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James Monroe Runkle

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Born: 2 Jan 1837
Near St. Paris, Champaign Co., Ohio

Died: 15 Dec 1911
Cambridge, Furnas Co., NE
Buried: 1911
Fairview Cemetery, Cambridge, Furnas Co., NE: Lot



Isaiah Runkle
eli  runkle
Eli Runkle
  +Lydia Ann Stover
        Sarah Amanda Runkle
        Minerva Ann Runkle
        David Lewis Runkle
        John Joseph Runkle
        Baby girl Runkle
        James Monroe Runkle
        Elmus Elmer Runkle
        Mary Idella Runkle
        Albert Perry Runkle
        Dicie Jane Runkle
        Dora Bell Runkle
Levi Runkle
  +Lucindia Pence Martin
        David Gilla Runkle
        Loretta Runkle
        Hosea N. Runkle
        Hulda Runkle
        Tully R. Runkle
  +Louisa Maggast
Peter Runkle
  +Sary Ann Pence
        Barbara Runkle
  +Anna Mariah Walter
        Charles Walter Runkle
        Mary Effie Runkle
        Cora Alice Runkle
Edward Runkle
  +Mary Lucindia Death
        E. Runkle
        LeGrand Byington Runkle
        Sarah C. Runkle
        Otto Maynard Runkle
        Emmett Runkle
        Lula Runkle
        Viola Ollie Runkle
        Hettie Runkle
        Nettie Victoria Runkle
        William Monroe Runkle



Mahala Pence
f: John Pence
m: Barbara Loudenback

Married: 12 Jan 1860
Champaign Co., Ohio #7300


Laura Samantha Runkle
  +Mac C. Peters
        LeRoy Welty Peters
Charles Franklin Runkle
Wiley Anderson Runkle
  +Josephine Emily Garvin
        Pearl Runkle
        Gladys Christina Runkle
        Frank Leslie Runkle
        James Garvin Runkle
Infant Runkle
Violetta Mae Runkle
  +George Edward Kellogg
        Charles Milton Kellogg
        Daughter Kellogg
        Son Kellogg
        Alta Mae Kellogg
        Mary Edith Kellogg
        Monte Connley Kellogg
        Thedore Jennings Kellogg
arilla belle runkle
Arilla Belle Runkle
  +Howard Evan Easton
        daughter Easton
        Hazel Easton
        Gladys Easton
        Charles Easton
        Edith Easton
        son Easton
        Emma Easton
        Clinton Easton
        Laura May Easton

Photo Archive

Arilla Belle Runkle
Howard Evan Easton
Gladys  Easton
Hazel  Easton
James Monroe Runkle
Mahala  Pence
Howard Evan Easton
Vern Adam Patterson
Charles  Easton
Clinton  Easton
Laura May Easton
Emma  Easton
Roscoe  Patterson
Lloyd  Patterson
Irene Bell Goode
Earl (Buster) Goode
Gene  Easton
Kenneth Easton Easton
Rilla Belle Runkle Obituary
James Monroe Runkle
James M. Runkle Tombstone
James Monroe Runkle
Mahala  Pence
Wiley Anderson Runkle
Benjamin Franklin Trosper
James M. and Mahala Runkle Tombstone

General Sources

  1. [mcgee4.GED]

    Is buried in Fairview Cemetery, Cambridge, Nebraska Lot 4 Block 45 South.His wife, Mahala and mother, Mary Anna Frysinger also buried in Lot 4,Block 45 South.
         Ethel Fattig, niece wrote; " Uncle Jimmie and Aunt Mahala Pence wasmarried in Champaign Co., Ohio was living in South Whitley, Indiana in1861. They loaned her brother money and he did not pay them back, thisbroke them. They left Indiana moved to Cambridge, Nebraska in 1885 andHomesteaded just south of the Republican River south of Cambridge.""James Runkle bought the Cemetery lot 4 block 45 in the part south of theRoad June 30, 1893 and thats same day that his Mother, Mary Ann FrysingerRunkle died. She is buried in his lot at north side. When I was downvisiting James and Pearl he asked me if I would help pay for a stone forgreat grandmother Mary Ann, wife of Rev. David Runkle and asked if Iwould see about getting it up and I did. We split the cost, he paid 1/2and I paid 1/2. She was making her home with them as gr. grandfatherDavid died in Champaign Co., Ohio. Her stone is gray slanting slab.Uncle James and Aunt Mahala's stone is grey base with brown top."

    Minidoka County News, Rupert, Minidoka Co., Idaho, Thursday February 28,1935. (Front Page) OBITUARY.
         Funeral services for Mrs. Mahala Runkle, 91 years of age, pioneer ofthe Paul vicinity for the past 23 years, mother of Mrs. Howard Easton,who died at her home there Saturday evening from the effects of a firststroke of paralysis suffered February 15, were conducted Tuesdayafternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the Goodman Mortuary, the Rev. George G.Roseberry officiating. Music for the service was rendered by Mrs. JimRose in vocal solo. "There is a Land, Mine Eye Hath Seen", and Mrs. Roseand Mrs. E. C. Willms in duet sang. "Nearer My God to Thee". Mrs. EdnaSinclair accompanied for both selections. The body accompanied by Mr.Easton was taken by train to Cambridge, Neb., for burial, where the bodyof her husband, James M. Runkle, rests.
         Althogh weakened through the infirmities of age during the last fewyears, Mrs. Runkle had been in remarkably good health and even after thestoke of paralysis about ten days ago affecting her right side, she madesurprising improvement until a very short time before the final summonscame and was rational to the last. "For her, life closed as quietly ascomes the evening time at the close of a day".
         She was born September 1, 1842, in St. Paris, Champaign County,Ohio. She was married to James M. Runkle January 10, 1860. They movedto Cambridge, Nebraska, in 1885. Mr. Runkle died there December 15,1911, and soon after Mrs. Runkle went to Torrington, Wyo., where shespent one year with a daughter and in 1912 came to Idaho, making her homeat the Easton place northwest of Paul. She was the mother of sixchildren, four of whom are living.
         Besides Mrs. Easton she is survived by one son, Wiley A. Runkle ofChilicothe, Missouri; two daughters, Mrs. May Kellogg, of California, andMrs. Laura C. Peters of Oregon. Six grandchildren. Mrs. Earl Goode ofKimberly, Mrs. Vern Patterson, Charlie Easton, Clinton Easton, Laura MaeEaston, all of Paul, and Miss Emma Easton of Rupert, and twelve greatgrandchildren, six of whom were here for the funeral, Evelyn, Roscoe andLloyd Patterson and Gene Easton of Paul, Irene Belle and Buster Goode ofKimberly; a cousin, Esther Easton of Paul. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Wolf ofBurley, special friends, where here for the service.
  2. Family Data
    given to Ethel Fattig by Nellie Easton Allen
  3. 1850 Census
    1850 Census - Champaign County, Ohio - July 25, 1850
    |h#|f#|name           |ag|s|occu     |re  |birth   |s
    |82|82|David Runkle   |49|m|Farmer   |2200|Virginia|
    |  |  |Mary Ann Runkle|40|F|         |    |Virginia|
    |  |  |P. Runkle      |18|m|Carpenter|    |Virginia|
    |  |  |Ed Runkle      |15|m|Labor    |    |Virginia|
    |  |  |James Runkle   |12|m|         |    |Virginia|x
  4. 1860 Census
    1860 Census - Champaign County, Ohio
    |h# |f# |name          |ag|s|occu  |re  |pe |birth   |twp     |page
    |971|971|David Runkle  |60|M|Farmer|4400|700|Virginia|Madriver|P.O. Westville
    |   |   |Mary A. Runkle|49|F|      |    |   |Virginia|        |
    |   |   |B.E. Runkle   |8 |F|      |    |   |Ohio    |        |
  5. 1880 Census
    1880 Census - Whitley County, Indiana - June 10, 1880
    |d# |f# |name            |r|s|Ag|rel   |s|m|occu       |me|birth  |Fath|moth|twp      |pg
    |135|136|Runkle, James   |w|m|40|      | |x|Farmer     |12|Ohio   |Ohio|Ohio|Cleveland|512
    |   |   |Runkle, Mahala  |w|f|38|Wife  | |x|Keeps House|12|Ohio   |Ohio|Ohio|         |
    |   |   |Runkle, Samantha|w|f|19|dau   |x| |           |  |Indiana|Ohio|Ohio|         |
    |   |   |Runkle, Wally   |w|m|14|son   |x| |Scholar    |  |Indiana|Ohio|Ohio|         |
    |   |   |Runkle, Viletta |w|f|7 |dau   | | |           |  |Indiana|Ohio|Ohio|         |
    |   |   |Runkle, Belle   |w|f|6 |dau   | | |           |  |Indiana|Ohio|Ohio|         |
    |   |   |Runkle, John    |w|m|24|nephew| | |Laborer    |12|Indiana|Ohio|Ohio|         |
  6. 1870 Census
    1870 Census - Whitley County, Indiana - June 9, 1870
    |h# |f# |name                 |ag|s|r|occu            |vre |vpe |birth  |s|r|w|2|twp      |po         |pg
    |165|149|Runkle, James M.     |32|m|w|Farmer and      |5200|1100|Ohio   | | | |x|Cleveland|So. Whitley|21
    |   |   |                     |  | | |Lumber Mfg.     |    |    |       | |x|x| |         |           |
    |   |   |Runkle, Mahala       |26|f|w|Keep House      |    |    |Ohio   |x| | | |         |           |
    |   |   |Runkle, Laura S.     |9 |f|w|                |    |    |Ohio   |x| | | |         |           |
    |   |   |Runkle, Charles F.   |7 |m|w|                |    |    |Indiana|x| | | |         |           |
    |   |   |Runkle, Wily Anderson|5 |m|w|                |    |    |Indiana| | | | |         |           |
    |   |   |Runkle, Minerva A.   |18|f|w|Domestic Servant|    |    |Ohio   | | | | |         |           |
  7. 1900 Census
    1900 Census - Furnas County, Nebraksa - June 13, 1900
    |hn |fn |Name             |rel |r|s|birth    |ag|m|ym|birt|father  |mother  |occu  |m|rd |wri|eng|o|h            |f#|twp
    |163|165|Runkle, James M. |Head|w|M|Jan 1837 |63|m|40|Ohio|Virginia|Virginia|Farmer|0|yes|yes|yes|0|Farm of house|17|Medicine Creek Precinct
    |   |   |Runkle, Mahala P.|Wife|w|f|Sept 1842|57|m|40|Ohio|Virginia|Virginia|      | |no |no |yes| |             |  |
  8. 1910 Census
    1910 Census - Furnas County, Nebraska - May 3, 1910
    |hn |fn |Name            |rel |r|s|ag|m|ym|birt|father  |mother  |   |occu      |rd |wri|o|f|h|twp
    |139|142|Runkle, James M.|Head|m|w|72|m|50|Ohio|Virginia|Virginia|Eng|own income|yes|yes|0|f|h|Cambridge precinct
    |   |   |Runkle, Mahala  |wife|f|w|68|m|50|Ohio|Virginia|Virginia|Eng|none      |   |   | | | |
    Marriage Sources
  9. Marriage Records
    Marriage #7300, performed by John Ebert M.G.Marriage Records of Champaign Co., Ohio


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