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Mary Ann "Polly Ann" Hennessee

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Born: 2 May 1830

Died: 1900



Taylor Argo

General Sources

  1. Thomas Jefferson Barnes Papers
    TSLA Mf #654, Reel #2 - McGee
  2. David A. Hennessee
    • No children. Taylor: Living with, Martha Ann, 63 TN, in 1900 Warren Co. Census...DAH. Probably brother to Robert/Robbin Argo...DAH
    • 1860 Warren Co.,TN Census, abstracted by Arlene Greathouse, anotated by the Barnes family. p. 117
    • Dodson,John Wesley "Wes";1882-1965. Esteemed historian for Warren County, Tennessee. Kept hand-written records in old notebooks. He proved records by tombstone inscriptions,family Bibles and interviews.


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