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Anna Kristine Anderson

anna kristine anderson

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Born: 27 Jun 1884
Arvika, Sweden

Died: Aug 1933



kirby william sooy
Kirby William Sooy
f: Isaac Nathan Sooy
   gf: William Henry Sooy
m: Alice Elizabeth Kirby
   gf: William Kirby
   gm: Jane Bonner

Married: 16 Oct 1910


kirby wilbur sooy
Kirby Wilbur Sooy
  +Mae Sherwood
        Kay Louise Sooy
        Rae Loueen Sooy
        Richard Kirby Sooy
        John William Sooy
alice louise sooy
Alice Louise Sooy
  +Homer Dow Holliday
        Ralph Kirby Holliday
        Curtis Troy Holliday
        Brian Karl Holliday

Photo Archive

Kirby William Sooy
Anna Kristine Anderson
Kirby and Anna's Wedding

General Sources

  1. [mcgee4.GED]

    Anna Kristina Anderson arrived in the U.S. in late March 1902. Source:Daughter Alice Sooy.


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