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John & Patrick "Para Ban" McEachin Part 2



The following books mention members of this McEachin family:

"Carolina Scots" by Douglas F. and Caroline Switzer Kelly.  It is invaluable for the first 1/3 of the book, which details the Scottish settlement of the Carolinas.  It has some information on John & Patrick, but be warned that they are mistakenly listed as McEacherns.  The book is available from the Kellys' Website.

"Our Native Heath" by Myrtle N. Bridges.  This book excerpts court records from Richmond Co. NC from 1779-1899, which paint a fascinating picture of the transition from frontier to settled life.  It is very well done, and highly recommended if you have ancestors in Richmond Co.  It has about 25 McEachins in it, and numerous other related families and descendents.  It can be obtained from Myrtle's Website.

"The MacQueens of Queensdale" by Mrs. Annabella Bunting MacElyea.  This book is long out-of-print, but copies occasionally turn up.  Scot Press has a photocopy available.  Its focus is on the descendents of Col. James McQueen, including the children of Col. Archibald McEachin and Peter McEachin, who married into the McQueen family. 

"Lumber River Scots" by Gov. Angus Wilton McLean.  It is a massive (800+ page) compilation of information on the McLean, Purcell, McIntyre, Torrey, and Gilchrist families of Robeson Co. NC.  It includes about 20 McEachins and even more McEachin descendents.  I am slowly incorporating the pertinent parts of this book into the family tree, but if you are interested in how these families intermarried, you will appreciate the quality and thoroughness of this book.  It was originally printed in 1942, reprinted in 1986, and available for US$60 postpaid from Mrs. Betty McLean, 2601 Roberts Ave., Apt. 2B, Lumberton NC 28358.

"Highland Scots of North Carolina", also by Gov. Angus Wilton McLean, is an unfinished manuscript.  I am awaiting my photocopy of it, which is available for $60 postpaid from Col. Vic Clark, PO Box 397, Rochester MN 55903.



 My Allied Families of Robeson & Richmond Cos. NC page details some of the families who intermarried with the McEachins. 

Here is a list of Family Trees on other websites which contain McEachins. 

The McNeill-McEachin Cemetery in Scotland Co. NC is the final resting place of my gggg-grandfather, and other McEachns.  Be sure to look around the rest of Myrtle Bridge's site - it has lots of good information on Cape Fear NC area Scots.  See also...

The Stewartsville Cemetery, which has some McEachins & related families.

An 1884 map of Robeson Co. NC, which has family farm locations noted on it. The area described in the first paragraph of the McNeill History is in the top left corner - look for Bethel Church. Note the large number of McEacherns in the area - I wonder if any of them were McEachins, with the spelling being changed by the mapmaker, because they are surrounded by names that the McEachins intermarried with - McNeill, MacLean, Graham, Currie, and Purcell.



If you're wondering why there's more information on this family than any of the others, it's because John McEachin is my gggg-grandfather.

Most people who are researching this family and on the Internet are also on the MCEACHIN-L emaillist.  See the mailing list page or you can contact me.- I'm the "chief scout" for McEachin research.




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