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McConnell Family


George McConnell and 1. Eva Kornman
George McConnell and 2. Regina Grunewald


married Susannah Schnaebeli
died young - left will - Russell Co.
married Catherina Schnaebeli Wutts
married Phillip Dingus

Note: backgrund information on the marriages of the 1st George McConnell is based on Laka Compton's ressearch. No proofs have been found --such as the maiden name of Eva and Regina. Since custom, at the time, was that a son would carry the maiden name of grandmothers, I am inclined to believe that Eva was an Oberbein. Dr. A.B. and Lucy Dougherty McConnell had a son, M. O. P. McConnell (died at Gettysburg) whose name was Milton Oberbein Patton McConnell. Abraham Berry McConnell's book lists his children with M.O.P.'s full name in it.

Since Regina McConnell came into southwestern Virginia with stepchildren, Adam and George McConnell and her daughter, Nancy, the maiden name Grunewald has every likihood to be Regina's name. Family legend has it that Regina McConnell carried the McConnell Bible (in Deutch) to the Lawson home in what was to become Wise County, VA.


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