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McElhaney Genealogy

The surname McElhaney has been spelled every way that it can be imagined. If you are researching this surname, in whatever variation of spelling, please contribute to this site. I would like create a combined tree, showing all our lines, if we could ever get that far.

Since I am just creating this site, many of the links are not working, and most of the data is sketchy. This site needs your contribution. Please send your name, email address, genealogy homepage, and an outline of your McElhaney line similar to these below. I made mine using Family Tree Maker's outline descendancy report. Send in your McElhaney line!

If you know the immigrant ancestor, I will make a page showing that ancestor with all his decscendants that have been contributed. An example is the Descendants of James McElhaney, which is a combination of the lines of Glenna Kinard and Debbie Payne.

Descendants of Edward McElhenny (?NY>Ireland/New Zealand/Australia)

Researchers - Barry McElhenny

Descendants of Gideon Heckman McElhaney, b. 1891(IL>MS)

Researchers - Lynda Balch

Descendants of James McElhaney, b. abt 1755 (VA>SC>GA>MS)

Researchers - Debbie Payne, Glenna Kinard

John McIlhaney, b. 1771 (TN>MS>TX)

Researchers - Abby White

Descendants of John J. McElhenney, b. 1866 (?>NM/RI)

Researchers - Richard Blake

William McElhaney, b. abt 1740 (VA>TN)

Researchers -

William McElhaney, b. abt 1745 (GA>TN>AR/AZ/WA)

Researchers - Colin Michaud

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