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John Preston McConnell Memorial Endowment
Radford University, Radford, VA

Established January, Febraury, 2014



The McConnell and Related Families Clan took on a two-fold project early on. In order to encourage the younger generation to have an interest in their family's history, and to continue their education after graduating, our plan was to offer a scholarship to the student who located a neglected cemetery, reclaim, and restored that cemetery. This endeavor has proved so successful that other family organizations have picked up the banner. C. R. Keith sponsored, spearheaded the first scholarship drives.
This stipulation saved several cemeteries from being lost forever; today the scholarship has community service as one of its requirements.


Gate City 2011
Nicholas Bright

Twin Springs 2011
Brooke Dougherty


Rye Cove 2011
Charli Willis

2010 Gate City
Adam Pearcy


2010 Twin Springs
Ashley McConnell


2010 Rye Cove
Jason Baker

2008 Scholarship Winner
No Scholarship was offered
2007 Scholarship (3) Winners
Brittany Jo Meade
2006 Scholarship
2005 Scholarship


Scholarship Project

Aim: to encourage our young people to further their education

Krisen McConnell Rutherford - graduated from ETSU

Ashley Helsey
received scholarship

Each year the McConnell Family offers a $2000 scholarship to the student that locates a neglected cemetery, restores that cemetery and then sets up a maintainence program for its upkeep. In 2005, a donor set up additional scholarships for the applicants.

Dr. Fred McConnell - grave
Dr. Fred McConnell at
Hiram Kilgore McConnell grave

Location, Restoration & Maintainence

____. ______, Paul McConnell, Billy Jack McConnell


McConnell - Snavely Book
McConnell and Snavely -Lake F. Compton, researcher. Published by McConnell and Related Family Clans.
Beginning with McConnell Origin and Name, Lake Compton takes the McConnell family through at least six generations if not more starting with George McConnell I; also notes on the Snavely family and descendants of Caspar and Sabina Snavely. Hardback, 314 pages, 9 X 11 in.glossy pages, pictures.

McConnell Newsletters
The McConnell Family has been publishing a quarterly newsletter since 1995. Subscriptions are available from year to year.
Newsletter Yearbooks
All past issues of the McConnell Newsletter are sold out. Yearbooks are available for years 1995 - 2004

All the above projects are designed to support the two special projects that the McConnell family have undertaken -- that of supporting the young people of our family in their endeavors to gain higher education by offering scholarships - and the cemetery project -- locating, restoring and maintaining family cemeteries especially those that have been abandoned and neglected.

The Third Friday and Saturday in June of each year is set aside for the family gathering called "the Hooley" The family gathers on Friday at the Keith Memorial Park -- Seniors Building - to do research, copy old family photos, and get acquainted.
On Friday night, a reading play is the center of the festivities with refresehments shared by everyone.
On Saturday, the family gathers at the Twin Sprins High School -- not far from the homeplace of the original George McConnell in southwestern VA - at 10 AM. Covered dishes are assembled on the cafeteria tables to be shared by everyone. A board of trustees meeting is held during the day. A family photo is taken of the group.

Dont Miss This Year's Fun!


Group at the McConnell Hooley in 1995
McConnell Calendar
A special commemorative calendar was printed with lots of (frameable) local and family photos. Year July 2006 - June 2007. There are only a few left.



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