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John McEachin was the brother of Patrick H. McEachin, the latter known as Para Ban, and they came from Kintyre, Scotland, about 1765. Whether there were other brothers or other members of the family is not known. John McEachin settled in Robeson County, NC on Drowning Creek, above Bethel Church on what has since been known as the Laughlin McNeill place. John married Mary Currie and they had the following children: <John> Archibald, James <Alexander>, Edward, Peter, Mary, Flora, Nancy, and I <Margaret>, who married Angus McNeill. <It appears that at least this paragraph was written by Margaret McEachin McNeill, who died in 1809, which means that the rest was probably written by someone else - see letter at the end.>

Children of John McEachin:

<John> Archibald married a McNeill <Sarah> and afterwards a Smith <Sarah or Sallie>, lived in Telfair County, GA, and had the following children: a son who died in infancy, two daughters who died, Archibald, James C., John, Alexander, and Annie, and their definite history except James C. is not known. His Smith wife had Daniel, Hector, and Sarah, but nothing is known of the definite history of all these children except that there are a large number of them living in Telfair and adjoining counties in GA.

James C., the son of Archibald named aforesaid, came from GA to NC and married Sallie Morrison, settled near Laurinburg in Richmond Co. and had the following children: W. Randolph and Milton Eugene. After the death of his Morrison wife, James C. married Sallie McDonald of Cumberland Co., and they had the following children: Walter doB., John, Thomas, and Janie.

James married <Effie> Purcell and lived near Floral College, NC, and had twelve children, namely: Calvin A. Purcell, John Archie, and <sentence ends here - other probable children include James A., Mary, and Harriet>.

Edward who married a Johnson and lived near the old place in upper Robeson and had the following children: Major, Daniel J., Evender, and several daughters.

Peter, known as "Big Peter", married Miss Fairley, daughter of Alexander Fairley, and like most of the other children settled on part of the old place in upper Robeson and had one daughter:

Margaret, who married Mill Wall, and they had the following children:

Nancy who married J.P. Tiddy.

Sallie, who married John McAlister.

Effie who married T.J. Ingram.

James, who married Frances Cox of Anson Co. James and his wife had the following children:

Mial, who married Rosa Williams.

Edwin, who married Inez Lyles.

Bera, who married Inez Diggs.

Peter and John both died without marrying.

Flora married Archie Lytch and they lived about two miles north of Laurinburg and had the following children:

James, who married a Shaw and had the following children: Milton, John, Hector, Mstyinr <???!!!>, Mary Jane, Flora W., and Sallie; these children married as follows:

John married ____ Patterson and had Archie and Flora.

Archie married ____ Gillie.

Flora married John Gilchrist, and she and her Gilchrist husband had one son Angus.

Angus married ____ McMillan, and they had a son whose name was John.

William Lytch married ____ McNair, and they had five children, namely: Walter, Archibald, Flora, Lenora, and ____.

Nancy married Hector McNeill and they had four children, namely: John, Daniel, Almonda, and Sarah.

Sarah married a McDonald.

John married and settled near Rockingham and went south after the war and has not been heard of since.

Almonda married Malcolm McNeill and had a number of children, namely, D.C. who now lives at Laurinburg and ____.

Margaret McEachin, the daughter who married Angus McNeill referred to aforesaid and lived in upper Robeson and had the following children, namely: Major Jack, Rev. Hector, Laughlin, Daniel, Caulder, and two daughters.

Major Jack married ____ McCoy and had Archie, and Cattie. Major Jack's first wife died, and he married ____ Buchnan and had the following children by her: John B., Frank, Sallie, and Flora.

Archie married a McLean.

Cattie married Rev. A.N. Ferguson.

Flora did not marry.

Sallie married Capt. J.A. McPherson.

Frank married Miss Jinnie Elliott.

John B. married Sallie McEachern.

Rev. Hector McNeill married Mary G. Purcell and had Judge T.A. McNeill, Fank P. McNeill, and two daughters who died in infancy.

Judge T.A. McNeill married Miss Campbell Smith.

Frank P. McNeill married ____.

Laughlin McNeill married Mary McEachern and had the following children: John, Archie E., Lawrence, Walter, Elisa, and Ann.

Daniel Caulder McNeill married ____ McNeil, and they had the following children: Cyrus, Cattie, and a daughter unknown.

The latter married Dr. Duncan Smith.

Cattie married ____ Harrington.

Cyrus married ____ Barbara. There was a son named Hector who died unmarried.

One of Angus McNeill's daughters married William Gar. McNeill, and had the following children:

Mary Ann, who married John H. McEachern.

Margaret, who married John M. McKinnon.

Carrie who married Hector Lytch.

James who married ____ Smith.

Angus McNeill's other daughter married little John McCallum.

Mary, called Polly, married Angus McLean and this couple had a daughter whose name was Elisa.

Elisa married Dr. Archibald Fairley and they had Mary Ann and Effie Jane; the latter died in infancy. After the death of her Fairley husband, Eliza married Daniel C. Stewart and they had the following children: Dr. Lawrence, Dr. Angus, J.Walter, Dougal, Daniel, Archibald, and Jeanette.

Mary Ann Fairley married Alexander Malloy and they had one son whose name was Alexander; after the death of the Malloy husband, Mary Ann married Dr. Archibald Patterson and they had the following children: Katy, Elisa, Fairley, and Mary.

Alexander Malloy died unmarried.

Katy Patterson married ____ Breedan, and had two sons, Archibald and ____.

Elisa Patterson married Hector McLean, and had the following children:

Mary who died unmarried.

Dr. Peter, who married ____ Elliott, and they have Hector and Alice.



Fairley Patterson married Emily Elliott and had the following children: Janie, Mary Fairley, Eliza, Katy, Emily, Carolyn, and ____.

Mary Patterson married AL. James and had the following children: Hinton, Alexander, Hand, Eliza Patterson, Walter, Fairley, and Marshall.

Jeanette Stewart married Rev. A.N. Ferguson after the death of her McNeill husband.


  Laurinburg, NC
May 28th, 1935

You will note as you read this history that it was evidently written by someone in North Carolina, as it states that Jas. C. came from Georgia back to North Carolina, and the definite history of the others is not known. Jas. C. was my father.

Note too, that the name is spelled McEachin. Also that this fixes my grandfather as Archie McEachin.

Like the other paper, or history, it is not dated and I do not know who wrote it for Randolph, or when.

(Signed) W. deB. McEachin

PS: I forgot to say that my brother, W.B. McEachin, did not write this McNeill genealogy. Cyrus McNeill, son of Lauchlin, wrote it. I am unable to say if he finished it before he died.

Copyright 1999 Jeffrey D. McEachin.

Verbatim copying and distribution of this document permitted for non-commercial use, provided this notice is preserved. Owner's permission required for other uses.

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