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Almira McGregor

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Born: 2 Feb 1856
Warren Co., TN

Died: 21 Oct 1935
Warren Co., TN
Riverside Cemetery, Warren Co., TN

Photo Archive

James Thomas Jim Tom Hennessee
Almira  McGregor
Jim Tom Hennessee and Almira McGregor Marriage Record

General Sources

  1. David A. Hennessee
    • "Warren County,Tennessee Marriage Records:1852-1900",compiled & printed by Fred Clark, Quebeck,TN 38579 p. 81
    • 1860 Warren Co.,TN Census, abstracted by Arlene Greathouse, annotated by the Barnes family. p. 114
      "Warren County,Tennessee Cemetery Book 4: Neal - Youngblood", (Annotated)",by Martha Holt and Almetia Cunningham,Compiled & Edited by Betty M. Majors,1999 p. 122


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