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McCLINTOCK Marriages D to F


These are the marriages that have been extracted so far. These lists are by far complete. If you should come across McClintock marriage records and would like to share them please do not hesitate to contact me.

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First Names from D to F


McCLINTOCK, D. R. Samuel JAMES, Nancy 15 Nov 1901 Clay County, Indiana
McCLINTOCK, Daniel  s/o DANIEL MCCLINTOCK and MARY GREEN ARD, Clara Alice  19 Aug 1884  St. Louis, MO
*McCLINTOCK, Daniel s/o JOSEPH MCCLINTOCK and ELIZABETH TORRANCE CLARK, Francis 26 july 1782 Perry (then Cumberland) County, PA
*McCLINTOCK, Daniel s/o WILLIAM MCCLINTOCK and SARAH MCCLINTOCK GREEN, Mary Ann   2 Sept 1858 Cruger, Tazewell Co., IL
McCLINTOCK, Daniel S. HUTCHISON, Sarah A.  6 Nov 1877 Adams County, Illinois
McCLINTOCK, Daniel S. REID, Annie 16 Dec 1869 Johnson County, Kansas
*McCLINTOCK, Daniel  s/o ELIZABETH MCCLINTOCK and WILLIAM MCCLINTOCK SCROGGIN, Louise 7 Jul 1817 Bourbon County, Kentucky
McCLINTOCK, David S. DOWNING, Eliza A  22 Nov 1870 Adams County, Illinois
McCLINTOCK, David GRIER, Anna 1841 Ireland
McCLINTOCK, David F. HARPER, Kate M. 18 Oct 1877 Jackson, TN
MCCLINTOCK, David W    MARSHALL, Cora  22 Nov 1899  
McLINTOCK (McClintock?), E. Ann MITCHELL, R.M. Mar 1885 Hardeman County, TN
McCLINTOCK, E. Belle KEARNS, W. A 15 Sept 1896 Clark County, Missouri
McCLINTOCK, E.C. STRICKLER, Nellie 26 May 1902 Warren County IL
McCLINTOCK, Earl Bonnio Skirvin 25 June 1911 Monroe County IN
McCLINTOCK, Earl Geo MILLER, Fannie 3 May 1891 Monroe County, Indiana
McCLINTOCK, Eddie L CLAYTON, Anna M 1980 Randolph County, Arkansas
McCLINTOCK, Edith D. ADAMS, Horace I. 05 Nov 1903 Fremont Colorado
McCLINTOCK, Edna MOORE, James R 1950 Randolph County, Arkansas
McCLINTIC, Edward M. CLARK, Theda E.   Merrick County, Nebraska
McCLINTOCK, Edward A WAMPLOR, Marmie 28 Nov 1908 Monroe County IN
McCLINTOCK, Edward Leroy LEE, Deolia Annie 30 Mar 1918 Caldwell, Canyon Co., ID
McCLINTOCK, Edwin   s/o  Alexander McClintock born N.S. McLeod, Isabelle M.  30 Nov 1903   Cambridge, Mass.
McCLINTOCK, Effa Jane McGUIRE, Thomas 12 apr 1845 Allan County IN
**MCCLINTOCK, Effie Love d/o John MCCLINTICK and VIRGINIA HERCULES EMLY, John Squire  9 Nov 1887   Jackson Co., IN
McCLINTOCK, Eleanor Jane WHARTON, Joseph 02 Jan 1844 Clinton County, Missouri
McCLINTOCK, Elie MILLER, Catharine P. 03 May 1874 Ripley County, Missouri
McCLINTICK, Eliza DAVIS, Joseph F. 15 nov 1831 Switzerland County, Indiana
McCLINTOCK, Eliza PAVY, Winfred 20 Oct 1874  Decatur Co., IN
McCLINTOCK, Eliza Christine d/o Robert MCCLINTOCK and Eliza REDPATH ROBERTSON, Clinton Wesley  5 Apr 1912  
McCLINTICK, Eliza Catherine SOASH, Andrew 6- 2 -1857  
McCLINTOCK, Eliza F. EDGAR, James W. 18 Mar 1863 Linn County, Missouri
McCLINTICK, Eliza Jane NORMAN, William 29 sept 1846 Washington County, IN
McCLINTOCK, Eliza TURNER, John 25 Oct 1820 Livingston County, KY
MCCLINTOCK, Eliza VANCE, Moses   5 May 1859  Adams County, Illinois
McCLINTIC, Elizabeth ABRAMS, Swain 20 Aug 1846 Hamilton County, Ohio
McCLINTOCK, Elizabeth AMOS, John M 25 Dec 1862 Noble County, OH
McCLINTOCK, Elizabeth BRIGHT, Warren 6 Jan 1875 St. Louis County, Missouri
McCLINTACK, Elizabeth CARUTHERS, William 28 April 1814 Harrison County, Ohio
McCLINTICK, Elizabeth CISSEL, Jeremiah 12 July 1839 Harrison County, Ohio
McCLINTOCK, Elizabeth COSFUR, E. T. 23 Oct 1852 Michigan
McCLINTOCK, Elizabeth CRAIG, James 24 Apr 1856 SC
McCLINTOCK, Elizabeth DERRINGTON, Richard 1839 KY
McCLINTOCK, Elizabeth Ann FOSTER, William D 29 may 1851 McDonough County IL
McCLINTOCK, Elizabeth E GATEWOOD, Henry G. 14 Dec 1848 Boone County, Missouri
McCLINTOCK, Elizabeth HARROW, John 29 Dec 1842 Holmes County, OH
McCLINTOCK, Elizabeth JENKINS Allen P. 25 Jan 1877 Clay County AL
(at the residence of James McClintock’s)
MCCLINTOCK, Elizabeth  MCBRIDE, WILLIAM 5 May 1857 Adams County, Illinois
McCLINTICK, Elizabeth McKINNIS, Thomas 4 April 1850 Hancock County, Ohio
McCLINTOCK, Elizabeth MOORE, John 5 or 15 aug 1793 ROCKBRIDGE, VA
McCLINTOCK, Elizabeth M REED, Alexander 2 Feb 1843 Morgan County, OH
McCLINTOCK, Elizabeth A. SCOTT Wilson 21 Aug 1857 Carroll County, Ohio
McCLINTOCK, Elizabeth d/o William  SHAW, Edward W 7 July 1853 Centerville, Carleton Co., New Brunswick, Canada
McCLINTOCK, Elizabeth M. SUMNERS, Terrell 28 apr 1844 Delaware County, IN
McCLINTOCK, Elizabeth TAYLOR, James 1813 Unknown County, SC
McCLINTOCK, Elizabeth THOMPSON, Daniel 1850 *see Bio* Kentucky
McCLINTOCK, Elizabeth WELLS, Francis M. 1862 Unk Place in Indiana
McCLINTOCK, Elizabeth Jane WILSEY, Barnett J 20 Jun 1858 Pike County, IL
McCLINTOCK, Elizabeth WILSEY, John J 26 Nov 1857 Pike County, IL
McCLINTOCK, Ella Miller d/o Robert MCCLINTOCK and Eliza REDPATH DICKEY, Willis John 26 June 1907 Marissa, IL
McCLINTOCK, Ellen BREWER, Warner 28 july 1849 Jackson County IN
McCLINTICK, Ellen d/o Henry Clay/Mary Ann Dilley DANIEL, Z.T. *see bio* 1882 Clay County, Ark
McCLINTOCK, Elmer Elsworth BLACK, Ida Belle 16 Nov 1896   Pittsburgh, PA
McLINTOCK, Elner ATKINS, Asa 09 june 1822 Scott County, IN
McCLINTOCK, Emma STOFER, Samuel Unknown Unknown
McCLINTOCK, Emma WHEELER, James 23 Aug 1911 Washington County, Indiana
>McCLINTOCK, Ennis s/o Effie Love McClintock DAVIS, Winnie May 25 Dec 1907   Jackson Co., IN
McCLINTOCK, Ernest C. McDOUGAL, Ida D. 01 Dec 1922 Cascade, Valley County, ID
McCLINTICK, Estelline S. d/o Rev. Robert McClintic SKAGGS, James Monroe *see bio** 24 Nov 1874 WV
McCLINTOCK, Estella J. MILLER, William A. 01 Aug 1904 Allen County, Indiana
McCLINTOCK, Ethel Mae KYGER, Glen Lyle 9 Oct 1904 Clinton County, Indiana
McCLINTOCK, Ettie PITT, James 8 Aug 1883 Floyd County, Indiana
McCLINTOCK, Evans POYNOR, Martha T. 13 July 1881 Ripley County, Missouri
McCLINTOCK, Evans POYNOR, Wanda T. 18 July 1881 Ripley County, Missouri
McCLINTOCK, Everett I. MAY, Anna M 19 Jan 1909 Monroe County, Indiana
McCLINTOCK Everett J CARMICHAEL, Jennie 24 April 1904 Monroe County IN
McCLINTOCK, Fannie K. GALE, Lawrence McKernon 1889 Unknown Place in OH
McCLINTOCK, Fannie GEE, Robert P. *see bio* 6 March 1860 VA
McCLINTOCK, Faye MCPHERSON, Colin R 1942 Randolph County, Arkansas
McCLINTICK, Findley SUMNER, Nancy 2 March 1831 Clark County, Indiana
MCCLINTOCK, Forrest CHAPMAN, Emaline 17 Oct 1917 Geauga County OHIO
McCLINTOCK, Frances DAVIS, Nathaniel W 28 Nov 1834 Middlesex County, MASS
McCLINTICK, Frances DUKES, John 28 may 1834 Henry County, IN
McCLINTOCK, Frances E BROOKS, Samuel J 11 Mar 1864 Noble County, OH
McCLINTOCK, Frances Sarah GALEY, Milton Herndon 1870 Unkn Place in OH
McCLINTOCK, Frances J FOSTER, John N 23 Oct 1851/2 McDonough County, IL
McCLINTICK, Frances V. MOORE, P. J. 18 Sept 1879 Morgan Co., OH
McCLINTOCK, Frances Ida d/o Eston McClintock NEELY, William H. 27 May 1888 Elkhart County, Indiana
McCLINTOCK, Francis Ls/o JOHN MCCLINTOCK and SARAH MEEKMA BRANDLEIN,  Edna Clara  14 Sept 1928 Indianapolis, IN
McCLINTOCK, Francis M. THOMAS, Lydia Ann 16 Aug 1871 Morgan Co., OH
McCLINTOCK, Frank BENTON, Frances M. 23 Mar 1871 Newton County, Missouri
McCLINTOCK, Frank T. BOYNTON, Josephine A. 30 Sep 1875 Johnson County, Kansas
McCLINTOCK, Frank GRISWOLD, Mrs. Jane 8 Nov 1889 Payette, Payette Co., ID


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