas, Will, 2-131 (See below)

Thomas, App., 2-176


William, Relinquishment to Isabella & c., 2-132

William, Will, 3-80 (See below)

William, App., 3-102

William, Tr. W. College Qual., 5-193


Elizabeth, Will, 2-116 1799 (This is Elizabeth widow of William d Augusta 1768)

Thomas, Will, 2-131  1799  (unknown?)

William, Relinquishment to Isabella & c., 2-132  This is probably William, son of

William d 1768 and Elizabeth d 1799.


The next 3 are three of the 5 brothers who settled in Rockbridge about 1768-1772.

John, Sett., 1-88 (This is probably the John who died in the Revolution 1778)

John, Sett., 6-26

James, Will, 2-225  1801 (James who married Ann Paul)

George, Will, 2-228  (This is George md Letitia ? (Wade?)

Rockbridge County, Virginia. Will Records: Will Book 2, pp 228-231, Will of George Taylor, wd 08 Sept 1795 / wp 02 Jun 1801; Rockbridge Circuit Court, 25th Judicial Circuit of Virginia, Lexington, VA.


The next 2 are Taylors who came from Augusta Co to Rockbridge.


William, Will, 3-80  Probably 1807

Daniel, Will, 3-219 Probalby 1809


David, Will, 5-445

George, Sett., 4-298

James, Sett, 4-104


p 84 Augusta Co VA

  Page 84.--20th October, 1767. William (mark) Talor's will, farmer--
To son, Isaac, infant, tract adjoining Mill Creek, corner in the Warm Run,corner before Andrew Taylor's door, William Lusk's line; to son, William,infant, tract testator lives on, joining Daniel Lyle; to son, James, infant;to 3 daughters, Martha, Isbell and Jemmina, infants; to youngest son; to wife, Elizabeth, executrix. Teste: Wm. Lusk, Daniel Lyle, James Lyle.  Proved, 16th March, 1768, by Wm. Lusk and Danl. Lyle. Executrix qualified (mark), with Saml. and Danl. Lyle.


Book 1, p ?

Jno Taylor deceased

Nov 11 1777

This minute I march to head quarters I am well(?) in health thank God, let M Walker know that his son John has been sick but he is able to March now.  You may spin my flax if you can and let Brother James pay you for it.  I may return and I may not, but if I don’t return you may get the little bay mayer that I left with Edw ? and if I do not come back you may have my part of her Bri.. for the time I left her with Edward Fern, no more at present ..yours ..friend John Taylor.  Remember my love to Ann Lard? Test: Moses Cunningham, Anderson McCampbeel one of three witnesses is Brother in Law to Wm Mchenry  To Elizabeth Lamb



Book 2, P 116 Rockbridge Co VA

In the name of God amen December 11th 1798..I Elisabeth Taylor who am sick and weak of body but of perfect mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and just debts be fully paid..bequeath to my two daughters Jemima Taylor and Isabella Taylor all and singular my land and tenement I now live on to be equal sharers in the my daughter Jemima 10 yearling my two daughters above named all and singular my moveable will that my two sons William and Thomas Taylor together with my daughter Martha be paid three Spanish milled be equally divided among the three.. appoint my friend Thomas Leckey executor.. Elizabeth Taylor

Witn:  Joseph Teat, Henry Hinkle, Margaret Carr

Probated in court: Feb 1799


Book 2, P 131 Rockbridge Co VA


Thomas Taylor:  Memorandum of conversation which took place ..the subscribers and Thomas Taylor deceased on the 18 day of December in 1798.  I Samuel Houston having repeatedly had conversation with the Decd prior to that date, respecting the distribution of his estate he observed to me that he allowed it his mother and his two sisters, then single he further observed to me one difficulty which he dreaded…viz. if his sisters should die without issue his land might be transferred to strangers.  On the day above mentioned, we the subscribes being ..met at the late dwelling house of Elizabeth Taylor deceased who was mother of the said Thomas Taylor during his last..and the subject of devolving his estate being resumed I Samuel Houston observed to him that if he did not allow his sisters to enjoy his estate longer than they remained single, it could be mentioned and also how it was to be disposed of in case such circumstance should take place  he made answer and said he allowed if ..there mentioning his whole estate during life, alluding to his sister Isabella and Jemima as he considered them best entitled to it and further said not.  Written and signed by us this 15th day of Jan 1799


Samuel Houston

Charles Brookes


Book 2, P 132 Rockbridge Co VA

I William Taylor of Augusta County administrator of Thomas Taylor deceased of Rockbridge County and legatee to the same do hereby certify my approbation in my sisters Isabella and Jamima establishing a non cupative will respecting said estate and I am satisfied they are the persons he allowed to enjoy said estate witness my hand 23 May 1799

William Taylor

Test: Samuel Houston





William Taylor Sr. bought 150 acres of land to add to his 200 acres on Mill Creek. This land was probably Augusta Co. VA in 1764-65 when William lived on it and served as Constable of Augusta. His will 20 Oct 1768 proven [written/?] in Rockbridge Co. VA stated: "I wrote a will 20 Oct 1767 while living in Augusta County". He was a farmer by trade. He gave "the lower end of the tract of land I now possess, joining Mill Creek and Andrew's land to a popular stump near William Lusk's line, to Isaac. To son William the upper tract that I know live on joining Daniel Lyle." If sons Isaac and william died the land was to go to son James. A slave Lucy was to be kept "to raise bread for the family" but if she became ill-natured or cross was to be sold and money divided between the three daughters, Martha, Jamimah, and Isabel. Sons Isaac and William were to pay James 20 pounds in two equal payments within a year after he becomes of age. William to pay "20 pounds to my youngest son within a year of his coming of age, then all to go to the remaining one. To wife Elizabeth "all my movable property; to daughters Martha, Jemiah, Isabel, 12 pounds: Exr Wife". Will probated 5 Feb 1799.




Rockbridge County, VA Will Book 3, pp. 80-82.


(Abstract of William Taylor's Will) 1807:

William Taylor wife Ruthy Taylor

            Andrew b 1797 (?)






            Sarah md 1798 John Elliott


(John and William get plantation)


 "In the name of God Amen. I William Taylor Senior of

Rockbridge County, VA, sick in body but of perfect "mind and memory"

make this last Will and Testament.

 First- "I give and Recommend my soul unto the ha[nd] of

Almighty god that gave it and my Body I boun[d] to the earth to be

buried in a decent and Christian li[ke] manner not doubting that at

the general resurrecti[on] I shall receive the same again."

 As for my worldy goods: First- "my Funeral Expenses [and]

all other debts to be Carefully and Justly paid."

 "I give and bequeath unto my beloved sons John and William

Taylor, the Plantation I now live on contain[ing] seven hundred and

Thirty one acres more or less" to be th[us] divided. One third to

John Taylor, and the other Two to William Taylor, with whom (the sd.

William Taylor) I allow beloved wife Ruthy Taylor to live and remain

during li[fe] or as long as she pleases or remains in her widowhood

if she should Incline to Marry and leave William Taylor [she] shall

then be Entitled to eight pounds yearly to be levied the Estate and

at her death the sd. eight pounds to recede John Taylor and Wm.

Taylor, and the land to be equal[ly] divided betwixt them share and

share alike.

 "I give and Bequeath unto my beloved wife Ruthy Taylor one

Feather [bed] with every necessary furniture belonging thereto

toge[there] with the household furniture kitchen utensils &c one

pa[ir] drawers (William Taylors excepted)."

 "I also leave my be[loved] Daughters Polly Taylor, Peggy

Taylor, and Betsey Taylor to each, one feather bed and furniture and

two milch cows to be furnished with them of the premises but if the

sd proves deficient on the premises the defalcation to be made up by

the sd William Taylor." Also to each of the three girls one horse,

bridle and saddle Value thirty three pounds a piece, to be given by

the above John and Wm. Taylor.

 "I do also leave unto my beloved son Andrew Taylor one horse

Bridle and saddle value thirty three pounds and one hundred dollars

in cash, that is when he arrives to the years of the Maturity, but

being a minor of about ten years, the above John and William Taylor

shall continue him at school till he's fifteen or sixteen years old

at which period they shall bind him out to any Trade he choses to

Incline to."

 "I do also leave unto my beloved daug. Sarah Elliot Two

Dollars, and as for the three horses now on the premises Viz the

gray horse the prince horse and the young Mare to remain the sole

property of the sd. William Taylor."

 "I do also constitute appoint and ordain my beloved wife

Ruthy Taylor Jointly with my son John Taylor to be my sole Executors

of this my last will and Testament utterly Revoking disannulling all

former Wills and Bequeaths heretofore by me made, Ratifying and

confirming this my only last will and Testament."

 "In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed

my seal this eight day of August and in the year of our lord one

thousand eight hundred & seven.

William Taylor (seal)

Signed and Published pronounced and declared in the presence of us


Israel Cowan

James Cunningham

Henry Tole (O his mark)


 At Rockbridge December Court 1807

 The last will and Testament of William Taylor deceased was

produced in

court proved by oath of two subscribing witnesses and ordered to be

recorded. On the motion of Ruthy Taylor & John Taylor the executors

who made oath according to law certificate is granted them for

obtaining probate. They together with Joshua Hicks & Daniel Taylor

their securities entered into and acknowledged bond in the sum of

$300[.00] according to law.

Teste: A. Reid CC


Rockbridge County, VA Will Book 2,p. 225-227.


James Taylor's Will (Transcription) 1801

James Taylor wife Ann

            Audly Taylor deceased           (1777?)

            Caufield (1781)

            James (1781)

            John (1779)

            Rebeccah md 1799 Henry Green

            Archibald 1787 md 1812 Nancy McCorkle

            Nancy 1788 md 1808 Amos Thomas

            Stuart 1797 md 1818 Martha Hickman

            Elizabeth 1799 md Samuel Steele

            Hugh Paul Taylor 1800



IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN. I James Taylor being in perfect use of mental powers

and calling to my mind my mortality do make and ordain this instrument my last

will and Testament. After committing my soul to god who gave it professing my

hearty belief of the christian religion and the several Doctrines therein

contained as explained in the Confession of faith & Cathchisms of the

Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. I order and ordain that on the event of my

decease my body be intered in a decent and christian manner.


2nd That relative to my family and estate with which the Lord hath blessed me I

order and ordain as follows

 1st I order and ordain that my wife Anne shall have a child's part out of

my estate moreover a horse and saddle two cows and a bed and its necessary

furniture each of her own choosing out of my estate and the whole of her above

portion at her absolute disposal when she dies, also I order and ordain that

she shall have during her life the negroe woman named Katty exclusive of her

issue -------- 2nd I order and ordain that the balance of my estate real &

personal in whatever it may consist shall be divided equally amongst my

children and their lawful heirs as soon as the youngest becomes of age except

as hereafter provided and specified, that is to say except my lot at [Tazwel]

Courthouse purchased by my son Audly Taylor now deceased which lot I bequeathe

to my sons Cawfald and James and their heirs and my lot in Springfield in

Rockbridge I bequeath to my son John and his heirs ---- Farther I order and

ordain that my administrators or Executor shall so apply my estate before

finally divided and the profits thereof as in the best manner reasonable to

accommodate my Relic and raise my family and that when any of my children

lawfully sets up in life for & by himself or herself that every such child

shall have as much divided off to him or her as my Executors judge can be done

consistant with the general interest of the family, And finally that the amount

of any such portion given hereafter to any of my children or heretofore given

to my daughter Rebeckah Green as near as can be without law decision

ascertained shall be calculated in the dividend falling to such child at the

final dividing of my estate ---- And I hereby appoint and authorise my wife

Anne and my son in law Henry Green Executors of this my last will & Testament

in the twenty third day of February eighteen hundred & one -- Signed and

acknowledged in the presence of the under written Witness



 Samuel Houston James Taylor

 Henry Green

 John Beaty

 At a Court held for the County of Rockbridge June the Second 1801

 This writing purporting the last will and Testament of James Taylor

Deceased was produced in Court by Ann Taylor Executrix and Henry Green Executor

herein named and proved by the oaths of Samuel Houston and John Beaty

subscribing witnesses and ordered to be Recorded ---- And on the motion of the

said Executrix & Executor who made oath according to Law certificate is granted

them for obtaining probat thereof in due form they having with William Taylor

and John Morris their securities entered into and acknowledged bond in the sum

of ten thousand Dollars conditioned according to Law


 Aw Reid CRC



Rockbridge County, VA Will Book 4, pp. 104-105. (Transcription)


James Taylor's Settlement


Dr the Estate of James Taylor decd to Wm. McCorkle and Ann his wife late Ann

Taylor executrix of James Taylor Decd


To advances to Henry Green as p his


To Clerks



To payment to Wm M. Taylor as p his recpt

 purporting to be in full of his part of personal estate............52.10.

To ditto Amos Thomas recpt as above


To ditto Ro H Tapscott as pr his


To ditto John



To ditto Archd



To ditto Jno Taylor no


To ditto Jas Taylor recpt lost or


To ditto Caufield Taylor recpt lost or







By amt of said Estate as p appraisment thereof.........................625.7.9

By Cattle not valued by appraisers not found

 at the time but got afterwards......................................27.3.11

By amt of advances to Henry Green by the Testator..................73.13.

By mare & colt not valued being on




By ballance as p debtor



Agreeable to the enclosed order the undersigned have examined and stated the

above account of Wm McCorkle and Ann his wife late Ann Taylor Executrix of

James Taylor decd rendered before us on their oaths respectively, Which states

the whole of said Estate that has come to their hands as well as that advanced

by the Testator to Henry Green -- shews the amt disbursed by said McCorkle and

the Balance due having done this we apprehend we had done all that was required

of us by the court. The parties however requesting we have thought it due to

them to state such facts & circumstances as they have made known to us and

request to be so stated.

 It appears that shortly after the death of the Testator the said Ann

intermarried with Wm McCorkle and at that time the whole burden of the executor

of the will devolved on her, the other Exr having removed that by the will of

the Testator the whole of the Estate (specific legacies excepted) was left in

the hands of the Executrix for the purposes of her and her familys accomodation

with instruction to give at such time & such sums as he might think expedient

to those of the Family who set up for themselves under those circumstances Wm

McCorkle took charge of the family and estate of the Testator he proceeded to

use and occupy the lands, and worked the slaves of the Testator as well as

those held in his own right including one that he took there with him, upon the

lands aforesaid -- that with a view to the interest of the Family he devoted

much labour and expence in the improvement of the plantation -- That he took no

account of the proceeds of the land or the value of the slaves nor did he keep

any account of the advances made in the necessary expence of the Family but

proceeded to pay over to the legatees as stated their proportions of the

personal estate - supposing that when he had compleated that payment the

residue of said personal estate if any vested in him as matter of right all of

which is respectfully submitted.


 Jos. Allen

 Saml Walkup

 J Grigsby

 6th Apl 1814


At Rockbridge County Court September 4th 1815

 A Settlement of the estate of James Taylor decd as returned & ordered

to be recorded.


 Saml McD Reid DC


Rockbridge County, VA Will Book 4, pp. 368-369. (Transcription)


Will of William McCorkle


We the undersigned bring at the House of William McCorkle deceased on the 7th

day of September in the year 1818 it being in the time of his last sickness, At

which time we were called on by said deceased to take notis or words to that

efect that his wish or Will was that after his decease that his wife should

hold the full amount of legacy left her by her former husband James Taylor to

be at her own disposal so far as he has any controle over said property -- Also

one tract of Land adjoining Calhoon Riddle and the Mountain that he wished to

be equally devided betwist his son henry McCorkle and Stewit Taylor, also one

half of which he alowed his son John McCorkle for which he stated he had give

him a title Bond and possession for during the time of his being a Widower The

other half of said tract he alowed for his two sons Henry and Abner McCorkles

for which he stated he had some time since given them a deed of gift, The

Balance of his estate he wished equally devided betwiset his two sons John &

Henry McCorkles and his three daughters Esther Porter Betsy Taylor and Pheby

Elliott. Witness our hands and seals this 6th day of Octo 1818


 Jos Allen (seal)

 Samuel Steele (seal)


At Rockbridge county court November 2nd 1818

 The depositions of Joseph Allen & Samuel Steele purporting to be the

noncupative Will of Wm McCorkle decd was produced in court and sworn to by said

Allen & Steele, and the heirs of said William McCorkle having been summoned to

contest said will and not appearing and on the motion of Ann McCorkle widow of

said William McCorkle decd that said Will be established and that the same be


 And on the motion of said Ann McCorkle who made oath according to Law &

together with James Wm Matthews James Taylor & Stuart Taylor her securities

entered into & acknowledged Bond in the penalty of four thousand dollars

conditioned as the Laws directs, Letters of administration with will annexed

are granted her in due form of Law


Rockbridge County, VA Will Book 5, pp. 516-517. (Transcription)


James Taylor's Settlement


Dr Ann McCorkle Executrix of James Taylor deceased and executrix of Wm.

McCorkle deceased who was executrix of James Taylor deceased to the Estate of

James Taylor decd.


                    For what                                          $     Cts


For balance due the Estate of James Taylor decd from said Wm

McCorkle and Ann McCorkle by settlement with commissioners

of the Court of Rockbridge on record dated 6th April 1814- see paper

No. 1 £ 265,12,3 equal

to..................................................................... 885.37



1816        For cash paid to Stewart Taylor in part of his share of

June        the appraisment                                  $120.00


1817         For cash paid McKee by order of John Patton in part of

March        said Pattons share of the appraisment witnessed by H. P. Taylor


36.22 1/2


1817         For cash paid Archibald Taylor as guardian

June 3d    for Hugh P. Taylor in part his ward in the name

                 and for the benefit of said Hugh P. Taylor share

                 of the appraisment to be paid to H. P. Taylor as

                 guardian aforesaid                                   127.50


1818         For cash paid to Stuart Taylor in full for his

Novr 17     share of the appraisment                       55.00


1820         For cash paid david Moore by order of John

Octr           Patton in full for said Patton's share of the

                  appraisment witnessed by Robert McDowell  51.00


1820          For cash paid Samuel Steele & Eliza Steele late

Octr            E. S. Taylor in full for her part of the appraisment

                  witnessed by H. P. Taylor                          175.00


1822          For cash paid H. P. Taylor after he was of full

March 6      age in full for the balance of his share of

                   the appraisment                                        



                  For legacy due to me by James Taylors will ex-

                  clusive of special legacies in full for my share

                  of the appraisment                                    



                  For commission on the distribution of this

                  part of the personal estate and also on the

                  parts specified in the former settlement afore

                  said: including all officers fees (Viz about 4 percent)




885.37 1/2           885.37 1/2



balance               000.00


These payments made to Mr Mcney and Mr Moore in the name of John Patton & by

his order were receipted for by them respectively as above:  the payments made

to Stuart Taylor, Archibald Taylor Samuel & Eliza S. Steel and H. P. Taylor,

respectively as above, were severally receipted for by them respectively as

aforesaid all which receipts are believed to have been given by Ann McCorkle to

William Taylor (the attorney for James Taylors heirs pending a chancery suit on

record respecting the real property of said James Taylor decd)  at said William

Taylors request, in his own house, in presence of is wife, and of John Patton

and perhaps Joseph Allen in October 1821 -- If not they have been mislaid.  Ann

McCorkle also respectfully requests the commissioners to offer to the court for

her the following staatement viz:  that by James Taylors will all his estate

(excepting specific legacies was equally divided amongst all his children & his

widow.  And that the part distributed to Henry Green in right of his wife

Rebecca; late Rebecca Taylor) before the testators death to wit £ 72 13 s (see

former settlement aforesaid) or $245.50 was directed by the will to be

considered as said H. Greens share of the personal estate if sufficient but if

more than equal to one of the other shares; then the same to be reduced by

refundment, to an equality with the others -- The residue of the appraised

estate aforded a dividend of only £ 52 10 s or $175.00 to each of the other

legatees as we have seen over which said Green has of course received an excess

of $70.50 which 70.50 ought to be refunded by H. Green and equally divided

amongst all the legatees.  Ann McCorkle, formerly considered herself bound to

collect his $70.50 from H. Green, and to divide it equally amonst all the

legatees as the will directs. -- but as the lands and negores of said James

Taylors estate have recently fallen into the hands of the court by the

channcery court aforesaid suit aforesaid:  she hopes the court will foresee the

property of first reserving the excess of $70.50 out of H. Greens share of the

lands (as H. Green has sold his share to the negroes) and distributing the same

as aforesaid by which she will conceive justice to have been done, to all

parties, and herself to have been entirely released.  She would further beg

leave to state that by the will she is conceived to be exclusively to any rents

of the land and hire of the negroes of said Estate which may have accrued

previous to the 8th of May 1821 who the youngest legatee became of full age in

consideration of her having maintained the family and the youngest negro

children untill that time free of any other charge: - after which day, she

considers herself interested only as a legatee And therefore she begs leave to

giving any further account of the rents of said land & hire of said negroes at

any time.  All which is respectfully submitted by


     Witness                                         Ann McCorkle

     Lettice Taylor                                 Executrix & c

                                                       26th April 1825


28th of April 1825:  the foregoing account & statements are agreed to by me as

being correct and true, so far as regards myself individually And as being

totally correct & true so far as I know or believe

                                                  H. P. Taylor

28th April 1825  The foregoing account and statements are agreed to by me as

being correct and true so far as regards myself individually and as being

totally correct and true so far as I know or believe

                                                  Betsy S. Steele

30th April 1825.  the foregoing accounts and statements are agreed to by me: as

being correct and true so far as regards myself and as being entirely correct

and true as far as I know or believe

                                                  Stuart Taylor

Rockbridge County S

    Agreeable to an order of the County Court of Rockbridge on the 2nd instant

the undersigned being first duly sworn proceeded to examine state and settle

the accounts of the estate of James Taylor decd  and the accounts of William

McCorkle decd so far as they relate to the said Taylors estate ---  report to

Court that they have complied with the order of the court and refer to the

account herewith.  The balance remaining in the hands of hte executrix by the

former settlement after allowing her about 4 per cent for commission and

settlement of all offiers fees has been properly and correctly disbursed

according to law the vouchers being to us satisfactory and finally closes the

acount of said Executrix.  All of which is submitted to Court.

                                                       Samuel Walkup

                                                       William Shields

     May 3rd 1825

At Rockbridge County Court May 3rd 1825

     This settlement of the accounts of Ann McCorkle late Ann Taylor executrix

of James Taylor decd being returned was approved by the court and ordered to be




Rockbridge County, VA Will Book 6, pp. 323-325. (Transcription)


Ann formerly Taylro McCorkle




            Hugh P

            Nancy md Amos Thomas


            Elizabeth md Samuel Steele




Will of Ann McCorkle


In the name of God Amen I Ann McCorkle late Ann Taylor being in my usual state

of mind but somewhat in the decline of life and calling to mind the Certainty

of death but the uncertainty of the time thairof and being desirous before I

leave this world to dispose of such property as God hath been pleased to bless

me with, do tharefore Make and Constitute this my last Will and Testament in

maner and form following (to wit).


1st And principely I commit my soul to God who give it and my body to the Earth

to be decently Intered by my Executors to be herein after named and after my

just debts and funeral expanses are paid I Will and bequath as follows.--


2nd I give and bequath to my Daughter Nancy Thomes all my wearing apperal


3rd To my Daughter Elizabeth Steel I give and Bequath a Claim of forty dollars

on Hugh P. Taylor which he drew of John Ruff in my name together with my trunk

and its Contents at my decease.


4th To my two grand daughters namely Mary Ann Taylor Daughter of Stuart Taylor,

and Ann Thomas Daughter of Amos Thomas.  I give and bequath to each, one of my

Beads and its furniture.


5th To my son Hugh P. Taylor I give and bequath a Balance of fifty dollars

which he drew from John Ruff by my order which he has not fully paid over to me

but still retains a ballance in his hands, this being Intended to shew that he

has no Just Claims against me and hereby revoking and disanulling all prior

Contracts by me made or said to be made with him.


6th My trusty slave Cyrus I give and bequeath to my son Stuart Taylor who is to

give him all the liberties the laws of this state will admit of and when Cyrus

wishes to settle himself out of this state he is to have the value of my Roan

Mear and the value of my stocke of hogs and the half of all the grain boath

growing and gathered with his Bead and other articles which he may have made by

his own industry when out of my employ provided wowever if Cyrus wishes to live

with Stuart Taylor till the death of Stuart Taylor he is then to be set at

liberty with the value of all the above property for his own benefit and



7th All the balance of all my property boath Real and parsonal that I shall at

my death be in legle possession of I give and bequeath to my son Stuart Taylor,

his heirs & assigns forever with my Claim on John Ruff for all tht is not paid

of my Intrist in and to the Estate of James Taylor (Dect) my former husband and

also my Intrust in and to the Estate of my son Archibald Taylor (Dect) which ia

in the hands of John Ruff and Stuart Taylor and also my intrust in the Estate

of my son John Taylor (Dect) which is in the hands of Thomas Cross and also my

Claim against my son Hugh P. Taylor for one hundred and seventy five dollars

with Interest from fabuary 1822  The above claim I hold against him for a Negro

girl named sophia which I sold him nere the time above named: and for which he

give me his intrist in all the Negroes belonging to the Estate of James Taylor

(Dect) boath appraised and not appraised and afterwards without my order

applied to and [lifted] the same from John Ruff as a legatee and hes not since

paid me the money in Eney way nor even eney part of it all the above Claims I

give to my son Stuart Taylor as a Recompence for trouble and expence he has

been at for me and he is hereby autherisde to demand and collect them in eany

legle way he may think proper to pesue.--


8th Having now disposed of all my property to the best of my Judgement I

requist my hairs or those Concerned in this will to settle the same by a

Refference to Judicious men who are competent to settle the such business, and

by no means to got to law if Justice in the Execution of this my Will can be

otherwise had.--


9th and lastley I hereby appoint and constitute my son Stuart Taylor and Mathew

Taylor my Exicutors of this my last will and Testement Ratifying Confirming and

establishing this and none other as and for my last will and Testement Revoking

and disanulling all former Wills by me made or said to be made.  In Witness

whareof I have hereunto set my hand and afixed my seal this 10 day of october

in the year of our Lord 1828


Signd seald and Acknowledged in presents of


Wm Henderson                                           Ann McCorkle (seal)

Sarah Mckenry

Marget Decufield (x her mark)

Robt Savill (x his mark)

David Henderson



Rockbridge County, VA Deed Book O, pp. 313-314. (Abstract)


4 January 1825 $18.00 Lot #12 in Springfield

Ann McCorkle sole heiress and devisee of John Taylor decd of the one part and

hugh P. Taylor of the other part both of Rockbridge county, in the State of


 Certain lot or parcel of land in the town of Springfield in the said

county of Rockbridge known on the plan of said town by the name of Lot number

twelve, bounded as follows:


Beginning at a stake on the main street, corner to lot number eleven;

With the same, North 68 1/2 degrees, West 175 feet to a stake on the back


With the same, South 21 1/2 degrees, West 60 feet to a stake corner to lot

number 13;

With same, South 68 1/2 degrees, East 175 feet to a stake on the main street,

with same, North 21 1/2 degrees, East 60 feet to beginning.


Teste Ann McCorkle (seal)

Amos Thomas

John Lonk

Robert Bratton

Abner A. P. Grigsby


Clerks Office Rockbridge county court March 17th 1825

 This Deed from Ann McCorkle to Hugh P. Taylor was this day produced to me

proved by the oaths of John Lonk and Abner A. P. Grigsby subscribing witnesses

thereto and admitted to record.


 Andrew R. Moore DC


Rockbridge County, VA Deed Book O, p. 349

3 Apr 1824

 Mark Taylor & Margaret his wife; Silas Taylor and Lucinda his

wife; John Gore, and Nancy his wife;Andrew Annix and Betsy his

wife,late Betsy Taylor; John Taylor, Mathew Taylor;Sally Taylor;

heirs of George Taylor deceased, to Abel Thomas.



            Mark Taylor

            Silas Taylor md Lucinda

            Nancy Taylor md John Gore

            Betsy Taylor md Andrew Annix

            John Taylor

            Matthew Taylor

            Salley Taylor


I don't know if the Taylors came over with the Matthews, Archer and Paul

families, but they all intermarried. The information on the Matthews family

and the Borden tract is in a book by Booth on the Matthews Family. Perhaps

these are your Taylors. The information in this book must be verified. I

have found a few problems. Here are some excerpts:



The Taylor family, four of whose members married into the Paul

family, originated with five Taylor brothers who came to America

about 1760/5 from Drumlech, County Armagh, Ulster, Ireland. The

parents of the five brothers were John Taylor and Nancy Barens

(Berens). The brothers were:

James Taylor, who married Anne Paul (of whom more later)

George Taylor, who married Letitia Wade (Lutitia/Letty) and

left five children. George Taylor's Will made 8 September 1795,

was probated 2 June 1801, in Rockbridge County, Virginia.

William Taylor, Sr., who married Ruthy (Janet) Paul (of whom

more later) His will probated December Court 1807, in Rockbridge

County, Virginia.

John Taylor, who was killed 25 April 1778, in the Revolution-

ary War.

Caufauld (Coufold) Taylor, who married Rebecca Paul (of whom

more later).

The brothers owned farms on Short Hill, Rockbridge County,

Virginia. All five of them were in the Revolutionary War.[13]


This is actually a Botetrout will:

Botetourt County, VA Will Book B, p. 231.


Audley Pauls's Will (Transcription)


     In the name of God Amen.  this Sixth day of September one thousand eight

hundred and two, I Audley Paul Senr. of the County of Botetourt and State of

Virginia being weak in body but in prfect mind and memory thanks be to God for

all his mercies doth make this my lst will and testament Imprimir I do allow my

body to be buried after a decent Christian manner at the discretion of my

Executors, Item I do give and bequeath to my oldest daughter Ann Taylor, Thirty

Three Dollars and one third of a Dollar to be paid by Audley Paul, Junr. and

one Still which is now in her custody.  Item I do leave my daughter Margaret

Walker Twenty Five Dollars to be paid by my son James Paul.  Item I do give and

bequeath unto my son John Paul one hundred and sixty two acres of land lying in

the Raccon Valley part of the land which I purchased from John [Crawford].

Item I do give and bequeath unto James Paul my son one hundred eighty eight

acres of the land I purchased from John Crawford in the Raccoon Valley.  Item I

do leave my daughter Jane Harris Twenty Five Dollars to be paid by my sons John

and James Paul each an equal part.  Item I do leave and bequeath unto my

daughter Elizabeth Defreese one hundred acres of land and Hiram Abeth Paul her

son fifty acres of land all of the land I have in the Raccoon Valley Sd. land

to be divided according to quantity and quality and each to have an equal

advantage of water and timber addiquate to their quantities above mentioned.  I

also leae Elizabeth Defreese the waggon and gears and all the moveables that I

left in her possession.  I also leave my riding mare to my son John Paul.  I

also leave her young foal and all m body cloaths to my son James Paul.  I also

leave my money that remains in Crawford's hand to John Walker, Cawfeld Taylor

and James harris to be devided equally amongst them my two years old colt I do

leave to my son Audley.  Given from under my hand and seal this sixth day of

September One thousand eight hundred and Two.


                                                       Audley Paul Sen (Seal)


William Cross

William Campbell

James Lecky


     NB  I nominate and appoint Col Sawyers of Tenecee and John Paul to be my



At Botetourt, December Court 1802.


     An instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of

Audley Paul dec'd was exhibited in court & proven by the oath of James Lecky, a

witness thereto and ordered to lie for further proofs.   And at Botetourt Apil

Court 1810 was proven by the oath of William Cross and William Campbell, two

other witneses thereto and ordered to be recorded.


Those named: 

Oldest daughter, Ann Taylor

Audley Paul

Margaret Walker

James Paul

John Paul

Jane Harris

Elizabeth Defreese


Leaves money to John Walker, Cawfeld Taylor and James Harris.  These appear to be sons-in-law and hence the wife of Cawfiled Taylor (Rebeecah Paul) must have been deceased or she would have been mentioned in the will.


Ohio Federal Land Records (BLM)

In consideration of the Military Service performed by Cawfield Taylor and John Taylor (both sergeants for 3 years) to the United States, in the Virginia Line on Continental Establishmnet..act of Congress ..1790..there is granted to Samuel Bell, assignee of Audley Taylor assignee of Cawfield Taylor in his own right and also as assignee of Mark Taylor, George Taylor, Nancy Taylor and Andrew and Elizabeth Amyx, the legal and only representatives of George Taylor who was the oldest brother and heir at law of the said John Taylor deceased..tract..400 acres between the Little Miamai andSciota Rivers..4 Sept 1817..survey of 400 acres of land on two military warrants viz 200 cares onf Warrant No 5931 in favor of the said Cawfield Taylor, and 200 acres on Warrant No 5993 in favor of the representatives of George Taylor, oldest brother and heir at law of the said John Taylor deceased...


A History of Rockbridge Co, Oren Morton




1. Aaron—m. Elizabeth Maupin, 1821.


2. Abigail—m. John Harvey, 189.


3. Abigail—m. John Tolly, 1809.


4. Andrew—m. Ann Wilson, cousin—C: Nathaniel.


5. Andrew—orphan of Daniel, 1810.


6. Andrew—b. in Ireland, 1795, d. 1879.


  1. Archibald md Nancy McCorkle 1812
  2. Barbara m James Moore 1812
  3. Daniel d 1809 uncle to John and William md Mary c: Andrew Isaac,
  4. Daniel b 1775c m Ann
  5. Daniel d in Ohio 1815c
  6. David d 1825:  James, David, Peggy (m Dickey Beard 1800)
  7. David 1785-1827
  8. Elizabeth g’dau of Mary Mackey 1810
  9. Elizabeth widow d 17899 c: Jemima, Isabella, William, Thomas d 1799
  10. Elizabeth md Andrew Amice 1810
  11. Fanny m Amost Thomas 1808
  12. George d 1801 md Letty brother to Susanna and Nancy c: Mark, Silas, George, Sally Betsy, Polly, Nancy
  13. Hugh P, bro to Elizabaeth Steele, Nancy Thomas 1834

22.    Isabella md Samuel Paxton 1800

23.    James md Catherine McClure 1800abt

24.    James d 1801…

25.    James son of 38 md (1) Ann Reid 1801, (2) Elizsabeth McCorkle 1805 (3) see 60.  John (see 32) Rebecca see 45 Archibald see 7, Andrew Catharine McClure 1808

26.    James son of David and Grace 1778-1858

27.    Jane m Robert Tapscott 1810

28.    ‘Jemima md Thomas Lackey 1801

29.    John d 1777

30.    John m Nancy Cunningham 1806

31.    Mary md James Lawson

33.  Mary md John McNaughton 1791

34.  Nancy md John Gore 1815

35.  Nancy md William Smithy 1799

36.  Nathaniel b 1772 d 1816 son of 4 md Mary Patton 1791

37.  Patsy md John Nowel 1808

38.  Peggy md William Cunningham 1807

39.  Peggy md Peter Lowry 1806

40.  Phoebe md John Patton 1812

41.  Polly md Charles Bodkin 1820

42.  Polly m Weston Mills 1806

43.  Rebecca md Henry Green 1799

44.  Robert md Agnes McCRoskey 1795

45.  Sally md John Elliott 1798

46.  Sally md Waillim Tolley 1800

47.  Samuel md Catherine Walker 1793

48. Stewart b 1794 d 1874 md Martha E. Hickman 1819…..

49.  Thomas killed by tree 1749, md Elizabeth Paxton

50.  William md Susan McDowell

51.  William d 1807 …

52.  William d 1768:  c: Isaac, Wiliam James, 1 minor son,  Martha, Esbel, Jemima

53.  William dm Jean Guggey 1792

54.  William md Elizabeth Bodkins 1819


55. Capt. m. Campbell, 1790c.


56. m. Ann Reed by 1815.


57. C: George (m. Paul), James (m. Ann Paul), William Caufould,