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Her Tree Story,
My Genealogy Blog

Early Timeline

1538 Nigel Mccamie witnessed sasine of lands in Arran (Black, pg. 464)
1547 Robert Mckkamy of Maknaught or Manach in Bute sold his lands to Ninian Stewart (Black, pg. 464)
1557 John M'Came 'vel M'Caine' was returned heir of Nigel M'Came, his father, in the lands of Barnauld, Bute (Black, pg. 464)
1560 Sasine of lands in Bute to John Mccamie (Black, pg. 464)
1570 Fraser narrating the birth of Simon Fraser (1570) says of the name Simon: "A name pretty rare in Scotland, south or north, although kindly to this family, being the first name it had, and hence the Lord Lovat is called M'Khimy (Black, pg. 529)
1609 Pardon List for Donegal (Ireland) are donell McKemie and eveny McKemy
1610 Plantation of Ulster
1630 Robert mcCamy and Robert mcCamy younger are listed on the muster roll for the Barony of Rapho, County Donegall, under James conningham Esqr. with swords and halberts
1645 On 29 April 1645 Andrew M'Kamie, of Barneauld, portioner is listed on the Register of Sasines in Bute (Scotland). Also listed is John M'Kamie, alias Jamieson, son of Mathew M'Kamie alias John of Barneauld.
1658 Francis Makemie born (estimated) in Rathmullen County Donegal Ireland
1662 On April 10, 1662, Robert M'Kamie is grantee on a deed in Dunalunt (in Scotland).
1655 Robert Makemy listed on the Hearth Money Rolls, “of Ramullen” (Rathmelton) Killygarvan Parish, Donegal, Ireland. Also listed in Killygarvan: William Boggs, Andrew Boggs, Francis Boggs. John m’Keamy of Ballymagowne listed on hearth money rolls for Clondavaddoge Parish, Donegal, Ireland. (CTR 002)
1676 In February 1676 Francis Makemie (Franciscus Makemius …Scoto-Hibernus) enrolled in the University of Glasgow (Ireland and Scotland) (Lecky, pg. 202)
1676 In April 1676 Robert MacKemie, commissioner from Killygarvan, desires (of the Presbytery) a visit and supply to that people (Ireland) (Lecky, pg 60)
1677 Malcolm M'Kamie, son of john M'Kamie in Kildavage is listed as grantee on a deed in Scotland for November 10, 1677.
1680-1681 Francis Makemie appears before the Laggan Presbytery with reports of his progress and petitions from Killygarvan and Clondevadock (both Donegal) (Ireland) (Lecky, pg. 196)
1682 Francis Makemie preaches for the Rev. William Hamptomn in Burt (Ireland) on 2 April 1862 (Lecky, pg. 203, Schlenther, pg 13)
1683 Francis Makemie arrives in Maryland, USA (Lecky, pg. 204)
1684 William M'Kemmie registered a deed in Shillhill, in Scotland.
1684 Francis Makemie mentions in letter to Increase Mather that he has been in North Carolina and intends to travel to South Carolina. This same letter indicates Francis’ determination to find desirable areas for his brethren in Ireland to come and settle (USA)(Schlenther, pg. 14).
1692 Francis Makemie visits Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (Schlenther, pg. 17)
1694 Francis Mackemie, minister of the Gospel, mentioned as friend in will of Joseph Salmon. Will recorded 1 Oct 1694 (Barbados)(Sanders, pg. 309) (Incidentally, a Jane Salmon, born approx. 1683, was listed as the indentured servant of Francis Makemie in Accomack County, Virginia, USA on 3 Dec 1701.)
1699 Francis Mackemie issued license to preach by Accomack County court, Virginia, USA.
1699 Francis Mackemie granted 850 acres in Accomack County, Virginia, USA, between Mesonga and Pocomoke Oct 26, 1699 (Nugent, pg. 33).
1700 Alexander Mackemy granted 40 acres above Powhite Swamp, Virginia, USA, 24 April 1700.
1704 Francis Makemie went to London (some suppose he might have also visited Ireland, but I’ve seen no record of this. However, it would be convenient if he did visit Donegal and possibly brought back with him his nephews-specifically Francis who appears in 1711 in Abington Township, Pennsylvania, USA).
1706 Francis Makemie helps form first Presbytery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He is also the first moderator of the first presbytery.
1706 Church at Rehoboth erected (Somerset County, Maryland ,USA). This is also the oldest Presbyterian Church in continuous use in the country and celebrated it's 300th anniversary this year (2006). Read about it here.
1707 On January 19, 1707, Francis Makemie conducted a service in the home of William Jackson in New York, USA (Schlenther, pg. 22).
1707 Francis Makemie arrested in New York for preaching without a license (Schlenther, pg. 22). Francis’ name is spelled Makennan in Cornbury’s warrant dated 21 January 1707 (USA) (Schlenther, pg. 198).
1708 Francis Makemie dies in Accomack County, Virginia, USA. In his will (view here)he mentions a sister Ann Makemie of the Kingdom of Ireland and the two eldest sons of his brothers (John and Robert), both named Francis (but does not specifically state that they are in Ireland).
1711 Francis McKemie listed on founders list for Abington Presbyterian Church, Abington Township, Montgomery County (formerly part of Philadelphia County), Pennsylvania, USA.
1715 John Mackemy and William Mackemy listed on the Quit Rent Rolls for Essex County, Virginia, 1715 (USA) (Virginia Tax Records, edited by Parks, 1983, pg. 74)
1723 Francis Mackemie was married unto Mary Breden 10ber 26 1723 (Pennsylvania, USA) (Abbington Church records)

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