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Her Tree Story,
My Genealogy Blog

Robert MCKIMIE - "Little Reddy"

Sketch from: The Life and Adventures of Robert McKimie, Alias "Little reddy," From Texas. The Dare-devil Desperado of the Black Hills Region, Chief of the Murderous Gang of Treasure Coach Robbers.
By J. W. Bridwell. (1955 reprint of 1878 booklet.)

"Robert McKimie is the illegitimate son of Rose McKimie, now Mrs. Thomas Ferguson, of Rainsboro. She was seduced under promise of marriage by Charles Richards, while living with her parents in Bainbridge.

"Richards was a good looking, social fellow, who at the time was in the employ of Rose Bros., of Chillicothe, as a tobacco pedlar.

"The young girl bore an excellent reputation, which has never been soiled since. Richards was sued from breach of promise, and fled the country. Before the child was born, the family moved to Rainsboro, where she has resided ever since. While the boy was yet quite young, he was taken to raise by Mrs. Brown, his mother's sister, who brought him up kindly, and endeavored to instill into his young mind lessons of morality and honesty that would make a useful man of him...."

Source: Same as sketch above.