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Her Tree Story,
My Genealogy Blog

Land Records Section

This section contains assorted extracts, transcriptions and databases of land records pertaining to McK/McC research.

  1. Land Records by Country (deeds, registers, sasines, etc)
  2. Landmarks (Places named after or for a McK/McC)
  3. Al McKemy's Makemie Park Trip

Extracted from the 1857 Griffith's Valuation - Parish of Clondavaddog, County Donegal, Ireland
"Ballyheerin, Clondavaddog, Ordnance Survey map 17
map ref 12
Charles McKemmey, renting from Harriet Thompson, a house and 9 acres, 2 roods and 5 perches of land

map ref 14 b
Charles McKemmey, renting from the Earl of Leitrim, Corn mill, outbuildings and 2 acres, 3 roods and 20 oerches of land, mill-pond and water on 1 acres, a house, outbuilding and 3 roods of land, and the value of Morass Ferry (1 pound 10 shilling annual valuation"

Ferry Island, Clondavaddog
Charles McKemmey, renting from the Earl of Leitrim, 3 roods and 8 perches of land."

Should you have data that you have acquired during the course of your own research, please consider sharing it here. Contact me for additional information.