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Melvin A. G. Felty

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Cornelia Amboden "Nealie" McGee
f: Levander "Van" McGee
   gf: James Walker McGee
   gm: Catherine Collier
m: Tabitha "Bitha" Miller
   gf: George W. Miller
   gm: Margaret Fuston

Married: 2 Mar 1910


Irene Felty
  +Quim Bryant
        Susan Bryant
Eugene Felty
  + unknown
        Sharon Felty

General Sources

  1. David A. Hennessee
    • "Wes Dodson's Notebook, No. 1".Wes Dodson,1882-1965,esteemed amateur historian of Warren County families.Kept hand written records in old notebooks.Proved records by tombstone inscriptions,family Bibles and personal visits. p. 61
  2. Tennessee Library Records
    Magness Memorial Library, McMinnville, TN, McGee folder, McGee marriages compiled by James Dillon
  3. Correspondence
    Email from Debby Kirby on February 7, 2002


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