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Thomas Hagans

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Died: 15 Jul 1869



John Mason Hagans
  +Lucy Ann Stribbling
        William Henry Hagans
        James Thomas Hagans
        Sarah Margaret Hagans
        Mary Jane Hagans
        Martha E. Hagans
  +Margaret Cathrine Grimes
        Benjamin F. Hagans
        Francis M. Hagans
        John A. Hagans
        Robert James Hagans
        George Washington Hagans
        Pleasant Scott Hagans

General Sources

  1. Scotch & Irish nationality
  2. History of Gentry and Worth County, Missouri
    Green Township, Page 560
    "Thomas Hagans, from Platte County, Missouri, settled also on the West Fork of Grand River. He was the father of John M. Hagans, of Unnion Township, and originally from Clark County, Kentucky. He died before the war."


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