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Sallie Valentine Prentiss

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Born: 6 Sep 1842

Died: 23 Jun 1900
Gibson Co,, TN
Oakland Cemetery, Trenton, TN



gentry richard mcgee
Gentry Richard McGee
f: James Gentry McGee
   gf: Richard McGee
   gm: Elizabeth Gentry
m: Marian Ann Ford
   gf: Judge Rufus Ford

Married: Feb 1872


Ora Belle McGee
  +George H. Brandau

General Sources

  1. 1880 Census
    1880 Census - Gibson County, Tennessee
    |d# |f# |name        |r|s|Ag|rel |occu           |birt|Fath|moth|twp         |pg  |date
    |505|634|Gentry McGee|w|m|35|    |School Teacher |Tenn|Tenn|Tenn|7th District|321b|June 24, 1880
    |   |   |Sallie McGee|w|f|30|wife|School Mistress|Vir |Vir |Vir |            |    |
  2. Genealogy Books
    A History of Tennessee and Tennesseans, By Will T. Hale, 1913, Gentry Richard McGee, pages


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