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James M. Templeton

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Born: 16 Mar 1841
Warren Co., TN

Died: 17 May 1917
Warren Co., TN
New Union Cemetery, Warren Co., TN



Mary Ann McGee
f: Samuel McGee
   gf: John McGee
   gm: Esther Clendenon
m: Minerva Hammons
   gf: Leroy Hammons
   gm: Mary "Polly" Hampton

Married: 19 Oct 1872
Warren Co., TN


Sarah Adline Templeton
  +John Norman Elkins
        Mary Elkins
        Vinnie L. Elkins
        Elmer Elkins
        James E. Elkins
Caldonia Templeton
  +William Henry "Henry" Higginotham
        Ellen F. Higginotham
Laura Templeton
  +William Daniel "Dock" Bost
        Ernest Luther "Luther" Bost
        Johnnie S. Bost
J. William Templeton

Photo Archive

New Union, Warren Co., TN Cemetery
James M. Templeton
Mary Ann McGee
James and Mary Ann McGee Templeton Tombstone
James M. Templeton
Mary Ann McGee
James Templeton - Mary Ann McGee Marriage Record

General Sources

  1. Thomas Jefferson Barnes Papers
    TSLA Mf #654, Reel #2 - McGee
  2. Tennessee Cemeteries
    Warren County, Tennessee Cemetery Book 4, Neal Cemetery to Youngblood Cemetery, annotated, by Marth Holt, Almetia Cunningham, and Betty Majors, Page 21
  3. 1880 Census
        Census Place:	District 5, Warren, Tennessee
        Source:	FHL Film 1255283  National Archives Film T9-1283     Page 331C
        Relation	Sex	Marr	Race	Age	Birthplace
    James TEMPLETON	Self	M	M	W	39	TN
        Occ:	Work In Sawmill	Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    Mary TEMPLETON	Wife	F	M	W	36	TN
        Occ:	Keeping House	Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    Adline TEMPLETON	Dau	F	S	W	16	TN
                Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    Caldonie TEMPLETON	Dau	F	S	W	14	TN
                Fa: TN	Mo: TN
    Laura TEMPLETON	Dau	F	S	W	12	TN
                Fa: TN	Mo: TN
                Fa: TN	Mo: TN
  4. David A. Hennessee
    • "Warren County,Tennessee Marriage Records:1852-1900",compiled & printed by Fred Clark, Quebeck,TN 38579 p. 191
    • "Death Certificates - Warren and Van Buren Counties: 1914-1919", transcribed & compiled by A. C. Hillis, annotated by Woodrow, Mary & Shirley Barnes p. 75
    • Dodson,John Wesley "Wes";1882-1965. Esteemed historian for Warren County, Tennessee. Kept hand-written records in old notebooks. He proved records by tombstone inscriptions,family Bibles and interviews. p. 124
  5. 1850 Census
    1850 Census - Warren County, TN
    |h# |f# |name                |ag|s|occu  |bi|rd |d|pg |Date
    |357|357|John Templeton      |40|m|Farmer|NC|   |3|27a|September 14, 1850
    |   |   |Highly Templeton    |35|f|      |NC|1/1|3|27b|September 17, 1850
    |   |   |Williem H. Templeton|20|m|Farmer|TN|1/1| |   |
    |   |   |Mary A. Templeton   |14|f|      |TN|   | |   |
    |   |   |Rebecca Templeton   |13|f|      |TN|   | |   |
    |   |   |Samuel A. Templeton |12|m|      |TN|   | |   |
    |   |   |Thomas J. Templeton |11|m|      |TN|   | |   |
    |   |   |James M. Templeton  |9 |m|      |TN|   | |   |
    |   |   |John Templeton      |7 |m|      |TN|   | |   |
    |   |   |George Templeton    |3 |m|      |TN|   | |   |


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