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Ann Walton

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Born: ABT 1748



Thomas Wilcher


Sarah Wilcher
  +James David Hennessee
        Thomas Hennessee
        Archibald Wilcher Hennessee
        Patrick Samuel Hennessee
        Alsey J. Hennessee
        Alfred Hennessee
        Alexander Hennessee
        Henry Hennessee
Nancy Wilcher
  + Chambers
        Henry Chambers
        Rachel Chambers
  +George Damron Staton
        John Staton
        George D. Staton Jr.
        Nancy Staton
        Polly Staton
        Carey Ann Staton
        Wilbur Staton
        Thomas W. Staton
Elizabeth Wilcher
  +John Harper
Lucy Wilcher
  +Joseph England
        Alexander W. England
        Nancy England
        Martha England
  +Richard Albert Forrest
Thomas Wilcher
  +Pauline C. Gordon
        Clarissa Wilcher
        Elizabeth Wilcher
        Nancy Ann Wilcher
        William Walton Wilcher
        Amanda Wilcher
        Archibald Price Wilcher
        Christian Wilcher
        George Walton Wilcher
        Thomas Wilcher
Winifred Wilcher
  +William Brassell
        Matilda Brassell
Kitriece Wilcher
  +Thomas Vaughn
        Mary Vaughn
        Thomas Vaughn Jr.
        Aaron Vaughn
        Sterling Vaughn
        Alberto Vaughn
Christian Wilcher
  + North
Archibald P. Wilcher

General Sources

  1. Moses Park (1738-1828) His Descendants and Related Families Vaughan and Wilcher
    Ref: 1820 Warren County Census - female over 45
  2. Thomas Jefferson Barnes Papers
    TSLA Mf #654, Reel #3 - Wilcher
  3. David A. Hennessee
      Email communication of July 30, 2007, WK.RTF

    • William Walton & Susannah Walton (father/mother of Anne Walton)

      1. William Walton -to become William Walton Sr. born 24 Dec 1736. Married Elizabeth Tilghman in St. James, Northern Parish, Goochland County, Virginia to Elizabeth Tilghman on 1 Dec 1758. Had 15 children. Before 1767 moved to Amherst County, Virginia. Served in the American Revolution. Son, William Jr. served in the Army in South Carolina. In Amherst County 1785-87. Moved to Charleston, SC where Elizabeth Tilghman died on 8 Sep 1787. Listed in 1800 census of Burke County. Died 31 Jan 1806 (age70). Buried at the churchyard of the First Presbyterian Church, Morganton, NC.
      2. Jesse Walton -in the Revolutionary War records of Wilkes County, NC. Later moved to Tennessee and was second in command to John Sevier. Founder of Jonesboro, TN.
      3. Susannah Walton
      4. Mary Walton
      5. Anne Walton, born about 1748, and married Thomas Wilcher, Sr.
      6. Louise Walton
      7. Frances Walton


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