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The History of Hector McEachin and his Descendents




Hector McEachin married Sarah Malloy, of Laurel Hill, N.C. and they had the following children: 
(1) Mary; 
(2) Charles 
(3) Peter Hector

(1) Mary <McEachin> married Lawrence Benton Prince, of Cheraw, S.C. and they had three children: William Thomas; Elizabeth Leslie and Daniel Malloy. 

William Thomas <Prince> died in infancy. 

Elizabeth Leslie <Prince> is unmarried and lives in Laurinburg, N.C. 

Daniel Malloy <Prince> married Irene Marshall of Virginia and lives in Laurinburg, N.C. There he engaged in the practice of medicine and they had the following children: 

Virginia Marshall <Prince> , who died when five years old and a son who died in infancy. The living children are: 

Daniel Malloy <Prince>; 
Lawrence Benton <Prince>; 
Irene Burwell <Prince>; 
William Mars <Prince>; 
Charles Lempriere <Prince> and 
Mary Rockdale <Prince>.

(2) Charles <McEachin> married Jane Falconer of Montgomery Co., Ala. And they had the following children: Sarah Malloy and Mary. 

Sarah Malloy <McEachin> married Wood Powell and lives at 4350 W. Pine St., St. Louis and they have the following children: Evelyn; Mary; Virginia; Mildred; George; William Wood and Charles McEachin, who died in infancy. 

Virginia <Powell> married Archibald Anderson and has one child Ellen. 
Mildred <Powell> married Sam Mills.

Mary <McEachin> married Joseph Carter and lives at 179 Limestone St., Lexington, Ky., and they have the following children: Jane Falconer; Lida, Sarah, etc. (paper torn unable to make out names).

Jane Falconer <Carter> married Lloyd Hamilton.

(3) Peter Hector <McEachin> married Hattie Gunter of Montgomery Co., Ala. And they had the following children: Sarah Malloy; Daniel Malloy; Charles Elliott; Albert Dosier; William Gunter; Hector and two sons who died in infancy.

Sarah Malloy <McEachin> died unmarried. 

Daniel Malloy <McEachin> married Leah Townsend of Florence, S.C., where they now live and have one child Peter Hector.

Hector <McEachin> married Renie Truitt, of Dallas, Texas, where they now live, and have the following children: Hattie Magdeline and Renie Edyth.


- compiled by Elizabeth Leslie Prince, Cheraw, S.C. 



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