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  Grandfather John McEachin removed from Robeson Co., NC to Montgomery Co., GA, and settled near Bell's Ferry on the Altamaha River about the year 1820. He first married Sarah McNeil. To this union were born Archie, Jimmie, Peter, John, Saunders, Annie, and Margaret. Sarah McNeil died; then he married Sallie Smith, whose children were Daniel, Hector, and Mary <Sarah>. Grandfather John McEachin died in 1826; Grandmother Sallie Smith died in 1867.

Archie and Jimmy returned to NC after their father died, and have not been heard from since.

Peter settled in Pulaski County, Georgia.

John married Nancy Mims, and settled in Telfair Co. near Helena, GA. They had Jordan, Thomas, Andrew, Duncan Cornelius, Sarah, Mary, and Belle. Duncan Cornelius is 71 years old, wonderfully well preserved. He is comfortably well off.

Jordan, Thomas, and Andrew were killed in the war.

Duncan Cornelius is living in Helena. He married Minerva Stewart and to them were born Daniel, John C., Austin, Margery, and Alice.

Daniel died when a young man. He had a very brilliant intellect, and a most promising future, had disease not overtaken him.

John C. is a banker in Florida. He is unmarried.

Austin McEachin married Mary Vinson of Savannah, GA, and is now living in Birmingham, AL. They have a little girl six months old, named Julia Margery.

Margery married Harry Stone Strosier, and is living at Macon, GA at 1418 Vineville Avenue. They have no children. Harry Strosier is the nephew of the world famous Mrs. Mary Harris Armour, prohibition leader. He is descended from a long line of preachers and teachers on both sides. Judge Emory Speer, of the United States Court pays great complement to his intellectual attainments and as a lawyer predicts a bright future for him.

Alice died when she was six years old.

Sarah married Joe Anderson.

Mary and Belle, I do not know their whereabouts.

Saunders married Susanne McCoy.

Annie married Columbus Smith. To this union were born seven boys, and several daughters:


Tom Smith who lives at McRae, GA.

Judge C.C. Smith, who died several years ago.


Miller (Dr. Smith of Hawkinsville), who married a Miss Hodge of Hawkinsville.

Kate Smith, who married N.O. Jelka of Hawkinsville, a druggist.

Nell Smith, who married H.D. Knowles, Professor and Superintendent of Public Schools in Hawkinsville.

Nattie Smith, who married Mr. Walker Batts, who is manager and large stockholder in Batts Drug Co. of Hawkinsville.

Ruby Smith married J.B. Glover, large cotton broker and also interested in farming; they live in Dublin.

Maude Smith died with appendicitis in the year 1910, though I am not quite sure about the date.

Paustine, Pearle, and Gladys Smith are at home, unmarried.

Margaret McEachin married a man by the name of Mobley in Irwin Co. She died leaving one child.

Daniel <Cornelius> McEachin, son of John McEachin, married Harriet Wiley. To this union were born George <Washington>, Sarah Smith, Mary Catherine, Elizabeth, Margaret Mahala, John Franklin. This wife died, then he married Mary Etta <Marietta> Dyal. To them were born Morgan Stewart, Andrew Oliver, Daniel Cornelius, James Alexander, William Washington, Thomas Jerome, Charles Colquitt, Nancy Rebecca, Emma Florence, and Alice Clare.

George <Washington>, son of Daniel, married Sophronia Sellers. He operated a saw mill for a number of years, then sold machinery over several states for a firm in Atlanta until he had a stroke of paralyses, which rendered him unable to be active at all for about three years. He died on January 23, 1915. He was very prosperous for a long time, but the expenses of a large family and so much sickness on his own account reduced his means considerably. He had Bright's Disease.

To this union with Sophronia Sellers were born Lulu, Augusta, Eloy, Bess, Ed, and John. Sophronia died, then he married Angel White; to them were born Grover, Claudis, Thaddeus, Mae, Pearl, Daniel, Mary, and Dee.

Lulu died when a young lady. Eloy married Newton Yarbough and lived near Hazlehurst. She had seven children; she died August, 1914.

Bess married Lucius White and lives at Hilltown, GA.

Ed married Miss Purcelle of Dothan, AL, and lives there. He is engaged in road-building and is getting along well.

John married a girl in Berrion Co. and is living near Hilltown, farming. I hear he is prosperous.

Augusta married Dahlonega Dyal and lives on a farm near Hazlehurst, GA. They have several children.

Grover married Edna Horton and is farming near Hazlehurst.

Claude is unmarried and lives in Dothan, AL, in business with the other boys.

Mae married a Mr. Bailey and lives near Hazlehurst.

Pearle married a Mr. Bailey and lives near Hazlehurst.

Daniel, Mary, and Dee are at home with their mother.

Sarah married Francis Sellers and had one child, John Morgan Sellers. Francis Sellers was killed in the <Civil> War. Sarah then married William Morris, and had eight children: Carson, Jim, Captain, Victoria, Ida, and Nancy.

John Morgan Sellers married Martha Mawn and is farming and living in Hazlehurst. They have several children.

Carson Morris married Cora Dyal and lives in Jessup.

Jim married Mary Dyal and lives at Jessup.

The others are married and live near Hazlehurst.

Mary married George McCormick, and they had Agnes, Allie, Minnie, Ida, Ethel, Pauline, Lawton, Jerome, and Eddie.

Agnes died when a young lady.

Allie is unmarried and lives with the family near Hazlehurst. Her health is bad.

Minnie teaches school; she is not married.

Ida married Ralph Johnston, cashier of a bank at Tifton. They have one child.

Ethel married and lives at Valdosta.

Dr. Lawton McCormick married Fannie Lavender of Barnesville. They have one child, Kenneth. Lawton went to theSpanish American War as a physician and died of yellow fever.

Jerome lives at Hazlehurst.

Pauline married a railway mail clerk and lives at Hazlehurst.

Ed lives near his father.

Eliza, daughter of Daniel, married Jim Johnson. They have one child, Laura. Jim died several years ago.

Laura taught school for several years; then married Clayton Sellers and lives near Baxley. Her mother lives with her.

Margaret first married Jones Taylor from North Carolina, a turpentine operator. They had one child, Mollie. Jones Taylor died and then Margaret married Will Parrish; they had three children: John, Clarence, and Birdie. Will Parrish is a cripple; he is a mail carrier and farmer. They live near Pine Grove, GA.

Mollie Taylor married James Carter; they have several children and live near Pine Grove, GA.

John Parrish married Maggie Barlow and lives at Pine Grove, GA. He is in the turpentine business.

Clarence is a telegraph operator at Surrency, GA.

Birdie teaches school.

John <Franklin McEachin> married Laura Harrison, and they have Mittie, Mollie, Riley, Benjamin, Daniel, Thurston, Alvin, and Lee. John died about four years ago. He was worth about 5,000 dollars when he died and the family still have it. They live about two miles from Hazlehurst. They own a lot of round timber which is a beautiful sight.

Mittie married Lyons. They live in New Smyrna, FL. He is a merchant.

Mollie married Walter Williams and lives at Hazlehurst.

Riley got drowned when a young man at McEachin Landing on the Altamaha River. He was bathing.

Thurston married Bessie Milton and lives near Hazlehurst; he clerks in a store.

Lee married Addie Johnson and is farming near Hazlehurst.

Benjamin, Daniel, and Alvin are at home.

Morgan <Stewart McEachin> married Elizabeth Dyal of Hazlehurst, his first cousin. They had Della, Chester, Lola, Alma, Geneva, Ethel, Maybell, Myrtle, Winona, Kate, Fulton, Willie, Wallace, and Jimmie K. His wife died about four years ago and he married again. He lives at Ponce de Leon, FL and is engaged in the turpentine business.

Della married Mark Lowrey, a merchant of Blue Mountain, MS, a cousin of Booth Lowrey. She died a few years ago.

Chester lives in Florida.

Lola married a Johnston and lives at Laurel Hill, FL. He is manager of a telephone company.

Belle married a telegraph operator at Denton, GA. She teaches music.

Alma married a Mr. Drane, a wealthy man of Jacksonville, FL.

Geneva is dead.

Ethel married a Murdee and lives at Richton, MS.

Myrtle is married.

Winona is at Brewton, AL in school.

The other children are at home with their father.

Andrew <Oliver McEachin> married Sarah Yawn and they have Luna Mae, Nora Ines, Emma Virginia, Andrew Guy, Allie Janette, Cecil Hector, Wilbur Washington, and Mary Alice.

Andrew lived about ten miles south of Hazlehurst on a farm. He died March, 1914, leaving an estate valued between fifty and sixty thousand dollars.

Luna Mae is a stenographer in Hawkinsville.

Nora and Emma are teachers.

The other children are at home.

Nancy Rebecca <McEachin> married Henry Truitt <Truett> of SC; they live near Pine Grove, GA, turpentining and farming. They have: Melvin, Sula, Mamie, Lundall, Kate, Nuade, and Pearle.

Melvin married Treacy Griffin aand is in the turpentine business.

Sula married a Mr. Robbins and lives in Waycross, GA.

Mamie married a Mr. Tuten, lives out from Hazlehurst and he is turpentining and farming.

Lyndall married a Mr. Branch, farmer.

The other children are at home.

James A McEachin married and is farming near Hazlehurst.

Emma McEachin married a Dyal <George>. They have Albert, Belle, Lola, Agne<s?>, Renaua<?>, and Beatrice. Dyal died, then she married H.C. Clayton. They have one child.

Albert is married and is farming near Baxley.

Lola is dead.

The other children are at home and going to school at Hazlehurst. They have farms in the county.

Alice McEachin married Charles A. Hilbun of Dublin, GA. They live at 465 Vineville Ave. Macon, GA. He is engaged in the optical business. They have no children.

The other children of Daniel McEachin are all dead.

Daniel McEachin died Sept. 27th, 1888; born 1822. He was a great character, magnanimous to an extent almost hurtful to his financial welfare, never seeking to get in the limelight, but humbly doing what his hands found to do for the sake of humanity and the upbuilding of his community. He first lived about two miles from Pine Grove, GA, where he had a farm, a cotton gin, grist mill, a brick kiln, and all kinds of machinery obtainable fro the making of wagons and buggies, much of a mechanical turn. He was a county school commissioner and J.P. for years. He was not a slave holder, although amply able to own many, because he did not think it right. It was a matter of pride with the family that as each of his many children married, he started them off full-handed to living.

Hector McEachin married Sallie Bullard. They had eight children: Jimmie, John Tyler, Margaret, Perry, Charlie, Flora Ann, Elizabeth, and Riley. They are both dead.

John Tyler married Eef Sellers and they had eight children: Herman, Ada, Belle, Nep, Mary, Ira, Earl, and Emmett.

Herman married a girl in Atlanta, a jewess, and is conductor on a train from Atlanta to Columbus. He lives in Atlanta. They have two children.

Ada is at home at Denton, GA. Thy have a farm at Denton.

Ira is in a machine shop in Atlanta.

Belle is at home.

Nep is a trained nurse at Douglas, GA.

Mary is at home, as are Earl and Emmett.

Jimmie, Margaret, and Perry are dead.

Flora Ann and Riley are in Florida.

Eliza married a man by the name of Buchans and moved to Oklahoma; they are doing well, so I am informed.

Mary <Sarah> McEachin married George Carter and lived on a farm near Pine Grove, GA, to a ripe old age. They are both dead. They had three girls to get grown: Margaret, Susie, and Mary Jane.

Susie married Tom Kersey and they had five children.

Mary Jane married Newton Crosby and had five children.

Margaret, Susie, and Mary Jane are dead.


  Laurinburg, NC
May 28th, 1935

You will note from this history that it was written many years ago, as it states in one place that Archie and Jimmy returned to North Carolina after their father's death and have not been heard of since. Jas. C. McEachin, here referred to as Jimmy, was my father. We have been in touch with the Georgia relatives since the summer of 1890, the year my father died, so someone must have gotten this up before that time. <It mentions my grandfather as living at home, and he was born in 1899, so my guess would be it was written in the first decade of the 20th century.> I do not know who wrote this nor did I know Randolph <who?> had it in his possession.

Also note that the name is John McEachin. This McNeill genealogy <The Family of the MacEachins and McNeills in North Carolina> fixes my grandfather's name as Archie, though I had always thought it was John. <John Archibald???>

I have always been told that my grandfather moved to Georgia in 1798. <Not likely - John's first son John is listed in the census as being born in 1807 in North Carolina, which would date the move to 1808 or later. Since John starts showing up in Montgomery Co. GA documents in 1815, the move must have occurred before this date.>

This paper is not dated and none of us know who wrote it.

(Signed) W. doB. McEachin


Copyright 1999 Jeffrey D. McEachin.

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