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Obediah V. Pirtle

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Born: 16 May 1865

Died: 25 Nov 1964
Fenton Cemetery, Cushing, Nacogdoches Co., TX



Mary Jane Pirtle
  +George Copeland
Thursa Ann Pirtle
  +William P. Owens
        Jeane Dena ? Owens
        J. D. Owens
        Della Owens
        Nannie Owens
Nancy "Nannie" Pirtle
Donie Pirtle
  +J. J. Townley
        Calley Townley
A. L. Pirtle
Edward Pollard Pirtle
  +Mary Lou Wilson
        Arthur Perry Pirtle
        Wesley Wortham Pirtle
        Bonnie Opal Pirtle
        Bertie Lee Pirtle
        Gladys Pirtle
        Bebe Pirtle
        Lucille Vallie Pirtle
  +Laura Bobo
  +Lillie Campbell Hudman
Laminda Pirtle
Jacob L. Pirtle
  +Emily Elizabeth Barnhart
        Alma Pirtle
        Louetta Pirtle
        Mary Etta Pirtle
        John Brown Pirtle
        Infant Pirtle
        Sam William Pirtle
        Finley Lee Pirtle
        Robbie Ruth Pirtle

General Sources

  1. Tennessee Library Records
    White County Library, Sparta, TN - Pirtle Folder, Family Group Sheet, by Joyce M. Barnes Nacogdoches, TX, and Margie Hudman, Minden TX
  2. James R. Blanks
    • from "George Pirtle (1767-1840) & 1st Wife 5-gen"
    • 1900 Nacogdoches Co., TX; married 10 yrs. Ida says she is the mother of 5 children, 4 living.
    • Obediah's occupation; Farmer.


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