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Lucy V. Earls

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Born: ABT 1857
White Co., TN

Died: 23 Apr 1911
Warren Co., TN
Bethlehem Cemetery, Warren Co., TN



Alexander W. Earls
  +Susan L. unknown
        William J. Earls
        Evey Earls
        Richard S. Earls
        John L. Earls
        Thomas L. Earls
        Samuel Earls
        Bula Mai Earls
        Harrison Earls
        Lula Earls
        Sally J. Earls
        Hobert Earls
Thomas R. Earls
  +Mary Jane Holder
        Sam T. Earls
        Ida J. Earls
        Hacket Earls
        Lula Earls
        Ernest J. Earls
        Della Earls
        Setta M. Earls
Sarah E. Earls
  +Hesikiah Newby
John H. Earls
  +Lina Milraney
        Belle Earls
        Maggie Earls
        Claude Martin Earls
Cynthia A. Earls
  +Hezekieh Newby
Martin V. Earls
  +Narcissa "Nannie" A. Webb
        Minnie M. Earls
        Mecie Earls
        Emma P. Earls
Spencer Earls
James Earls
  +Cleo Johnson
Benjamin H. Earls
Norman Earls
  +Della Foster
Willie E. Earls



William Campbell

Married: 21 Oct 1888
Warren Co., TN

General Sources

  1. James R. Blanks
    • Burial: Bethlehem Cemetery; Warren Co, TN
    • Fact 1: 1859, Birth date on tombstone does not agree with the census records


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