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The Holland Family
A British Home Child Connection


Robert Holland's Story

National Commemoration of
Home Children, 19 August 2001
Stratford, Ontario

The Children's Home
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

  1. Chronological History
  2. Newspaper Articles

  3. 1873 May 29, Spectator
    1873 Jun 3, Hamilton Evening Times
    1874 Oct 7, Hamilton Times
  4. Children to Hamilton

  5. 1873 May, SS Polynesian
    1874 Sep, SS Texas
    1884 May, SS Sarnia
    About the SS Sarnia
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My father and I have been working on our family history for a number of years.  In the course of our research we discovered that his maternal grandfather, Robert Holland, was a British Home Child.  Actually, I shouldn't say we discovered it as Robert Holland's children were aware of his background.

Robert Holland was born in London, England, around 1868.  The 1881 Census for Bethnal Green, London, lists him as an "Inmate" of the Children's Home, Bonner Road, London.  In May 1884, at the age of 16, he immigrated to Canada on the SS Sarnia of the Dominion Line. 

I have compiled a list of some of the other children who travelled on the SS Sarnia with Robert Holland and compared it with the 1881 census index I have created for the two branches of the Children's Home at which my great-grandfather resided -- Bonner Road, London, and Edgworth, Lancashire.

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