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Ann Wisdom

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Born: 17 Jan 1754
Spotsylvania Co., VA

Died: 9 Nov 1832
Fayette Co., Ky.



Francis Torrence Wisdom
f: Francis Wisdom
   gf: Thomas Wisdom
   gm: Martha Collins
m: Ann Miller

Sarah Buford


John Wisdom
  +Druscilla Winn
        John Wisdom
        Druscilla Wisdom
        Tavenor Wisdom
Thomas Wisdom
  +Martha Lewis
        John Wisdom
        Larkin William Wisdom
        Abner Wisdom
        Sarah Wisdom
        Martha Wisdom
        James Wisdom
        Ann Wisdom
        Lewis Wisdom
William Wisdom
Frances Wisdom
  +Edward Atkins
Joseph Wisdom
  +Sarah Gardner
Sarah Wisdom
  +Rev. Joseph Craig



Richard Allen

Married: 1771
Spotsylvania Co., VA

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