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Illinois Civil War Soldiers


Name    Company & Unit  Residence
McLINTOCK, Alva E                     H  7 Cav Edington
McCLINTOCK, Byron K 134 Inf   Lyons
McCLINTOCK, David D  108 Inf Panola
McCLINTOCK, Edward A  23 Inf  Detroit, Mi
McCLINTOCK, Edward  M  2 Art  
McCLINTOCK, Forward E  30 Inf  
McCLINTOCK, Freeman B  C  8 Cav Mt Pleasant
McCLINTOCK, George G  2 Cav Carthage
McCLINTOCK, George C C 118 Inf  St Albans
McCLINTOCK, Henry A  16 Inf Rock Island Co
McCLINTOCK, Henry   K 129 Inf Moline
McCLINTICK, Henry C F  69 Inf Moline
McCLINTOCK, Hiram H  127 Inf  Lyons
McCLINTOCK, Hiram  K  12 Inf  Chicago
McCLINTOCK, James F  10 Inf  
McCLINTOCK, James M C  16 Inf  Camp Point
McCLINTOCK, Joel M E  33 Inf Bureau Co
McCLINTIC, John G 46 Inf Freeport
McCLINTOCK, John E 46 Inf Morrison
McCLINTOCK, John H  61inf Bloomington
McCLINTOCK, John K  26 Inf Waynesville
McCLINTOCK, John A C  128 Inf  Fits Hill
McCLINTOCK, John A I  9 Inf  
McCLINTOCK, John C  E  11 Cav  Peoria
McCLINTOCK, N B F  113 Inf  Middleport
McCLINTOCK, Ralph  H  93 Inf    Mineral
McCLINTOCK, Ralph K  53 Inf   Mineral
McCLINTOCK, Robert A  12 Cav Rockford
McCLINTOCK, Robert F  80 Inf Randolph Co
McCLINTOCK, Thomas  E  60 Inf Attila
McCLINTOCK, Thomas G  3 Cav Mt Sterling
McCLINTOCK, Thomas F E  9 Inf   Aledo
McCLINTICK, William  108 Inf Metamora
McCLINTOCK, William A  135 Inf Peru
McCLINTOCK, William    B  137 Inf  Camp Point
McCLINTOCK, William F  68 Inf Shelbyville
McCLINTOCK, William H  127 Inf   Lyons
McCLINTOCK, William J B  33 Inf   Mineral
McCLINTOCK, William S H  151 Inf  Quincy
McCLINTOCK, William W  C  99 Inf  Pike Co
McCLINTOCK, Wilson H  127 Inf Lyons





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 McClintock Social Security Death Index Files
McClintock Social Security Death Index Files