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The main force behind the DNA Project is Chris Pulver. I am his humble assistant. Together, we welcome your interest and encourage your participation in the study. Feel free to contact either of us with any questions or comments.


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Her Tree Story, My Genealogy Blog
Her Tree Story,
My Genealogy Blog

This project has evolved out of the McKemie One Name Study. The ONS is devoted to the research and preservation of the genealogical history of the surname McKEMIE. It is dedicated to supporting anyone interested in their McKEMIE (and all spelling variants) family history and acts as a bridge between the various families, both stateside and worldwide. The ONS is intended to be a central repository for research data, providing access to researchers of this fascinating surname.

Keep up with updates to the DNA study, among other things, via my blog for updates to the website. The blog will by default include all my genealogical interests, but to be honest, about 90% of that is McK-centric.

“Genetic Genealogy” is the new catch phrase in modern genealogical research. While this new tool in no way replaces traditional genealogy, DNA is becoming increasingly popular as an additional tool in the researcher ’s repertoire. The reason behind this popularity is based on the fact that certain DNA is passed down from one generation to the next virtually unchanged with time. By comparing the DNA of two individuals, it should be possible to identify whether they both descend from the same ancestor.

DNA takes many forms, but the one that is important to our study is the Y-DNA, which is found on the Y chromosome. Only males carry this chromosome, as it is passed down from father to son.

The DNA is collected by a simple cheek swab. It is then analyzed and the results produced are in the form of a series of numbers, or “markers”. These are then compared amongst the participants to determine if two individuals descend from a common ancestor. The results do not identify a specific individual--traditional research is still required for that. But the results can confirm or deny a familial connection when used properly.

One aspect of this study is to confirm or disprove connections between the various spellings. The following is a list of surnames we wish to evaluate. If your surname is spelled one of these ways, please contact Jennifer McKemie or Chris Pulver to discuss what information we need from you and how you can contribute to our knowledge of this family.
Additionally, in certain circumstances the spellings McKeamish and McCammish might be considered for participation in the study.

The purpose of the McKemie* One Name Study DNA Project is to expand our genealogical research by confirming or disproving family lines through DNA testing. The DNA Project is considered an extention of the McKemie One Name Study.

Aside from the above, we hope to better understand our McK/McC kinship, family lines, ethnic origins, migrations, and Scottish clan affiliations. In essence, this DNA project endeavors to answer two questions every genealogist has: Who are we and where did we come from? We can use DNA testing as yet another tool in our genealogical quest to help answer these questions.

More specifically, we have the following objectives:

To best address these goals, we are asking participants to take the 37 marker test, at a minimum, withthe 67 marker test being even better. Anything additional is welcome, but unneccessary, at least initially. Some time down the road, you may opt to expand on your testing. You can do this individually without ordering another cheek swab, at your own discretion. For our purposes, we request the 37 or 67 marker test from FamilyTreeDNA.

The only individuals supplied with the specific results will be 1) the participant who submits the sample and, 2) the Project Coordinators (Jennifer McKemie and Chris Pulver). The results of the study will be presented within this site and using the Kit Number assigned by FamilyTreeDNA.

Information submitted to the McKemie DNA Project (Pedigree charts, family history information, personal information, etc), will be used exclusively for the maintenance of this Project. It WILL NOT be sold or added to any other list or resource.

The McKemie One Name Study DNA Project Organizers/Group Administrator/McKemie One Name Study Coordinator have no commercial affiliation with any profit making organization and receives no compensation for services or expenses involved with the DNA project. All funds are payable only and directly to the DNA testing facility. The McKemie One Name Study DNA Project and/or the McKemie One Name Coordinator, namely Jennifer McKemie and/or Chris Pulver, will not be the recipient nor steward of any DNA samples and has no responsibility for their care, handling or return to participant, nor duty to act on behalf of Participant in mediation of any dispute between the Participant and the Laboratory.

While a match between two participants may indicate that they share a common male ancestor, it will not identify the specific ancestor and there is no guarantee that every participant will match another participant.