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Stace Hooper

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Born: 29 Apr 1810



Edward E. Hooper

Mary Scott


Jane Hooper
  +Jacob L. Pirtle
        Foster A. Pirtle
        Obadiah H. Pirtle
        Mary Ann Pirtle
        Samuel Pirtle
        Robert Pirtle
        Perry Walker Pirtle
        Tennessee R. J. Pirtle
        Jacob Robinson Pirtle
        Jesse Harrison Pirtle
        Thomas A. Pirtle
Rebecca Hooper
  +Asa Certain
        William H. Certain
Tennessee M. Hooper
Samuel Scott Hooper
  +Mary A. M. Kelley
        Thomas Richard Hooper
        Mary Frances "Fannie" Hooper
        James Hinson "Jimmy" Hooper
        Tennessee Monroe "Tennie" Hooper
        Samuel Floyd Hooper
        George Alvin Cullam Hooper
        Alyette Broyles Hooper
Nancy G. E. Hooper
  +Benjamin Redmon
  +Isaac C. Pirtle
        Edward H. Pirtle
        G. W. Pirtle
        Stacy H. Pirtle
        John Lafayette Pirtle
        Susannah Pirtle
        Mary E. Pirtle
        Teresa J. Pirtle
        Isaac Mount Pirtle
Mary E. Hooper
Tennessee R. Hooper
  +Elizabeth A. unknown

General Sources

  1. Charles Leonard Papers
    TSLA Mf #1421 Reel #3 - Hooper
  2. Norman T. McGee
    Silas Roy McGee's copy of Maggie (Hooper) Frazier's Bible - Page C
  3. Tennessee Library Records
    Justin Potter Library, Smithville, DeKalb Co., Tennessee - Hooper Folder, submitted by Thomas G. Webb


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