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William David McGee

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James M. McGee
f: William Thomas McGee
   gf: James M. McGee
   gm: Rosanna "Annie" Cummings
m: Ada Laurence
   gf: George C. Laurence
   gm: Mary Martin

Vesta Hart


Edgar Hambright McGee
  +Margaret unknown
        Josh McGee
        Cathy "Katie" McGee
        Maurine McGee
  +Theresa unknown
  +Viola "Mickey" unknown
        Mary Lou McGee
        Edgar J. McGee
James Robert McGee
  +Rayella Faye Hill
        Ronald Wayne McGee
        Patricia Faye McGee
        Susan Marie McGee
        Robert Duane McGee
Ruth Marie McGee
  +Dick Shaw
        Wendy McGee
        Tony McGee
        Cindy McGee
Billy Ray "Michelle" McGee

General Sources

  1. Douglas E. Croucher
    Communication of May 18, 2002, "Additional Information for the John McGee family in Warren County, TN"


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