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Nancy Ann Strickler

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Born: 15 Oct 1798
Luray, Page Co., VA

Died: 12 Mar 1869
St. Paris, Champaign Co., OH
Buried: 1869
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, 5 mi north of St. Paris, Jo



Joseph Stover
f: Samuel Stover, Sr.
   gf: Daniel Stover
   gm: Eve Albright
m: Barbara Lionberger

Married: 7 Dec 1813
Shenandoah Co., VA


William Stover
  +Cassia A. unknown
        Allen C. Stover
        Thomas Stover
        Joseph Stover
        W. H. Stover
Julia Ann Stover
  +Norman M. Drake
        William A. Drake
        Francis Drake
        Daniel Drake
        John C. Drake
        Robert S. Drake
        Benjamin Drake
        Lewis Drake
        George Drake
Sarah Ann Stover
  +Daniel Grove
        George Grove
        May J. Grove
        Francis Marion Grove
Benjamin Franklin Stover
  +Margaret A. Baker
        Elmus Stover
        Ida May Stover
lydia ann stover
Lydia Ann Stover
  +Eli Runkle
        Sarah Amanda Runkle
        Minerva Ann Runkle
        David Lewis Runkle
        John Joseph Runkle
        Baby girl Runkle
        James Monroe Runkle
        Elmus Elmer Runkle
        Mary Idella Runkle
        Albert Perry Runkle
        Dicie Jane Runkle
        Dora Bell Runkle

Photo Archive

Harry Dean Dean McGee
Audra Darlene Fattig
Ethel Dicie Trosper
Dicie Jane Runkle
Lydia Ann Stover
Nancy Ann Strickler
Barbara  Buswell
Anna  Whaley
Mary Ellen McGee
Sandra Darlene McGee
mtDNA Results - Haplogroup H

General Sources

  1. 1850 Census
    1850 Census - Champaign County, Ohio - September 9, 1850
    |h# |f# |name              |ag|s|occu  |re  |birth   |twp
    |224|224|Joseph Stover     |61|m|Farmer|2500|Virginia|Johnson
    |   |   |Nancy Stover      |51|f|      |    |Virginia|
    |   |   |Benjamin F. Stover|24|m|Farmer|    |Virginia|
  2. 1860 Census
    1860 Census - Champaign County, Ohio - June 15, 1860
    |h# |f# |name         |ag|s|occu        |re  |pe |birth   |s|twp
    |225|225|Joseph Stover|70|m|Hotel Keeper|2500|400|Virginia| |St Paris - city
    |   |   |Nancy Stover |63|f|            |    |   |Virginia| |
    |   |   |Julia Drake  |16|f|            |    |   |Ohio    |x|


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